Representative Peter King is doing what so few politicians do. He is doing his job. As the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, he is holding hearings relative to the “radicalization of Muslims”. (Fox News 03/10/2011) He believes that they are doing “the committee’s duty” which is to “protect America from a terrorist attack..” The problem is, there are several groups of “suspects” that we need to protect ourselves from in the War On Terror and these meetings may only address one group of them..

Within the first paragraph of the news story we learn of a few of these “suspects”. “He (King) launched the high-profile inquiry amid heated criticism from religious and civil rights groups..” Anyone who is tossing up “heated criticism” about these meetings has the SAME motives as those that they are allegedly weeping for.. They are simply too short-sighted to understand their own naivete..

These “religious and civil rights groups” haven’t taken into account what their fates would be if these “radicalized Muslims” took control of America, something that they might enable through their constant “heated criticism”.. Even these “imaginary religious” liberal theologians that worship porcupines or lawn mowers, what would happen to their “religion” under the “tolerant” Sharia Law that seems to follow these “radicalized Muslims” everywhere they go? What about these “SNIVEL rights” weenies, what would happen to their “co-exist” limp-wristed mentality of advancing “tolerance” towards homosexuality, multiculturalism, deviance and their own personal intolerance towards religion? (Or is it just Christianity that sets them off..) What of ALL of the “rights” within the Constitution that they now hide behind through activist liberal judges, where will these “rights” go when the “radicalized Muslims” take America with their assistance? There is NO “tolerance” within those that the liberals are defending and enabling for that which the liberals so deeply “believe” in.. Yet they childishly proceed..

In his opening statement, King had to “defend” his decision to hold these meetings. The only thing that anyone would have to “defend” relative to these meetings is the fact that they are taking place nearly ten years AFTER September 11th..

“This committee cannot live in denial..” With all due respect to Representative King, the liberals have been living in “denial” since the liberal virus has begun to flourish within its hosts about sixty years ago.. “Denial” is one of the cornerstone philosophies of the liberal ethos. After “denial” they resort to “distraction”, then to “deflection” and then to “indoctrination”.. “Denial” in this case is very closely related to “cowardice” when it comes to the liberals.

King said, “backing down would amount to a ‘craven surrender to political correctness.’” Again, “craven surrender” is the default setting firmly ensconced within the Neville Chamberlain liberals.. It is hardwired into their defective Democratic DNA.. Then again, “surrender” itself is always the favored tactic of those who deploy the “kneepad diplomacy” of the left..

“Obama has tried to frame the discussion around radicalization in general, without singling out Muslims. King has said that’s just political correctness since Al Qaeda is the main threat to U.S. ” First, talking about “radicalization” WITHOUT “singling out Muslims” is as nonsensical as talking about “stupidity” without “singling out” Keith Olberwomann.. I may respectfully disagree with Representative King about the “main threat to the U.S.” and I will explain why using the article itself as the proof..

“A majority of Americans support King’s plans..” We actually have to look DEEPER into that statement in order to weed out those who actually AREN’T Americans and how they “feel”.. “Sixty-nine percent of Republicans say the hearings are the right thing (what are the other thirty-one percent thinking??) while only 40 percent of Democrats say they are appropriate..” Isn’t that an interesting statistical anomaly.. Here the liberals who “believe” in “informing” fourth graders about the virtues of birth control and correct condom application, the liberals who “believe” so deeply in “empowering people through knowledge and information” (as long as it is THEIR “information”..) and they don’t want any “information” about “radicalized Muslims” placed into the record.. Suddenly, silence is golden..

Why would anyone be surprised at the liberals wanting to silence meetings relative to “Muslim radicalization” whether their “protests” are based upon “political correctness” or any other collectivist crackpotterie? The liberals have the same goals as the radicalized Muslims, the radicalized Muslims are just going about it in a more obvious manner.. As long as the “Great Satan” that is America is destroyed, those who espouse this definition of America, both the liberals and the radicalized Muslims, well, they will both be dancing in the streets..

