Variable Constants

If anyone EVER describes an area of an inner city to you as “eclectic” or “vibrant”, what that really means is “hold onto your purse or your wallet”.. If someone sniffishly adds, “you just can’t handle the pace and excitement of a big city” that means your car has already been broken into as well..

There is something mildly upsetting about climbing into a slimy cab where the dashboard has every emergency light fully lit, the odometer reads well over 400,000 miles and the driver is yelling into a cell phone in some strange dialect.. Yet they still charge you two hundred dollars for a ride to the airport.. We as the “victims” of these swarthy simians and their inability to practice lane control on the highways and the streets should be allowed to demand a discount based on the age of the cab, the drivers expertise in involving us in his personal demolition derby and his inability to speak English.. Mind you, this is BEFORE you get a thorough “BillClintoning” (or as the British might say, “a rodgering”..) by the TSA as you go through “security”..

There are a few things that separate humans from the lower forms of life. The ability to reason, opposable thumbs and the ability to verbally communicate immediately come to mind. Within our contemporary society, the ability to communicate non-verbally has seemingly taken precedence over our alleged ability to verbally communicate. No one NEEDS to talk, all of their non-verbals do the talking for them..

I will admit that the “success” of the public schools at destroying the vocabulary of the unfortunate “students” imprisoned therein and the intellectual laziness of such jejune abstractions as “ebonics” has made the concept of “verbal” communication difficult to say the least.. Even as we recognize these sad realities, so many within our society feel the need to “communicate” with their bumper stickers and their tee shirts..

When one encounters the vehicle owned by a liberal, the “non-verbal” communication is everywhere. We learn that we must “coexist” or that we should “save the whales” or that we should “free Tibet”.. The liberal dedication to the bumper sticker serves two purposes. First it lets everyone know that the liberal aboard has the proper progressive provenance, the sensitive liberal has the required leftist nomenclature in place.. “War is not the answer”.. The “guilty” liberals have covered their “Kerry Edwards” stickers with their “Obama ‘08” stickers.. The truly irretrievable progressive psychopaths have their Obama sticker next to their Kerry sticker.. The second purpose is that the stickers are usually the only things holding their 1978 Toyota Corolla together..

Tee shirts are not the exclusive domain of the liberals but the liberal’s tee shirts always have to convey the same silly messages as their bumper stickers to those who pass but the liberal allergy to laundry soap occasionally makes reading the liberal’s shirt a difficult task.. Getting closer in order to read causes the olfactory senses to also acknowledge the liberal aversion to bar soap.. Most use their tee shirts to convey the fact that they are living vicariously through their apparel and through their vivid imaginations.. We are always reminded that the four hundred pound fellah has “no fear” or that the one hundred pound dude and his “tap out” shirt is some kind of scary cage fighter..

Such non-verbal communication is always worth a giggle or three but keep in mind that even the lowest form of life would NEVER consider advertising their liberalism for the world to see.. Then again, even the lowest form of life would never even consider liberalism as an ethos causing me to redefine the parameters of what is actually the “lowest form of life” in all of this..

Since the “November Drubbing”, the liberals have busied themselves “blaming” their inability to “communicate their message”.. Such numbskullerie might play well with the knuckle draggers of the liberal base but the rest of America sees it for what it is worth. As with Caligula Clinton in 1994, such a public repudiation of leftist destruction is met with the “great deception”, the inevitable and involuntary “move to the center”..

Now Obama is racing to appear to be the one who now wants to “cut taxes”.. His “middle class tax cut” (rim shot please..) includes raising the taxes of those who actually create” the jobs. The reality of Obama’s Depression with its permanent ten percent unemployment should cause someone WITH common sense to want to something, anything to CREATE jobs.. Obama wants to extend unemployment “benefits” to those that he and his liberal friends have unemployed as opposed to allowing them to be employed. With the left, the idea of government dependence is not a part time job, it is a life sentence.. Scratch that, it is actually a death sentence..

I’ve thought about this for a while and I can’t tell if the liberals are too smug to know that they are stupid or if they’re are too stupid to know that they are smug..

