Alternative Alternatives

As the events keep unfolding relative to the cries of “freedom” and “democracy” (real or imaginary..) from the Middle East, we have no choice but to look at how this will effect our country and our need for the only commodity of any importance from this recalcitrant region. The commodity of “mindless spontaneously exploding foreign exchange students and cab drivers” readily available from this area may be incredibly important to the Mooselim “practitioners of the religion of peace”, but that is another story for another day..

These events afford an “opportunity” as the left likes to call them, for these urchins to punish those who truly do believe in “freedom” as ANY real or imaginary excitement from this area invariably results in the reflexive raising of crude oil prices. Without fail, as the price of crude (aptly named..) begins to climb from the absurd to the ridiculous, EVERYONE begins to consider the possibilities of “alternatives”. The liberals have an altogether different idea than the rest of us do as to what “alternative” really means..

When the price of petroleum begins to march or race upward, the left without hesitation begins to pule and moan about their progressive pet project, the unrealistic “alternative” fuels fallacy. From solar to wind to fuels made from any number of objects or items, they have managed to create about enough actual “fuel” to power a box fan for about a week..

Please keep the following four thoughts in mind relative to the liberal’s “alternative” fools/fuels.. The exorbitant “price” of these liberally inspired faux fuels is irrelevant. The fact that these faux fuels are made using the very fuels that we are constantly blackmailed over is irrelevant. The fact that these “fuels” are manufactured using products that should be used to “feed the world”, another liberal puling point, is irrelevant.. THESE are the ONLY “alternatives” offered up as acceptable by the left and there are two reasons for this.

The first is that the highest priority for the liberals as relates to the “alternative” nonsense is their desire to protect and enhance ALL of their personal investments that they have made. Since they have had the taxing and spending reigns of power in their greasy hands since 2006, they have tried to “control” where the tax monies stolen from the middle class can be most effectively “redistributed” in terms of this “science”, which then most effectively PROFITS THEM. In the world of “Wall Street”, this is known as “insider trading” and when participants are caught scheming, they are summarily canned and paraded before the “impartial” media in their prison togs.. Within the “world” of liberal politics, “insider trading” is considered the “spoils of victory” and the “impartial” media looks the other way.. Unfortunately, when those on the left are caught “insider trading” they are just reelected to office (and sometimes placed into HIGHER office..) by those who are dependent upon them for their “benefits”..

The second reason is a bit more clandestine. These so called “alternative fuels” are bound to fail.. Liberalism itself has “failure” hardwired into its DNA. Everything that the left has lovingly touched from the public schools to the enslavement of the lowest class, everything from the “Great Society” to the Obama health scare scam has been constructed from the brick and mortar of “failure”. So calling the “alternative fuels” a “failure” is a matter of who is doing the interpreting of the word.

In the demented liberal world, the creation of enough fuel (regardless of the exorbitant cost) to power one vehicle for just a photo op is a “success”. To the rest of us who rely on upon the millions of vehicles in America to get us to the few jobs that Obama hasn’t yet destroyed and to the businesses with fleets of vehicles that have managed to suffer through “Obamanomics”, this liberal “success” is a complete and utter “failure”..

This “failure” then sets our natural progress as what used to be America’s role as the world’s leader into the direction that applied liberalism always takes us, backwards.. By “demanding” the implementation such non-existent entities as “solar power” or “soy based flatulence fuel”, the wheels of industry have to at least slow and in many cases, they would grind to a complete halt.. The left simply cannot “tolerate” the idea of America as the world’s leader and their politics and policies are geared towards bringing the Stone Age back to North America.. Thus when any liberal begins moaning about “saved or created jobs” or “shovel ready jobs” while oppressively taxing and penalizing those who actually CREATE jobs, while demanding the use of “alternative fuels”, you have to clearly see that this is just Marxist moonshine..

Besides, the liberals themselves cannot agree upon what is right and wrong within their own mephitic Marxism. One group of liberals builds a “wind farm” and another group of liberals takes them to court claiming that that “too many birds are being killed” trying to fly through the field of progressive propellers.. One group of college liberals places a reflective glass upon their buildings to “save on energy consumption” while another group complains that too may birds are dying because the glass confuses the birds and they are crashing headlong into the buildings with too great a frequency.. Even one “liberal lion” refused to have a “wind farm” placed within the attractive sight line of his ridiculous digs in Hyannisport..

