Fascist Fortnight

The blade of the guillotine is about to finally drop upon the pencil necks of the nation’s few remaining elected liberals and it could not come a moment too soon.. To their “credit”, I will say that they knew back in January of 2009 that they had a very limited window of opportunity when it came to implementing their plan to destroy America. As we quickly approach what I will term the “fascist’s fortnight”, the liberals have decided to do the EXACT same things that got so many of their collectivist contemporaries ousted in November..

For the nation’s consideration is the last opportunity for the liberals to dine at the socialist smorgasbord and they ladling the gravy onto their typical helpings of pork by the bucket full.. Weighing in at nearly two thousand pages, one page for every pound carried by the “Bolshevik Ballonatic” Michael Moore, and tipping the ridiculous redistributionist’s scale at over a TRILLION dollars and nearly seven thousand “ear marks”, this is the perfect progressive swan song..

Back when DESTROYING America was laughingly cast as “saving America” by the liberal lunatics, Obama and his marionettes began the hue and cry that there was “no time” to read any of the obscene bills being fast forwarded, the country needed “action” in order for the Obama team to cure what it was that they “inherited”.. Thus we were witnessed to the devastation caused by the passing of “unread” bill like the “scamulous” and the “bailouts” that went to Obama’s donors, otherwise known as those who “got us into this mess”, if I may CORRECTLY use Obama’s idiotic mantra..

As well, Obama DEMANDED a “lock step” dedication from his starry-eyed liberal contemporaries who were almost all to a man, heaved into the socialist sea last November wearing the same cement overcoats that the liberals have dressed the nation’s middle class in since they took over BOTH Houses in 2006.. I say “to a man” because “Back Door” Barney Frank somehow managed to squeeze his adipose ass back into the House yet again thanks to the “informed” voters of Assachusetts.. After the effects of this Swiss watch of a “plan” failed on every count, here come the liberals one last time with their hats in their hands boldly forwarding the same totalitarian template that has given us “historic” deficits and a permanent ten-percent unemployment, just to name a few of their “benefits”.. Are they too stupid to know that they are smug or are they too smug to know that they are stupid?

The same “pass it, don’t read it” stupidity tossed about when the liberals had a “supermajority” is now causing those tasked with voting on hopefully the LAST of the liberal girly spending sprees to verbally balk at the idea.. According to the article entitled, “Senator: ‘There’s No Way’ To Read Entire Spending Bill” (CNS News 12/16/2010) this HAS to be done “before Congress votes on it late this week.” Again, “time” is allegedly an issue for this mammoth spending extravaganza but I have to ask, is this anything more than the last chance for the liberals to try to spend themselves out of the hole that they have spent themselves (and us) into since 2006?

“The House of Representatives passed a 13- month continuing resolution last week while the Senate is considering the massive omnibus package that combines each of the 13 appropriations bills that normally make their way through Congress..” Please make note that when OBAMA is “driving” the “omnibus”, the middle class will be run over in both directions, coming and going.. Obama “drives” just like “Dead Ted”.. Please note as well that with the liberals and their habitual tax and spend mentality, “13” appears to be EVERYONE’S unlucky number..

It is very interesting to hear how members of the political parties are handling this omnibus bill. Here is what Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama said, “there is ‘no way’ someone could master the full 1,924 page omnibus spending bill before Congress votes on it..” Here are the words of liberal Ben Cardin of Maryland, “I’m literally in the process of reading it. I have not gotten through all of it, I just got another email from my office about another provision they found in there. So we’re still reading it..”

Note the common sense approach taken by Senator Sessions. Then listen to what the liberal has to say.. Cardin is “literally in the process of reading it.” Yet he has the time to read “emails” from his “office” where THEY are reading it.. Sessions sensibly says that this is too much, yet the amazingly intelligent liberals can decipher every iota of this 1,924 page bill using the liberal Evelyn Woods Speed Reading Dynamics cassette tapes handed out to them at the Obama coronation.. (Others received “Mecca Rocks!” prayer rugs for when Obama holds Ramadan “festivities” at the Slight House..) Cardin is just priming the pump so that he can justifiably borrow John “Easter Island statue” Kerry’s idiotic, “I voted for the omnibus before I voted against it” ruse..

Even the liberals are growing weary of this “demand” from the Obama caliphate. Liberal Carl Levin said, “I’m going to read as much of it as I possibly can, if I’m lucky, I’ll read all of it..” “Reading” it and thoroughly “UNDERSTANDING” it are two completely different matters. He’s not voting on naming some obscure stretch of highway after Rosa Parks or Ted Kennedy, this is a vote relative to at least a trillion of the middle classes hard earned dollars.. How many liberals will be brave enough to vote “present”, that which has been ceremoniously renamed to voting “Obama” in the Senate due to his many votes of “present” during his 143-day whirlwind Senatorial “career”?

