Very Serious Concerns

As is always the case, the Mooselims are again in a panic because another of their “Magnificent Nineteen” wanna-bees was caught before boarding the express elevator to “virgin village”.. It’s time for the “rug schlock-ters” to start “voicing concerns” as they now feel that their snivel rights are precariously in the balance.. Say what you will about them, but the Mooselims certainly are quick studies at picking up on the “Jack$on $harpton diversionary tactics” when another of their underlings gets caught reading the terrorist handbook just a little too closely..

Attorney general Eric Holder ended up giving a speech at a Mooselim “advocacy group” in San Francisco.. The timing of this speech is just a little suspect. One wonders whether this speech had been scheduled prior to the arrest of the last mischievous Mooselim who thought that it would be a wonderful idea to explode a vehicle full of what he thought were explosives near a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Oregon.. Another so called “advocacy group” certainly doesn’t stand out in a demented dungeon of deviants like San Francisco, why didn’t Holder end up in the Mooselim capital of America, Dearbornistan Michigan?

Have no fear, Holder was there to reassure and to “reiterate his resolve to prosecute hate crimes” against our beloved Mooselims.. (“Holder Reassures Mooselims, Defends FBI Sting Operations” Fox News dot com 12/11/10) The imaginary “Islamophobia” is quickly becoming the Mongoloidal sibling to the fallacy of “institutional racism” and for that matter, “racism” itself in almost every media inspired and amplified case.. When the bearded baboons start whining about “hate crimes” I find that my limited “tolerance” for their stupidity reaches its end..

“Holder said that he’s heard from many Mooselim and Arab Americans who feel uneasy about being singled out by law enforcement..” I am more concerned about the Mooselim proclivity towards “singling out” innocent Americans when yet another spontaneously exploding foreign exchange student goes off yelling, “Allah Akbar”.. The assembled Mooselims had NOTHING to say about that reality, they just wanted to create another diversion so the next Mooselim terrorist can slither towards its goal unimpeded..

Of course, NONE of these assembled Mooselims could name a time when THEY were “singled out” by law enforcement. No one jumped into their cab and locked them up for emitting a noxious odor.. No one ran into their convenience store without the PROOF that they were funneling money back to terrorist organizations.. If the environment is so hostile towards our Mooselim “friends” here in the land of the infidel, why wouldn’t they consider going back to the Mooselim paradise of mud huts, hovels and the burka-ed bovines in the Middle East?

“The organization is one of several groups voicing concerns over hate crimes, alleged civil rights violations and the use of stings in anti-terrorism cases..” Here is where the moron Mooselim turban begins to unwind.. These slugs are just upset that this Mooselim was caught BEFORE his plan was executed, from the Mooselim perspective, THAT is the only thing that “stings”.. “Hate crimes”? The Mooselims are either complicit in terrorism or their silence is the mark of their duplicity. No stupid nude pyramid, no imaginary flushing of so called books reported by the “impartial” media can EVER do as much damage to the “religion of peace” as the ACTIONS of the Mooselims who use the “religion of peace” as their justification for murder. Until these Mooselims start “voicing concerns” over THEIR OWN allegedly “misguided” Mooselims and their bad habits, their other “concerns” are not of ANY “concern” to me.. There, I said it..

The article called these “carefully crafted sting operations”. What that means is that the Mooselim’s BFF’s, the scumbags of the ACLU, will be right there trying their level best to “protect the rights” of as many Mooselim terrorists as possible so that they can kill as many infidel as they possibly can. “Carefully crafted” means that every “stupid lawyer trick” must be accounted for because if one “i” isn’t properly dotted, Bin Laden must go free..

Holder said that he would make “no apologies” for the handling of the case against the Christmas tree bomber. The Mooselims should understand this line of thinking as they make “no apologies” for the tens of thousands of atrocities perpetrated in the name of their religion against innocent men, women and children..

Holder told the group, “those who characterize the FBI’s activities in this case as ‘entrapment’ simply do not have their facts straight or do not have a full understanding of the law..” Please note that I would have left out at least three words within that last statement: “in this case”. All bets are off when it comes to the safety of the American people when we have become surrounded by too many hyphenated Muhammeds or Mohammeds or Mohameeds.. Facts are irrelevant to the Mooselims just as they are to their comrades the liberals, so it matters not whether they are “straight” or not.. They do not need a “full understanding” as well, just a loud voice crying out that some obscure or nonexistent snivel right has been “violated” and the obedient “impartial” media will be there to report/embellish it and the worms of the ACLU will be there along side some Mooselim “advocacy group” to defend/excuse it..

So what could all of this hubbub be about? “After Mohamud’s arrest, someone set fire to an Islamic center where he worshipped..” So? It’s not like someone yelling “Jesus is Lord” pulled up with a vehicle loaded with explosives and then detonated it at this “place of worship killing innocent women and children”.. That particular MO applies to the Middle Eastern terrorist almost exclusively.. The Mooselims should get used to it. The liberals spent considerable time torching McCain Palin buildings during the last election and some even torched their OWN buildings as well..

