Those of you with a good memory might remember this name. Richard “Dick” Winters. Winters passed away quietly after suffering Parkinson’s Disease. He was 92 years of age.

Those in need of a refresher: Major Winters was the leader of Company E, 506th regiment, 101st Airborne Division. The leader of what was to become known as “the Band of Brothers”.

D-Day Normandy, dropped behind enemy lines, Bastogne (the bastards of Bastogne) during the battle of the Bulge and the company that took the Eagle’s Nest, Hitler’s mountain retreat.. Market Garden, Carentan and so many other encounters in-between..

With people who have done their best to sully the reputation of the armed forces and those that they served with in public, Winters stands alone in the starkest of contrasts to such imposters. The one thing that I can tell you is that the GENUINE heroes NEVER want to take the “credit” when things go well but they always assume the blame when things go awry..

I wanted to meet Major Winters but I wouldn’t have known what to say.. Thank you would not have sufficed from my perspective but it would have been more than enough from his, that speaks volumes about the man that he was..

In his honor, both NLTZ and the TOTD will carry this message, a message that I wish that I could have had the opportunity to pass to the Major or any other member of Easy Company in person.

Thank you to a true and genuine hero..


7 responses to “Hero

  1. Like you, Larry, I wouldn’t know what to say, but I would probably embrace him and bawl my eyes out. War really is Hell, and when our own leaders (Congress, Admistative, Journalists) don’t support you, it makes it even harder. Yet these very people who trash the military will take a taxpayer funded trip to the war zone for a photo op. It makes me sick! I salute all our defenders of peace. God Bless America and Her Fighters!

  2. Richard,
    Well said. As a veteran , I’m not thrilled with members of Congress ( who have not served) ,but are making policies that are not welcomed by, nor in the best interests of our military. This also applies to the fraud/ coward in the WH .

  3. God Bless him and may he rest in peace. I ashamed to say it, but I’m glad many are not here anymore to see what these didrespectful Americans and Hoodlums in Whitehouse have done to this country. God help us and send us a thousand more Major Winters, where men are men and fools still suffer their folly.

  4. The Otha Docta G

    Although I did not know Major Winters, I had the honor of meeting a WWII Marine who fought at Iwo Jima at a recent Veteran’s Day luncheon. I thanked him for his service and sacrifice which has given me my freedom. I find it truly disgusting how the current administration treats our military, which makes their job even harder. Although having never served in the military, I think it’s important for all of us to take time to thank our military heros, even with a simple word of “Thanks!” as we pass them on our travels.

  5. As you say true heroes never seek the spotlight, and it wasn’t until Stephen Ambrose sought him out for his book did Major Winters tell his story. He wrote a book of his own ‘The Biggest Brother’, which should be required reading for anybody whom aspires to be called a leader, especially the chapters toward the back where he discusses what makes a good leader. I would suggest our elected leaders read his words but his wisdom born of the fires of war would be wasted upon them. Pearls of wisdom before the swine, as it were. His exploits in silencing the guns overlooking Utah Beach are required reading at West Point, as this was a textbook perfect assault upon a position.

    One can only imagine now his opinion of the way our military is treated today by our leaders. Our military is now the international Meals on Wheels, and a social experiment for the socialists. Not since World War Two has the people in this country known what it is to see their country victorious in battle. Korea became a negotiated cease-fire, Vietnam was a war which was won in the strategic sense, but lost by the Fifth Columnists of the media (Walter Kronkite’s defeatist assessment of Tet (which we won, by the way) did more damage than everything the Viet Cong did during the conflict). I vividly recall the ‘Jimmy Carter Desert Classic’ in 1980, in the botched attempt to rescue the hostages in Iran. Grenada was a live-fire exercise. Desert Storm would have been a complete success had we ignored the UN and invaded Bagdad to arrest Saddam Hussein. This course required us to do the sequel to complete the job at considerably higher cost in lives and materiale; and now we expend blood and treasure in a pointless conflict in a place called the ‘Graveyard of Empires’. We no longer have the collective will to win a military conflict, a shameful thing our World War Two heroes had to live to see.

    Thank You just doesn’t seem to be enough to repay these veterans whom sacrificed their all for their ungrateful citizens, and the actions of our mendacious leaders is nothing short of spitting upon them. Major Winters was a hero in every sense of the world, and his passing reminds us that we will not see their like again.

  6. The plane is flying at 750 feet at the speed of about 120 knots, the noise
    level is exremely high and the last thing you hear is when the Jump Master
    shouts, standup, shutup and shuffle to the door….The wind from the props
    of the plane has passed and a moment of silence, just before you hit the
    ground, its like stepping of you back steps in time….
    It takes courage and insight to lead a group of men under these circumstanices and Major Winters of Easy Company, 101st Airborne had
    all these qualities of a good leader…….
    From one old soldier to another old soldier i say thank you sir, may the
    blessing of heaven rest upon you our friend and some hardy salutes and
    honors be awaiting you in your higher office……

  7. I wish him fair winds and following seas, as my Navy traditions have taught me. God didn’t make many like him, and there are “Damn few left.” Perhaps God will help us by making a few more to help us get through this mess.

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