Further Controversy

Have pity upon the students at West Chester University. They attempted to gather in the name of “anti-racism” but then “controversy stirred”.. If you didn’t hear about this “controversy”, then your “racist radar” needs to be a bit more finely tuned..

Flyers appeared around the campus of West Chester University claiming the formation of a “white students union”. (NBC Philadelphia) This drew the attention of the “WCU community” at which time the offending flyers were “removed from campus”.. Ask yourself this, who within the “WCU community” would have been offended by a flyer on their campus or any other campus declaring the formation of a “black students union”?

For those who might be “concerned” about such a group being formulated upon race alone on a contemporary college campus, here is but a very small list of universities who actually HAVE black student unions. MIT, Stanford, the University of Washington.. There are hundreds of others. I have here from the Kansas University “BSU” (Black Students Union) page, “BSU is to promote activities of common interest, as well as cultural and educational benefits for the african american student body..” Where is the “welcome” to whites? “Furthermore, BSU encourages cooperation between its member organizations and the african american student body..” Still waiting on that request for “cooperation” with the white student body.. Welcome to the rancid “salad bowl” versus the “melting pot”..

According to Pam Sheridan, “university spokesperson”, the fliers were “put together with ‘a totally different agenda in mind’” and that in “no way was the formation of the group racist..” Scary.. Sheridan has conveniently forgotten to mention that the ONLY people with an “agenda” relative to the “issue” of alleged racism are the ones who stand to “profit”.. Paging Mr. $harpton.. Paging Mr. Jack$on..

The campus has also provided the world with dozens of alleged “incidents of racism” that after the smoke cleared were proven to have been perpetrated by the minority who made the claim in the first place.. Each of these “incidents” disappeared from view quicker than $harpton does when the dinner tab arrives at the table.. Never mind, the “problem” is still “pervasive”..

No one questions the “agenda” of black students when they demand their own dormitories or their own homecoming dances. Racial separation is fine as long as the “correct” races are the ones demanding the “right” to be exclusionary.. (“Equality” means that if black students make such demands, white students should have the right to do so as well without all of the accompanying histrionics, unless the true definition of “equality” has been as perverted as those who claim to use it as their argumentative fulcrum..) Blacks have the “right” to demand to be “separate” but when it is convenient, they or their “spokespersons” can demand inclusion based upon the frightening precepts of “ending racism” at will. Such demands of separatism by the “ethically and ethnically” anointed should NEVER be considered “racist”. NEVER.

Allegedly the formation of the “White Students Union” was a “part of an effort to organize students who are against racism..” “It wasn’t meant to be harmful, it was designed to draw anti-racists together, to get a sort of reaction..” It certainly got “a sort of reaction”.. However within the walking on egg shell world of “racism”, (“Egg shell”.. Wait a second, egg shells are usually “white”.. Oh my, it must be the unintended effects of “institutional racism” again..) it wasn’t the “reaction” that was intended..

At play here is the bizarre notion that a gathering of white individuals can only be interpreted as “racism” and a gathering of black individuals can only be interpreted as “brotherhood”.. Such stupidity is all a part of the liberal idea that “equality” is only available to those who allegedly occupy the moral high ground..

Here is an example. “Historically black colleges”. These schools were founded during the time when blacks could ONLY attend these colleges, which was obviously wrong. Using the same perverted logic that says that the Union Jack recalls at time of “racism”, a “historically black college” should be eliminated today so that the “pain surrounding slavery” could be cleansed from our memories.. But no.. These two items must be “separate but equal”..

Even when the softies attempt to gather, when their motives weren’t “meant to be harmful”, those who like to watch well-intended people perspire must have been the ones who “voiced concern over the fliers”.. But is this necessarily so?

The reflexive nature of “white liberal guilt” is such that it operates all on its own. This imbecility, along with so many other irrationalities are hard wired into the liberal “mind”.. “Universities” are painfully obvious breeding grounds for “future liberals”, “instructed” in the ways of liberalism by tenured liberals. The past “successes” of $harpton and Jank$on have created a “knee-jerk reaction” from the reactionaries.. Soon the “university” will be scratching checks to some scam front, some rainbow coalition or some group named after some nut, in order to prove convincingly to those that “care” that they have not a “racist” bone in their Bolshevik bodies.. Don’t be surprised if they aren’t wearing their “Obama ‘08” buttons at the check signing ceremony.. This insipid bending over “blackwards” also proves that on the bone front, they haven’t any backbones as well..

