Peanut Butter Pandemic

The liberal “leader” has again proved that progressive omniscience is still alive and well. Their “need” to be overly over-involved in literally everything possible is important when “overhauls” and “takeovers” dominate your political playbook.. The ulterior motive in this latest socialist sobbing is no different than any other that we have had to suffer through since January of 2009.. The liberals need to take “action” and when they do so, it “costs” the rest of us literally and figuratively..


So the socialist super zero donned his red cape with the nifty hammer and sickle emblem embroidered in the center as well as his pink tights and it was time to go about poking his progressive proboscis into another area of the already bloated Bolshevik bureaucracy.. In an article entitled, “Obama to sign bill to improve nation’s food safety” (Yahoo dot com 01/04/2011) Obama “said consumers should be able to have confidence that their government will keep peanut butter-eating children safe..”

With the ever-diligent liberals in control, “peanut butter-eating children” might be alleged to be “safe”, but I would ask, if these “children” actually feel “safe” knowing that the liberals who have destroyed the public schools while they were trying to “save” them are now trying to “save” peanut butter.. Do they feel “safe” knowing that the liberals have saddled them with a debt that they may NEVER be able to overcome in their lifetime and now its on to peanut butter.. Since the liberal government feels the need to jump in on the issue of peanut butter safety, since Obama has destroyed so many of America’s jobs, I have a few questions.. Just how much will jars of this consumable commodity end up costing due to their Marxist meddling and who other than the liberals will be able to afford to pay for a jar after they are done?

Yes the “government” needs to make kids “safe”.. Here is all the excuse that the liberals need to again waltz in and demand a “takeover” or an “overhaul”.. “He is set to sign a $1.4 billion overhaul (see, I told you..) of the food safety system, giving Washington new power to increase inspections at food processing facilities..” Again, I just have to ask, how about doing a few “inspections” relative to all of the ILLEGALS who just might be working there as well.. Just call it a “win-win”, safe peanut butter, safe country..

“Sneezy” Sebelius, our diligent HHS Secretary chimed in, “It will bring our food safety system into the 21st century, improving health, saving lives and helping Americans feel confident that when they sit down at their dinner table they won’t end up in the hospital..” Oh my, the liberal “magic touch” will “improve health” AND “save lives”.. But it doesn’t end there.. Americans will “feel confident” and “feelings” are of primary importance regardless of whether they are based in anything remotely resembling reality or not.. The liberals “say it”, so it MUST be true.. If anyone would “end up in the hospital”, I hope that they don’t end up in one of Obama’s new “Kevorkian Kare Socialized Medicine Abattoirs”.. Remember, that they “saved” medical care with another of their “overhauls” as well..

“The measure gives the Food and Drug Administration substantial new authority, but the money to carry out the legislation is not guaranteed..” Uh oh, it’s time to heave out the “it’s for the kids” lachrymose lunacy in order to “fund” this billion dollar baloney..

Liberal puppet Erik Olson of the “Pew Group food and consumer safety group” said, “This will save a great deal of money.. The health care costs associated with an outbreak of foodborne illness alone run into the tens of billions of dollars..” Assuming that a governmental entity charged with food safety would be as efficient and effective as the federal entity charged with airport safety or the one tasked with relieving us of the MILLIONS of ILLEAGALS that have invaded our nation, what we really have here is a chance to spend money in order to allegedly save money.. The liberals just feel that the BIGGER their government is, the more effective it has to be..

“The recent salmonella and E. coli outbreaks exposed the FDA’s lack of resources..” There you have it, the penny just dropped.. Enter from stage left, (where else would a liberal “idea” enter from?) the “public school gambit”. According to the liberals the ONLY reason that ANY governmental program or agency fails in its “task” is that it is either “underfunded or understaffed”.. The liberal “answer”, bilk the taxpayers for billions, add more soiled liberals to the governmental roles and all will be well.. The eternal liberal wail as relates to their inefficiency and their ineffectiveness is that they are “underfunded and understaffed”..

“The agency rarely inspects most food facilities and farms, visiting some about once in a decade and others not at all..” So what are the billions that they are already getting from the taxpayers going towards? Another million, billion or trillion will suddenly “cure” the “problem”, there will never be another “outbreak”? According to the liberals, that is always the case when they apply their carcinogenic touch to a “problem”.. Besides, if there is an outbreak, just blame Bush..