It’s not the “creation of alternative energy” that drives the left, it is the recipe for failure surrounding the “creation of OUR alternative energy” that drives them. Example: nuclear power. Here we have a technology that is readily available and is proven safe. It creates NONE of the “greenhouse gasses” or any of the other so-called “global warming/climate change/whatever we call it today” “issues” that the left weeps copiously over. Yet the left INSISTS upon no new nuclear plants, so the largest bulk of America’s electric power needs is supplied by.. Coal.. Burning coal IS more environmentally hazardous than nuclear power yet the liberals remain silent.. Scratch that, they want to bring an end to the burning of coal WITHOUT offering up a LOGICAL alternative, therefore it is back to the Stone Age for America..

Speaking of the Stone Age, let’s take the “peaceful nuclear aspirations” of Iran. NO ONE in their right mind believes that these cretins have the “peaceful aspirations” of creating power as the goal for their nuclear shenanigans.. They are building “reactors” of all kinds to beat the band and we have not heard a peep or a squeak in protest from those on the left.. However, when anyone in America talks of building another reactor, reactors that are obviously being built for “peaceful purposes”, the left all begin lifting their skirts and scurrying as if they had just seen a capitalist mouse all the while shrieking over and over, “Three Mile Island, Three Mile Island!!”..

The reality is that more people have died as a direct result of either being in the Clinton administration or being in Dead Ted’s car than have died as a result of the utilization of nuclear technology in the Unites States.

Remember that the left works under the precepts of “definitional inversion”. (Remember: success/failure from before..) Anything that the left self-applies to themselves is simply a reminder to their fellow travelers in the “impartial” media.. In actuality, they are 180 degrees away from that which they sanctimoniously stick to their narcissistic name tags..

Here are just a few to mull over. The liberals are “forward thinkers”.. They are “progressive”.. They are “tolerant”.. By ignoring both the petroleum reserves available to us currently as well as refusing to build more nuclear power plants, the left thinks of themselves as “progressive” and that they are “forward thinkers”. They are “thinking forward” and LOOKING forward to the time when China and India are considered the “world’s leaders”.. The left hasn’t that long to wait as China and India are actually already “world leaders” in ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION! This should have every environmental pony tailed pervert in America protesting in front of both Embassies but the silence that you hear comes from the hypocrisy that is the cornerstone of western liberalism..

In the face of yet another manufactured crisis and as the left continues to coo and bellow over their “alternative fuels”, I wonder why no one is demanding the logical “alternative alternatives” that are already available to us, both ready to unearth and ready to build..


11 responses to “Alternative Alternatives

  1. Great writing as usual Larry and right on target!!! Why we on the fair right don’t just ignore these think they are so smart ignoramuses is beyond me! Drill baby Drill!

  2. Outstanding, Larry! Too many of our ‘overseers’ in America are in a conflict of interest situation. I would propose anyone who is elected by the people, can no longer trade in the commodities market when they are in session. I would even like to see a published daily role call so we can keep track of these shysters. If they miss too many days, they forfeit pay and seniority. And their workday should start everyday no later than 8:30 AM and dismiss no later than 6:00 PM to avoid the ‘elites’ passing things in the dark of night. Really, how many actual hours of work do we get from our congressmen in a year?

    I too would like to see our congress meet only for sixty days or less every year or every other year. This then gives back power to the states and saves billions in travel expenses and per diem we the taxpayer are on the hook for. States are way over burdened with Federal meddling. We all feel frustrated because we can never get a response from Washington, but I am sure if things were being handled locally by each state, there would really be a lot more interaction and more input from all the citizens. Problem is, Washington has to also want this and that is likely never going to happen without a constitutional convention, which scares me because of all the damage self-serving interests could do. But we really need some changes made in the cesspool of D.C.

  3. I can’t help finding “Democracy” as I know it, and “freedom” at opposite ends. Democracy of today’s standards in America is the product of 60 years of the Democratic Party inspired by Socialist thinking. In no way while it professes to be “for the common man”, does it strive greater than to take that man’s freedoms from him. “Democracy” is not the Republic our forefathers founded.

