Remaining Vigilant

I am stunned to tell you that another “practitioner of the religion of peace” is up to their usual shenanigans.. One “Somali born teenager”, Mohamed Osman Mohamud was caught trying to blow up a van at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland. Obviously, NO ONE who practices the Mooselim “religion” would EVER consider killing innocent citizens, this is just the “black sheep” of the “Osmond” family.. Donnie and Marie must be mortified..

Again to my surprise, this simian was yelling “Allah Akbar” as he was taken into custody. Why he wasn’t then placed into the van that he had just tried to detonate and “accidentally” set ablaze is beyond me..

No, now its time for a “trial” where the American taxpayers foot the bill for his court appointed lawyers, pay for his “lodging” in prison, pay for his special dietary needs, pay for his terrorist handbooks and prayer rugs of course.. The utmost care must be taken while handling the Mooselim malarkey so that it doesn’t get “defiled”.. The actions of these Mooselim “practitioners” do MORE to “defile” this “religion of peace” than ANY fictitious flushings by anyone..

Here we have a “Somali born teenager”. Somalis appear to be vetted about as carefully as the Obama administration candidates were.. So if there is any trouble or strife anywhere else on this planet, if some tinhorn dictator decides to kill his own subjects, the “refugees” come streaming to America for “asylum”. Not to sound too callous but, tough. Fight for your OWN country. Take it back from the dictator or in this case, take your country back from “the Islamist insurgents (who) rule much of the country’s southern and central regions..” (“Feds: Somali-born teen plotted car bombing in Oregon” Yahoo dot com) Interesting..

A “Somali born teenager” yelling “Allah Akbar” is here because Mooselims have taken over the mud huts and paper shacks of Somalia.. This imbecile sounds as though he may have had some “orders” to go “kill the infidel”, he wasn’t “fleeing” from anything..

An Obama “spokesperson” Nick Shapiro said, “the president thanks the FBI, the Department of Justice and the rest of our law enforcement, intelligence and Homeland Security professionals who have once again served with extraordinary skill and resolve and with the commitment that their enormous responsibilities demand..” Shapiro forgot to add, “even though we along with the ACLU have tried our level best to hog tie these security professionals through political correctness..”

Obviously, now the Homeland Security “mood ring” will change colors and the administration’s answer to this MOOSELIM crime will be for white Christians at the airport to have to submit to a colonoscopy in order to fly.. As always, the government will NOT focus on the CAUSE of the problem.. This will again be another one of those “lone wolves”.. Lone wolves who just happen to have ONE THING in common..

It seems that our teenaged Mooselim was planning this “for years”. He had been in “regular email contact with an ‘unidentified associate’ in Pakistan”.. He is a “friend living in Pakistan who had been a student in Oregon in 2007-2008..” A “student”, another terrorist tyro probably here on the backs of the infidel American taxpayers.. However the article says that “Mohamud hatched the plan on his own without any instruction from a foreign terrorist organization..” Righttt.. The “terrorist handbook” and a few imam’s screeds via the internet maybe? That is all any “lone wolf” needs but again, remember that they ALL have ONE THING in common..

The Times Square plot: Faisal Shahzad. Last month: Washington subway plot; Farooque Ahmed.. Now Mohamed Mohamud.. Well, maybe they all have TWO things in common..

Again the “fairness fairies” will begin to flap their gossamer wings as anyone caught staring at another of the sweaty swarthy simians will be accused of “Isalmophobia” and sent immediately into “time out”.. The CAIR and their coconspirators in the ACLU will start to run interference for the Mooselims yet again.

It is time for “legal” (allegedly) immigration to this country to stop. It’s bad enough that we have tens of millions of illegals from “south of the border”, there is no telling just how many disgruntled deviants are here from Mooselim cesspools due to “political asylum” or any other “check this box” kind of nonsense..

We simply don’t need any more “refugees” here. After all, Obama has destroyed nearly twenty million jobs since taking over, even REAL Americans can’t find work.. Now we have these “immigrants” becoming all disgruntled with their stay here and of course their ONLY outlet for such feelings of being “all bummed out” is to figure out how to murder as many American infidels as possible.. If they will not STOP this immigration charade, then I want ALL those wanting to come to America to do one thing.. Well, maybe two..

In order to be granted admittance to America regardless of your imaginary reason, you have to draw a picture of “Mo-Mo the Monster”, ticking turban and all.. If the “refugee” says that they can’t do it because it violates their “religious beliefs”, SEE YA.. Failing that, everyone should have to kiss an image of Miss Piggy. Can’t manage to bring yourself to do this task? Back to the cesspool, Abdul..

US attorney David Holten said, “the defendant’s chilling determination is a stark reminder that there are people-even here in Oregon- who are determined to kill Americans..” Wow, what a news flash.. All I ask is that someone in charge be prepared to end each and every one of their lives as opposed to sending them back home or hugging them until they see the light.. These vermin CANNOT be reformed through some twelve-step program or a visit to Oprah’s couch. The only way to guarantee that they will not try this again is to stop their breathing.

Somali “foreign minister” Mohamed (here we go again..) Abdullahi Omaar said that the “attempt in Portland was a tragedy for Mohamud’s family” and just as an afterthought, “the people he tried to harm..” “Somali’s are peace loving people..” They also almost to a man believe in the “religion of peace”.. Stop me if you have heard this line before..

America now has “tens of thousands” of Somalis who have “resettled in the United States since their country plunged into lawlessness” and here is the kicker, “the U.S. has boosted aid to the country..” Dear liberals, you cannot “buy your friends” with our tax dollars. We would all be better served if this “aid” would be in the form of a few megatons of “fireworks”, a different kind of “fireworks” that Mohammed Mohammued Mohumnmed or whatever his idiotic name is, said he would have liked to have detonated in Oregon..

