Get The Country Thinking

As you begin to read this article, please keep this in mind.. Each and every malignant thought that manages to cross through a liberal’s brain is motivated by progressive politics alone. Everything from their faux compassion all the way through to their soft boiled socialism.. Everything.. Please refer to the TOTD from 01/02/2011, “Redundant For A Reason”.. Add in the horrible events from Arizona and you have what the repulsive liberals like to call a “teachable moment”..

Leave it the left to try to turn a travesty into political points.. First it was the imbecile Sheriff from somewhere in Arizona that started the Bolshevik ball rolling.. This then ignited the smoldering embers beneath one of the nation’s “leading” liberals to again try to bring a little liberal censorship into the mix.. Jim Clyburn decide to weigh in with his progressive perspicacity, every word dripping with the sanctimony that can only be applied when your ulterior motives aren’t as pure as you would like them to be..

In the article entitled, “Clyburn: Words can be danger” (post and courier dot com 01/11/2011) the South Carolinian gave the world his liberally biased view.. “The deadly shooting in Arizona should get the country thinking about what’s acceptable to say publicly and when people should keep their mouths closed..” Here a liberal “leader” wants to be the arbiter of what is “acceptable”.. As soon as the liberals begin “keeping their mouths shut”, one will notice a much more pleasant odor coming from the nation’s discourse..

“Clyburn said that he thinks vitriol in public discourse” is what led to the Arizona tragedy. It’s funny that this lunatic (the shooter, not Clyburn..) was considered a “left wing pot head” and he was actually registered as an “independent” voter.. Never mind, the left has a point to make and they have never been ones to allow the facts to get in the way of their rhetoric..

“The shooting is cause for the country to rethink parameters on free speech, Clyburn said..” Really.. Let me ask this Solomonic liberal the following: When President Reagan was shot and nearly killed, was “vitriol in the public discourse”, “vitriol” that was, and still is, dominated by an extremely biased liberal media, to blame? Was this the reason for the attack upon the President, the “vitriol” from so many on the left who had almost all of the nation’s media outlets as their personal platforms? That one must have slipped by Clyburn.. The liberals want to be the ones doing ALL of this “rethinking”, as they are OBVIOUSLY motivated by “fairness”, so the eventual outcome of their intrusions will have to be “fair”..

“He wants to put standards in place to guarantee balanced media coverage with a reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine..” There you have it, another prognostication fulfilled by the liberal elitists.. “Balanced”, like the broadcasts put together by the likes of Mary Mapes for example.. With at least 85 percent of the media gleefully acknowledging that they are unabashedly “liberal”, where is all of this conservative bile that now has Clyburn so worried coming from? It has to be coming from the “minority” of broadcast outlets, surely the “impartial” media can make up for these few noisy media ankle biters.. How close to “fair” would it be if the liberals of today rewrote the “Fairness Doctrine”? It would be about as “patriotic” as if they rewrote the “Patriot Act”..

“Free speech is as free speech does..” So says South Carolina’s Forrest Gump.. “You cannot yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater and call it free speech..” Clyburn has forgotten that the liberals have for generations been using the courts to transform their “actions” into “speech” so that they can then blanket themselves and their fellow subversives in the comfy protections of the First Amendment. Stir in the ACLU and more than just a few liberal judges placed into crucial positions of power and suddenly the metamorphosis between liberal “actions” and “speech” is complete..

Here is one more for Clyburn: remember, he said that you “can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater..” What happened to Clyburn and all of his histrionics when Al $harpton was dishing out the “vitriol” in front of Freddie’s Fashion Mart in Harlem back in 1995? $harpton CERTAINLY yelled, “fire” in front of this clothing store and his marionette, Roland J. Smith, motivated by Al’s “vitriol” (“white interloper” was the exact term Al used..) set “fire” to the building, shot customers and employees inside of the store, killing seven.. I am sure that conservative talk radio was the cause.. Clyburn’s silence says more than any words he would have spoken..

