Not Without Risk

The cries of “freedom” and “democracy” are being heard in savage lands where such thoughts were verboten only a short time ago. These yells and yelps are coming from Iran, Algeria, Yemen, Morocco, China and Egypt, yet the American liberal administration here has been virtually silent on these matters.. Here in what was once America, Obama and his acolytes have been considerably more “helpful” with those who have anything other than “freedom” and “democracy” in mind domestically..

State’s rights in relationship to both “freedom” and “democracy” are of no use and are unrecognized by the Democratic demagogues and their chattel of the “unions”. Obama again strays into areas where the federal government should not go for reasons that are as “transparent” as his reactionary roots..

In the state of Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker has decided that the “unions”, who actually insist upon pricing themselves out of the market were the employment field was actually “level”, should no longer have collective bargaining rights when it comes to blackmailing the state every few years or so. This is an issue for the citizens of Wisconsin and their local government. Enter the Obama Marxist machine in order to save one of their “special interests”.

According to the article entitled, “Obama Provides Support to Unions in State Battles” (Fox News 02/20/2011) we read that “organized labor is trying to take advantage of the growing backlash from this wave of anti-union sentiment in Wisconsin..” What is important is the actual size of this alleged “backlash” and the fact that it is coming from all of those who like to hold their employer hostage when it comes to “negotiating”.. The taxpaying victims of Wisconsin have nothing to do with this alleged “backlash”.. It’s just busses full of simian goons even from other states who hope to intimidate the Governor. Never fear, the Obama “government” is more than willing to step in and help..

The Obama oligarchs are “offering tactical support”. The taxpayers of the United States are paying the Obama vermin to “offer tactical support”. If the Obama slugs are actually admitting to “offering tactical support”, there is no reason to not believe that they are not “offering” considerably more in the way of “help” than just “tactical support”..

Enter the AFL-CIO “political director” Karen Ackerman.. “I think it’s a clear message. If you take on the middle class people and try to solve the budget crisis on their backs, there’s a price to pay. Many thousands of people will be energized to fight back..” Ackerman need only refer back to the thumping that her “friends” and “helpers” took in November as the prime example of this theory. The problem for Ackerman is that the “middle class people” of Wisconsin WANT the Governor to “solve the budget crisis” which has been both created and exacerbated by Ackerman’s “friends” and “helpers”..

During the campaign for the state’s highest spot, Walker “promised” within his platform to “cut state employee’s wages and benefits” as well as cutting several taxes. If these ideas and concepts had been so unpopular with the voters of Wisconsin, Walker would have been defeated. There was no “backlash” of any kind other than the proper one across the nation against the liberal collectivists.. This whole idea of actually FOLLOWING THROUGH on a campaign promise is obviously foreign to Obama and all six hundred of his “number one priorities” about as “foreign” as he is..

Obama “is in a struggle of his own to tame spending..” Obama is “struggling to tame spending” in about the same manner as Michael Moore is “taming” his elephantine waistline with his endless bouts at the smorgasbord and the buffet.. “Siding with unions may cast him as a partisan even as he talks about setting a new tone in Washington..” He has “cast” himself as a socialist liberal, as a progressive “partisan” even back when he was courageously voting “present” during his whirlwind 143 day Senate “career”..

His recent efforts to “cast” himself as a “centrist” are as futile as Rosie O’Donnell “casting” herself as Miss New York.. Obama’s “new tone”, Mr. “unifier, not a divider”, was quickly derailed through his megalomania during the halcyon days of “I won”, when Bolshevik bipartisanship was as nonexistent as Obama’s birth certificate.. This “new tone” came about through the mid term massacre and it has yet to materialize..

Former Representative David Bonier said, “there is nothing like the possibility of extinction to focus people’s attention..” The extinction of the liberal left and all of its barnacles and leeches during this time of the Obama Depression has people’s attention “focused”. Actual “cost cutting” matters not to the left, either nationally or locally, when one of their “special interests” are being told to do the “belt tightening”..

John Boehner said that Obama was “helping fuel Greece-style protests in the United States”. Boehner really hits the mark with, “His political organization is colluding with special interest allies across the country to demagogue reform-minded governors who are making the tough choices that the president is avoiding..” I would also add that Obama has FORCED these governors to have to make these choices through his fascist failures of bailouts, stimuli and illegal takeovers..

Obama steps over the liberal line by telling a Wisconsin television station that “any effort to make it harder for public employees to engage in collective bargaining ‘seems like more of an assault on unions’”.. A “takeover” of General Motors where shares were forcibly taken from shareholders and gifted to .. another union.. is “an assault” on both the Constitution and capitalism. The tax grabs, the idiotic “stimuli” unconstitutional health scare scams, these are all ACTUAL “assaults” upon the middle class..