Even Eric Holder, our intrepid attorney general said that “the indictments reflect a disturbing trend of recruitment efforts targeting U.S. residents to become terrorists..” Again, these terrorists have ONE THING in common and until we “properly” address it, American, Somali, Middle Eastern, whatever, we will be uncovering either more thwarted plots or more victims from beneath the rubble of yet another “job well done” by another “practitioner of the religion of peace”..

“Officials have been working with Mooselim community leaders across the United States, particularly in Somali diasporas in Minnesota, trying to combat radicalization..” The mere “fact” that there are “Mooselim community leaders across the United States” is enough of a warning for those who are even mildly observant.

Shapiro ended with, “the events of the past 24 hours underscore the necessity of remaining vigilant against terrorism here and abroad..” Until we truly begin to seriously address the ROOTS of this cancer, “remaining vigilant” alone will NEVER be enough of a deterrent..


12 responses to “Remaining Vigilant

  1. Well, Eric Holder opened his mouth and confirmed he is a fool. We all thought it, but he finally put a stop to all the guessing. Somebody must have poked him.
    I can’t agree strongly enough with you Larry. Yes, the only solution is to stop their breathing. I really think if the congress, and I mean each and every one of them, no matter their affiliations, had been bold in closing our borders twenty and thirty years ago, we would not have to “profile” anyone. But it is too late to shut the barn door, the horse ran away ( or should I say the vermin ran in). Idiots!

  2. Yes Larry, It is only a matter of time. We have been “lucky”, but some sad day our luck will run out.
    Now we will need security to go to a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.
    And as for the colonoscopy, radiation treatment and a mammogram at the airport, is the governments new health care system. All for the price of a round trip ticket.

  3. The incident in Oregon shouldn’t be seen as being endemic of all Muslims. Its pretty obvious we have a radicalized youth, whom has chosen to commit murder in the name of his God. The problem here is the fact that the secular and moderate Muslims say nothing when their beliefs are hijacked by extremists. This kid should be made to pay for the mayhem he nearly caused, no matter what excuse is used to explain away his behavior. Evil is evil, no matter whose god you pray to, and his acts were morally reprehensible and cowardly.

    To add to the problem, we are engaged in a war of cultures, with the Muslims challenging Secular Humanism and Christianity, that our leaders refuse to see. Worse, the Progressives agree with the enemy on many different levels. Why the party whom claims to champion Women’s Rights chooses to side with folks whom stone women to death for small ‘crimes’ (hint: Hillary Clinton would already have been stoned to death for her infidelities) is beyond me, but there it is.

    I agree the time has come to pull in the welcome mat, and put out the ‘No Vacancy’ sign. We need to close off the ports of entries and focus on our own problems. We need to wall off the southern border, and we need to start profiling (just like the Israelis have for decades). We also need to invoke summary executions for all terrorists. How much of an effect would we have on the radicalized Muslim youths when they see one of their own hung for being terrorist on live television? The Muslims overseas have beheaded our citizens, seems turnabout is fair play.

  4. Margaret in CT

    How long will they stew about whether to try this terrorist Web surfer as an adult? How many psychiatrists will testify that he is not guilty by reason of insanity because he was seeking to blow up people in Oregon, a Democrat stronghold (they have one more Republican in Congress than Connecticut has), rather than in, say, Kentucky? Have those who favor trying war criminals in U.S. Federal courts learned their lesson after their embarrassment in court in the bear-total acquittal of Ahmed Ghailani? Do they know that they have been embarrassed?

  5. The muslim religion has not been hijacked or perverted. It is simply “pure evil Satan worship” with no redeaming qualities. The so-called moderate muslims are just cowards who think like and agree with the terrorists but don’t want to commit suicide. Since the muslim “religion” has declared all-out war on the entire non-muslim world (especially the USA), all muslims should be immediately deported to a middle eastern country other than Isreal.


    You continue to point out our failing to deal with there
    monsters.I hope the enw congress grows some big ones and
    do something about this problem.
    This week the lame duck dems want to pass the DREAM ac
    this must be stopped. Everybody take a look at the web sites pushing
    fax sending to these people to stop this Dream

  7. That nut needs to be treated as any rabid dog is treated, or use the Marcos system of catch them on Monday, try them on Tuesday, on execute them by firing squad on all channels on the TV on Wed. These sex starved males have nothing to live for, so be a martyr and get 72 virgins. I wonder if they ever thought ” I wonder where the virgins come from” since a man can have 4 wives. We are in a tail spin and will not recover if changes are noy made SOON. Put pressure on congress daily, and do not stop until changes are made. GOD bless the USA.

  8. …but we still get to strip-search grandma at the airport, right????

  9. There are two kinds of Muslims……Exploded ones and Unexploded ones.
    Buy Lead and buy Gold…..

  10. there are 2 kinds of Mooslims in the world…
    the radicals who fly planes into buildings…
    and the so-called “moderates” who…. cheer them on.
    I learned all I need to know about “Islam” on 9/11…


  11. Hey Larry…Hopefully there is a change in the air, coming from of all places Europe, specifically Austria…here is a video link showing Austrian MP Ewald Stadler ripping into the Turkish Ambassador in Vienna while he was there complaining, as Muslims do,about the treatment of expatriated Turks in Austria and other European nations…compare and contrast if you will the applause Stadler receives from the other MP’s and compare it to say the Demokratic traitors in Congress when the Mexican president spouted his babble at the joint session…we need more brave people like Stadler to speak the truth…and hearing him do it in German, well it just sounds excellent!

  12. and the neighbors all said the same thing, “he was such a nice boy…”

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