A Series Of Choices

Some people never learn. When the “people” are liberals, they never “learn” because they feel that they already know everything.. Just ask them, they know what’s best for you whether you like it or not..

Take the liberal leader. Please.. According to the Wall Street Journal, Obama hasn’t learned. We read of all of this in the article entitled, “Obama to Push New Spending”. (01/23/2011) What a shock. Obama wants to spend more. This “more” is either fictitious or it will be taken feloniously..

If this “more” is fictitious, it will be the result of the “Turbo Timmy Geithner” printing presses whirling away as they continue to reproduce more progressive promissory notes with Obama’s Marxist mug on them.. China just picked up a bushel basket of those a few days back when their “dictator” (Thanks Harry!) was bring wined and dined at yet another socialist saturnalia at the progressive party palace.. Obama has to be winded from prostrating himself before the dictator, it is time for another two week vacation on the taxpayer’s dime..

If it is to be acquired feloniously, it will be the result of yet another Obama tax grab. After carefully destroying countless millions of American jobs and working tirelessly towards making his ten percent unemployment permanent, what better way to get around to some of this alleged “job creation” than another round of middle class pick pocketing..

“Obama will call for new government spending on infrastructure, education and research..” Spectacular.. These vague expenditures need a bit of focus.. “Infrastructure” should have been taken care of with the “Scamulous” that Joe “Stoli” Biden is intrepidly watching over.. “Education” is another opportunity to flush more money into the public education cesspool because as everyone knows, the ONLY reason for the sad state of the public schools is a “lack of funding”.. “It’s for the kids, sniff sniff”.. “Research” has to do with all of the personal investments that the liberals have made in the “faux fuels fiasco”.. They need to start protecting their investments, so any day now we will have another “oil shortage”..

“Obama will argue that the U.S., even while trying to reduce its budget deficit must make targeted investments..” Wow.. OK, first off its “OBAMA’S budget deficit”, “reducing the budget deficit” being “argued” by Obama is as ridiculous as Michael Moore “arguing” that he will “reduce” his waistline (which has eclipsed the size of the equator..) by consuming a few trillion more Twinkies..

Here is a helpful illustration for Obama.. Lets just say that we have an acquaintance who was born in Kenya who says that he was born in Hawaii even though no one can seem to locate his birth certificate.. Lets say that because this acquaintance has no experience in the real world, he applies for a credit card and he runs up a ridiculous number of purchases, an “historic” number of purchases, which he can never pay off. Lets just say that this acquaintance gave all of these purchases to his “friends”, “friends” who were as shiftless and unproductive as our acquaintance himself. Lets just say that this acquaintance hadn’t even made a dent in the balance, let alone the interest, and he appears to have no desire whatsoever to pay it down..

Reality dictates that if you want or NEED to start eliminating this kind of “historic” debt, you take the credit card away from the Kenyan spender and cut it to pieces. According to Obama’s way of “thinking”, the ONLY way for this balance and interest to be paid off is for the acquaintance to use the credit card some more.. A LOT more.. That makes perfect progressive sense, doesn’t it?

Obama now wants to continue his shell game by calling this latest round of revenue rapings “targeted investments”. The reason? To “boost U.S competitiveness in the world economy..” No not really, I’d have to say that that was just a lie because “the new spending could include initiatives aimed at building the renewable energy sector which received billions of dollars in stimulus spending..” They have already “invested” billions into this nonsense and they have yet to produce a gallon of anything.. The liberals have THEMSELVES heavily invested within this “renewable energy” tripe, it is all about enhancing their progressive portfolios..

“Obama will lay out significant budget cuts elsewhere.. Particularly in duplicative or dysfunctional federal programs..” “Duplicative and dysfunctional” pretty much covers every “number one priority” that Obama has jammed down the nation’s throat since January of 2009.. What were the only “cuts” mentioned? Agricultural subsides and in DEFENSE.. Any wagers on which of these will actually be cut by Obama?