If you would like to see why the government is in such a state since the liberals have set about purposefully destroying America since 2006, listen to liberal Cardin carry on about reading the bill and then voting on it.. “I will have read through it (before voting on it). When I say, ‘read through it all’-so you understand-if you’ve read legislative language you know that you can read legislative language but to understand it you have to have some analysis done and some time. I will understand everything in this bill. I will have read it, my staff will have read it, we will have analyzed the entire bill before I vote on it..” These intellectual totalitarian Titans are responsible for such boners as “it depends upon what the definition of ‘is’ is..” (Maybe I shouldn’t use the descriptive “boner” when referencing a Bill Clinton mistake.. The again, Bill’s “boners” were his funniest mistakes..) The bottom line, Cardin won’t read a word of it. As soon as Obama tugs the wires attached to Cardin’s head, shoulders, hips and arms, he will dance appropriately and he will do his liberal duty for the Democratic fellow travelers..

Senator Cornyn of Texas said, “We’re in the process of doing that right now, (reading the bill) we’re going through it as others have and discovering a lot of bad stuff in there..” Senator Sessions said that there was “no way Senators could thoroughly examine the bill..” These Republicans have discovered the liberal Achilles heel. Actually “reading” a liberal bill, going over it “thoroughly”, ALWAYS brings about the discovery of “a lot of bad stuff”.. According to the liberals, this must just be the “price” of doing business with them.. Political poison, intellectual Ipecac..

Were Cardin to actually “read” the bill, what would his response be to the nearly seven thousand “ear marks” worth “more than 8 billion” that have thoughtfully been included? If he actually “reads” the bill and since he sniffishly “understands legislative language”, since “we will have analyzed the entire bill” before voting on it, he will have to be endorsing the idea of adding another eight billion in “ear marks”.. (What other kind of marks would an Obama liberal leave?) Anyone “reading” such a bill containing nearly seven thousand “ear marks” would HAVE to notice at least three or four of them, wouldn’t they? As amazingly brilliant as every liberal claims to be, surely they wouldn’t miss all of this unnecessary spending, this burden placed upon the already over-burdened middle class?

This must be the final curtain call for the liberals of the “Lame Duck ” Congress.. Excuse me folks, but the proper term rhymes with “Duck” and it had better be the liberal’s final collectivist curtain call..


13 responses to “Fascist Fortnight

  1. Larry,
    This one is a full smörgåsbord of information! Way to go. I will have to read this a couple more times when I stop laughing. The title alone is a mark against the liberals and rinos. The pendulum will swing again in 2012 when we get another chance to fire some career criminals. Since we are firing them, can’t we take away their platinum parachute? I have wondered if zero got a retirement from his faux senatorial service. Talk about double dipping!

    For the life of me, I cannot understand how these horrendous bills come about. SOMEBODY has to type them up, but where does all the legalize come from? Lobbyists? Interns? Czars? And who writes the pork add ons? I for one would really like to see a blueprint of the gestation process. When I think about this I am reminded of how Frankenstein came about and it seems to be very similar and just as creepy!

    There will be a day of reckoning and we are going to have to suffer greatly to get this ship back on course. I pray daily for the welfare of our Nation and the leaders that they might make correct decisions and the military and public service employees who risk their lives for our freedoms. Until we acknowledge God, we are doomed to fail.


  2. Family,

    See? I scared ’em..

    The liberals pulled this “porkers paradise” and Mitch Mc Connell offered a ONE PAGE replacement..

    Even the brilliant liberals and their “staff” could comprehend ONE PAGE..

    I guess that I was just ahead of the collectivist curve with this one..

    Thanks as always,


  3. The pendulum will swing in 2012 only if we hold our elected representatives accountable at all times, for if left to their own devices they will go astray, as the most recent spending bill demonstrated. One trillion in spending, with a whopping 6000+ earmarks (something our Dear Leader swore was a thing of the past) is an abomination almost equal to the one which put Obama in the White House. Our elected officials are not to be trusted with some much as our lunch money let alone our treasury, and we must remind them of this fact. Thankfully, it looks like ol’ Dingy Harry Reid has decided to axe his own monstrosity, now that it has been exposed to the light of day. This was done with no thanks to the alphabet soup networks and the news divisions. No while Katy Couric and Brian Williams were busy servicing our Dear Leader, Fox News was doing the real work of telling the people what’s really going on in Washington.

    Of further alarm, while Michelle Obama, the first Klingon, declares fat people as being a dire threat to national security (Wow, and here I thought nuns, grandmothers and five years olds were our most dire terrorist threats), Il Douchebag has set in motion plans to erase our borders, so that Mexico, Canada, and the US can all be one great Pan-North America Coprosperity Sphere, with a an eye toward unifying the continent, and a single currency, the ‘amero’. If this is true, this will be yet one more act of treason committed by the Progressives and Obama personally. It would amount to a Fabian Socialist’s wet dream.