Wait just a second.. Now it appears that ALL of the Bush tax cuts will be extended for two years. Maybe some liberals DO learn a lesson.. If I may borrow from Obama, “WE won..”

A Colorado man was just convicted of a Ponzi scheme in which he nabbed $71 million from his victims and he was given a forty-year prison sentence. Just exactly how many years should Obama and company get for their Ponzi scheme which has drained their middle class victims of trillions of their dollars?

“Free internet a civil right for every nappy headed child..” Was this a quote from Don Imus? It’s time for that old racist to finally step down. Enough is enough. No one should ever be calling any black “nappy headed”.. This is an outrage.. How many more times must something like this go on.. Hold on a minute, Don Imus didn’t say that, it came from the FCC Chairman Mignon Clyburn, a black, so no harm, no foul..

Now “Pat” Napolitano wants over 500 Wal Mart stores to have video terminals at the check out counters with the “If you see something, say something” campaign playing on them. They want the public to “identify and report indicators of terrorism”.. If they were really serious about finding terrorists, they would install these terminals in taxi cabs and convenience stores.. Hold on, scratch that, might I suggest that if Homeland Security were REALLY serious about finding “indicators of terrorism”, they would have them installed at EVERY mosque as a point of procedure.. Mosques aren’t “indicators” of terrorism, more often than not, they are “incubators” of terrorism..


6 responses to “Variable Constants

  1. Family,

    After just discussing them over at TOTD, here is another “lagniappe” for everyone..

    Thanks as always,


  2. WOW! I love it! I also wonder how many years zero should get at his impeachment. I say banishment from our shores sounds about right. And take his Aunt with him!

    I am in a quandry regarding Tom Coburn of Oklahoma (R). I first read the Dick Morris Report regarding his turncoat ways on voting for the stupid Bowles-Simpson Deficit Reduction act which increases taxes. Then I receive this oratory from someone sent me. Sorry it is so long, but there was no url with the E-mail:
    This is amazing! It gives nitty-gritty evidence of an insane Congress. Look at the breakdown of some of the money they are spending on stupid things. This man is trying to be a good watchman at the gates.

    Subj: Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn

    Sen. Tom Coburn is an MD (general practitioner) and Senator from Oklahoma. and recognized as ‘the conscience’ of the US Senate. He is well respected on both ‘sides of the aisle’ & probably one of the few senators to actually read these ‘bail-out’ bills. (Google him for his background.)

    This takes a couple of minutes. It’s from his speech in the Senate.

    “We are going in exactly the wrong direction. There ought to be a review of every program in the Federal Government that is not effective, that is not efficient, that is wasteful or fraudulent, and we ought to get rid of it right now. We ought to be able to pay for a real stimulus plan that might, in fact, have some impact.

    I would be remiss if I didn’t remind everybody that next week we are going to hear from the Obama administration wanting another $500 billion. Outside of this, they are going to want another $500 billion to handle the banking system. Still not fixing the real disease-the pneumonia-we are going to treat the fever or treat the cough, but we are not going to treat the real disease.

    Until we treat the real disease, this is pure waste. It is worse than pure waste. It is morally reprehensible, because it steals the future of the next two generations.

    I am going to wind up here and finish, but I wanted to spend some time to make sure the American people know what is in this bill. I think once they know what is in this bill, they would reject it out of hand.

    Let me read for my colleagues some of the things that are in this bill…

    The biggest earmark in history is in this bill. There is $2 billion in this bill to build a coal plant with zero emissions. That would be great, maybe, if we had the technology, but the greatest brains in the world sitting at MIT say we don’t have the technology yet to do that. Why would we build a $2 billion power plant we don’t have the technology for that we know will come back and ask for another $2 billion and another $2 billion and another $2 billion when we could build a demonstration project that might cost $150 million or $200 million? There is nothing wrong with having coal-fired plants that don’t produce pollution; I am not against that. Even the Washington Post said the technology isn’t there. It is a boondoggle. Why would we do that?

    We eliminated tonight a $246 million payback for the large movie studios in Hollywood.

