Ass Extinction

Well, you may be surprised to read this but they are at it again.. Some of the vaunted liberal “scientists” are making their usual predictions based upon nothingness.. The progressive pattern reveals the same hysteria-driven drivel that is only taken “seriously” at San Francisco socialist soirees and within the walls of Congress.. By the way, those are the only ones who are listening and when the first group begins puling to the second group, all of our wallets become a little lighter..

If it isn’t another “Ice Age”, it is “Globaloney Warming”. If it isn’t the “Population Explosion” it is the “World-Wide Famine”.. The estrogen levels of the liberals has to be about as high as their IQ’s, this is why they always resort to such sophistry which is based upon the same type of sound “science” that all of their other previous predictions have been scrupulously scripted from..

Yahoo news reports (hopefully tongue in cheek) that “Mankind may have unleashed the sixth known mass extinction in Earth’s history..” We can’t necessarily blame Yahoo for this as this frightening scenario has come from “the science journal Nature..” When dealing with the liberals and their histrionics, there should be some panel assembled to verify and justify their use of the term “science”. Like every other word that drips from the mealy mouth of a liberal, the word is cheapened by their use, overuse and abuse of it..

The indoctrination for the uninitiated begins early on in the article. “Over the past 540 million years, five mega-wipeouts of species have occurred through naturally-induced events..” Please note the use of the liberal “scientific” term, “mega-wipeouts”.. The important point to remember here is that these have “occurred through naturally-induced events..” Who can see the direction that this is going, “left” maybe?

“But the new threat is man-made, inflicted by habitation loss, over-hunting, over-fishing, the spread of germs and viruses and introduced species and by climate change caused by fossil-fuel greenhouse gases, says the study..” Shall we delve into this?

OF COURSE this is “man-made”, how else can all of the liberal parallel phantasms be brought into play? “Habitation loss” needs more environmental protection, “over-hunting” and “over-fishing” needs the attention of the animal rights lunatics. The liberals themselves are personally responsible for a number of “germs and viruses” that have certainly plagued mankind since the sixties, but since mankind is the “victim” and not the “blind albino crotch tick”, no harm no foul.. According to the “scientists”, “climate change” (Globaloney Warming 2.0..) caused by greenhouse gases HAS to be the real “threat”.. The liberal’s biggest push, with all of its “green jobs” and its “enviro-friendly” fuels, is directly related to the “big scare” surrounding “greenhouse gases”..

“Paleobiologists at the University of Berkeley looked at the state of biodiversity..” Hold it right there, bub.. “Biodiversity” is a liberal scam founded in the liberal scam of “diversity”. Using the liberal “definitional inversion” chart, “diversity”, regardless of where it is incorporated by the liberals, is actually “exclusion” based upon a number of theories. (Example: the “diversity” of quotas is the “exclusion” of the more qualified.) It is nothing more than their fascism fomented by fiction. “Diversity” is the smiley happy face applied to their “I am right because I am left” mindset of exclusion..

“Researcher” Anthony Baronsky said, “It looks like modern extinction rates resemble mass extinction rates..” Note the scientific certainty in the words, “looks like”.. I am more concerned with what this “smells like”.. This is just more of the liberal “science” of 2+2 equaling 64.. This mere guesswork continues on. “This picture is supported by the outlook for mammals in the ‘critically endangered’ and ‘currently threatened’ categories of the Red List (what other list would the liberals compile..) of biodiversity compiled by the International Union for Conservation of Nature..” “Critically endangered and currently threatened” are the biodiversity equivalent of “shovel ready jobs” and “jobs saved or created”.. Again, please note that these dark GUESSES are based upon the sound “science” of “the outlook”..

Baronsky just could not control himself.. “On the assumption that these species are wiped out and biodiversity loss continues unchecked, ‘the sixth mass extinction could arrive within as little as three to 22 centuries..’” After the first three words of that silly soliloquy, the rest of the words thereafter are of no “scientific” value.. “On the assumption”.. The ONLY “science” that relies on “assumptions” is the liberal “science” of sorcery.. Make note of the liberal word “unchecked” and try to imagine just for a moment what the liberals would like to do to keep things in “check” and how much that will cost you..