Not to be outdone by his own ability to confuse the easily confused, Obama landed this whopper. “Obama is expected to pair his calls for investments with an admonition that the country must embark on targeted spending cuts..” Just a moment ago it was “targeted investments”.. With the liberals in power, the ONLY thing that is actually “targeted” is the income of the middle class. “The country” has had to go on “targeted spending cuts” ever since Obama and his Marxist marionettes began THEIR job destruction program as well as their out of control spending.

When the middle class wants to “spend more” they have to try to find a second job. When Obama wants to “spend more” he takes from the middle class and “redistributes” it, he just prints a few trillion more and then he “charges” a few trillion more.. Just as a joke, the liberals are going to try to call this latest theft “investing in the economy as they try to differentiate themselves” from Republicans.. The liberals have succeeded in “differentiating” themselves from everyone for the past sixty years, not just the Republicans..

What other bright ides has the leftist come up with to stop his economic tsunami? How about another council, panel or another round table.. “The council replaces a panel that advised Obama on navigating the financial crisis in his first two years..” Why would he replace this panel? From the liberal point of view, this panel performed magnificently, “historic” debts, a permanent ten percent unemployment, out of this world spending and the Obama Depression..

The more things “change”, the more they remain the same.. “Obama’s conception of competitiveness goes beyond stripping away onerous rules and envisions stepping in where the market fails..” Uh-ohhh.. Sounds like we are being primed for more “takeovers” of capitalist enterprises, maybe a “bailout” or two as long as the unions stand to personally benefit from this “stepping in”.. “Stepping in” means the liberals want to enlarge the size of the federal government. “Stepping in” means “taking over”.. Why would Obama need to “step in”? “Because returns are uncertain..” With Obama and the scorched Earth liberals destroying everything in sight, we can be fairly certain that there will be no “returns” of a positive nature..

The next Obama “speech” will “cast the debate on spending as a series of choices the country has to make regarding its future and its ability to compete..” The ONLY way to end the Obama spending nightmare that has saddled the nation’s future generations with debt that they will probably never be able to repay is for the nation to make “a series of choices” similar to the ones that they made in November of 2010 the next time around..


18 responses to “A Series Of Choices

  1. I have already made my choices for the next round – NO more incumbents or progressives. Question – did Turbo Tax sue Geithner for libel?

  2. Larry, You hit the nail on the head for this one. He really wants “targeted” investments to inrich his walking around stimulus for his presidential run. I really think more and more Americans have heard it all before and maybe they are beginning to wise up. Except for the 20 percent far left radical who want more “investments”.
    I am going to count all the times he says “investments” in his speech tomorrow. I’ll let you know the number.

  3. All we need to do is force the invader Barry to attend a little discovery in the Supreme Court and we will be able to erase most of this marxist vomiting we have endured since the usurper lied his way into stealing the presidency. Granted, he was positioned for the takeover by Soros money…..Oprah money and some twinkies from Michael Moore.(I like that notation). We must find the truth and execute the traitor. Soetoro isn’t even a naturalized citizen let alone a natural born citizen. New legislation????? BULLSHIT! It is already made law in the original founding document, the Constitution, that the man in the office must meet some basic requirements. This towelhead, Soetoro meets none of the prerequisites. He cannot be impeached!!! He doesnt hold the office legally and therefore cannot be processed as though he does.

  4. Obama has not moved to the right. Does a leopard change his spots, or a Zebra his stripes? Obama is still a liberal socialist and hell bend on the destruction of our country. Come on 2012. Vote them all out. Do for our COUNTRY!

  5. Congress has control of the check book and if they OKAY one cent to obama they should be held accountable. It’s time to lock up the till and park AirForce One too.

  6. Mr. Obumble better watch what he’s “stepping into”. He doesn’t realize he is walking in America’s cow pasture.

  7. I hate those people, I absolutely hate them and I can’t help it. I hate obama, I hate that Jew killer George Soros, I hate Michelle the patient dumper, my television hates them, and Harry Reid, you’re a dispicable human being, I hate you too. I hate them all. I just don’t think we’re going to put up with these idiots throughout 2012.