    We are going to spend 88 Million to study whether we ought to buy a new ice breaker for the Coast Guard. You know what. The Coast Guard needs a new ice breaker. Why do we need to spend $88 million? They have two ice breakers now that they could retrofit and fix and come up with equivalent to what they needed to and not spend the $1 billion they are going to come back and ask for, for another ice breaker, so why would we spend $88 million doing that?

    We are going to spend $448 million to build the Department of Homeland Security a new building. We have $1.3 trillion worth of empty buildings right now, and because it has been blocked in Congress we can’t sell them, we can’t raze them, we can’t do anything, but we are going to spend money on a new building here in Washington ..

    We are going to spend another $248 million for new furniture for that building; a quarter of a billion dollars for new furniture. What about the furniture the Department of Homeland Security has now? These are tough times. Should we be buying new furniture? How about using what we have? That is what a family would do. They would use what they have. They wouldn’t go out and spend $248 million on furniture.

    How about buying $600 million worth of hybrid vehicles? Do you know what I would say? Right now times are tough; I would rather Americans have new cars than Federal employees have new cars. What is wrong with the cars we have? Dumping $600 million worth of used vehicles on the used vehicle market right now is one of the worst things we could do. Instead, we are going to spend $600 million buying new cars for Federal employees..

    There is $400 million in here to prevent STDs .. I have a lot of experience on that. I have delivered 4,000 babies. We don’t need to spend $400 million on STDs. What we need to do is properly educate about the infection rates and the effectiveness of methods of prevention. That doesn’t take a penny more. You can write that on one piece of paper and teach every kid in this country, but we don’t need to spend $400 million on it. It is not a priority.

    How about $1.4 billion for rural waste disposal programs? That might even be somewhat stimulative. New sewers. That might create jobs.

    How about $150 million for a Smithsonian museum? Tell me how that helps get us out of a recession. Tell me how that is a priority. Would the average American think that is a priority that we ought to be mortgaging our kids’ future to spend another $150 million at the Smithsonian?

    How about $1 billion for the 2010 census? So everybody knows, the census is so poorly managed that the census this year is going to cost twice what it cost 10 years ago, and we wasted $800 million on a contract because it was no-bid that didn’t perform. Nobody got fired, no competitive bidding, and we blew $800 million.

    We have $75 million for smoking cessation activities, which probably is a great idea, but we just passed a bill-the SCHIP bill – ( ) that we need to get 21 million more Americans smoking to be able to pay for that bill. That doesn’t make sense.

    How about $200 million for public computer centers at community colleges? Since when is a community college in my State a recipient of Federal largesse? Is that our responsibility? I mean, did we talk with Dell and Hewlett-Packard and say, How do we make you all do better? Is there not a market force that could make that better?

    Will we actually buy on a true competitive bid? No, because there is nothing that requires competitive bidding in anything in this bill. There is nothing that requires it. It is one of the things President Obama said he was going to mandate the Federal Government, but there is no competitive bidding in this bill at all.

    We have $10 million to inspect canals in urban areas. Well, that will put 10 or 15 people to work. Is that a priority for us right now?

    There is $6 billion to turn Federal buildings into green buildings. That is a priority, versus somebody getting a job outside of Washington, a job that actually produces something, that actually increases wealth?

    How about $500 million for State and local fire stations? Where do you find in the Constitution us paying for local fire stations within our realm of prerogatives? None of it is competitively bid – not a grant program.

    Next is $1.2 billion for youth activities. Who does that employ? What does that mean?

    How about $88 million for renovating the public health service building? You know, if we could sell half of the $1.3 trillion worth of properties we have, we could take care of every Federal building requirement and backlog we have.

    Then there’s $412 million for CDC buildings and property. We spent billions on a new center and headquarters for CDC. Is that a priority? Building another Government building instead of – if we are going to spend $412 million on building buildings, let’s build one that will produce something, one that will give us something.

    How about $850 million for that most “efficient” Amtrak that hasn’t made any money since 1976 and continues to have $2 billion or $3 billion a year in subsidies?

    Here is one of my favorites: $75 million to construct a new “security training” facility for State Department security officers, and we have four other facilities already available to train them. But it is not theirs. They want theirs. By the way, it is going to be in West Virginia … I wonder how that got there? So we are going to build a new training facility that duplicates four others that we already have that could easily do what we need to do. But because we have a stimulus package, we are going to add in oink pork.