I suppose that since the “science” behind globaloney warming was exposed to the light of truth, these “scientists” wanted to get ahead of the curve. “The authors admitted to weaknesses in the study..” This admission is there only to placate momentarily. “They acknowledge that the fossil record is far from complete, that mammals provide an imperfect benchmark of Earth’s biodiversity and further work is needed to confirm their suspicions..” “Further work” needs FURTHER FUNDING and if they manage to scare enough of the mentally malleable, this should be only a minor hurdle..

Can you logically call it “science” when such terms as “admitted weakness”, “far from complete”, “imperfect benchmark” and “on the assumption” are peppered throughout an article reporting these so called “findings”? When intellectually cornered, Baronsky says, “Only two percent of all species have gone extinct in the groups we can look at clearly, so by those numbers, we are far down the road to extinction..” “Two percent” and we are “far down the road to extinction”? At “two percent” we are far FROM extinction.. If “two percent” scares this “scientist”, what does the Obama TEN percent unemployment leave behind in his knickers? The “scientist” continues to sing for his socialist supper by adding, “we still have a lot of Earth’s biota to save..” Which means, “we still need a lot of money, we need a lot of ‘funding’”..

Echoing this plea for “funding”, French biologist Gilles Boeuf said, “at this rate, it will take us a thousand years to record all of Earth’s biodiversity..” A thousand years of “funding” for fascist flatulence.. Boeuf decides to ramp up the rhetoric, “but at the rate things are going, by the end of this century, we may well have wiped out half of them..” If this is true, we will save at least fifty percent of the cost of “funding” these “scientists” as they won’t need to count what isn’t there.. Then again, this is the liberal exact “science” of “we may well have” wiped out half..

When it comes to the liberals and their faux “science” of hysteria based upon uneducated hunches and goofy guesses, the only “mass extinction” that seems imperative is that of the liberals and their “scientists” themselves.. Were this to come to fruition, it would more closely resemble “ass extinction”..


19 responses to “Ass Extinction

  1. Whereas you, Larry, use words to clear the fog or rhetoric and educate, the slimers use words to conceal and confuse. We indeed need to be vigilant in all things political.

  2. As you all are most likely aware, we now have no less than 12 states pondering passing laws requiring candidates for the offices of President and Vice President(Vice….quite a fitting title for little joey biden) to provide a valid birth certificate before being put on the ballot. As you may also know, Arizona went wobbly-kneed on the issue so its now up to one of the other States to follow through. We only really need 2 or 3 states to pass this requirement (which amazingly enough is already in the Constitution, you know, that document obama ignores from time to time) and we will hear obama tell us he really needs to spend more time golfing, spending more time with his spawn, and refreshing the drawn butter cup for michelles lobster and will not be a candidate this time around.
    So lets keep the cards and letters going to this legislators in support of this please.

  3. I am at the breaking point. My guilt in being part of mankind is overwhelming me. Why was I not born a salt water marsh mouse rather than the uncaring, unfeeling human I am.

  4. Margaret in CT

    Seems to me that all such “scientists” and not a few politicians subscribe to the same philosophy: They’re smart. We’re dumb. So we will accept anything they say. We aren’t supposed to notice when they change “global warming,” a dubious theory that was easy to disprove, to “climate change,” which is so inevitable that it cannot be called a theory. Unfortunately, once great science journals, such as Nature, have been taken over by editorial boards that publish much that is not science at all, but political crusading.

  5. Now you’ve gone and done it Larry. I will be lying awake at night thinking we will be extinct in the next three to twenty-two centuries. If we all stopped breathing would it help? I once saw a study on scientists that found a high majority of them were atheists. Need I say more? They believe they are the “God” we should follow with their wisdom. Ho hum.

