Getting Closer

The “question authority” screed that the sneering liberals used to bandy about has come back at them not unlike a Bolshevik boomerang.. Even though more and more people are questioning liberal authority, they aren’t totally locked in, but they are getting closer..

A “question authority” article has appeared in Time Magazine which proudly boasts the subtitle, “in partnership with CNN”, otherwise known as the Collectivist “News” Network. The article is entitled, “Are America’s Best Days Behind Us?” and one can almost hear the employees of CNN scurrying to line up for a chorus line of leg kicks screaming “Yes We Can!”, which is the cry that has certainly led us to this unfortunate conclusion.. If the author of the article, who appears to have our best interests at heart, would just read THIS article, his laudable goals might be met a bit sooner..

Very early on the author was on the right track. “What we see today is an American economy that has boomed because of policies and developments in the 1950’s and 60’s..” Just about at the end of this “era” a virulent virus was being incubated that would lead to the downward spiral that has been fought off periodically by conservatism and capitalism.. “The interstate highway system, massive funding for science and technology, a public school system that was the envy of the world..” Here is where the left began with the “pollution of progressivism” and through the last two points they have probably done their most devious and devastating damage..

“Massive funding for science and technology..” The left has ALWAYS been on board when the topic involves “massive funding”. (Except for the defense department, more on this a little later..) At least one liberally inspired/created “crisis” or an “epidemic” always precipitates the need for “massive funding”. By fast forwarding a few decades, we see that the liberals STILL believe in “massive funding for science and technology” as long as it is THEIR “science and technology”..

Liberal “science” like globaloney warming, the Ice Age of the 70’s, the population explosion, the world wide drought and their “green” nonsense has been “massively funded” which in turn rewards the liberals themselves who have deeply invested (illegally.) within that which they are “massively funding”. It has mattered not that their “scientists” have been in open collusion to hide the actual “facts” that surround their “science”, once the necessary hysteria is ladled on, acquiring “massive funding” is easy..

“A public education system that was the envy of the world..” Please note the key word.. “Was..” The intentional destruction of the nation’s public schools has been a liberal “top priority” for generations. This goal has served several purposes for the left. By completely “dumbing down” public education, they have ensured that the perpetual abattoir that is the liberal’s lowest class will always be stocked with more Democratic voters in need of the liberal’s benevolent “benefits”. Non-achieving public school “graduates” also helps to place “America’s Best Days Behind Us” as the left has persistently done everything within their grimy grasp to bring America down as the world’s leader. As well, indoctrinating those who can achieve with the liberal “science” of “globaloney warming” for example, will ensure our place within the lowest scientific strata..

“Our 15-year olds rank 17th in science and 25th in math..” Again, the “magic” of liberalism along with the Democratic marionettes of the NEA are succeeding in accomplishing their goals. They play “pass the trash” every September, every two months or so they wail and moan about “the plight of the public schools” which THEY have orchestrated and the ONLY liberal answer to that is “massive funding”.. How well has “massive funding” “succeeded” when implemented by the left to solve the problems of the public schools that were created by these groups of liberals? It depends upon who is using the word “succeeded”. ANYTHING deemed a “success” by the left always ends up being a “failure” in everyone else’s eyes.. Lets look at just a few statistics in the area closest to the location where the liberals are undertaking all of this “massive funding”..

“Study Finds One-Third in D.C. Illiterate” (Breitbart 03/20/2007) “D.C.’s Distinction: $16,344 Per Student, But Only 12% Read Proficiently” (Human Events 03/24/2006) In 2005, D.C. teachers averaged an hourly rate of pay of $35.89 for all of these “successes”.. (Civic Report No. 50 January 2007) Their track record of absolute failure is considerably longer, yet the ONLY answer for the septic tank public schools performances is “a lack of funding”..

Suddenly either a restrained bias or naivete kicks into the author’s article.. “Obama’s efforts to preserve and even increase resources for core programs appear to be failing in a Congress determined to demonstrate its clout..” This “clout” has been demonstrated for about a month and a half since the members who were sworn in after the Obama Waterloo of November.. Prior to that return to sensibility, the left was virtually unencumbered in their zeal to “massively fund” ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.. Obama actually campaigned saying that we shouldn’t place another Republican into the Presidency because we shouldn’t reward those “that got us into this mess..” First, the DEMOCRATIC House and Senate since 2006 “got us into this mess” and if this theory is actually held so closely by Obama, why would he “reward” the NEA with more “massive funding” since they have “gotten us into this mess”?

