Two Months Time

Leave it to the liberals. No matter what, they always manage to leave me laughing.. I like to think of it as the “collectivist conundrum”. When a lefty is trying to be funny they end up sounding morbidly morose and when they are trying to be serious they are an absolute laughing stock..


Now they are “warning” America over a governmental shutdown. What is their answer to the problem that they themselves have created? They want to raise the debt ceiling so that they can spend more of your money on such moony Marxist mythology as “saved or created” jobs, unconstitutional Health Scare Scams or another “stimulus” or four.. If the left manages to raise the debt ceiling AGAIN all that they will be doing in essence is printing up some more worthless currency and flooding the world markets with it..

According to the article found on Breitbart (“Democrats warn of US shutdown over debt” 02/04/2011) the liberals are warning of “dire consequences if Congress fails to raise the US debt ceiling”. The Bolshevik blackmailers don’t want there to be any kind of a fixed “ceiling”, they want to be able to make “adjustments” whenever they feel like going on another spending spree or buying bender that they will laughingly claim is intended to save America. We need to save America ourselves from the liberals as well as from their poisonous policies.

As they warn of “dire economic consequences”, they will not admit that these consequences are the results of their own failed policies. What could possibly go wrong with the “idea” of constantly molesting the middle class as if it were a Clinton intern.. The nonsensical notions of Obamanomics itself has created and exacerbated these “dire economic consequences”. Their threats include “a shutdown of the federal government.” In a word: Good..

We have to ask ourselves why the threat of a government “shutdown” would have such a dramatic effect on the nation. The next question that we would have to ask is why have we allowed something like the “government” to become so enlarged and engorged that its “shutdown” would have such a devastating effect on the rest of us. (Obamanomics corollary: It’s too big to fail..) Liberal government, always heavily dosed with socialist steroids, has become an unwanted intrusion into far too many elements of far too many lives. As they intrude, they need to procure even more funds in order to intrude at even greater levels. These intrusions start as “revenues” or “taxes” and once they make their way into the liberals loving hands they become “benefits”. Once the liberal governmental monster begins to collect, repackage and redistribute these, it can never slake its appetite for that which belongs to others because this type of perverted altruism makes them “feel good” because within the deepest regions of their Marxist minds they are “doing good for others”..

The enablers then have to create a permanent class of the “enabled”. These are the “beneficiaries” of the liberal redistribution. The left will underwrite you for life as long as you agree to be their victim. The liberals and their government are there to do the “work for you.” A “government” doing all of this work HAS to be large and cumbersome in order to assure that the job is done to their exacting standards.. Thus the liberals began to work towards making the idea of “temporary” governmental assistance “permanent” in order for them to secure and retain power. Then they blackmail those that they have imprisoned with the evil idea that anyone else in office will “cut their benefits”..

Will the liberal government still continue to steal from the middle class if it is “shut down”? Seems silly to ask, doesn’t it.. The liberal government will be about as “shut down” as the Middle Eastern deserts are devoid of oil during the next “gas shortage”.. Like all liberal politics, any “shut down” will be for show only. The left will wring its grimy hands and they will bring  some silly props in for the media, all the while the redistribution racketeers will be hard at work picking your pockets and violating you to a degree that would make a TSA screener jealous..

When it comes to putting on a show, enter Chuckles Schumer from stage left.. According to the New York nincompoop, the idea of a shut down is “playing with fire..” Here to reinforce exactly where the liberal government’s priorities lie (literally..) Chuckles begins listing his biggest concerns relative to a “shut down”. “Citizens couldn’t get their checks..” and he ends with the leftist classic, “military payments would stop..” About the ONLY “promise” kept by Obama and his acolytes has been their lust to cut defense. Unfortunately with the capitulating leftists in control, no matter the size of our military, we are always in danger..

“The government will run out of money..” We certainly can’t have that.. Maybe if the liberal government would consider tightening THEIR OWN belts instead of always asking us to do so, this habitual request of theirs might not always be met with so many raspberries.. How about just ONE small example of the Obama governments disregard for the taxes taken from the nation’s middle class..

