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Sunday School Sermon

Whenever there is a genuine crisis of any kind in the world, the “impartial” media always seems to be able to unearth demented old Democrats in order to get their opinions on things. Thus the emergence of Dhimmi Carter again as he regales the world with his unique insights that surround the events that are taking place in Egypt. No one on Earth is more responsible for turning the sixth-century savages of the Middle East into Islamofascists than Dhimmi, so his “opinion” on the matters unfolding there need further dissection..

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The Audacity Of Dope

It seems like just yesterday that the communist confetti was being washed from the grimy streets of Chicago.. Just a short time ago the Bolshevik bunting was being removed from the grandstands where the wrinkled relics of the left all tried to sidle up near as they could to the aura and flatulence emanating from the progressive potentate.. Those then became the heady halcyon days of liberal “supermajorities”, takeovers and bailouts..

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A Series Of Choices

Some people never learn. When the “people” are liberals, they never “learn” because they feel that they already know everything.. Just ask them, they know what’s best for you whether you like it or not..

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Legacy Lost

Occasionally with the passage of time, a message becomes augmented for reasons that are diametrically opposed to the initial concept, especially when that message is being conveyed by someone other than the originator.. Thus we have what has been “changed” within the life’s work of Dr. King and those who have profited personally from this convoluted conversion.

Far Reaching Results

Being that the liberal animal must exist within a heightened state of hysteria, today’s headline from Yahoo News seems a bit understated, even by their silly standards.. “Global Warming: Dire Prediction for the Year 3000..” (01/14/2011) You have to admire the tenacity of the liberals, then again relative to the globaloney warming fiction and fables, you would have to admire their “ten-ASS-ity”..


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Get The Country Thinking

As you begin to read this article, please keep this in mind.. Each and every malignant thought that manages to cross through a liberal’s brain is motivated by progressive politics alone. Everything from their faux compassion all the way through to their soft boiled socialism.. Everything.. Please refer to the TOTD from 01/02/2011, “Redundant For A Reason”.. Add in the horrible events from Arizona and you have what the repulsive liberals like to call a “teachable moment”..

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Those of you with a good memory might remember this name. Richard “Dick” Winters. Winters passed away quietly after suffering Parkinson’s Disease. He was 92 years of age.

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