The liberals defended the Communist Russians as they were seeking in infiltrate and destroy America. The liberals shilled for them time and time again.. They excoriated McCarthy. They eulogized Hiss.. Just as they are doing today, they defended those who had the destruction of America as their “number one priority”, not unlike the basketball bouncing Bolshevik currently in Washington.. The Communists had the same goals in mind as the liberals of that era. It is only logical that they would seek to attach themselves to a more manly, swarthy group of simians who would do their dirty work for them today..

Enter the brave Zuhdi Jasser. He is the President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. As a witness he said that, “some misguided Imams are conditioning Muslims to distrust the U.S. government and as a result of political correctness, the nation is failing to prevent homegrown terror..” I applaud Mr. Jasser but the liberals have been “defending” the actions of the terrorists REGARDLESS of whether they are “homegrown” or whether they are merely “visitors”.. The “rights” of the terrorists to attack innocent Americans supercedes the “right” of those tasked with DEFENDING America from terrorist attacks to do their jobs unimpeded and more importantly, those terrorist “rights” supercede the “rights” of Americans NOT to become the victims of the terrorists..

Melvin Bledsoe testified that his son was “manipulated and lied to” and that his son was “taken advantage of..” Mr. Bledsoe was speaking of how his son was “captured” and led into radical Islam but couldn’t the exact same phasing be used relative to those that have been brainwashed by the liberal mantras of their “leaders”? Wasn’t the election of 2008 ALL about being “manipulated and lied to” by the Dark Knight?

“King said that he is ‘well aware’ that the hearings have generated ‘considerable controversy and opposition’”.. This “controversy and opposition” is coming from those that have deliberately gone out of their way to be the perverted terrorist jock sniffers that they have become.. The terrorist apologists are the ones “generating” “controversy and opposition” and the shocking fact of the matter is that the overwhelming number of these apologists are NOT Middle Eastern or even from the Middle East, they are the smarmy domestic liberals that always appear from beneath the reactionary rocks..

What AMERICA needs to be “well aware” of is the FACT that the liberals are just as much to blame for the success of ANY terrorist attack that has, or ever will, take place in America. It is hard to determine which “group” of “suspects” is a bigger threat to America, the “radicalized Muslims” or the liberals..


9 responses to “Suspects

  1. Family,

    Here is the latest from the TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  2. You tell it just like it is Larry…. AMEN!
    This PC world the koolaid drinkers have created is going to jump up and bite us all right in the butt… and soon, I’m afraid…..
    Right on, to Representative King, keep it up. We are proud of you, and behind you all the way!
    Someone has to have the courage to say what needs to be said — out loud.

  3. There go those liberals again walking around with their eyes wide shut. We are so fortunate we have a Peter King with some hutzpah. Backing down is not an option. Our country is at stake.

  4. The bottom line with “radicalized” mooslims is that you are either become a mooslim or you will be dead. You cannot negotiate with religious extremists. There is no peaceful co-existence with them. I just pray that they go after the liberals first so we have less of that enemy to contend with.

  5. I’d say the libs are more more of a threat!
    Without their sniveling, tolerance advocating, political correctness, radicalized mooselims wouldn’t stand a chance.

  6. Another bullseye! The libs cannot find enough brain cells among them to even begin to understand the horrors we are going to experience, each and every one of us, if we do not heed the call to fiscal and moral responsibility.

  7. Family,

    How about another TOTD? Who’s game? Click the link..

    Thanks as always,


  8. Margaret in CT

    So perceptive, Larry. In my medical editing I often see the statistical term “mutually exclusive.” Radical Islam (actually, Islam, radical or not) and democracy are mutually exclusive; liberalism and democracy are mutually exclusive. They cannot have a common outcome.

    I have had the pleasure of listening to Peter King for many years on local radio programs. I sent him an e-mail thanking him for truly representing the country, and living up to his oath of office, which bears reviewing:

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

    What a country we would have if even half of the Members took their oath as seriously as Peter King has over the years.

  9. beyond disgusted

    Excellent piece! Rep. Peter King is a truth teller and we need many more of him. I’ve long feared political correctness will be the death of us.

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