“But reducing funds for things like education and alternative energy will not produce much in savings and it will hurt the economy’s long term growth..” If we shuttered EVERY public school that fell below the minimal standards that are already in place, if “alternative schools” (charter schools, home schooling and vouchers for parents) were as important to the left as the sham of “alternative energy”, wouldn’t the nation be stronger for the “choice” or is “choice” only limited to ending the life of a fetus or the infirm within the jaundiced eyes of the Mengele’s of the left..

“The government spends $4 on elderly people for every $1 it spends on those under 18..” Point number one: Those UNDER 18 don’t VOTE and the liberals understand this.. Here the leftist argument for the “Soylent Green” mentality seems to fester within our author.. If you “spend” more based upon the SAME liberal policies and procedures of failure and fatalism, the RESULTS will NEVER change. No amount of money spent by the Democrats or the NEA will EVER produce better results. Neither party WANTS better results. Period.

“We adjust to the crisis of the moment and move on, but the underlying cancer continues to grow, eating away at the system..” Here the author has encapsulated the liberal political plan. The “cancer” IS liberalism and it continues to grow.. The liberals INVENT or CREATE the “crisis”.. Liberalism is always “eating away at the system..”

The author just can’t restrain his own liberal bias, it was just bursting at the seams, we knew that it had to blow.. “I don’t mean to echo the usual complaints about waste, fraud and abuse. In fact, there is less of those things than Americans think, except in the Pentagon with its $700 billion budget..” There you have it, the ONLY “waste, fraud or abuse” comes from those tasked with defending America.. Those tasked with “educating” America, those who have INTENTINALLY FAILED at this task, they are heroes who need “massive funding”..

Yet in the very next paragraph of the author’s missive, he says, “We have a crazy-quilt patchwork of towns, municipalities and states with overlapping authority, bureaucracies and resulting waste..” This point is absolutely correct but the fact that the author can’t find “waste, fraud and abuse” within the liberal quicksand that is the NEA led public schools is disingenuous or duplicitous..

“Today, every government program and subsidy seems eternal..” The author always seemed to be getting closer to the exorcism of his own deeply held liberalism, but he never seemed to jettison the Democratic Demon.. Then again, those sufficiently marinated in the Bolshevik bile of liberalism and its need for “massive funding” rarely seem to ever do so..


15 responses to “Getting Closer

  1. Thanks, Larry for another stellar article.
    D.C. had a program to place low income students in privet schools, which was a success, but the brown clown saw fit to cut funding.

  2. Larry, This article is so true. Just last week I watched the movie “Waiting for Superman”, which by the way was squelched by the left, about the disaster of our inner city schools. They are worse than you can imagine. Everyone should see this movie. There are many good parents who want their children to receive a decent education so try to get a chance at a charter school. The sad reality is the numer of spaces are so few that only a fraction of the children get a chance at a better school. So you are right, the liberals get to keep their uneducated, dependent voters. Isn’t this a form of slavery?

  3. Another winner Larry… every single point.

    Thinking about the recent Supreme court decision about free speech….. I know, even though it makes me mad, that these IDIOTS from that church who protest at the funerals of fallen soldiers do have the right to say whatever they want… This decision was truly no surprise. Having said that….. we have forgotten a very important fact! It is NOT a requirement that we listen to the koolaid drinkers, no matter what they think, or how loudly they yell. We are not required to believe them, or to act on their ridiculous rantings. We did have to allow them to have their “1st Amendment” rights, but we did not have to allow them to lie with impugnity; we did not have to allow them to spew their screed in our schools; we did not have to be polite and let them say whatever they wanted without pointing out the stupidity of their arguments. It’s time we started exercising OUR 1st Amendment rights and drown out the garbage, clean up our schools, and require our children to speak and behave as though they have some values. We’d better keep plugging on this one, as we still have a lot of work to do, and those “champions” of civil rights will be removing our rights to the 1st amendment (and the 2nd) if we don’t stand up and be counted.

