For Whatever Reason

As of late, Attorney General Eric Holder has been a very busy Bolshevik. Just a short time ago, he was trying to coddle the Mooselims of San Francisco relative to “one of their own”, another who again mysteriously decided to TRY to blow up as many innocent Americans as he could in Oregon. It is just so hard for anyone to believe that ANOTHER “practitioner of the religion of peace” was out there within our borders trying to earn his Mooselim merit badge in “infidel immolation”. Nahh, it must be just another case of “Islamophobia”..

Now Holder is warning of other possible terrorist attacks.. He delivered “an urgent message”.. I myself have an “urgent message” for Holder, only the liberal left needs such infantile reminders about terrorism, its grimy emissaries and their study guide..

In an article entitled “Attorney General Holder’s Blunt Warning on Terror Attacks”, (abc news go dot com 12/21/2010) Holder advised that “the terrorists only have to be successful once..” Here is an apparent news flash for Holder, September 11th was just the WORST occasion of the terrorists being “successful”, they’ve been well beyond “once” for decades..

Holder continued on, claiming that the American people “have to be prepared for potentially bad news..” The actual “bed news” in all of this is that we have what is known as the “Obama administration” “fighting” the war on terror for us.. That isn’t “potentially” bad news, it is “definitely” bad news..

“What I am trying to do in this interview is to make people aware of the fact that the threat is real, the threat is different, the threat is constant..” I find it endearingly adorable when the liberals try to get all worked up about terrorism. If they weren’t so full of hot air, if they weren’t constantly just talking about getting tough as opposed to actually doing so, this interview might be somewhat comforting. In short, what is the liberal “time line” for their withdrawal from their war ON the war on terror?

Yesterday, Bonehead Biden said that the U.S will be out of Afghanistan by 2014, “come Hell or high water..” (Fox News dot com) Remember, they are allegedly “fighting” the war on terror.. THIS is what emboldens the terrorists, the liberal knee pad diplomacy of America’s left. This is just the liberal’s default “38th parallel-ism”.. Hint to the liberals: fight wars to WIN. The liberals of late have fought “wars” in order to provide the sufficient distractions relative to their perjured testimony before the Grand Jury, so this concept must be new to them..

Who in their right mind needs to be reminded that the “threat is real” or that the “threat is constant”? This reminder is for those who aren’t in their right mind, and that would be the liberals.. For years, they and their marionettes in both the “impartial” media and the ACLU, have gone out of their way to run interference for the terrorists. It seems that suddenly, all of the terrorist bells and whistles are going off at the Slight House and Obama must think that it is time for recess..

Now Holder wants everyone to be aware of what he is calling “homegrown terror”.. Here are a few more news flashes for Holder, GEOGRAPHY isn’t the worry relative to terrorism.. GEOGRAPHY isn’t the fulcrum for terrorism.. Hyphenated Americans aren’t really Americans.. (Bonus points: Poverty is NOT the cause of terrorism.) Holder is upset about the “alarming rise in the number of Americans who are more than willing to attack and kill their fellow citizens..” Another news flash: no matter where your mail is delivered and no matter what the passport that yet another alleged “American” bought at the corner “Mohammed al- Mohammed al-Muhammed Convenience Store” says, these “Americans” aren’t anywhere near being Americans..

“Holder says that many of these converts to al Qaeda have something in common, a link to radical cleric Anwar Al Awlaki, an American citizen himself..” What they have in “common” ISN’T one idiot Mooselim “cleric”. What does ALL of al Qaeda have “in common”, other than poor hygiene and superior cab driving skills.. Any guesses? Where did al Awlaki al Gore get all of his “information”? From what “reference materials” did this imbecile glean his “knowledge”? Any guesses?

“Homegrown” terrorists may take longer to find (look for the name on the mail slot with at least three hyphens, you’re getting warmer..) but in the hopes of getting a handle on the “problem”, how about we put a moratorium on allowing the Middle Eastern terrorists access to this country? (As well, no more foreign exchange students or student visas. They can learn everything that they need to know about America by watching the mind numbing MTV or any of the “reality” shows, we learned everything that we needed to know about their “disgruntled” rug mates on September 11th..) The liberals ALL believe that POVERTY is the root cause of terrorism. Allowing more Mooselims into America, only for them to become disgruntled/poor and then for them to become putty in some “cleric’s” hands which precludes their desire to kill innocent Americans, should be stopped. Obama has destroyed countless millions of jobs so all of the newly arriving Mooselims are being fast tracked towards being “disgruntled” through “poverty” which HAS to end with a terrorist attack.. After all, they’re “disgruntled”.. I’m just trying to look out for the Mooselims. Stay home and play in your sand box..

Holder even brought up Guantanamo Bay. A while back, closing Guantanamo Bay was all the rage as a part of the pre-packaged progressive piffle being heaved about by the unknown liberal candidate for president. This flambeau was used to ignite the lathering liberal base in order to secure their votes. Even the lunatic liberal politicians had to know that moving the terrorists CLOSER to their targets here in America would be a mistake, but they “promised” this to their lemmings in order to grab power. The need for progressive posturing about closing Guantanamo before the election has now transformed into the progressive posturing surrounding terrorism after the election.. BEFORE the election, the liberals all crowed that Guantanamo helped recruit rug rodents into terrorism so it MUST be closed.. Now it seems that quietly the liberals believe that Guantanamo keeps America safe.. “Even if those suspects are being held now at Guantanamo Bay, Holder said Congress should not be interfering with that..” The politics of collectivist convenience..