Lets take the case of Ambassador Cynthia Stroum. Stroum, for her activities as a wonderful Obama Geisha girl/fundraiser during the shampaign of 2008, was gifted with an ambassadorship to Luxembourg. (Esoteric sidebar of the day: Stroum looks exactly like John Lithgow’s character, Roberta Muldoon, a transvestite ex football player in the “World According to Garp”.. I could not resist..) There are many examples of this person’s disregard for the tax monies that she flushed but here is but one example of her wanton waste.

The day before the 2010 budget ended, Stroum ordered $3,400.00 in liquor so that she could max out her “entertainment fund”.. Its bad enough that Obama’s “entertainment fund”, Mr. “I need a vacation every three days”, is so abused but when useless ambassadors keep maxing things out, the belt tightening needs to come from Washington FIRST.

Some may say that it is only $3,400.00 and I am blowing its importance out of proportion. Take that sum and multiply it by the myriad of uncounted and unaccountable Czars, ambassadors, Secretaries and under Secretaries of this and that, lackeys, toadies and all of the rest of the socialist sycophants in the swamp that Pelosi forgot to drain and you have a sum that is unmanageable. The worst part is that Obama has no desire to try to manage it. P.S., That $3,400.00 was considerably less than Biden spent on booze on that last day..

The left pules that “the United States will default on its debt which would likely trigger a massive economic meltdown..” Obama has for over two years, along with the leftist geniuses on the payroll, made matters considerably worse with their meddling. The “debt” came from Obama, he claimed that he “inherited” an economic meltdown (one that he and the left oversaw as the “spenders” in the House and Senate since 2006..) yet for all of the liberal brainpower in Washington, they couldn’t manage to fix things that they themselves have botched and bungled..

Usually the liberals start weeping over things like the public schools (its for the kids..) where they believe that the only reasons for their hideous product is a “lack of funding”. This “lack of funding” theory carries over into the debt ceiling argument because with the left it is always about SPENDING money, it is never about effectively allocating that which you already have. Enter Dick “Turban” Durban on cue..

Durban says that this is a “political tactic that could kill our economic recovery and drive unemployment even higher..” To reinforce his numskullerie to an even higher degree he said that curtailment of government services today could “precipitate an economic crisis..” Where to start..

The “political tactics” of Durban and the rest of the liberals have CREATED this “crisis”. “Kill our economic recovery”? What economic recovery? Unemployment has remained at ten percent under Obama and it is probably nearer fifteen to twenty percent.. Obama has been driving unemployment higher since Day One, but never fear, any day now all of those “shovel ready scamulous jobs” will be “created or saved” and all of our problems will be over.. “Government services” are a DRAIN on those that create jobs and those who would like to have their disposable income going to anywhere other than the liberal oppressive government for redistribution.. Stopping the governments “services” would “precipitate” an economic crisis? Obama and the liberals have been effectively “precipitating” an economic crisis since 2006..

The liberals are warning that in “two months time, the government will run out of money..” Hilarious. This is the political equivalent of having the progressive pyromaniacs standing before us with a five gallon can of gasoline and a book of matches telling us that the only way that we can save ourselves from them is to ply them with fifty more gallons of gasoline, a blow torch and a bazooka..


15 responses to “Two Months Time

  1. Family,

    Yah, I know there is a football game today but I just put this up anyway..

    For those who would like, the latest from TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  2. Larry, you are certainly on the mark with this excellent article! I cheered in several places reading this. Yes, the dumbocrat liberals have an appetite far exceeding their hoodwinks. I hope we can stay the course and tell the feds to “suck it up” as we have been doing since 2006! What you said about Stroum by multiplying her career ending spending by all the toadies and czars with government plastic, would stun if not create a heart attack! All ambassadors should be held accountable for every little penny of our money they spend. And if they cannot account for it, relieve them of their posts, which is mostly window dressing anyway. And I think we need accountants not beholding to the maxists auditing the congressional spending. I had an E-mail this week that said “Limit Congress to two terms. One in office and one in prison.” Sounds about right to me.

  3. I would like to know:
    How much taxpayers money barak and michelle
    have spent on themselves.
    Vacations,personal trips,
    golf,parties etc.
    I assume the figure would be enomorous.
    This would put wastfull liberal spending in perspective.
    Anybody have info?