    Once the new Congress convenes, and removes the gavel from the claws of that pasty-faced witch, we need to set a new tone in Washington. We need to rein in the spending, bring our troops home (Afghanistan will not appreciate our efforts to nation-build on their behalf, and they will ultimately prove their perfidity as all Arabs and Persians do), audit the Fed, relieve ourselves of the UN, and fully investigate this Administration. Treason cannot and should not be tolerated, not from whack-job Muslims whom slaughter our troops in the name of their blood-thirsty creed, nor privates whom hand documents to Australians to be put on-line, nor our Commander-in -Thief. Our nation will not be taken seriously again until we clean our house and get it in order.

  4. Great article and comments. What drives the thiefs in Washington to think so little of the citizens? I thank God the sleeping giant has awakened. We are watching them, and the Tea Party went into action to kill the bill. We have tools now we never had or used before and we should use them “liberally”.

  5. The Otha Docta G

    Great article Larry! Let’s hope the eleventh hour grandstand will hold and the 1,900+ page porknibus bill was stopped. The true litmus test will happen in January to see if Boehner has the chutzpah to stand tall and stand by his words. I would love to see a more ‘Davy Crockett’ style congress, whereby congress stops spending our money in their best interests. With 22 new republican state legislatures and 9 new republican governors, hopefully we’ll also see a resurgence of states rights, which is long overdue and has devolved so far from where our founding fathers intended. The bigger question remains of can this spending orgy be undone and the budget balanced? It will take people the likes of Chris Christie cancelling approved projects like the NJ tunnel. Let’s hope some fresh faces without too much of a stake in the game can make that happen.

  6. Americans told Congress to stop what they’ve been doing: bigger government, 2,000 page bills jammed through on Christmas Eve, wasteful spending. This Omnibus bill repeats all the mistakes we voters demanded that Congress put an end too. It only shows in glaring certainty the fascists weren’t listening to the American people during the first two years of the First Faker of the United States tenure. Only taking time out to simulate giving an to voters just long enough to be re-elected, thereby keeping their rotund rears in the cushy recliners they’ve molded themselves into.

    This “passing the bill so we can see what’s in it” BS has gone far enough. If they want to play that way I suggest the bill has to be eaten first, “passed”, then they can see what’s in it!!!!

  7. Excuse me, that was supposed to be; “Only taking time out to simulate giving a sympathetic ear to the voters.”

    With a 13% approval rating, (the all time American lowest) these ugly Lame Ducklings in their utter dis-regard for the American people have proven themselves in two short years, harder to keep employed by Obama than ugly prostitutes.

  8. I hate to be a rag here but GOOD NEWS!! It seems “Rushing” Reid can’t get the number of votes he needs to cast us into debtors prison. According to ‘Conservative Action Alerts’…Dec. 17,10 “Senate Dem leader drops nearly $1.3 trillion spending bill.” They say Senate leaders now need to come up with a measure to keep the federal government running until early next year… How ’bout a little common sense?


    Larry Your article spells out the great state of Assachusett and dead ted also barney goo goo I have to live here and saw all the liberals
    continue to run this fiasco. Spend alot of time contacting SENATOR BROWN PUSHING for the right vote on current bills
    We need to stop the Dream act and the Smart act before the year closes out
    Richard is right GOD BLESS AMERICA

  10. Let all congress members know that just because you are not in their district or state you can help remove them at the next election by contributing to their opponent. The two from Maine are a real problem as both are super RINOS. It is through groups like this that change can continue to be made. Larry, next look at the small arms treaty and the UN as a whole lot of horse road apples. As always great article.

  11. Just a few more examples of the oxymoron : ” Liberal Logic ” !!

    Dingy Harry said it is the job of Congress to “spend money” . Seems he has a problem in understanding the words “spend ” and “waste ” . This , of course, is in addition to his many other problems.


    thanks for the great article and comments.

    is there any chance that pelosi/reid and co. will try to stuff our turkey on Christmas EVE AGAIN?

  13. Hey Larry, great and sarcastic analysis once again…what gets me about the “Lame Duck” or other word that rhymes with duck, Congress is the idea that they can try and ram all this crap thru, after an unprecedented and historical landslide repudiating all of their agenda and philosophy. Even more shocking, is the number of RINO’s that still go along with this nonsense. It seems no one got the message from Nov. and are continuing with business as usual. Luckily some really damaging legislation was stopped including this and the “bad” DREAM act. Now they’re trying to shove this START treaty thru, as if there is some impending need to come to an agreement with the Russians, now that the Cold War has been over for 2 decades. Even at that, this administration is busy ruining America’s security just like they screwed up the military with the repeal of the “don’t ask don’t tell” doctrine. Nobody in the military thinks its a good idea for morale or battle worthiness. Yet this administration see’s fit to ignore the majority opinion of those who it will affect, and ram it thru anyway. Nothing short of a complete enema of Washington will end this nonsense.

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