Sunday School Sermon

Whenever there is a genuine crisis of any kind in the world, the “impartial” media always seems to be able to unearth demented old Democrats in order to get their opinions on things. Thus the emergence of Dhimmi Carter again as he regales the world with his unique insights that surround the events that are taking place in Egypt. No one on Earth is more responsible for turning the sixth-century savages of the Middle East into Islamofascists than Dhimmi, so his “opinion” on the matters unfolding there need further dissection..

Down in Plains Georgia, where the tree of knowledge was run over by a pickup truck and replaced with an ignorance weed, someone managed to find Dhimmi who was squawking away at the Maranatha Baptist Church. There he regularly unleashes his expertise upon the bucolic hinds who must stare at him mouths agape, a position that they must find themselves in with such frequency that their tonsils have to be tanned.. The assembles asses are blessed with the opportunity to gaze in admiration at the man who USED to be the nation’s WORST president..

According to the Ledger-Enquirer article entitled, “Former president Carter guesses Egypt’s Mubarak ‘will have to leave’”, Carter said that the events that are unfolding in Egypt are an “earth shaking event”. “This is the most profound situation in the Middle East since I left office..” Who better than Carter would know of “earth shattering events” in the Middle East as he personally watched passively as the Iranian hostage situation became the fulcrum for the Islamofascism that has fermented within Iran and also polluted the entire area and now the world. It’s good that the old fool was at least cognizant enough to add “since I left office” to his first Bolshevik bromide as NOTHING has topped his enabling of the Islamofascist virus to initially gain traction and then spread within this region..

“Carter brokered the historic (isn’t EVERYTHING “historic” with the liberal presidents?) peace agreement between Israel and Egypt in 1978..” Just over two years later, one of the parties involved Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, was assassinated by Islamofascists.. A “fatwa” was issued against Sadat by one Omar Abdel-Rahman. For students of history, Rahman was convicted for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing that “failed” only because of the inherent stupidity of the Mooselims involved.. Wounded during the assassination was one Hosni Mubarak.. This “brokered” peace lasted about as long as it took for the ink to dry as the Israelis have been targeted for extermination by all of the Mooselims that surround that brave nation.

“Carter said he had been watching closely on his computer the coverage on Al Jazeera..” How do we take this.. One school of thought would be that even someone as thoroughly marinated in liberalism as Carter believes that Al Jazeera is more “impartial” than the liberal media here within the United States and who could actually argue the thought.. The other thought is that it isn’t surprising that a liberal, even an old doddering one, would take his “news” on ANYTHING from Al Jazerra..

“Carter called Sadat’s assassination ‘one of the worst days of my life’”.. Speaking for the rest of us, “one of the worst days of my life” used to be January 20, 1977 which was your inauguration day.. Fortunately for you but unfortunately for the rest of us, that dark day was eclipsed by and even darker day (oops, pardon the pun..) January 20, 2009..

Carter said the Egyptian leader has “become more politically corrupt, he has perpetuated himself in office..” I will defer to Carter’s expertise in identifying those who are “politically corrupt” out of the “it takes one to know one” train of logic.. Here the liberal jealousy flares as EVERY liberal who yearns to grasp the political brass ring dreams of “perpetuating himself in office”. Were it not for the liberal ability to make any and all situations that they encounter vastly worse than before they tried to “fix” it, Carter might have tried to have the Twenty Second Amendment overturned.. The liberals all fantasize about wearing the crown and grasping firmly the scepter.. Donning the flowing robes and forever to be called “Dear Leader” by the adoring masses.. Carter’s consistent and perpetual miserable failures all but secured his exodus from power and not a moment too soon.. We all “hope” for this relative to his understudy currently in the Slight House..

“The United States wants Mubarak to stay in power but the people have decided..” Carter, always quick to concede which is a defect that is lodged deeply within the leftist DNA, now uses the thousands of Islamofascists within the crowd to speak for the multiple millions of Egyptians. “The United States” wanted the Shah to “stay in power” but Carter hadn’t the spine to do the job.. How is Carter sure that the “United States wants Mubarak to stay in power”? Carter has admitted to getting his “news” on this matter from Al Jazerra, so whom is he speaking for? Any guesses? Here’s a clue: The Iranian “government” is absolutely thrilled with the events in Egypt..

According to Carter, “as news organizations-television or newspapers-criticized Mubarak, they were put out of power or in prison..” This is the pattern with ALL left wing dictatorships, including the one currently ensconced within America. The proof? This is similar to the American leftist desire to censor the media free markets and the freedom of the internet with their bogus “Fairness Doctrine” but I will wager that such censorship of the opinions of the right is fine with Carter.. The last thing in the world that anybody wants is for the liberals to have the power to decide what is “fair” and the ability to enforce it..

Carter has high praise for the quickly appointed Vice President of Egypt, Omar Suleiman. “I don’t go to talk to Mubarak who talks like a politician. I talk to Suleiman. As far as I know he has always told me the truth..” Carter, who himself “talks like a politician”, also has the typical liberal gullibility always at the ready. The left can always be gulled by those that they fear and history has proven this from “Papa Joe” all the way through to Suleiman..

Carter, “who performs work throughout the world for fair (see, there it is again..) elections through the Carter Center in Atlanta said this was not a revolution ‘orchestrated by extremist Mooselims..’” When someone admits that they get their “news” from Al Jazerra, could a statement similar to this coming from such a dangerous marionette shock you? “The Muslim brotherhood has stayed out of it..” That’s the equivalent of saying that George Soros “stayed out” of the political overthrow in late 2008.. Again I defer to Carter’s expertise at being nothing more than an observer of “extremist Mooselim revolutions”..