“Obama’s political arm at the Democratic National Committee, Organizing For America, helped mobilize demonstrators in coordination with unions..” Is this where the liberal leader and his lemmings should be focusing their attention? Should he at least be allegedly trying to “tackle” the problems that he and his fellow fascists have created through their chicanery since 2006? Should he be helping countries that are seriously asking for “democracy and freedom” as opposed to renting busses for the union thugs and goons to invade the sovereign sate of Wisconsin?

The “GOON-ions” are “planning to seek help from like-minded progressive groups, immigration activists, environmentalists and religious leaders..” Please note that there was no mention of a “backlash” in favor of the unions from the citizens/victims/taxpayers of Wisconsin. No, this will be a bus load of ILLEGAL aliens from elsewhere, a smelly Prius full of enviro-kooks and the kinds of “religious leaders” often found worshipping aardvarks or Pfitzer bushes.. None of whom carry an identification card from the state of Wisconsin.. In one group’s case, they carry no identification from anywhere but the liberals still give them “benefits”..

“They expect momentum from the protests to spill into the 2012 election cycle where they can try to punish Republicans they accuse of overreaching..” Merely trying to balance a budget that has been ravaged by the liberal policies of the state’s past and the present of Washington is being fiscally RESPONSIBLE. The “overreaching” has been done by the Democrats both locally and most shockingly, nationally..

“The blessing of the White House could help mend relations with the American Federation of Teachers which has criticized Obama’s support of charter schools and teacher merit pay..” If this “peace offering” isn’t enough for these “heroes” who have overseen and endorsed the current status of the nation’s public schools, Obama plans to INCREASE “education” by 77.4 billion MORE tax dollars in 2012..

“Obama and the national party are challenging a cost-cutting Governor even as Obama comes under attack for not trimming enough in the federal budget..” Obama marionette Jay Carney said Friday that Obama “was not trying to undermine efforts to rein in spending..” Righttt.. And Tokyo Rose was not trying to “undermine efforts” to defeat Japan..

Where is this “backlash” from the public? “With unemployment at 9 percent, the public is not particularly sympathetic to public sector employees..” Even Democrats can see the ruse.. Matt Bennett, vice president of “Third Way” said, “We worry that this will be seen as less an attempt to help the middle class broadly and more an attempt to help a union or an interest group..” When those who happily carry the hammer and sickle call you out, the idea of a “backlash” from the public simply doesn’t exist anywhere but within the polluted progressive mind..

“The efforts by the administration and Democrats are not without risk..” There is no reason to contain this quotation merely to the administration’s meddling in the affairs of the state of Wisconsin, it can also be said of each and every “effort” by the Bolsheviks since they turned Congress into the Politburo on January 20, 2009..


16 responses to “Not Without Risk

  1. Here’s another instance of the Obama Regime/Politburo trying to crush even the concept of “States’ rights” by charging in and siding with the goonions (love THAT one, Larry!!) in Wisconsin – just as he did (but even worse) in AZ with the immigration challenge via lawsuit. He and his rotten minions have done everything but send out the army to murder those poor bastards camped out in DC nearly 100 years ago! (i.e., everything short of direct violence – so far…).

    If I were from the Mid East, I’d throw my shoes at our Fraud-in-Chief!!!

  2. Every time I see the quotation from obummer “I won”, I think those two words will live on to infinity and historians will treat obumbler as the most petulant puppet to hold public office. His presidency will leave a stain in history and elections for years to come and be held up for ‘teaching’ moments.

    Zero’s penchant for sticking his nose in States business is getting very tiring. I know I support Governor Walker, but since I don’t reside in the state, I can only give moral support. But Governor Walker will be revered for his stance of making good on his promise to the people of Wisconsin. I think we may see more of this type of effort to break the stranglehold unions have put on companies. It would have served the postal service well, but I think it is too late for them. I was in a postal union at one time, and the local arm I was in was extremely small, yet they had well over $400,000.00 sitting in two different banks. Another union would give out a $15.00 Christmas bonus and ask you to sign it back to them so they could give to charities! Every state needs to be a right to work state. I’m proud of these new republican governors and wish them well.

  3. This was great Larry.
    You must be a member of Mensa.
    Yes, obama is a telaprompter reading puppet,
    but who is pulling the strings?
    obama is just taking flack for someone higher up.
    That`s whom we should be concerned with.

  4. Rick – agreed! We need to see the actual strings from the Obama puppet to his puppetmaster (or masterS)!! We need to connect those damn dots!! Whatever we might find probably won’t be surprising – we know that more just one idiot empty suit is doing the evil s**t to our country…

  5. Rick,

    Thanks for the kind words but Mensa? No..