    I lelped build and maintain two nuclear power plants here in my home state. Both are now nearly 50 years old without either one of them ever having any kind of a mishap or emergency situation.
    I suggest the ILL – LOGIC Lumps of alternative energy be dis-connected from electricty at sundown. No, not even air-conditioning but OK, I’ll allow for heating in the winter, thermostats no higher than 60 degrees. This starts from the White House on down the to any other liberal louse that in their mind, agrees with making something out of nothing. This would give sensable people cause to enjoy their lives and the retarted recylables would get what they’re whining about in saving OUR planet, lowering OUR foreign fuel imports, the only problem is we’d still have to stifle THEIR WHINING.

  4. Larry, Thank you for taking my idea and expounding on it in your thoughtful wonderful way with words. I can just picture the “greenies” in Collyfornia going on a picnic in their little electric shoe box and plugging it into a redwood tree before they can drive home.
    When I see Obama lately I always think of the “Man of LaMancha” racing around from green factory to green factory pointing his boney finger like a sword at the windmills. He is so laughable.
    Richard, The sad fact is that the congressmen don’t do any of hard “work”. His staff does all that. The congressmen only gets to do the fun stuff like spend boatloads of money after we borrow and print it. I say take half the staff out of each of their offices and make them do the real work. We could save a lot of money that way.

  5. Solar energy is great for powering my calculator, and wind is fine until you have a calm day. Ethanol would be okay if only they simply switched to using switchgrass which would be more efficient and cheaper (which is why we won’t ever do it) than using corn which is artificially jacking up the price of food.

    The enviro-weenies and the progressives will not allow us to use our own resources, preferring instead for us to dependent upon our enemies for our continued operations. Obama campaigned on killing coal, and that the price of electricity would ‘necessarily have to skyrocket’. His campaign promise is being kept. Should things spread to Saudia Arabia, we will see oil hit $200 a barrel, and $4 per gallon gas will be a comparative bargain.

    If the recovery dies, we will have the enviro-wackoes and Obama and his crew to blame; and we will need to act quickly to save this country from their epic fail.

  6. Good ideas above. Here in Texas our legislature meets every other year and our economy is first or second in the 50 (57 Obama) states .All work could be done on the Internet via “go to meeting”. Oh, I forgot that eliminates parties, meetings with lobbyist, and ability to fleece people of their money as they will be in their district where voters can get to them with questions and comments. No more form letter and Emails.Too much chance to expose their true feelings and lack of knowledge.

  7. the liberal attack all that is good for the USA and support all that is bad for the USA. It is clear their overall agenda is simply the downfall of the USA. I guess this is why feminists can get into bed with advocates of sharia law since they have the same end game to bring down the great satan. I always felt that left wingers had an inherent self-loathing and perhaps this is their way of venting it while the lump of wood in the whitehouse gives tacit approval … it is starting to look bad for America 😦

  8. Yes Monica, “Man of LaMancha” indeed! After driving the state of California recently and catching sight of literally thousands of Windmills standing still in the breeze you must wonder what exactly the cost has been and what the benefit. The “Man of LaMancha” had more intelligence obviously than the environmentalists behind this gaffe and the politicians supporting it.

  9. Excellent points from all above. Speaking of jobs ‘ created or saved’ , the CBO reports that the stimulus of 2009 actually cost about 821 billion dollars, and the estimated number of jobs ‘created or saved’ was between 1.4 million and 3.6 million. This means that the COST PER JOB was between $228,055 and $586,428 . Obviously, that stimulus was not very efficient. Since the individuals did not receive those large wages, the question should be asked – “where is the rest of the money , namely, the difference between the 8.1 billion dollars and the total of all wages actually paid? “

  10. Family,

    The latest from the TOTD site:

    Thanks as always,


  11. My Hubby posted this on facebook this evening……….. Please join us ina a prayer for these families and the rest of their unit. “Breaks my heart to hear that two Air Force Security Forces members were killed and another two wounded by a Kosovan Muslim while in the Frankfurt International Airport, Germany. These four Airmen were in the process of deploying to the Middle East. Please keep the families of these brave Airmen in your prayers. Defensor Fortis…The Blue Beret lives on. R.I.P.”

    Sorry Sons of ………………….

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