Socialist Segue

The wonderful thing about the liberals is that literally everything that they have done can be applied to the next thing that they do. Lets take a look at something from today and we will work it backwards to see just how destructive the liberals and their ethos actually is.. The article from today is entitled, “Economists Urge Obama Not to ‘Overreact’ to High Food Prices”. (Fox News dot com 03/07/2011)

“Leading advocates for the world’s poorest and hungriest are urging Obama not to ‘overreact’ to recent spikes in food prices.” These “advocates” are certainly ahead of the game as they know, as the world knows, that “overreact” is what Obama and the liberals are all about.. It will take decades for our nation to recover from the “overreactions” of the Scamulous, the Health Scare Phantasm, the various “bailouts” and the assorted “takeovers”.. However, this must be just a formality as the idea of asking Obama NOT to “overreact” is about as senseless as asking Michael Moore not to “overeat”..

“Rising food prices have been linked to the unrest that has swept through the Middle East and North Africa. Calls for greater personal and political freedoms have been accompanied by complaints about unaffordable staple food prices..” The blackmailers who have the bulk of the world’s oil beneath their smelly sandals are more responsible for these “spikes” than anything else. Previous “spikes” were seemingly without any sensible or logical excuse, I am sure that these Sultans aren’t in that big of a hurry to see crude prices drop regardless of the “unrest” in the area..

Manuel Hernandez, a “fellow” at the International Food Policy Research Institute said, “We shouldn’t exacerbate these fluctuations by imposing obstructions to the market that could make things worse..” (By the way, maybe if this “Institute” weren’t paying this shill so much to sit about and chat, they could buy some seeds and teach people how to grow a few things..) If this man is addressing Obama and the liberals, he might as well be talking to the wall..

Obama “exacerbated” the Obama Depression “by imposing obstructions to the market” that INTENTIONALLY MADE things worse.. Obama’s “obstructions” have precipitated a permanent ten percent unemployment, out of control spending and a deficit that will burden generations to come.. February’s Obama deficit was $223 Billion, which is another “historic” record for a single month. This Obama deficit for ONE MONTH is larger than the Bush deficit for the ENTIRE YEAR of 2007.. February marked the 29th straight month of government deficit spending, which makes Obama a stellar 24 for 24.. If Obama is involved, things WILL “get worse”..

Hassan Zaman, lead economist at the World Bank’s Poverty Reduction and Equity Group said, if the international community collectively engaged in steps such as ensuring that there are as few export restrictions as possible on food grains..” Maybe if the guys with names like Hassan Zaman would start “ensuring collectively” the REDUCTION in the price for a barrel of oil, THIS Hassan Zaman wouldn’t have to basically demand that the United States take a loss on their exports for the “good of the world”..

Here is the bad news for these countries that are “suffering”.. “”It is important for vulnerable countries to know that if there is a crisis, the global community will respond..” Based upon how helpful Obama and the liberals have been here in America for the last 24 months with the “crisis” that they themselves have manufactured, these countries might want to rescind that request.. Here is the problem, the liberals have been alerted to a “crisis”.. Enter the socialist segue.. “Crisis”..

Liberal skunk Rahm Emanuel once said, “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste..” (Wall Street Journal Digital Network 02/09/2009) The liberals understand that a “crisis” real or imagined, is the open door for the liberal’s patented overly intrusive government to “rescue” those that are dependent upon the liberal’s intrusive government. Now lets start looking backwards at Emanuel and his cynical analysis of the value of a “crisis”..

Emanuel, who just recently illegally (how else does anyone do things politically in Illinois? Blagojevich? Obama? Emanuel? Emil Jones? John Stroger? Any questions??) “won” election to the Mayor of Chicago, was once elected by Billy Bob Clinton to be on the Board of Directors for Freddie Mac in 2000. Both the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Office of Federal Hosing Enterprise Oversight recognized that “scandal was brewing” between 2000 and 2002. Try to guess who was a member of the Board during that timeframe?

The SEC said that Freddie Mac “misrepresented profits by billions of dollars in order to deceive investors between the years 2000 and 2002..” I have “forgotten”, when was Emanuel on the Board at Freddie Mac?

Freddie Mac (along with Fannie Mae) may end up stealing $154 BILLION dollars (Washington Post 10/22/2010) from the middle class with the apparent blessing of Obama.. This is the same Obama that said at a shampaign rally in Minnesota on 10/23/2010, back when the liberals viewed him as “Typhoid Barry”, right before the “Obama Waterloo”, (Side bar: This entire speech is hilarious. Obama also first used the idiotic “R for reverse” analogy which he got from Al “Diaper Boy” Franken, the invisible Senator, which immediately blew up in his fascist face..) that “they’re betting that you’ll forget who caused this mess in the first place..”

Obama seemed to “forget” as he rewarded Emanuel who “got us into this mess” with Freddie Mac. Obama seemed to “forget” “the policies that got us into this mess” as he has rewarded Rahm’s Freddie Mac with BILLIONS of the middle classes dollars.. Emanuel did what ALL liberals do when they are embroiled in scandal after scandal, he quit and he ran for Congress in the most corrupt and politically polluted state in the union..

During the “Emanuel Years”, Freddie Mac substantially misrepresented its income to “present investors with an image of a company that would continue to generate predictable and growing earnings..” (“Emanuel Was Director Of Freddie Mac During Scandal” abc news go dot com 11/07/2008) This is why Emanuel ended up as the Obama Chief of Staff as this was the same “misrepresentation” that Obama has been using on the VOTERS to present an “image of a NATION that would continue to generate predictable and growing earnings..” Repackaged liberal lies are STILL repackaged liberal lies.. They “worked” in 2008, the nation learned a very hard lesson and they “failed” in 2010..

The liberals like to think that they are extremely brilliant but in just taking one small look backwards after a socialist segue, we can see that the liberals just copy off of themselves and this comes from the fact that they are actually intellectually lazy and stunted.. By the way, we HAVEN’T forgotten who ACTUALLY “got us into this mess..”


6 responses to “Socialist Segue

  1. “Leading advocates for the world’s poorest and hungriest…….” have learned nothing about OBummer. They should know by now he does the exact opposite of what is asked of him. He is certainly being a marionette martyr and keeping the identity of the puppet master(s) a secret. OBummer could double as the Pharoah of Moses’s time – – – opression unto all who do not bow. The first thing I would do would be to shut down ALL green programs and give the food back to the people…. but that’s just me. Then again I would double tariffs to keep the playing field level.

  2. It is a know fact among reasoning persons that the libelous liberals suffer from dillusional adequecy, if not granduer. Nowever the old maxim; “Light travels faster than sound. That is why a person may appear bright before he opens his mouth” applies to all pulp-headed Progressives. Our problem is we can’t silence the “light” headed leftists or the in need of a clorine flush gene pool they influence.

  3. “The SEC said that Freddie Mac “misrepresented profits by billions of dollars in order to deceive investors between the years 2000 and 2002..” ”
    Now, I seem to remember this same statement being made about Enron and a whole bunch of other companies during this same period of tome……but I seem to recall one really big difference. Those thieves and swindlers paid enormous fines, their companies were bankrupted and many of them went to jail. It was called FRAUD! So tell me again, why this nit wit is now the Mayor of Chicago?

    Oh, nevermind… he’s Obama’s buddy…..

  4. And the libs walk away from their mess with a laugh and a boat load of money we “donated” to the cause.

  5. Hi all,

    Can I have my ‘Donation’ back?


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