Season Of Progressives

Democratic denial is in full bloom and if the liberals possessed the human trait of embarrassment, or ANY human trait for that matter, their faces would be as red as their communist hearts.. Leading the puerile pack is the fascist’s frequent flyer or would that be their frequent LIAR? Yes another two days have passed, so it is time to be off on yet another taxpayer funded “vacation” to Hawaii. Mrs. Medusa and their saplings are already over in paradise, costing the middle class that Obama allegedly “cares” so much about, at least $65,000.00 a day. Reality check for Obama: Your family is costing more to “vacation” in ONE DAY than the average middle class person earns in income in ONE YEAR..


Before he left to go ensure that his birth certificate, allegedly housed somewhere in Hawaii, is still safely under lock and key and out of the sight of prying eyes, with his grimy grip sack at his fascist feet, it was time to do a little bragging for the “impartial” media.. Here we read that Obama was “buoyant in political victory”.. (“Obama toasts ‘season of progress’ after big wins” Yahoo news dot com 12/23/2010) Such nonsense may coddle the infants of the left, such stupidity may soothe the bruised ego of the occupant of the Slight House but it has nothing to do with the reality of the political situation..

Obama called this “a rare, bipartisan ‘season of progress’”. What we actually have here is the END of the “season of progressives”. After FOUR years of focused destruction by the liberals who have lorded over BOTH Houses, after two YEARS of intensified collectivist carpet bombing by their “leader”, the finality of the November landslide is just around the corner. Here the “lame ducks” had their last opportunity to try to place as many IED’s as they possibly could into whatever they possibly could. When these explosions “go off” months down the road Obama, or shall we now call him, “O-blame-a”, will move from “the mess I inherited” to “Republican obstruction” as the cause for the liberal’s YEARS of planning and execution.. Here the Obama DEMAND for “lock step” liberal cooperation, the DEMAND that led to the November landslide, had its final curtain call.

According to the article, you wouldn’t know that the liberal’s progressive poison had come to an end. Obama “cut a remarkably different figure than the one who had taken a ‘shellacking’ in the midterm elections..” The Democrats that all lost their seats at the tax trough might have a different outlook on all of this, but Obama is happy and that is all that matters to him. No idiot Democratic aspirant (ass-pirant) under the sun would want to ask for the chance to be the president in 2012 after the magnificent job done by Obama. He has even managed to stifle the political aspirations of the feral female fascist that he trounced in the primaries back in 2008, which has to be Obama’s greatest accomplishment.. It’s all about securing power for Obama HIMSELF and for the next two years the effects of the last SIX YEARS can now be blamed on “Republican partisanship”..

The alleged “accomplishments” of this lame duckerie are of course suspect. It started with the “ratification of a nuclear arms treaty with Russia, a vote watched around the world as a test of international security and presidential clout..” The liberals always soil themselves whenever anyone decides that they want to sign some useless document with them. The liberals then demand domestic compliance with their knee pad diplomacy while the other party is simply taken at their “word”.. A “treaty” signed by Obama and any despot has NOTHING to do with “international security”.. Since the onset of lunatic liberalism, it is considerably more dangerous to be an American ally as opposed to being an American enemy..

“And that was on top of other achievements, including a hard-fought deal to extend tax cuts..” Were the truth to be told, the liberals knew that this was the FIRST test of their ability to comprehend what actually took place in November. That did not stop them from waiting until the last second before agreeing to what they had to agree to. All of their stalling and talk of “taxing the rich” was nothing more than their typical dodge from the fact that the expiration of the Bush tax cuts would have been another opportunity, along with their ignoring of the AMT, for the liberals to tax the MIDDLE CLASS. Even after the Obama/Democratic napalming of America, there are still considerably more “middle class” people than there are “rich” people..

Let us add to the list of his “accomplishments”.. “A broad food safety bill, a trade deal with South Korea and declarations of progress in the widening war in Afghanistan..” This “broad food safety bill” might just be the “broad” that believes that childhood obesity is a “national security threat”.. She must have come up with this “idea”, something to actually set herself up as an actual “First Lady” in-between “vacations” and European shopping excursions.. There has NEVER been a more invisible “First Lady” and if we listen to all of her public pronouncements to date, maybe that isn’t such a bad thing..