  4. Five stars, Larry. ‘Massive funding”… I burn just typing the words. That is the secret password to get into the liberal club house. I just shake my head when I read things like you just ripped apart. Can anyone really be THAT stupid? And you were right, the author started to get close and immediately took evasive action. Disgusting!

  5. Papa Bear,

    Great point.

    The NEA made a “phone call” and suddenly a very good program in an area where a good program was needed was trashed.

    When the liberals cry, “its for the kids”, actions like that HAVE to make the logical “question authority”.

    Thanks as always,


  6. noleftturnz


    Back when Albert Gore Sr. was leading the Democratic works, their plan was to keep the poor in place through the messy ball bats and fire houses..

    Once the tide turned against this Democratic plan, they had to come with an idea to keep their constituents.

    Thus the “progressive payoff” was implemented.

    Even the liberals had to be stunned at how easily their constituents could be paid off and manacled with the monies stolen from others..

    Thanks as always,


  7. noleftturnz


    I really like that, “that is the secret password to get into the liberal club house..”

    Very nice at it draws into the analogy the fact that the limousine liberals are all about the exclusion of others while they squirrel away as much as they can pilfer as a representative of the “everyday man..”

    As long as everyone knows their place within the liberal pantheon, and as long as no one wants to “move up”, everything is groovy in liberaland..

    Thanks as always,


  8. noleftturnz


    Thus the NLTZ motto:

    Never give in, never give up and never again..

    Words to live by my friend.

    Thanks as always,


  9. If the Liberals keep everyone else ‘stupid’, via a poor education, then they ( the Libs ) will appear to be more intelligent !! Sadly, they believe that it will work .

  10. Larry, I heard something on Glen Beck’s show that made me sick. He had a text book that every high school in New York state will be using. The jest of the text is to turn the students against the police and all law enforcement. A manipulation of minds. It is disgusting because the text is being sponsored by the radical left and paid for by the AFL-CIO. In other words collect dues from the officers and turn out a text to hate them. There is going to be a F…. A Policeman day. I think it was on April 15th. This is so sick I can’t believe it is happening in my country. Have you heard of this?

  11. noleftturnz


    Talk is certainly cheap and that’s nothing compared to the mindless grunting on the (c)rap records..

    A trial here in town just ended yestarday for another of societies cop killers.

    This weasel actually admitted to seeking out a white policeman to kill for no reason other than he is a white policeman.

    The moron ran from the scene (as all cowards do) after shooting into the officer’s car as he was doing paperwork in the dark. His cell phone fell from his pocket which was then traced back to him.

    The surprise awaiting this imbecile is that the father of the prosecutor in this case was a St. Louis PD canine officer who was killed in the line of duty by someone just like him..

    His room in Hell awaits..

    Thanks as always,


  12. “Is America’s Best Days Behind Us?” That just hits me wrong and I find it a repulsive for an article or a question in general coming from anyone who is an American.
    You are spot on, Larry, about neither party wants better results. Nor are they about to change it. The less than 500 people are the ones that enacted the laws that we find ourselves burdened with. They also can rescind those laws. They, and only they, are the ones that have the power to do so and each election cycle we hear how much a campaigner is against the deficit, government waste, etc. and nothing is ever done. No, they don’t want better results, they have it the way THEY like it!

    Perhaps it’s my common sense that’s slipping but I fail to make the connection between having more money and it raising the intelligence of a student.

  13. Family,

    The latest from the TOTD site:

    Liberal infrastructure, anyone?

    Thanks as always,


  14. Just pay attention to Arne Duncan, the educational man (?) Obama has chosen. He was in charge of Chicago schools and we all know how good they were. All of the czars are in place to run America into the ground. It seems that there is some way that several of these people could be arrested and tried for an over throw of the government. This is all frightening. Two years is too long to wait for a change. Keep up the good work Larry.

  15. Education is no affair of the state. Although it is undoubtedly true that educational standards were at one time extremely high, nevertheless the public schools have always been used as vehicles for indoctrination. The decline both of the schools and the universities, is a result of the never-ending liberal endeavour to create a society where no-one is more or has more than anyone else.

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