Same Old

The latest Marxist mouthpiece to perspire at the podium while falsifying, fabricating and fibbing for the fascists took his first opportunity to reinforce the reality of the liberal status as “perpetually under-medicated”. (Howard Dean HAS to be so proud..) It didn’t take long for the next socialist shill to stand before the world and make claims that even a group of girl scouts would howl with mirth at..

Robert Gibberish has been replaced by one Jay Carney. I find that to be an appropriate surname as the Obama three ring circus certainly has the feel of a “carny”.. Not much is known about Carney other than his last drag on the taxpayers was his position as “assistant communications director for Vice President Joe Biden”.. Based upon Carney’s first communiqué, it is hard to decipher whether the patented “Biden-isms” are the work of “Stoli” Joe or whether they actually came from Carney.. Otherwise he has shilled for Time and CNN, both arms of the “progressive Pravda” here in America and he was known to pass mash notes to the Clinton Chia Pet George Stephanopoulos, over at ABC “News” as a “roundtable” contributor..

There are moments when you have to question whether the liberals are just in possession of a large amount of moxy or whether they refuse to address the reality that their failures have repeatedly produced.. Democratic denial is downright dangerous and the latest Democratic employee appears to have it in spades..

According to Real Clear Politics, Carney said, “the Recovery Act added several million jobs and lowered the unemployment rate..” If Carney was referring to the socialist swelling of the liberal Obama government, with its endless (illegal) Czars and its perpetually blossoming ranks at all levels, then he was right. During the Obama Depression, government has grown appreciably as it ALWAYS does under the liberals regardless of the misery that they inflict upon the middle class. The private sector has had to deal with what now appears to be a PERMANENT ten percent unemployment even after all of the helpful Obama takeovers, bailouts and stimuli..

As always, the liberals believe that “if I say it, it is true and I do not need to prove that it is..” When another Obama lackey claims that they have “added several million jobs” it is exactly the same as when they claim that they have “saved a billion dollars” or, even better, “saved or created several million jobs”..

Carney has to remember that his old “boss”, the one with the hair plugs and the fifty-five gallon hip flask, was tasked by Obama to run this idiotic “Scamulous”. Ever the collectivist cheerleader, Carney says this with a straight face.. “The goals of the stimulus package have been met..” Really..

If the stated “goals” of the scamulous were higher unemployment, higher taxes upon the middle class and the typical rewards for the liberal kooks of all stripes, well then, they “have been met..” A look at just ONE Biden speech where he spoke himself of these so-called “successes” reveals the liberal lies in all of their glory..

On August 24, 2010 Biden, according to “gigaom dot com” (“Biden: Stimulus funds for energy innovation are working”) the liberal lush claimed that “tens of billions of dollars invested in clean power and advanced automobiles are working..” OK, where to start..

This “invested” part.. The biggest problem with the “investments” relative to all of this “energy innovation” and “green” jobs hooey comes from the fact that the liberals have personally invested heavily in this scam BEFORE coming into office or BEFORE taking the presidency. Every “investment” in “green energy” made by the taxpayers oddly ends up in the portfolios of the liberal Democratic “investors” and the taxpayers see nothing even remotely resembling “affordable” energy alternatives for all of their INVOLUNTARY “investments”..

With Obama and Biden clinging for dear life to their AT LEAST ten percent unemployment rate, just exactly who IS “working”? These “advance automobiles” wouldn’t be being manufactured by “Government Motors” would they? As well, Biden spoke of cutting the cost of solar power in half by 2015, (Great, it matters not what it costs at this point, the fact that there isn’t enough of this available to possibly light your refrigerator, well that’s another matter..) “green jobs”, (Another liberal misdirection.) doubling renewable energy generation capacity by 2012.. (Better hurry up, someone might need to recharge a flashlight..) Here is the liberal nomenclature exposed: promise the world, deliver nothing, blame others..

The facts of the matter relative to all of these “successes” being bandied about produces a far grimmer picture. Gallup places the nation’s unemployment rate at a steady ten percent and there are many areas in the country where that number is appreciably higher. Gallup also reports of a 9.6% rate relative to those working part time and wanting full time work. (If the liberals in D.C. would take as many vacations as Obama has they wouldn’t have had the time to do as much damage as they have done..) Another depressing statistic is “underemployment”. According to Gallup this number sits at an “historic” 19.6 percent thanks to Obama, Biden and the Scamulous..

Even more telling are a few of the OTHER numbers surrounding the Obama Scamulous. According to CNS News, SINCE Obama rammed the Scamulous down the middle classes throats, he has borrowed an ADDITIONAL $29,660.00 per household in the United States. That placed the TOTAL that Obama and the liberals have burdened the middle class and generations of their children to follow with at an astounding $125,475.18 per household, and counting.. That amount is insignificant to a limousine liberal like Obama as that represents about the first twenty minutes use of Air Force One during the first day of his next vacation or another of his wife’s international shopping trips..

At the close of what was left of “business” when Obama scribbled onto the “Don’t read it, just pass it, trust me” Scamulous (02/17/2009), his debt sat at $10.79 TRILLION dollars. (Again with gusto, this IS Obama’s debt as the Democrats have controlled BOTH Houses since 2006..) On February 16th, Obama’s debt stood at $14.13 TRILLION.. That means that there is an ADDITIONAL $3.34 TRILLION added over that time to the Obama debt..