Obama continued to prime the pump, readying his “blame game”.. “If there is any lesson to be learned from these past few weeks, it’s that we are not doomed to endless gridlock..” As long as EVERYONE agrees with Obama, as long as the majority of the liberals were casting their last votes as members of Congress, everything was okie dokie.. Now Obama can get around to salving the wounds of the moochers, leeches and mendicants of the “Democratic base” by “focusing” on such things as welfare, the pathetic public schools and health scare for all.. When the opposition steps up and refuses to allow the liberal spenders to waste money on “special interests” that have nothing to do with creating jobs for example, it’s allegedly back to “politics as usual” and Obama is the hero fighting for the “defenseless”.. Then the simians of the NEA and the SEIU step up and vote at least twenty times a piece, and Obama gets another four year gig with his travel agent burning up the phone lines..

Obama wants to “put himself above it”, “it” being the idea of “political gamesmanship”, that is.. Note that he doesn’t want to put “America” or the “American people” above it, he just wants HIMSELF “above it”..

“Obama underscored his agenda ahead, much of it amounting to unfinished promises: deficit reduction, energy innovation, immigration reform, the closing of Guantanamo Bay prison, education and research investments, and the biggest item of all: finding ways to create more jobs for millions of hurting Americans..” Here we go.. Time to start reducing the deficit that Obama is personally responsible for.. “Energy innovation” is merely the ruse surrounding “alternative fuels” that EVERY liberal politician is deeply personally invested in.. Guantanamo? Ask Eric Holder about that one.. “Education”.. See it’s “for the kids”.. Strange, the BIGGEST item of them all, the item Obama is MOST responsible for and it is the LAST one on Obama’s list..  Jobs..

Obama taking a page from the “Kerry flip-flop” workbook said, “I am persistent. If I believe in something, I stay on it..” Only later to say that his position on gay marriage is “constantly evolving” and it is something that “I am personally going to wrestle going forward..” You just can’t fix stupid..

“He saved his most emotional appeal for committing anew to the DREAM Act..” “Its heartbreaking, that can’t be who we are..” Even with all of the liberal lame ducks quacking to beat the band, Obama “just couldn’t” get the idea of even a partial AMNESTY for ILLEGAL ALIENS into the political bloodstream.. Please note that he didn’t try very hard, but since he has new people to blame, it will be time for Obama to again play “pin the tail on the honkey” while weeping copious tears for the liberal base..

“I guarantee you, as soon as the new Congress is sworn in, we’re going to have to have a conversation about how to start balancing our budget..” Here is Obama’s plan, spend the middle class into oblivion, take down the Democratic majority, replace it with “acrimonious” Republicans and have them fix MY Depression and it will all have been done because of my “leadership”, onward to 2012!!” If this was such a “number one priority”, why wasn’t this “conversation” taking place when the liberals had a “supermajority”? Their “conversations” back then just involved spending and printing, spending and printing, spending and printing..

This was just the preparation for the next act of the “let them eat cake” liberal on Pennsylvania Avenue. Mercifully, this was the last act of so many of his previous coconspirators..


9 responses to “Season Of Progressives

  1. Family,

    Merry Christmas to all.

    Thanks as always,


  2. ” He has even managed to stifle the political aspirations of the feral female fascist that he trounced in the primaries back in 2008, which has to be Obama’s greatest accomplishment”
    It probably was obamas greatest accomplishment,but he had very little to
    do with it.
    If the liberal media told the truth about obama,he never would have been nominated.

  3. Larry, at your comment of “Before he left to go ensure that his birth certificate, allegedly housed somewhere in Hawaii, is still safely under lock and key and out of the sight of prying eyes”, it is perhaps more truthful than you currently think!