“Awlaki is believed to be in Yemen, but thanks to the Internet, his reach is global..” Wait a second.. “The ability to go into your basement, turn on your computer, find a site that has this kind of hatred spewed..” The picture is getting clearer..

Just yesterday, the liberals along with the UN (the UN??) have decided to “attempt to create global standards for policing the Internet” (“Don’t Tangle The Web With Rules” Investors dot com 12/20/2010) They want an “inter-governmental working group to harmonize global efforts by policy makers to regulate the Internet..” Now refer back to one very informative word in Holder’s last quote, “hatred”.. Here in the guise of saving the nation from terrorism, the liberals and the UN (the UN??) will take over the Internet and they will be using their power to purge the Internet of “hatred”.. Suddenly, “hatred” will also include “disagreeing” with the liberals and a bevy of web sites that have nothing to do with Islamofascism (hint for Holder, that long word is the CAUSE that you are allegedly looking for..) or terrorism will be erased in the cause of eradicating terrorism.. They couldn’t pass the “Fairness Doctrine”, so this will just have to do..

Holder continued on with this theme, “the threat has changed from simply worrying about foreigners coming here, to worrying about people in the United States, American citizens who for whatever reason, become radicalized and take up arms against the nation in which they were born..”

In order of their appearance, if the liberals didn’t insist on EVERY “foreigner” being allowed in for whatever alleged reason, there might not be as much to “worry” about. There is a VAST difference between “people in the United States” and “American citizens”.. What is “worrying” is that the left refuses to acknowledge that which helps these weasels become “radicalized”. They aren’t “taking up arms”, (the liberals just can’t help romanticizing the terrorists..) they are cowering in the shadows and using cell phones as ignition switches.. For the last time, what do these “homegrown” terrorists that Holder is so suddenly worried about and the terrorists from the demonic cesspool known as the Middle East all have in common? Would you care to take a guess?

“For whatever reason”? Until the liberals acknowledge the REAL reason and as long as they are in power “worrying” about everything but the “real reason” and until they decide to DO SOMETHING about the “real reason”, we will have much to worry about..


8 responses to “For Whatever Reason

  1. “the fact that the threat is real, the threat is different, the threat is constant..” well welcome to the party Holder. But those of us living in reality have known this for the last 9 years.
    Larry,thanks for all you do and for informing us of the silliness of the loony left.

  2. We’ve got to stop calling muslims – mooselims. We’re going to give moose a bad name.

  3. Larry, On the mark with the socialists and the internet. Today, the 22nd, with the FFC’s suck-up approval, a “framework” was adopted for taking over one more freedom of the people. The U.N.? The United States provides over 26% of it’s funding. In my opinion, it’s old, corrupt and political bureaucratic entity of “representatives” filled with their own self-interests. I know the Faker In Chief would ever dream of doing it, but the first thing we should do is de-fund the U.N.

    The money saved there applied to building the fence on our Southren border (which Hussein Obama has halted) would help stop the so-called ‘home grown terrorists’ that are sneaking across our border illegally.

  4. Joe:

    “There was some filthy business at the United Nations yesterday.

    Diplomats — and 150 visiting schoolkids — were evacuated from the UN Security Council and General Assembly when an especially stinky, “suspicious odor” from a burst sewer line filled the area, officials said.”

    My immediate thought was that “the fish rots from the head down” so that it was just the odor from usual suspects in charge of that totally useless organization. I am in full agreement with you on de-funding them. While we are at it they all should be deported as well. They can move their headquarters some where else, perhaps to Russia or the Middle East. They certainly are no asset to New York State or to the US.


    Well first I want to wish Larry,his family and all the members of this
    constructive site a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR
    Now about this article. How well it spells out the liberal left approach
    to terrorism. How about the army officer that killed all them people
    on one of our bases. Home grown your ass Holder
    Then we take a dedicated military officer and put him in jail for .
    following the Constitution because he questioned the ONES
    birth certificate Also strip him of Rank and benefits while we support
    the unducumented illegal aliens What a travesty.
    Hopefully we can get some control next year with a change in the
    House and investigate the bamster before he and his cohorts
    completely destroy this country.


  6. The Otha Docta G

    I just heard this morning that the TSA is now banning those ‘deadly’ Thermos’s and coffee mugs from carry-on luggage as they could be a potential security threat. When will the insanity stop and we start profiling the 20 year old male immigrants from Yemen?!! It seems like we’re moving toward flying nearly naked in our TSA-issued robes with no carry-ons. No food or water will be issued on any flights for its perceived security threat…then will be ‘safe’. Of course, the mooselims who can plead religious immunity and will still have plenty of room under their turbins and robes for all sorts of mischief.
    Larry, thanks for all you do. Merry Christmas to all!

  7. Happy Winter Solstice to All!
    Eternal Thanks to Larry for all of his hard work.
    I have had my last flight until this airport nonsense is repealed/cancelled.
    They just (November) got a “body scanner” at Spokane Airport, so that is the end of it for me.
    North America has plenty of areas to visit.
    I sure hope the ‘newcomers’ to Washington can resist the ‘money and power, money and power, money and power’….. it will take exceptional character to do so.

  8. that should read: North America has plenty of areas to visit by car…

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