Not So Fast

While America’s progressive poltroon and his family splash away in the warm and inviting waters of Hawaii on the taxpayers dime, one of his much heralded “accomplishments” from his talking points/press conference from yesterday has hit what he may feel is a snag.. Those with actual “experience” in the affairs of the world and especially those with “experience” in the “go ahead and lie to me” wording within ANY document signed with ANY other “nation” weren’t as impressed as Obama was with his “accomplishment”.. Then again, no one will ever be more impressed with Obama than Obama..

It appears that the Russians are now taking a “not so fast” attitude towards the “new START” treaty that Obama had overnighted to the Russians. The wonderfully successful Obama/Democratic tacit of “hurry up and sign it, don’t bother reading it” doesn’t seem to fly even with those who have retained the same communist DNA as the liberals themselves..

According to an article entitled, “Russia Puts Off OK of START Treaty to January” (fox news dot com 12/24/2010) the Russians gave “preliminary approval” but they have now said that they will “slow progress to a crawl”.. Why wouldn’t the Russians swallow comrade Obama’s play book, one that has worked so marvelously here in America with such stunning “successes” as the Scamulous, the bailouts and the health scare scam? Who needs to actually READ legislation before voting on it, let alone passing it into law? It seems that the Russians just aren’t as “progressive” as their Democratic fellow travelers here in America.. The again, it is possible that the Russian people wouldn’t stand for THEIR communists to say such things out loud and in public such as “I voted for the treaty before I voted against it” as their excuse for being an irretrievable imbecile..

“Konstantin Kosachev, head of the State’s Duma’s foreign affairs committee said that the treaty would need a total of three required readings before it can be fully ratified..” It is painfully obvious that Kosachev is not familiar with the mental workings of our “Dumass” leader and his band of Bolsheviks.. America’s liberals are so highly intelligent that the idea of even reading a one thousand page bill through ONCE isn’t necessary for them to glean the knowledge that the legislation before them is “historic” and needs to be “passed quickly” so that the liberals can go about saving the world.. OUR communists are similar to the Russian ones in that they are incapable of properly dancing and cavorting without their puppeteer working the strings..

Mr. “Kiss of Death” Obama called this “document” “a top priority” and as we all know, a man with three thousand “top priorities” can’t have his minions actually thoroughly perusing each piece of legislation before them.. The Russians appear to be much less concerned with Obama’s image in the American history books which will be written by Obama true believers than they are with signed defective documents..

“The pact is the centerpiece of Obama’s efforts to ‘reset’ ties with Russia”.. These are the same Democrats who many months back sent Pantsuit Patty over to Russia with a progressive prop, a big red button with the word “peregruzka” on it as Rodham was there “to press the reset button” with Russia. As with every liberal “hurry up” moment, their interpretation of “reset”, “peregruzka” (proper spelling: perezagruzka) actually meant, “overload” or “overcharged”.. The Russians had to giggle and if I were a Russian wag at that precious moment, I would have told Rodham to place this “overcharged” red button directly beneath Billy Bob’s belt buckle..

When ANY liberal starts mooning about “resetting” relations you will note that they do so while wearing their Neville Chamberlain model knee pads. The liberal desperation to sign any document comes from their childish belief that no matter who else is signing, they will abide by each and every word firmly ensconced therein.. The flashbulbs start popping, the liberals keep grinning and their adversary starts right up where they left off before the ink is dry.. Meanwhile, the liberals work feverishly to make America MORE vulnerable as they believe that the MORE vulnerable that we are, the LESS ANY of our adversaries would seek to take advantage of us.. Their flashbacks to standing at the bus stop, shivering within a puddle of their own making while handing their milk money to the neighborhood bully doesn’t seem to be registering with them decades later..

Dimitri Medvedev (Pinocchio) “praised the pact Friday as a ‘cornerstone of stability both on the European continent and the entire world for the next decades’”.. Vladimir Putin (Geppeto) appears to have had other ideas about the words of his own Marxist marionette.. “Medvedev said, ‘I told him, Barack, you have to rest now.’” That was all the prompting that Obama needed and it was off to Hawaii for another “vacation”..

“Obama called the treaty a national security imperative..” Question: Does Obama consider the Russians to be an enemy? If they were our allies, why would it matter if they had ten million warheads? If they were our enemy, why would we want to REDUCE our capacity when history has proven that this “enemy” will do as they have done with so many other useless pieces of parchment? There is a humorous sidebar to all of this collectivist crackpotterie..

“The Obama administration has argued that the United States must show credibility in its improved relations with its former Cold War foe. It is also counting on Russia to help pressure Iran over its nuclear ambitions..” “Credibility” in liberalspeak means “concessions” and nothing more. Obama always seeks to concede even before the opposition’s rumps hit the chairs.. Just showing up in the room makes liberals soil themselves in anticipation. The lunacy reaches a near apex when Obama expects the Russians, who continue to make large profits from their nuclear dealings with the Iranian savages, to “help pressure” the Iranians over their “nuclear ambitions”.. You might as well ask the makers of Twinkies and Ding Dongs to “help pressure” Michael Moore into going on a diet and to start exercising..