“Soon after taking office in 2009, Obama promised to make food safety overhaul a priority..” Believe it or not, he made everything that you could possibly think of a “priority” and in almost every case, they became “number one priorities”.. Cake walk decorum, left sock and right sock designation, toothpick uniformity, all of these were “number one priorities” as long as the media were around with microphones and cameras..

The “peanut problem” caused “at least nine people (to) die as a result and hundreds more were sickened..” This ratio fits perfectly with the Obama “logic”. Spend a trillion tax payer dollars on the “Scamulous”, “save or create” nine jobs.. Spend a billion and “save” nine lives.. Obama wouldn’t spend a dime however to “create” a life unless he needed to harvest stem cells or something..

This is certainly not to make sport of the nine individuals that lost their lives but using that as the collectivist crutch to steal more tax dollars, partake of yet another “overhaul” and to give more liberal yokels governmental positions is not what would prevent this from ever reoccurring. Employing more liberal lackeys and lickspittles that will do nothing more than collect a paycheck like the billions of other liberals who are now doing the same in Washington under the Obama caliphate accomplishes nothing. Come to think of it, that is what the liberals do best. They take up space, they collect a taxpayer donated check and they accomplish nothing.. Nothing “positive” that is..

Bigger government requiring larger and larger tax grabs are ALWAYS the liberal solution to whatever panic they choose to exaggerate and embellish. As the liberal government gets bigger, so do the “problems” that they seek to “solve” and so do their whiney requests (demands) for more middle class funding that only ends up employing more imbecilic liberals within the bloated carcass that is the ineffective and inefficient liberal government..


9 responses to “Peanut Butter Pandemic

  1. Carcinogenic touch indeed! Kevorkian Kare Socialist hits the target! If the newly elected congress people don’t put on the brakes, they will be short termers for sure. Understaffed and underfunded? You’ve got to be kidding me. It is 100% OVERstaffed and OVERfunded and UNDER watched!

    I say we ban all congressional talks that include the words “It’s for the children”.

  2. Let’s not forget “the children” ( ie Anchor Babies ) that are costing us billions of dollars !! And, should we not feel guilty about the illegal “children” who will not get that free college education via the “Dream Act” ?

    The oxymoron for the day is – ” intelligent liberal “

  3. Will the Dem’s ever realize we cannot keep “SPENDING BORROWED MONEY”? Answer = No. Vote them out, Vote them gone, Vote them NO!!!!

  4. red state wayne (frm. blue state blues

    I am convinced that liberalism is a progressive disease. Once the normal Democrat crosses over the line into liberalism, they cease to be rational or objective. It becomes a slow but stead decline into radical liberalism and socialism. They can no longer discern that their behavior is not only outrageous but that it is self destructive. The only solution for this disease, and the denial of it, is to get them into 12 step programs. They have to admit that they are powerless over this disease and that their lives have become unmanageable, agonizing torture for themselves and those around them. We need testimony from any liberals who are in recovery. We need to hear their story of how they became civilized human beings again. We need to hear how they realized that they shouldn’t try to clean up someone else’s side of the street until they have attended to theirs. We need to hear how they stopped passing judgement on everyone and everything that didn’t conform to their self righteousness.
    Well we can hope can’t we????
    Been away from this site for some time. Nice to see it is still alive and kicking.

  5. How did any of us “children” ever grow up and survive without all of this government help? This legislation is for enslavement of the children. Lets never fund it just like defunding Obamacare.

  6. Family,

    Here is the latest from the TOTD:

    Its a hot one..

    Thanks as always,


  7. Belated Happy New Year to Larry and family!
    Just how are the liberals planning on keeping all the food safe from foreign countries when all the regulations shut down our food producers? We are already getting food from all over the world and I think I can safely say our food is probably much safer. We haven’t seen thousands and thousands of children falling ill and dying from food that is poisoned here.
    The liberal way, “create” a problem and “fix” it. Ah yes, the Marxist way of thinking. As I recall, Obama wants us to be more global and prop up the third world countries, a priority also. Another step in that direction.
    Great article Larry.

  8. Does anyone really expect us to compete in a global economy, against countries with cheap and/or slave labor, no environmental costs, no union wages, no pension benefits, no retirement programs, etc., etc. ! ??!

    This administration is clueless .

  9. This may be a bit off-topic, and I apologize, but I read it this morning (snow day here in SC) and it is something we all need to see.

    I’m not sure how to make it a link, so just copy it into your browser… I found the link to it on Red

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