Saudi Similarities, Obama Opposites

Every once and awhile a small story about events very far from home have an all too similar ring to what has happened here at home.. Then again, sometimes these things are the polar opposites from what has happened here at home..

An almost insignificant story entitled “Saudi King back home, orders $37 bln in handouts” (news uk msn dot com 02/23/2011) brings all of these coincidences to light.. Lets try to approach these incidents of mere happenstance in the order that they appeared in the original article from the UK..

The title of the story alone should have every American liberal and their chattel literally lathering with excitement. “Handouts”? “37 billion” worth of “handouts”? The Saudi King seems to be adopting the same failed policy as the American King. “Handouts” are as poisonous as any other liberal policy, foreign or domestic. The American liberals are convinced that they are also handing out dignity and self esteem when they mollycoddle the mendicants.. It’s all a part of the liberal “can’t do” mentality that they have to reinforce within their minions in order to keep them properly shackled..

“Saudi King Abdullah returned home on Wednesday after a three- month medical absence..” America’s “King” has just returned from another taxpayer-funded vacation or golf outing that probably lasted for about three months as well.. Soon his wife will need to fly the globe in order to do a little shopping while the Secret Service plays patty cake and jacks with the Obama saplings.. The Saudi King was recuperating from back surgery, our “King” was recuperating from another exhausting attempt at overturning capitalism and instituting socialism..

“Before Abdullah arrived, state media announced an action plan to help lower and middle income people among the 18 million Saudi nationals.” When applying liberal policies, it is appropriate to mimic their lexicon as well as this is being called an “action plan”. The American liberals are all about “action”, the “results” of their “actions” are irrelevant to them, they always believe that they are infallibly correct in all that they do.. The American liberals all wear the crown of compassion which always guides them altruistically..

When things don’t “turn out as planned”, the problem can always be blamed on others, these “others” are usually those who giggle at the inherent childishness of liberalism’s desire to turn the nation into an adult day care center.. Please note that the American liberals have similar “action plans” relative to the public schools for example, where positive results are actually frowned upon by the liberal elitists, thus their aversion to charter schools or home schooling.. Those who are actually “educated” have no need for the liberal intellectual ball and chain thus the absolute necessity for the public schools to produce and repopulate the lowest class in order to reinforce the liberal “voting base”..

“It includes pay raises to offset inflation, unemployment benefits and affordable family housing..” At this point in the proceedings I just have to ask.. Here we have a country that literally holds the entire planet hostage with the crude oil reserves beneath its otherwise barren deserts.. At any given moment, they can AGAIN create another “oil shortage” which then becomes an “oil crisis”. This blackmailing meets with very little resistance internationally, the world simply pays up.. Even so, the price per barrel of this “commodity”, a price that has been paid directly to these Sultans and Kings, has been exorbitantly high for generations. (The liberal answers to this “problem” is to attach sails to your automobile, propellers to your ball cap and to place solar panels atop the domes of the nation’s bald..)

With that said, how can there possibly be ANY “poverty” or “unemployment” or even any need for “affordable family housing” in Saudi Arabia? The streets in this Middle Eastern country should be entirely paved with gold.. They actually are, well some of them are.. The streets are paved with gold leading to the driveways that are paved with gold, which lead to the gold temples that the ruling elite in Saudi Arabia lives in. Once inside, literally every item in sight is manufactured or constructed out of gold as well.. Therefore, anyone FOOLISH enough to believe that poverty is a cause of terrorism should be blaming these Kings and Sultans.. (P.S.. Those with an IQ above room temperature know that terrorism is caused by individual depravity, not poverty. I just like pointing that pusillanimous “poverty” point out to the liberals and their “blame America first” way of “thinking”..)

Here the Saudi King seeks to do as the American left has done for nearly fifty years. By “handing out” monies taken from others, (Here it is coming from the King’s bank accounts, in America, the liberal generosity is funded through the bank accounts of the middle class..) the Saudi King hopes to coddle and enslave, to manacle the mentally malleable to the idea that such redistribution is their “right”. This is the exact plan in place when the American liberal does it. The American left has such a dense and stolid audience that they have actually convinced their urchins, without that much effort I might add, that these “benefits” are a “constitutional right”.

“Some Saudis were critical. ‘We want rights, not gifts’ said Fahad Aldhafeeri..” The Saudi King needs to take lessons from the American King. These “gifts” are not “gifts”, they are their “RIGHT”. They are their “benefits”. As proven by the domestication of the lowest class in America by the liberal hand out mentality of downward mobility, people can be rather easily bribed into indentured servitude. The American left will bankroll you indefinitely as long as you are willing to demoralize yourself to the point where you are drained of any ambition of achievement whatsoever.. Here the Saudi King needed to the help of what was earlier described as the “state media”, which here in America is called the “impartial” media.. One would believe that their “state media” are as subservient to their King as our “impartial” media is to our King..

“Mai Yamani said, ‘Basically, what the King is doing is good, but it’s an old message of using oil money to buy the silence, subservience and submission of the people..” In order for this to translate properly to the American King, just replace the word “oil” with “middle class”.. Years of preaching individual failure and perpetual victimhood, along with the theft of the hard-earned income of the middle class, have indeed produced a “silent, subservient and submissive” lowest class in America which clings faithfully the Democratic “new and improved” slavery without the all of the messy baseball bats, the fire hoses and the lynchings..

“G20 member Saudi Arabia has outlined spending of 580 billion riyals for 2011..” The American King has easily “outspent” the Saudi King and just for kicks, he has added an “historic” deficit well into the trillions to go along with his perpetual ten percent unemployment rate.. As opposed to Obama, the Saudi King is actually spending REAL money, not the imaginary yet to be borrowed, yet to be printed, “raise the debt ceiling or we will shut down the government” Obama deficit dollars..

It would appear that the Saudi King needs to brush up on his “patronizing of the population plan” which has been the collectivist cornerstone of every liberal King elected in America since Roosevelt..


6 responses to “Saudi Similarities, Obama Opposites

  1. Family,

    Here is the latest from TOTD:

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  2. I guess the Saudi King is just trying to stave off the day of reckoning, and I’ll bet there won’t be any Mubarak rhetoric from our boy-king if/when Saudi nationals and others try to rise up in protest… Oil has that hypnotic effect!

  3. This is a great comparison and so true! I keep hearing the freshmen congressmen and women don’t remember what happened when the government shut down in the early nineties. What I know, nobody learned anything from it, so our trillion dollar debt will still be around since we didn’t learn from history.

  4. Family,

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  5. All true. The one difference as you’ve stated is that” the King’s money is from his own bank account”. The liberal’s is funded by the middle classes bank account’s present and future.

  6. Andre,

    That’s what I said but I didn’t seem to state it clearly..

    In paragraph #10, within the parenthesis, “Here” should have been written “In Saudi Arabia,”.. The “here” was referring to the Saudi King in the previous sentence.

    Thanks for pointing that out to me,


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