Common sense dictates that if one were to assemble groups of both blacks and whites alone, lets say three hundred strong, that there would be an equal number of “racists” within each throng, regardless of the reason or reasons why you are gathering such groups.. Those with common sense would agree to that statement. Those who TRULY have an “agenda” will argue vacantly that “racism” is only prevalent within one of those assembled groups..

Those with that “agenda” are specifically trying to keep the races separated. Their personal profits come from their bull horn baloney, their loud speaker lunacy. The idea of “color blindness” has been jettisoned by these profiteers who have demanded that race be recognized and accounted for. Individual merits and accomplishments aren’t as important as pigmentation. The “race” to make everything “equal” has created the intellectual sewage of “affirmative action” which is nothing more than racism with a polysyllabic, politically correct name..

As long as the idea of racial cooperation is just a phantasm, the frightening concept of “racism” will be stirring “further controversy” everywhere and the “profits” derived from such intentional separatism will be held by the few. As well, it is time for the liberals to get over their reflexive cowering and bowing before those who enjoy watching them quiver and sweat.. Until we reach the point where those who “profit” from racial separation are “rewarded” with being ostracized and nothing else, the fog and phony show surrounding the REAL racists will forever be a detriment to the concept of racial harmony..


8 responses to “Further Controversy

  1. What a great article of truth. Too bad we can’t ever have it in this country.

  2. Dave from Anaheim

    Back in the ’60s, Martin Luther King sent a letter to Maytag complaining that all of their washing machines were white. Maytag replied to his letter:
    Dear Mr. King, It is true that the outsides of our washing machines are white, however, if you were to lift the lid, you would find a black agitator inside every one of them.

  3. Keep the blacks as slaves and they will vote for Dimbocrats till hell freezes over. The two anti- religious reverends keeping the pot boiling so the civil war can be started when ever George Soros deems it “time”. Pressure congress, your friend, and enemies to put this country back on the right track. GOD bless the USA.

  4. When will the blacks realize that they are being used, and encouraged not to assimilate and strive to succeed ? Their “you owe me ” mentality is self-defeating and hindering their successes. Obviously this does not apply to all blacks, but, unfortunately it does apply to a very large number.


    Excellant reading Larry
    I have experienced Black power to take over an airbase back in the 60’s in Wyoming and we had a 3am FALL OUT run by the FBI as
    the kettle was boiling over, None of these people were ever slaves
    and none of us were alive to be part of that timeframe so get over it

  6. Excellent article Larry. And the comments so far are on the money. We will have this problem forever in the US of A until we kill PC and stop paying the moochers of this generation looking for reparations of the past. Today is today, and yes the past formed today. But I’ll be d***ed if I am going back and pay for something I had nothing to do with! People need to get over themselves.

  7. When will blacks realize they are being used by the Democrats? Never, not so long as the Democrats (ie. the Progressives) keep inculcating them into the litany of victimhood. So long as the Progressives have an underclass of blacks, illegal aliens and others in their stable of victims they will keep up their unrelenting assault on our society and its values.

    However, the problem becomes what would happen should this be removed. Hispanics can point to history and show theirs is a rich culture. The Spanish had a world-spanning empire whose influences can still be found, Mexicans can point to the accomplishments of their ancestors, whose accomplishments eclipsed those of the Egyptians.

    Blacks have nothing. Sorry, Cleopatra was not black nor Numbian, she was a Greek. The ‘great African Kings’ didn’t write a Constititution that was stolen by Thomas Jefferson. There is no Kwanzaa in Africa (it was made up by a Professor at Berkeley), I know this because I’ve asked actual Africans whom would know. American Blacks were the ones voted off the continent by those Great African Kings. Black society has very few positive role models, their kids aspire to be pro athletes, drug dealers and rap stars because those seem to be the only routes out of Progressive indentured servitude. Worse, because of what the Progressives have done to them, the rate of children born of wedlock is astronomical, 2 out of 3 black males has either done time, is doing time, or is about to do time in prison, they also commit violent crimes at a rate four times greater than the percentage of the population. The result is bloc of people whom are raised to be angry and incapable of bettering themselves because they believe it is better to be a victim. This is their cultural identity.

  8. Stirling Sturk

    ‘bull horn baloney’… ‘loud speaker lunacy’… Larry, you ALWAYS make my day
    Thanks again for the exact and exacting truth!

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