    A few months ago, the former Director of the Hawaii Department of Health, Chiyome Fukino (whose term ended December 6, 2010 [ ], declared that torrential rains had caused the basement (where many of the original birth certificates were stored) to be flooded, and making many of them completely unreadable. Obama’s original birth certificate was one of those destroyed–how convenient!! (If you believe that, then I’ve got a scenic ocean-front property in Arizona to sell to you at a really cheap price–with apologies to country singer George Strait.)

    And the beat goes on…

  4. Larry,

    And a Merry Christmas to you and your family and to the No Left Turnz family.

    I believe that IF the public is kept educated on the policies that are constantly vomited out of this administration, I think we will see another President serving the next term. Now that would make for a very Merry Christmas. Here is to 2012!


    My money is not theirs. My life is not theirs. Nor do I work for them.

  5. The order for “discovery” by any judge in the nation will stop this conspiracy by the communists and Islamist and especially that America hater, Osama Soetoro. All he has done CAN be reversed if only he is formally ordered to supply evidence of his birth. All this and he still was born to a British citizen and a child/woman, both of whom were also communist and neither who were American citizens. Prosecute this bastard and the nightmare will be ended. He is not a citizen of the US…he is a citizen of Britain and also a citizen of Indonesia. This is the largest communist conspiracy ever experienced in this country. The sad part is….Those asshole dumbocrats KNOW he is not Natural Born; those asshole republicants KNOW he isn’t Natural Born. The only reason the libtards voted for this usurper is that He Wasn’t George Bush. The looney left is evil to the core and everything they believe is wrong.

  6. Alabama Redneck

    Larry, benn awhile since I commented here but I must tell you that I have enjoyed all your past articles and this one is especially good. Thank you.

    The wife and I are both fine and we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. May God richly bless you this comming year as we continue to put an end to this nightmare of Obama.

    BobBartoe: Since we (our country) do not have a judge that will order discovery, perhaps we should take it to the World Court. After all, isn;t that the law that Obama wants for us? Seems to me that what is good for us is also good for him. Just a thought. Perhaps things will change during the next 2 years to the extent that they will make a major blunder somewhere and it will all be exposed. I can dream, can’t I???? We still have battles to fight to win this war and preparations need to start now if they have not all ready begun. All of them must go in 2012 including the RINO’s. Just look at Lisa Murkowski and when Lindsay Graham calls out Repub senators it is rally bad. (Start Treaty vote). Yes, lots of hard work ahead but WE THE PEOPLE will prevail. So everyone in the family, roll up your sleeves and lets keep the ball rolling. It’s a tar ball and it picks up progressives and RINO’S with great ease.

    Larry, thanks again for providing a forum where we can sound off.

    Onward to 2012 amd Victory.

  7. Merry Christmas to all and especially you Larry for all the information you serve and for the forum you have given us to sound off.
    If we want the November election to mean anything, we must stand ever vigilant with our sleeves rolled up and our hip waders handy. If the freshmen congress starts to get settled into previous ruts, we must give him or her a swift kick in the butt and plant over the ruts of the past. It is time to look forward and remember our fore fathers and the blood they shed for us. We mustn’t shame them.
    I am planning to have an action list of the new congress and keep them headed in the right direction. And you are 100% correct about O-blame-me shifting all the blame to the Republicans. In some instances we deserve it, but I am hoping the new congress will be able to corral the RINOS and herd them in the right direction.

  8. Right as rayne

    Just want to say merry Christmas to all. I see the light at the end of this tunnel….have faith everyone and keep your prayers coming. We have miles to go before we sleep….

  9. Merry Christmas Family and a very Happy New Year

    Well got my hopes up and let me down. The title of this article,(Season of Progressives) really got my hopes up. I ran to the local ammunition store and loaded up, came back and read the Article, and then realized you were not referring to a hunting season on progressives as I had imagined. Oh well!!…Back to defeating the liberals the legal way.
    Larry.. I want to thank you for what you do. The articles and thoughts of the day are always great, and I always look forward to reading them. And the comments by the rest of the family and thought provoking. We win out in the end…Because of who we are…American Patriots, who love their country, and will always fight for our freedoms and rights. Again Family..Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Never Give Up, Never Give In..Never Again

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