    How about $200 million in funding for a lease-not buying, but a lease of alternative energy vehicles on military installations?

    We are going to bail out the States on Medicaid. Total all of the health programs in this, and we are going to transfer $150 billion out of the private sector and we are going to move it to the Federal Government. You talk about back dooring national health care. Henry Waxman has to be smiling big today. He wants a single-payer Government-run health care system. We are going to move another $150 billion to the Federal Government from the private sector.

    We are going to eliminate fees on loans from the Small Business Administration. You know what that does? That pushes productive capital to unproductive projects. It is exactly the wrong thing to do.

    Then there is $160 million to the Job Corps Program-but not for 20 jobs and not to put more people in the Job Corps but to construct or repair buildings.

    We are going to spend $524 million for information technology upgrades that the Appropriations Committee claims will create 388 jobs. If you do the math on that, that is $1.5 million a job. Don’t you love the efficiency of Washington thinking?

    We are going to create $79 billion in additional money for the States, a “slush fund,” to bail out States and provide millions of dollars for education costs. How many of you think that will ever go away? Once the State education programs get $79 billion over 2 years, do you think that will ever go away? The cry and hue of taking our money away – even though it was a stimulus and supposed to be limited, it will never go away. So we will continue putting that forward until our kids have grand kids of their own.

    There is about $47 billion for a variety of energy programs that are primarily focused on renewable energy. I am fine with spending that. But we ought to get something for it. There ought to be metrics. There are no metrics. It is pie in the sky, saying we will throw some money at it.

    Let me conclude by saying we are at a seminal moment in our country. We will either start living within the confines of realism and responsibility or we will blow it and we will create the downfall of the greatest Nation that ever lived. This bill is the start of that downfall. To abandon a market-oriented society and transfer it to a Soviet-style, government-centered, bureaucratic-run and mandated program, that is the thing that will put the stake in the heart of freedom in this country.

    I hope the American people know what is in this bill. I am doing everything I can to make sure they know. But more important, I hope somebody is listening who will treat the pneumonia we are faced with today, which is the housing and mortgage markets. It doesn’t matter how much money we spend in this bill. It is doomed to failure unless we fix that problem first. Failing that, we will go down in history as the Congress that undermined the future and vitality of this country. Let it not be so.”


  3. I think everyone gets so upset about with things like the heath care law, the stimulus, the deficit continually growing further out of sight, the bail-outs, the 9.8% unemployment, etc., because they suggest that Obama, Reid and Pelois don’t know what they are doing. I disagree. I think they know exactly what they are doing. It doesn’t matter what’s in the bills because the goal is to make them all so onerus and user-unfriendly that the only thing that will make sense isn’t starting over (which would make sense to the majority of us), but to run to the government for more money, single-payer socialized medicine, jobless benefits, etc. I think they are doing exactly what they need to do to create the nanny state they envision so then we can be controlled more easily and move to the one world government that George Soros dreams of. We shouldn’t be surprised by their actions. We need to figure out how to wake up the rest of the country to make them realize what the “progressives” really want to progress to. The Tea Party is helping, but I just hope everyone wakes up soon enough…

    Sorry, just feeling a little pessimistic today. Someone say something optimistic, please!

  4. Stirling Sturk

    Docta G:
    Coburn’s speech entered by Richard should give you some optimism, if only the controllers and comptrollers in Wash. absorb it!

    Thanks, Richard.

  5. Except he agreed with not reinstating the tax cuts and I can’t figure out the reason he broke with the party on that…I typically think of him as a good watchman and voice of reason; I’ve been a fan of his particular health care reform ideas for the last few years. I was just disappointed by his recent actions…that’s where the pessimism was coming from.

  6. It is up to us to spread the word to the uninformed. I sent the Coburn speech to everyone on my email list and asked them to pass it on. We have to fight the lamestream media, and put out as much info as possible before the net is censored for our own good. I am sure Larry is high on the hit list, and an easy target due to his profession. We all need to keep him in our prayers.

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