Slow This Train Down

The liberals have such a strong belief in their stance, which can be called “blindly following orders in Wisconsin, err uhh, make that Illinois..” so much so that all fourteen of them now have their fascist faces plastered upon milk cartons that have been delivered all over the state.. As opposed to putting their positions into the public record, they are adding to their diamond club status at various hotels across Illinois, probably on the backs of the taxpayers of Wisconsin.. If you would prefer to look at it in a different light, the liberals are hiding in caves not unlike two of their other heroes, Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden..

I find this to be a remarkable identifier of the liberal necromancy. When the Obama oligarchy was running out of control, when they were flying by the seat of their progressive pants, as they were spending money not yet printed or borrowed, the Republicans remained in D.C. and they VOTED. The liberals locked them out of meetings. They stayed and they voted. It may not have mattered as the liberals even for a time had a rare “supermajority”, the Republicans stayed and put their votes and their dissention on the record.. The liberals sneered as they rammed several thousand page boondoggles, unread even by the lunatic leftists themselves, costing trillions that eons from now will STILL be on the Bolshevik’s books, the Republicans stayed and fought.

The new Governor of what will soon be a solid red state called the liberal duck, dodge and hiders, “obstructionists” which I am sure he borrowed from the Democratic doppelganger, Harry Reid.. However, Republican “obstructionists” were trying to stand in the way of the liberal spend-a-thon back in 2009, today’s liberals are trying to stand in the way of CUTTING COSTS. Time has proven that the Republicans were right as the liberal Obama Depression only worsened as their “Red Square” reactionary thinking of “ready, shoot, aim” plunged the nation further into a depression that they themselves have carefully crafted since 2006. The Republicans stayed and fought. The liberals given the same opportunity to vote on JUST ONE bill that would SAVE the taxpayers money did what all yellow liberals do. They ran..

The liberals “Magnificent Fourteen” have given the Republicans in Wisconsin an open door to pass ALL “non-spending bills and confirm some of the governor’s appointees.” (“Wisconsin Republicans Step Up Pressure on Dems Who Fled State” Fox News dot com 02/21/2011) If the liberals fail to appear, this will create “a scenario that should outrage their constituents.” Now is the time to really make the left pay. By making the left “pay”, the taxpayers of Wisconsin won’t have to.. With the Wisconsin liberals staying out of the state, the taxpayers will be receiving a reprieve from the reflexive liberal tax and spend policy that has worked so well in eliminating the Obama Depression..

The “brave” liberals bellowed from the distance.. “Democrats said that they were standing firm in their opposition to the budget repair bill..” There is nothing like the strength of “standing firm” from about five hundred miles away.. Then again with the liberals and their allergy to basic hygiene, the air about Wisconsin has certainly become cleaner. Illinois on the other hand, a state that already has the stench of political corruption polluting its air and environment for generations, doesn’t need any further help from the fourteen AWOL Wisconsin liberals..

Wisconsin AFL-CIO “president” Phil Neuenfeldt said “another large protest was planned for Monday when many state workers are being furloughed to save money..” Fascist Phil needs to check his calendar before trying to squeeze a few tears of faux compassion from the readers.. Today was President’s Day and all six hundred billion government workers were already off.. It is just one of the two hundred “paid” days off on the calendar every year that has been “negotiated” for the government’s workers.. What the heck, the nation’s trillion government workers should all have the same schedule of days off and vacations as Obama..

Here is a thought relative to any further “protests” that are fashioned for the “impartial” media in Wisconsin. I think that we should apply one of the union’s pet projects to these “protests”. It is time to institute the “card check” program. Any “protester” who doesn’t have an identification card of some kind legally issued from Wisconsin should be barred from “protesting”. Why? Well, “Obama, whose group Organizing For America, has bussed in some nearly 70,000 protesters Saturday..” Fascinating.. The liberals NOW know that busses can take people places, a theory that was lost upon liberal Mayor Nagin and liberal Governor Blanco when Katrina hit New Orleans..

“Walker said that the president should stay focused on fixing the federal budget, which is $1.5 trillion in deficit next year. The president’s plan, rolled out next week, proposes $1.65 trillion in deficits next year..” What an amazing “plan” the progressives have.. First, spend and borrow the nation into a hole that it won’t EVER be able to climb out of. Second, work further upon enhancing the Depression and the permanent ten percent unemployment that is the cornerstone of the Obama political plan. Third, act as though you are “getting tough on debt” (that YOU and your friends have created..) and “looking to slash the budget” (that YOU and your friends submitted last year..) by “rolling out” a budget with an even BIGGER deficit to saddle the middle class with. Then project yourself as a “centrist”..