“Clyburn used as an example a comment made by Sharron Angle who (allegedly) said that the frustrated public may consider turning to ‘Second Amendment remedies’ for political disputes. Clyburn said the man accused of shooting Gifford’s did just that..” One looks back with fond reminiscences at the love that the “impartial” media had for Reagan and both of the Bush’s.. Even during those times, the “impartial” media was still overwhelmingly liberal and there was no talk of the need for “strict enforcement” of the Fairness Doctrine which had been around since 1949.. Suddenly in 2007, Dick “Turban” Durbin and John “Easter Island Statue” Kerry thought it worthy of consideration. Being that no one else has ever considered either of these two fly weights “worthy of consideration”, the matter was left to fizzle out.. “Ideas” never die with the left, they just await the “opportunity” to “properly” implement them and with this most recent tragedy, they will never let the heinousness of the tragedy alter their liberal leitmotif..

How intriguing that Clyburn’s daughter, Mignon (that is no joke..) is the head of the FCC.. During her confirmation hearings for that post, she said that “she opposed such a policy in ‘any way, shape or form’”.. One has to wonder if her “perspective” will “change” since she is firmly ensconced within the office.. (PS: Christablle Matthews has said that Mark Levin and Michael Savage were the cause for the Arizona shootings (real clear politics) and Representative Brad Sherman (L-CA) said on Fox News today “whether (political rhetoric) caused what happened in Tucson or not, it’ll cause the next tragedy..” Please note what should be the actual size of the two crucial words, “OR NOT”.. Will Shermy be this upset if the “victim” of his hypothetical next “tragedy” turns out to be anyone other than another liberal?)

Clyburn says that this should “get the country thinking”. I could not agree more. It is time to start thinking very clearly about exactly what the motives of America’s left could possibly be when they deviously seek to utilize a such a horrible tragedy to further their own personal political causes..


7 responses to “Get The Country Thinking

  1. Family,

    The latest TOTD:

    It’s a fast one..

    Thanks as always,


  2. Shout it from the housetops! This is solid gold thinking, Larry! If “Words can be danger”, why does he use so many dangerous words? Why does he even open his mouth when he advises others to just keep their mouths closed? I mean, this man is mental! Somebody, not knowing what Clyburn is talking about, could very well be motivated to react to his ‘prose’ and gain his or her fifteen minutes of fame! Fairness Doctrine? How about telling it like it is – asassination of the first amendment!

    This one gets passed on and on! Thanks
    NEVER give in, NEVER give up and NEVER again!

  3. Once again… I am so ashamed that he is my representative…. He is so entrenched that the Republican Party in SC would not even spend any money to support the guy who ran against him. I can only hope that he will retire. That’s the only way we’re going to get rid of him.

  4. Clyburn makes Forrest Gump look like a genius !!

  5. Margaret in CT

    Pardon my vitriol, but I agree with Megan McArdle, writing for The Atlantic (a liberal magazine) in an article appearing on Real Clear Politics today, who said, “Many of the people who rushed to blame this on their political opponents made themselves look like first class jerks, an impression that was not improved when we got more information, and they doubled down rather than simply admit that they had perhaps jumped to conclusions.”

    I don’t know how first-class they are, but they certainly are jerks. The only problem is that elevating Palin, Angle, Limbaugh, Levin, and others to the level of transcendental beings who are the perpetrators in all events that the libs perceive as negative seems to be working. The polls show Obama creeping back to 50% approval (of those polled). Not good!

  6. The libtards couldn’t wait to start the blame game on the right and the Tea Party. We here in Arizona need the rhetoric to calm down. And, the dignity of the father of the nine year old girl who was shot to death says it all. In his sorrow, he said, I don’t want this incident to change our freedoms.

    The Arizona Republic paper today asked the Pima County Sheriff, Dumbcheck, for a record of encounters his agency had with the shooter. They are not releasing the information so far. Maybe all fingers should point to the person with the loudest outlandish accusations. He is a dunce. But, the mother worked for the county and did they want to get the sicko off? A little favor? Just wondering along with a lot of other people here.

  7. Oxymoron of the day – “President Obama “

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