    Who is this arrogant, idiot who thinks we’re going to fall at his feet during his lies in the state of the union address. The liar in chief needs to look at the state of the union his inexperienced jackass has left us in. I hate LIARS, I hate everything this demonic legion of freaks are about. I hate the day he crawled out from underneath that marxist, stupid, communist rock.

  8. Oxymoron of the day – ” Pro-Life Obama “

  9. The Otha Docta G

    I don’t know how long it will take for ‘we’ as a country to realize that Reagan was right when he said that the government that governs best governs least. The roaring 20’s exemplified this. Obviously the liberal theology is to get as many addicted to the system as possible so that the socialist takeover will be complete. It’s definitely time for us to wake up as a country and recognize the real agenda here! Let’s hope 2012 will be a major turning point in the ‘right’ direction.

  10. Margaret in CT

    The redistribution of wealth has been shown time and time again to work against those who are its supposed beneficiaries. Only when the “downtrodden” who receive the redistributed “wealth” realize that these fascists are not helping them will they lift themselves up by participating in the free-market economy. These fascists make promises but instead provide “the people” with a subsistence living that promotes the street culture that gets their young murdered or consigns them to jail and devours whole communities, while making drug lords in Mexico and South America wealthy. Like the slaves in earlier times, “the people” are largely deprived of an education by the liberal public schools so that they are sure to resort to expediencies after “graduation.”

    In the mean time, the people plod to the polls to keep the thin gruel that is “transfer payments” flowing. They have been taught that they have no choice. With the notable exceptions of mental and physical disability, I resent having to pay for these entitlements, but by God, I feel blessed that I’m not on the receiving end of any of them and that I don’t have to look to the almighty government for financial support or live in their housing. The unfortunate thing is that I’ll be 65 this year, and unless something else comes along, I’ll have to hop on the thin-gruel train myself. Depressing.

  11. I’m not going to listen to the drivel tonight… It will make me crazy and my family will disown me.

    But …I want to see if anyone will have the guts to stand up and call him out. I’ll bet that is why they want everyone to have their kumbaya seating arrangements tonight. Geez!!!!!

    Targeted Investments???? Are you kidding me????? Do you think we’re stupid?????? Will 2012 never get here!

  12. Great article Larry, as always.

    Gina, why don’t you tell us what you really think. LOL!!!! You two gave me my first laugh of the day.

  13. Oxymoron of the day – “Bi-partisan Obama “

  14. Thanks jafamimi, but I had to repent for my hating today. It’s hard to love the man and hate the pure evil that’s dwelling in every inch of those marxists, hippies. I’m not there yet, but working on it. The SOTU speech did nothing for me, but piss me off more. I’m dazed and confused on how this brilliant president can’t remember he just gave this same speech already. Best idea ever, let’s throw another trillion dollars on it. Who’s buying this? (banging head on table)


    Commentors add alot to the enjoyment of wise thinkers
    I watched Russ on the golf channel after seeing the seating fiasco
    and the Ebony and Iyory ribbons Also Hillary the hun
    Jim Demit had the best line for a review of the big O speech
    all lies
    The tea party is busy planning and will become vocal by the end of the year.
    2012 will stop all this BS

  16. Well, it seemed the thematic phrase for Obama’s “speech” Tuesday night was “Winning The Future.” Hmm, if you acronymize it, it is similar to an acronym that describes another phrase–and I don’t mean either “What’s The Fact?” or “Wednesday-Thursday-Friday”! I wonder: how many Republican Congresspersons and the TV and radio audience were thinking that same obscene phrase as they listened to Mr. Obama’s “ridiculous rant”?

  17. OK, it was ONLY 13 “investments” in his blabbering on Tues.

  18. Larry, what is that Regan quote? “It’s not that the liberals don’t know anything, it’s that so much of what they know is wrong.”

    I’m really sick of them trying to tell me they know what is best for me!

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