Legacy Lost

Occasionally with the passage of time, a message becomes augmented for reasons that are diametrically opposed to the initial concept, especially when that message is being conveyed by someone other than the originator.. Thus we have what has been “changed” within the life’s work of Dr. King and those who have profited personally from this convoluted conversion.
Those who have allegedly picked up the flambeau have without credible resistance from within or without, altered the direction of the “message” by 180 degrees. What was once the concept of “color blindness” and “equality” has been transformed into “color consciousness” and “racial separation” for but one reason alone. The new “pioneers” learned that there was a larger PROFIT to be made with considerably less work by intentionally keeping the races apart than by trying to bring them together..

Into the limelight from beneath the rocks came Jack$on and $harpton who decided to anoint themselves as the spokespersons for the “cause”. The first thing that they discovered was the “cause” needed to be tweaked so that their bank accounts could be enhanced to a greater degree and with a greater expediency. Thus came the need to ignore the foundations of the “I Have a Dream” speech that was given in August of 1963. What follows are a few of the quotations from that speech that needed to be “refocused” by these new “leaders”..

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal’”.. Strangely, the idea of “equality” has been massaged to now mean that “quotas” were the original intent of those words by this next generation of “leaders”. Equality of opportunity has become the equality of outcome. These “leaders” knew that the equality of outcome was impossible to achieve which made their value as the arbiters of this unachievable standard all the more necessary..

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character..” Again the 180-degree inversion places the “color of their skin” as the primary focus which enhances the ease with which the separation of the races could not only be achieved but also maintained by these “leaders”. Their actual goal is the permanent separation of the races.
“I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood”.. Now “brotherhood” means the continuity of but one race alone for when “brotherhood” is the alleged goal of another race, the implication is therefore of an exclusionary and discriminatory nature. Mind you, one race can demand separate dormitories, separate holidays, separate and exclusionary organizations and this is all under the banner of “brotherhood”. The only reason that $harpton or Jack$on “sit down at the table of brotherhood” is so that those on the other side of the table will have to pick up the check..

“The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to a distrust of the white community..” In this last sentence, these new “leaders” decide to erase the word “not” and they have managed to do so with an alarming effectiveness..

These new “leaders” understood that the more that they did to stand in the way of making the dreams of Dr. King to come true, the more that they would stand to profit. These “profits” usually came from very large corporations and the “beneficiaries” weren’t even the other members of the black community whom these “leaders” would loudly claim as the “victims” of this alleged “discrimination” by these organizations.. The beneficiaries were almost always the members of the families of the new “leaders”..

Over time, liberal “heroes” who championed the “cause” were shown to have been working behind the scenes to stifle Dr. King. Robert Kennedy continually harangued his brother to have the FBI wiretap Dr. King and that’s just for starters. Later the liberals learned the opportunities for their own personal profits that would come directly from supporting the causes of the new “leaders”. They soon began to personally profit from their redistributionist rackets as even to this day, they initially skim inordinately large sums from the proceeds before they loving redistributed it to those that they keep permanently beneath them.. Thus began the umbilical connection of the liberals to the new “leaders”..

The well documented transgressions of the Democrats of the past with their fire hoses, their baseball bats and their tire irons have all been forgotten in the name of mutual interest and prosperity.. The Democrats have done a bit of “changing” themselves. The parameters of the slavery that they have clung to for centuries have just undergone a mild transformation themselves. Sadly, the results are exactly the same and the new “leaders” appear unconcerned until such time as it would effect their finances negatively..

How these two “leaders” not only achieved their lofty positions but how they have managed to retain them over time is a total mystery. The much reported “mistakes” of these two if committed by those of any other race would have resulted in bushel baskets of prison time..

Imagine anyone other than $harpton standing in front of a legitimate business and calling the owner of this business a “white interloper”.. Imagine this “leader” whose inflammatory rhetoric actively encouraged one within his entourage to murder seven people within that business while burning the business to the ground.. What if this “leader” loudly proclaimed the cause of such proven liars as Tawana Brawley and Crystal “meth” Mangum? Where would any other “leader” be today? Leavenworth?

What if a “leader” like Jack$on claimed proudly that he routinely expectorated into the food of patrons who were of another race while he worked at a restaurant? What if this “leader” called an area of the United States “Hymie-town”.. What if this “leader” claimed that when he hears a sound behind him on a dark street only to turn and see white people, that he is “relieved”.. Wouldn’t you expect to see this former “leader” standing on a street corner asking for spare change?

With “leaders” like this, the only conclusion that we can make is that the legacy is lost. One wonders as to why those who have an actual stake in that legacy haven’t demanded that this legacy be represented with the dignity and decorum that it was when the legacy was initially being created..


10 responses to “Legacy Lost

  1. Family,

    First, Happy Birthday to my work buddy Daimon as he turns four today.

    Second, here is the latest TOTD:


    Thanks as always,


  2. Larry,
    Do you think we will ever come to the point where true racial equality will become a reality? A time when terms a such as “Black Caucus” , “Black Mayors Conference ” , “Black Leader” , ” Black Miss America”, etc. will become obolete !

    BTW, on average, what is the number of years that a police dog can be worked?

  3. JJ,

    No. There are too many who would have to give up “power” in order for that to happen.

    If you get a puppy to age eight with this job it is almost a miracle.

    Basko, the retired dog of leisure worked until he was almost twelve and he is now close to 14.. Records both.

    Most die of the related stress or they die when they realize that they aren’t working any more.

    I go through a rather elaborate ruse so that Basko believes that he is still “working”. So far it has worked.

    Thanks as always,


  4. The legacy was never lost. It is now, as it was planned by those who found Dr. King’s usefulness exhausted on that faithful day in 1968.
    As for those having a stake in his legacy, they never knew the true meaning of judging character rather than color. They are the ones who expect Obummer’s “stash” to pay for their food and rent.

    Happy Birthday, Daimon!
    May you serve your partner as he serves us at the family spiritually.

  5. What more is there to say than “Follow the money” to see what kind of leaders we have. I say Amen to this article. You do yourself proud, Larry.

    JJ – There will be a time when all is as one – when our Savior returns there will be a thousand years of peace while Lucifer and his minions are boumd. The unfortunate part is that he will be loosed after the thousand years and we will be sorely judged by who we follow.

  6. Leave it to the liberals to purposely “misinterpret” Dr. Kings dream and to turn it into a nightmare from which they profit. But , then, they have an entirely different interpretation of the Constitution as well. Liberalism is definitely a mental disorder.

    Happy Birthday, Daimon! Keep safe, both of you. I’m glad to hear that Basko is still “working”. I was wondering how he was doing.

  7. Great article again, Larry. Thanks!

  8. Larry,

    Thanks for that info. The K9 unit is obviously more complex than we realize. Stay safe !

  9. Oxymoron of the day – “black leader” . ( this one is way too obvious !! )

  10. Actually, Dr King’s neice has been working very hard to renew and re-claim the truthful legacy. She appeared with Glenn Beck on the anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech, and has been excoriated by the NAACP.

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