The amazing insights of Carter must have those who end up in front of him at the Maranatha Baptist Church in rapt silence.. There he “regularly teaches a Sunday School class to visitors..” I certainly “hope” that his Sunday School sermons are more insightful and more factual than the sermons that he gives to those in the “impartial” media who still for some reason have Plains Georgia programmed into their GPS systems..


15 responses to “Sunday School Sermon

  1. Family,

    Before the storm of the centry hits, a new TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  2. Seems that more people are beginning to realize that Obama was “selected” rather than “elected “. Regarding Carter, how did he ever get “elected” ??

  3. JJ,

    Carter followed Gerald Ford, perhaps the seventies answer to John McCain.

    A good man but iknd of out of place..

    Just a thought.

    Thanks as always,


  4. Carter was not so much elected as the Republicans were fired after Watergate and then the pardoning of Nixon. With all respects, the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel was historic, and one of the rare few things Carter actually got right, and has stood the test of time. It is his handling of Iran from which much of our woes in the region originated. After throwing the Shah under a bus, and displaying a level of weakness and incompetence which Obama is striving to equal, America was a laughingstock in the region, and Iran became the bastion of Islamofascism we all know and love today. It is one of the ‘students’ whom held the 55 Americans hostage, while Carter vascillated, whom today is the President of Iran.

    If anything can be learned from Egypt it should be that we cannot afford to have the Muslim Brotherhood take it over, not while we depend on foreign oil. Food prices are bad enough already, an oil shock will kill the recovery. If Egypt falls into barbarism, Israel stands alone, as she cannot even count on us to support her, not while the White House Imam is in power.

  5. Larry,one of your best.
    carter got credit for brokering the peace agreement between Egypt
    and Israel.
    People don`t seem to realize the carter twisted Israel`s arm to give away the Sinai desert,with it`s oil wells,for a promise of peace.
    Israel got screwed.
    That`s like holding a gun to Brad Pits head and having him give away Angelia Jolee for a bottle of air.
    The rabbit sized up carter,pretty good.
    Imagine that someone is so stupid,filled with hate and bad vibes,that even a rabbit wants to bit you.
    People say that carter is a senile old man.
    I don`t remember him ever being not senile.


  6. I’m quite sure the oil companies will take a page from Rahm Emanuel’s book and not let the crisis in Egypt go to waste. Look for a rise in the oil prices very soon. I’ve already ordered an oil delivery.

  7. I heard this morning that part of the reason the Egyptians were protesting was the rising food prices. Could this rise be caused by the Ass-In-Nine policy of taking a food crop off the market and turning it into a fuel for automobiles, thereby causing there to be less food and prices to rise due to a shortage of corn?
    btw, My brother-in-law was born and raised in Iran and still has family there. They have nothing good to say about Mr. Peanut.

  8. As a working artist, I am very concerned about the looting of the antiqities and the destruction of artifacts in Egypt. Are the pyramids and sphincs (sp?) as Mooslims have done in Afganistan next?. Ths mooslims will destroy any remnants of a religion that preceedes their ahlahaha. Their pedefile in chief.
    jeez I wish I could spell, damn good thing I can draw…..

  9. Dick, your spelling is creative .

    Good article Larry. Makes my day.

  10. Dear Family,
    I offer my hubble apologies for a terrible mistake I made while I was young and and ignorant. After many years of tormenting myself for this terrible mistake, I must make amends. Yes I was the one who did it, and after talking to many people, I find that I was the only person in this United States that did it. So you can see what I have been through. Sleepless nights, nightmares, depression, walking in my sleep and thankfully just kicking at the dogs. Not actually kicking them. This is very hard to admit, but I must do it. The dogs have forgiven me, and now just chew on my shoes, and socks if not wearing shoes, and I hope you can forgive me as well. I VOTED FOR JIMMIE CARTER. There..I did it, and I feel much better for it. Now that that is over with, I have a question? How could my one vote elect a president?

  11. It wasn’t your vote, It was mine. I’ll admit I was young, nieve, and Ford pardoning Nixon just didn’t set well with me. I paid for it though,as in Jan. ’77 i joined the Army and had President Peanut for my CIC. I think there was a whole lot of us with buyers remorse. Read memours from the secret service about him and heard he was a real phony. Photo-ops of him carrying an empty suitcase of of Air Force one and all. Am sorry to see history repeating itself.

  12. I must agree, Larry. One of your best. Carter is as phony as a three dollar bill. I am still hoping for a REAL candidate to emergy on the scene so we can get things under control again.I rather fear there is no hope for the media. But we must get the Tea Party up and moving again. Now is not the time to breathe a sign of relief.

    I often wonder how much it costs WE THE PEOPLE to guard past presidents? I think there should be a limitation on the number of years we are indebted to this. After they leave office, they become private citizens again.

    Papa Bear – I’m right there with you on using food as an extremly poor energy product. Our nation must immediately start drilling in the Dakotas and the Rocky Mountain areas where it is determined we have more oil and gas than any other country. We have way too many bureacracies mandating every breath we take. It is high time the states be freed from domination by the feds!

  13. Oxymoron of the day – “Transparent Obama “

  14. Hey guys, did all of you vote for “carta” after he admitted to reading a PLAYBOY magazine and lusted? I thought so!

  15. Thank you Monica. I now have a reason I voted for carter. BTW…just read jimmie c is being sued for 5 million for lies he wrote in one of his books.

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