The Wisconsin Governor has the unenviable task of having to “close a $3.6 billion biennial budget gap..” The Wisconsin Governor is TRYING to do this and the liberals who have CREATED this budget shortfall are standing in the way.. The liberals believe that a bloated inefficient government is the cure for all that ails the nation even though the Obama administration has proven without question that a ponderous government CREATES many more problems than it will EVER solve.

Once more with gusto.. Governor Walker actually said that this was one of the unfortunate options that he would consider when it came to reducing the state’s deficit when he was campaigning for the office that he now holds.. If this were such a topic that the ACTUAL middle class voters of Wisconsin found to be so abhorrent, they would NOT have placed him into office. They did and unlike the liberals, both local and national, a “campaign promise” is something that should be delivered upon, not ignored and filed away..

Jon Erpenbach, one of the “brave” in the liberal’s “witless protection plan”, “claimed that (Governor) Walker’s administration has not returned any of their phone calls..” If “Brave Jon” wants to discuss things with Governor Walker, he knows where to find him..

Erpenbach said that he was “trying to slow this train down..” If November of 2010 had come sooner, when the voters of America “slowed this train down”, the one being stoked by the fascist fuel of socialism by engineer Obama, the nation might not have derailed and plunged into the ravine which might have saved the Wisconsin liberals from having to make the “brave” choice to fight their battles today from the pool at the Holiday Inn in Peoria..


9 responses to “Slow This Train Down

  1. Excellent, Larry. I would think Governor Walker might look at the pensions and greed creed of the legislature and make some adjustments there. I read that the Governor gave himself a pay cut of 10%. If this is true, the “witless” 14 communists are lining up in the sights of the voters and we will trot their cowardice out into public every chance we get. This is a loud and clanging alarm to awaken more of WE, THE PEOPLE……..

    Larry, your prose is spot on. You have the ability to draw mind pictures with your words. I find myself laughing as I read your play on words.


  2. I fear the only way to slow this train down is to pull up the train tracks. As long as they have a track to run on, they will on going and going and going and…..

  3. Being a retired railroader I really like your analog Larry! You really have a way with words also. Try as hard as they might there’s no way they can cause a derailment of Governor Walker’s agenda man. All signals are green and this train is headed down the track!!!

  4. Perhaps the ” AWOL 14 ” are members of the “Cowards in Congress” Union. Maybe they should have taken a lesson from the playbook of the ‘liar- in- chief’, and simply voted “present” , thereby giving themselves a chance for re-election. But, by turning ‘tail’, they have apparently sealed their fate.

  5. Just so I’m not misunderstood, the train I want to see derailed is the L.F.F.R.R. ( Leftist Flim Flam Railroad). Governor Wilson’s train is on the right track.

  6. I heard they are now referred to as the new “Flee Bagger Party” and are known as flea baggers.

  7. The Walker train is just flying down the tracks and the AWOL 14 will never recover. The unions can bus folks from one end of this country to the other, and they will still lose. We The People have spoken and we wi8ll continue to stand up for our principles. It may be a long hard fight, but I’m not giving up. And I know the rest of you aren’t either.

    Larry, you are an inspiration to me, and even though I don’t always have anything to say, I never miss a column. I laughed out loud today, thanks!

  8. The Otha Docta G

    Another great article Larry! This is just the tip of the iceberg for all states that are trying to incorporate some fiscal responsibility into their employees; an insurmountable hurdle when unions are involved. Unlike the US Mint, the states can’t ‘make’ money to continue to appease the starving chicks in the nest. To quote an oft quoted saying, “a government who robs Peter to pay Paul will always get the support of Paul!”. I say to Governor Walker, “stand tall as 49 other governors are watching you!”.

  9. Unfortunately…I live in CA where the liberals are thick and go ahead and vote in Governor Moonbeam. I have to wonder what he is smoking these days…he expects the voters to vote on extending existing excess taxes to balance half the budget, make cuts to balance the other half and address gov. union pensions afterward! CA is also one of the first states to setup infrastructure for healthscare even though it’s going bankrupt! Great article Larry…I hope some of the tea party magic starts rubbing off in CA government.

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