“Republicans tried to kill the treaty by forcing changes in the language”. These types of things tend to happen when ANYONE other than the liberals start reading the bills and treaties assembled by the liberals.. The appearance of “changes” has now made the Russians balk. Kosachev countered, “We don’t have the right to leave their interpretations unanswered otherwise it may give additional advantages to our American partners-or possibly opponents. We need to balance those advantages..” The mere presence of the word “opponents” in Kosachev’s comment makes it very clear that the LAST people who should be doing anything remotely resembling “negotiating” with the Russians are the liberals.

“The treaty also needs to be ratified by the upper house, the Federal Council, which like the Duma is controlled by the Kremlin..” Here the Russian and Obama administration similarities strike home. Here is the liberal version, “the treaty also needs to be ratified by the upper house, the Senate, which like the House of Representatives is currently controlled by George Soros..”

So the Russians picked up on the liberal’s default “capering of conciliation” and they were ready to sign. Then someone “forced changes” and the Russians needed “a total of three readings before it can be fully ratified..” If we could have possibly had just a few more legislators who could have taken on this “not so fast” tactic with the Obama oligarchy from the onset of the January 2009 Bolshevik beatification, the domestic damage done by the liberals to our economy might have been “slowed to a crawl” as well..


9 responses to “Not So Fast

  1. Family,

    I wrote this one up at 09:30 this morning.. I thought about holding onto it.

    Tonight after the presents are wrapped, after the young ones scurry off to their beds awaiting Santa’s arrival. (Please remember the milk and cookies, it always worked for me..)

    Just one last thought since it literally mirrored the last article..

    I PROMISE that I will leave you all alone tomorrow.. I have to work.

    A Merry Christmas to each and every member of the NLTZ family.

    Thanks as always,


  2. I’m sorry you have to work tomorrow, but I keep you in my prayers for your safety and for many more servings of your wit and wisdom. Promising to leave us alone is like a friend promising to stay away. I, for one, look forward to all the articles you are so adept at exposing the numb-nuts and their ilk.
    You really nailed this one to the wall! Maybe we can teach our new congress how to read and pare. If we don’t kill some entitlements soon, we could very well be embroiled in a hostile take-over of our free country.
    Merry Christmas! And a prosperous and exciting New Year.

  3. I think this shows how much more intelligent the members of the Dumas are than our resident Communists in the Kremlin on the Potomac. Merry Christmas to all and a gig Thank You to Larry for the excellent writing.

  4. Larry,
    Please bother us every minute you have. Merry Christmas!
    I loved Mevedev telling Obama to go have a rest now, like a master telling the servant he did a good job. And like the good boy that Obama is, he went straight to Hawaii.
    So, the Bolsheviks on the Potomac not only want to disarm the citizenry so that only criminals have guns, but now they want to disarm the military so only lunatics have red buttons to push? GREAT!!! What more do we need to prove Obama’s behavior is seditious? Those morons on the left wouldn’t see a freight train coming if they looked straight at it!
    Question: Have the Russians suddenly realizing the danger Obama imposes on the world, sent him on a vacation?

    There is only one way to fight this stupidity!
    Vote them ALL out!!!
    Vote against ALL incumbents, Dems, Reps, whatever.

  5. Did someone say read ? Not only can’t these dumasses not read they are
    all blind as dingbats….Maybe the bills should be put on CD’s or written in
    braille with Whoppi Goldbag there to explain the difference between rape,
    It’s Christmas in Dixie with snow on the ground, last this happen was 1840,
    two years befor Charlie Rangel was borned….
    Larry i read all of your writing’s and enjoy them emmensely…please keep them coming and Merry Christmas to all….

  6. “Of the four wars in my life time, none have come about because the U.S. was to strong.” ~~ Ronald Reagan ~~
    I identify with that most strongly to the depths of my soul. Our enemies, no matter thier rhetoric, know that the United States is superior in their Armed Forces… that is the reason for their rhetoric and non-action.

    Obama, as a presidential candidate, and now so-called “leader” of our nation has never been about rhetoric. They were all about what ties the people of this nation together in pride and allegience, not in “hope and change.” I believe in feelings held in American hearts, unvoiced mostly, of solidarity and self-responsibility, and not only on the Fourth of July.

    There is now a great part of America that understands this person that now apologizes for our nation, rebuffs our allies and bowing before our enemies, that his sense of identification lies elsewhere and not with our nation he was elected to lead. He is at heart and by instinct the voice of his mainly ideolocally socialistic/muslim class.

  7. Man! Have I got to start proof-reading my posts!!!
    I mean’t to say Obama has always been about rhetoric. I picked up on that from the second speach from him.
    Pride and allegiance equals solidarity and self-responsibility. It comes no where near ‘hope and change.’

  8. Larry your line of ” shivering in a puddle of their own making……..” made me laugh as I conjured up the visual image . Maybe that explains an lot of the liberals actions . thanks for a good one and I hope your Christmas was merry.

  9. Family,

    If ANYONE would like a post-Christmas giggle, please hit this link and check out the latest TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


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