This is BEFORE the latest laughable Obama harebrained lunacy of a “high speed rail system” begins to take shape.. Look, the government ALREADY owns Amtrack and just how successful is that governmental rail entity? Yes, another fifty or so billion dollars for this Bolshevik boondoggle and at least three state governors are already refusing to sign on..

An intrepid reporter asked Carney how unemployment can be “down” when it sits at TEN percent as opposed to the seven percent that the liberal lies within the Scamulous said would be in place today.. “We’ve repeatedly said that we don’t want to relitigate the battles of the past..” This is about as “direct” an answer that anyone has gotten from a liberal since the Obama beatification.. Fact: unemployment stands THREE percent HIGHER than Obama “promised” that it would at this point in time if the Scamulous were to be passed. Fact: a reporter asked “why?” Liberal answer: “How about them Packers..” Another liberal answer option when confronted with the truth: “I like cake better than I like brownies..” One more liberal equally childish option: “We inherited this mess”..

Robert Gibberish at least proved humorous when he was capering before the collected collectivist of the “impartial” media.. The litany of lies being packaged by Carney does not differ from those that were told by Gibbs. When it comes to any liberal who has to “answer” for Obama, you will just end up with the same old, same old..


13 responses to “Same Old

  1. I just saw one line among the aol headlines from this “Carny”-atmosphere Carney – i.e., “The stimulus saved? created?” (forget which now, since both words have been SO abused by this Regime) “millions of jobs” – and I knew that we’d never left Never-Never Land…. “Liberal Mouthpiece” doesn’t begin to describe this dull dullard & lying looney!

    Remember Tony Snow? Sic transit gloria…

  2. Thanks Larry, another stellar article.
    On their “Green (read mass infusion of taxpayer money) jobs/energy. If this bunch was behind the program to place a man on the moon we would still be in earth orbit or still on the launch pad.

  3. Oxymoron of the day – ” Stimulus money “

  4. Larry,
    Thanks for your usual silver tongued wordsmithing. All this obvious BS IMHO is a diversion – to keep us focused on the insignificant while the real damage is being done behind the scenes. We don’t find out about it, until it’s to late. Our only hope (again IMHO) is states rights. Gotta love Alaska for take your Obama care and shove it. Florida for take your 2 billion for rail and shove it. Wisconsin union busting has them really worried. I understand Ohio has something similar in the works.
    Kurt (A little right of Attila) – Never again is not long enough.

  5. I am watching Ohio and Wisconsin hoping they get the juggernaught, with which we can sink the unions, going. With New Jersey telling us like it is and these other two trying to fight the good fight, I am hoping the Tea Party will get behind these movements and oust the unions from public services. There is no call for a union dictating to a country what we can and cannot do. We need to stand up and be counted. For the democraps to leave their state at such a time is more than childish. They along with all the teachers calling in sick need to receive a pink slip immediately. I hope their histrionics come back to bite them in 2012! Or maybe they can get a recall going?

  6. So embarassing to be an American these days, thank you brown clown for all the dreary idiots we are forced to see splashed on our television screens each day. Dear Lord, can this country really be this stupid?

  7. Another gem, Larry. I can’t wait until we can get this bozo out of power. He’s likely to pitch a few temper tantrums of his own, when he finds out he can’t have his way any more….. This reminds me of what it’s like to try and discipline a spoiled 5 year old. Lots of tantrums at first and more than a little bit of frustration. God help us we have a lot of work yet to do.

  8. Yes, the timing is good with so many new GOP officials – at the State level – now in place to try to balance budgets and defang the destructive unions! The unions have finally crossed the line (actually, they’ve done that long ago) and are just stoopid enough to think that States can just print more money! Earth to union idiots: No can do!! Get a clue!! And the libturd teachers need to be brought down a peg or two as well…

  9. Dave from Anaheim

    All unions should get the treatment the air-traffic controllers got from Ronald Reagan. They are all fired and replaced by more competent people who will never be associated with unions.

  10. When you watch the unions protesting in Madison, think of the AFL-CIO in Detroit in the 50’s. Look at what the unions did there to the auto industry. I hope we are wiser this time.

    Also Larry, good article about Carny. Think ABSOLUTE VANILLA. Straight from the Joey Biden flask.

  11. What the unions did to Detroit and the auto industry is a shame and nothing compared to the steel industry in Pittsburgh. The last mill closed down in the early 90’s. They did a lot of good when they started, workplace safety, 8 hour shifts, overtime and such, but now they just want more and more.


    Larry Your writings still amaze me. VERY CLEVER
    The Wisconson hacks are an example of the problem with government
    The most outlandish example was a Massachusetts employee
    retired recently at age 59 His pension is $200,000 A YEAR
    OR $4000 a week. To add fuel to the fire he applied for a buyback
    pay for unused sick days and received $456.000 He worked
    for the mass port authority for 35 years. This is where hard
    working taxpayers money is going. The sick pay buy back program
    has been reduced but this guy was grandfathered..

    God bless the G0venor of wisconson

    never again never give up never forget

  13. Wisconsin Governor joins Jan Brewer (AZ), Susana Martinez (NM), Sean Parnell (AK), John Kasich (OH) and Chris Christie (NJ) as another strong GOP Governor with REAL gonads – and the Left is going ballistic. T.S., all you tired old lefty commies – the Tea Party Nation is boiling on the stove (cookin’ with gas!); we’re in your face and we’re HERE TO STAY!! Deal with it, you mental midget goons!!!

    Locked & loaded…

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