    High school graduate, Summa Cum Barely.

    Thanks as always,


  6. Why do I feel that everyone is skirting around one name? The puppet master has to be George Soros who is bent on destroying the United States and is using obama as his dummy.

  7. As a Wisconsin resident I am appalled at the despicable behavior of the “teachers” in this great state. Thank God for Scott Walker. These pompous, arrogant, narcissistic slugs claiming to be teachers will get everything they deserve. Gov. Walker will stay strong and WILL NOT give in to these leeches.
    Last week “teachers” not only lied when calling in sick in order to protest in Madison, they brought students with them to protest. Two 17-year-old girls were in Madison at the protest and were asked by someone in the media what they were protesting. Their response was “We don’t know. We think it was to stop somebody from doing something.”
    These slime-ball, scumbag pukes will get theirs in the end. Gov. Walker will make Wisconsin a right-to-work state, just as he campaigned he would. He promised to get the budget in line by reigning in the public union gravy train. He’s been saying this for two years and now the not-so-intelligent teachers are abhorred at having their “rights” taken away. Hey bucko, I got news for you: these are not rights, they are privileges, and you’ve been milking it far too long. Go Governor Scott Walker, you rock; and God Bless You

  8. Joy, Connect the dots? Not in this lifetime. This government that is supposedly OF, FOR AND BY THE PEOPLE can’t, or won’t, unveil His Ineptness’ fri–in birth certificate.

  9. The ‘poor bastards camped out in DC’ about a century ago were World War One vets whom were seeking money owed to them by the feds. Yet another instance where the libs were stiffing those better than they.

    Its sick to see Obama and his community organizers trying to thwart the will of the people in Wisconsin. However, Obama must do this, he has no choice. Break the backs of the unions and you break one of his centers of political power and funding. Never mind these public servants spend our tax money as though it were own, and ‘earn’ double what the average private citizen makes. The lavish pensions and the health plans they get as perks are driving state economies into the ground. Something has to be done. The fact that Obama is siding with the unions is proof he is in bed with them, and that he doesn’t represent the people.

  10. Larry, as usual spot on….something I’ve wondered is these teachers pay from $700 to a $1000 a year in dues which a lot goes to elect Dhim’s and the salaries of like the Prez of their Union who incidentally salaries range from like $250,000 to over $500,000 a year. Teachers aren’t that smart and also I forgot about Dr’s issuing excuse slips to them. Seems to me that is breaking the law?

  11. newbie,

    I am in agreement with you.

    If you have been a reader for a time you might remember me identifying this administration as the “Soros administration” some time back.

    Thanks as always,


  12. 26 months of Obama has given us record deficits, record unemployment, longest jobless stretch since the 1930′s, record bank failures, record foreclosures, record trade deficits, record poverty rate, failing dollar, national poverty at record highest level, foreign policy disasters, record number of golf games played by a president, record death toll in Afghanistan, record number of food stamp recipients, consumer confidence at record lows, home values have fallen to Depression levels, record number of days spent abroad by a US President, over half the states suing to stop Obamacare, auto bailout money being used to build a plant in Mexico, ME-Chelle with a record number of personal assistants, the worst environmental disaster in the US largely ignored and exploited for political gain, SEC now immune from FOIA, internet wiretaps made easier, executive order used to assassinate Americans overseas, Gitmo still open, secret wiretaps still on, lobbyists, corporations and special interests still have unimpeded access to members of Congress, a ‘Safe Schools Czar’ who is pedophile friendly, record number of unelected and unaccountable Czars, continuation of the war in Iraq and the expansion of the war into Pakistan and Yemen, bills passed in the dead of night on weekends and holidays in order to hide them from the public, a two billion dollar trip of record extravagance to India. 5 trillion in loans to overseas banks, Harley Davidson, GE, NBC, BMW, Toyota and others, warrantless government monitoring of private citizens’ credit cards transactions, continued hiring of military contractors, FCC takeover of the internet, allow law enforcement to place homing beacons on vehicles without a warrant, DHS using drones to spy on US citizens, DHS allowed to seize and shut down websites that sell knockoff handbags in the interest of ‘national security’, support of the internet kill switch.
    And now Obama’s standing with the unions against the state governors and the taxpayers.

  13. Moots,

    God bless you..

    Puts it all into perspective seeing his “accomplishments” stacked up like that..

    Thanks as always,


  14. Family,

    Working on “Slow This Train Down” as we speak..

    It will be up a bit later tonight..

    Thanks as always,


  15. Family,

    As “promised” as opposed to an Obama “promise” that disappears, here it is:

    Thanks as always,


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