“Despite the differences of opinion, Holder received strong applause and a standing ovation. Attendees said they felt reassured by his remarks on protecting the civil liberties of Mooselim Americans..” The “Mooselim Americans” had no comments as to whether they had any concerns about the civil liberties of genuine Americans.. “We have very serious concerns about FBI surveillance tactics that were used. We believe that law enforcement has an important job to do to protect us as a country but they should do so mindful of the rules of justice and fairness that are at the core of our criminal justice system..” Are you kidding me?? Turd World Mooselims talking about “us as a country”? There is nothing stopping any Mooselim who feels that the FBI is “unfair” from going back to the Stone Age cesspool of the Middle East. By the way, if you need cab fare, well just ask the Mooselim behind the wheel of the one that you end up in to “help a brother out”..

“Very serious concerns”? Until you start lining up by the billions and begin “protesting” the actions of the alleged “few” who use the “religion of peace” as their fulcrum for terrorism as opposed to “protesting” the legal efforts of law enforcement, I will continue to have “very serious concerns” about your presence within the United States, or anywhere else for that matter..


14 responses to “Very Serious Concerns

  1. Family,

    Not much to say, this is the 300th article on the NLTZ site.

    Thanks as always,


  2. Larry:

    Congratulations on completing your 300th article!

    Regarding the fire at the islamic center, it certainly crossed my mind that the mooselims could very well have set it to blame the infidels. If they stir up enough radical loons, we could start having problems like Charlie and Camilla just had. I think we know where that could lead. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it.

    Never give in, Never give up, Never again.

  3. Congratulations, Larry! Way to go. You are inspiring and entertaining and teaching all at the same time. This so called religion of piece just wants a piece of any and all infidels. They can’t be too swift if they are this easily duped! And use the of the ACLU as a shield is getting pretty obnoxious! There is one thing keeping them from going back to their native cesspool, and that is the freedoms they enjoy just walking around, scouting new targets and planning for the next big one..Way too much money for them to appreciate.

  4. superb – isnt straight talk refeshing ? well done indeed.
    As always … its the infidels to blame – if we would only leave “muslim lands” (how does a religion own land btw ? ) and take the apes and pigs with them then everything would be ok and the “moderate” leaders would be more able to “call off the dogs” fitted with their suicide collars. One suspects it is the “moderates” all along who are orchestrating the whole game and deciding how long the dogs leash should be in the first place!

    they call muhammed prophet … I call him the term I use for anyone who marries a 6 year old child (aysha) and deflowers her when she turned 9. It also begins with P but it aint prophet

  5. beyond disgusted

    Outstanding 300th Larry – so spot on! I personally have had it with the libtards calling this a “religion of peace”. Yes, stoning women to death for supposed infidelities sounds so peaceful, doesn’t it? Only to a leftist!

  6. I, personally, quit trying to understand these sheet-heads when their fascination over virgins became a readily “differences of opinion” with me. What is it with that? Just give me a couple of slutty broads that know what the hell they’re doin!
    “Piece” lovers, yeh, right.

  7. Congradulations on number 300 Larry. A great one at that. I too, am sick of this religon of Piece (of sheet) If they are so peacful as thay say, I want to hear them condemn the few. This we will never hear, because they all feel the same way.
    Larry… I don’t post much anymore, because I don’t have the time I used to have, but I assure you I don’t miss a read. Keep up the good work my friend.
    Never Give In, Never Give Up, Never Again

  8. I live in Sweden, the land of the “protected” because they are nice to muslimes. Well, guess what…. we in Stockholm just had our first terrorist attack. Fortunately it was also a stupid terrorist(is there a smart one?) First he blew up a car on a busy downtown street, and then he blew up himself… fortunately he only killed himself, though not immediately which is just fine with me. I hope he suffered. Now, I am not one to want an animal to suffer, but these animals are where my compassion ends. He did hurt a couple of people, I do not know how badly they were injured, but I think it was minor. Anyway, I have not yet read anything about how the ultra-liberal Swedish reaction is, I don’t think that I have the stomach for it. I just thank the real God for little damage being done, and hope that it is enough to shake these people here up a bit and open their eyes. I must say though, it was good to say “I told you so” to my ultra-liberal husband. 😉

  9. its good in one sense (particulary when the only one killed and on his way to his celestial harem aka the lake of fire) to see the swedes being treated like the “useful idiots” they are… they think if they play dead they will be treated as dead – not so – the muslims are happy to have us play dead but in reality they still want us actually dead – hopefully sweden, norway and denmark will have second thoughts and stand against this evil now !

  10. Congratulations, Larry!

    I don’t know yet how you do it, but please keep them coming.

    Have a safe Dec./Jan. in your work. Same for your canine friend.

  11. Larry,

    Ditto on the 300th – good job !
    Was just wondering how many of the Mooselims in this country are actually ” citizens ” of this country. And, why do people come here if they don’t want to accept our way of life, especially assimilating and learning the language? Just a thought !

  12. Mooselums only come 2 ways. Unexploded and exploded ones.

    Buy lead and buy gold…….never give up.
    thx Larry for Dearbornistan!

  13. Larry, Congratulations on your 300th article. I enjoy all your wit and wisdom. Each article is like a little Christmas surprise package all year long. Thank you.


    We in a little town in New England are working on our 300 Anniversary year and so I extend Congatulations to you
    Larry for teaching this pinnacle
    Much more success is due you for your committment
    to spread the word in a very funny and pleasing way



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