  4. Rick,

    Supposedly there is an entertainment budget. But that is “chump change”. compared to what it costs when Air Force One is aloft – it costs over $10,000 per hour , just for that one plane. In addition there is a decoy , plus 2 fighter jets for each , plus a cargo plane for the limo and other vehicles. Plus personnel. All that adds up to a lot of money PER HOUR !!

    I don’t think you’ll ever get the real answer to your question !

  5. Larry, you’ve nailed this one again… and the point I think we all need to remember is that we take in tons of tax money EVERY DAY… there is no way that we would “go broke” or “default” as long as little Timmy Geitner is instructed to pay our interest on the debt FIRST… We might not be able to pay for any extra stuff… (sorry obummer, no more golf for you) but we can pay our obligations enough to keep things rolling along until the nanny state nitwits give up and agree to some substantial cust in spending..

  6. In 1978 or 1979 There was a shut down almost. Those of us in the military were told we would not be paid. Good banks told their customers just act as if your money was deposited. The crooks said you will be charged for every overdraft. Some banks were almost put out of business. Is that what Obummer wants? Anything the libturds want is for the “children, school teachers, police men, and firemen. If they believed that crap they would not put future generation in debt for their whole lives

  7. Margaret in CT

    You could see this one coming long ago. The government shutdown is a favorite weapon of the Democrats. It worked wonders in ’94, and it will work again in ’11. In the meantime, you can almost hear Chicken Little Schumer and others Lib members of Congress reminiscing about their party’s decisive win in the debt ceiling wars of years gone by. They continually use the dependent public to save their backsides.

    Their “economic plan” of bankrupting the country by spending and teaching the public a lesson by shutting down the government is a vicious but effective one.

    They know that the Republicans are easy targets for the blame game in this situation. It’s easy to convince the public that no check in the mailbox means delinquency on the part of the stingy Republicans. Remember how concerned Billy Boy was about the last government shutdown? He spent the afternoon in the oval office calming his nerves by playing hide the cigar with Monica.

  8. Another great one Larry. The liberals dont want to have to listen to the whining from the dependents they have created. The cries of alarm are to forstall the complaints they will be getting about the benefit checks being late. Bring it on!

  9. I love this article. Greywolf, since the 70’s we have so much more awareness of the shenannigans being pulled by congress. We have the internet and the tea party to get the word out. Lets hope they can get the word out here.

    I heard Mark Stein today and the discussion was about Lyndon Lame Johnson and his “Great Society” when the money really started to flow. The biggest laugh is he was going to use Detroit as the MODEL. We can see where that got us. Some things never change only get worse.

  10. Family,

    Brace yourselves..This one is a hot one. This was actually written yesterday along with “Two Months Time”..

    For those who dare:

    Thanks as always,


  11. Monica,

    Yes the failure that was the “Great Society” was nothing more than Johnson’s attempt to grab the minority vote forever.

    Those who question this fact need to look up Johnson’s quote on Air Force One taken from Ronald Kessler’s book “Inside the White House”..

    “I’ll have those ******* voting Democratic for the next two hundred years..”

    I have ALWAYS said that it would be great to know just how much the liberals care about the minorities if they didn’t have the right to vote..

    Thanks as always,


  12. Family,

    Here is the latest TOTD..

    Thanks as always,


  13. Rick and JJ,

    The point is these are the liberals who wailed and moaned about W.’s Inaguration being “so much during an economic slowdown..”

    If they practiced what they preach, they wouldn’t look quite so hypocritical.

    Sure there are “entertainmnet budgets” but during these times of the OBAMA Depression, shouldn’t they give it back or should they “share it with the American workers” as Obama said this morning in his latest socialist screed..

    Thanks as always,


  14. Hello all,

    (“This is the political equivalent of having the progressive pyromaniacs standing before us with a five gallon can of gasoline and a book of matches telling us that the only way that we can save ourselves from them is to ply them with fifty more gallons of gasoline, a blow torch and a bazooka..”)

    What can I say, I would donate the gasoline and hand them a nice bic lighter. Then I would call our fine firefighters and get out of the way. (not sure we need the bazooka though, although I would give them a tube with a handle on it just for fun.)

    I do agree with you. Libs would be totally humorous if they didn’t hold the reins to any kind of power. With that power, they are very annoying, to say the least.

    ’til next time,


    My money is not theirs. My life is not theirs. Nor do I work for them.

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