  6. Have any of you seen the Bill gates little talk on the need to reduce the planet population by 1 BIULLION people? I red the article Larry is referring to, and agree that any REAL scientist would never use such dumb terms. I have a real solution to the population and carbon dioxide problem. All progressives in order to furnish non-chemical fertilizer to feed the third world countries commit suicide, and donate their remains to an organic fertilizer plant. Reduced carbon dioxide production and increased food production without the use of organic fertilizers.

  7. Greywolf, I agree with your solution 100% and let’s not forget to include the MSM with the progressives. To borrow Mark Twain’s quote, “But then I repeat myself.”
    I find this population reduction hilarious coming from the liberals while at the same time were pushing amnesty for 22 million illegal aliens. The long term population effects on our nation within 20 years would be devastating to our country infrastructrally and enviromentally. With such programs as “chain migration” in which the “citizens” are allowed to bring nuclear family members (without proof) to live in the U.S. and become citizens. No, the liberals aren’t going to mention this, they are to busy scrounging more slaves for a voter base while predicting armegedon for the world.

  8. I am a tree hugging conservative.
    Although I know what you are conveying, I do believe that everytbing was created for a specific purpose (though I can’t understand japanese beetles, fleas, and ticks) and we need to be careful about eliminating species for our convenience. The overrun deer population is an example because their natural preditor (wolf) was almost driven to exinction.
    To publish something like this to help awaremess is a good thing. To do this to get funding is ridiculous. Character is like virginity – either people have it, or they don’t.

  9. Kris, I have been a conservationist for close to 70 years, but I can not find justification for the extinction they push any where in my textbooks, nor on the web. The deer problem was caused by man getting in the way of nature. Too long the crying hearts said do not kill Bambi’s mother, so laws were pass to that effect and boom too many deer. I live in a small town in East Texas and at night one must be very careful on the road because of all the deer. We do have predators here, and as proof we had a Bobcat on our roof Sat. morning. As a Biologist and life long hunter I know a Bobcat when I see one.

  10. Joe,

    Loved the salt water marsh mouse..

    Forgotten about that one.

    Thanks as always,


  11. Richard,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Your comments are always appreciated.


  12. Monica,

    I do not want you lying awake all night.

    If it were only sixteen centuries would that help you to sleep?

    Thanks as always,


  13. Kris,

    I appreicate your perspective.

    When the left begins wailing without ANY definative proof just “guesses and hunches”, I cannot take what they say seriously.

    The left does noy believe in ANY kind of human progress and no one ever advocates eliminating ANYTHING for “convenience” except the liberals who like to “eliminate” life in the womb for the sake of “convenience”.

    When the left comes up with something better than “assumptions” I will “assume” that they are anything other than disingenuous and blindly driven by their mantras.

    Thanks as always,


  14. Hello all,

    Great article with one correction. In the 6th paragraph you say mankind is a ‘victim’. You forget that man is the aggressor, without who all these woes would not exist. Mankind probably caused the comet to hit the earth 65 million years ago just to cause the dinosaurs to die off just so we could take over the ‘hood.

    Man are we good, lol.

    My money is not theirs. My life is not theirs. Nor do I work for them

  15. Sorry, forgot to check for the follow up comments, lol
    My money is not theirs. My life is not theirs. Nor do I work for them

  16. “the only “mass extinction” that seems imperative is that of the liberals and their “scientists” themselves.. Were this to come to fruition, it would more closely resemble “ass extinction”.. That would certainly eliminate a lot of problems Larry.

    I like your solution too Graywolf.

  17. noleftturnz


    Spot on.. Excellent point.

    Thanks as always,


  18. I liked “blind albino crotch tick” best.
    Don’t give them ideas though, Larry, they just might put them on the endangered species list to force diversity into hygienic wholesome activities.

  19. WOW! Good news in Maricopa County Arizona the left wants to keep quiet. Today on the radio it was announced that Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s tent city had 40% fewer inmates than last year. Do you need any more proof HB1070 is doing it’s job. I sorta feel bad for all the other states the illegals moved to collect their “rights”. Not!

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