Take The Lead

I suppose that it is a “good news, bad news” kind of scenario for both the United States and the world.. The “Punxatawney Progressive” has come out of his socialist slumber just long enough to see his shadow which means that it is time for another six weeks of vacation.. Mr. “Unifier, not a divider” has gone back to merely being “present” in the White House as that plan seemed to work so well for him during his stellar 143 day “career” in the Senate..


Here in the United States, some are trying to alleviate the suffering that has been inflicted under the socialist scorched earth shampaign of Obama for the past two years only to now run into a “four corner stall”, if I may use a basketball analogy.. A basketball analogy is important because Obama seems more interested in the basketball brackets than the events spiraling out of control both around him and because of him.. Even in Libya, the headlines all read that “France, England and the US..” are taking action.. When was the last time that France was leading the charge when it comes to warfare? When was the last time that we were third in line?

The intrepid team of Obama and Biden are the only tandem in presidential “history” to have to apply Desenex to their tongues every hour on the hour.. While Obama and his family have again packed their grimy gripsacks and jetted off at the taxpayers expense, he has left the country in the capable hands of.. Joe “Stoli” Biden.. That thought alone is a sure cure for narcolepsy..

Just at about the time when Air Farce One was going “wheels up”, the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) was doling out more bad news about what the incredibly intelligent liberals have done to America with their girly spending sprees.. We read of this in “CBO: Obama underestimates deficits by $2.3 trillion”. (Yahoo finance dot com 03/19/2011) Aren’t you surprised that a group of self professed geniuses that haven’t been able to figure out how to use Turbo Tax now can’t seem to get their “estimates” correct relative to the permanent damage that they have done to the middle class?

The CBO estimates that the Obama “Target America First” campaign “would produce deficits totaling $9.5 trillion over 10 years-an average of $1 trillion a year..” When the batteries in the collectivist calculators burn out, it seems that Obama and crew just start tossing out numbers that might be correct if ANYONE ELSE were running things.. After all, not only is this “mess” the result of what Obama “inherited” from a Democratic House and Senate since 2006, it is what he has “inherited” from HIMSELF since January of 2009..

The “CBO has a less optimistic estimate” of the Obama “contract ON America”, “the administration has rosier economic projections”.. The liberals have forever been looking at their intentional destruction of both capitalism and democracy through the collectivist kaleidoscope.. “The agency also rejects the administration’s claims of more than $300 billion of that savings because it does not specify where it is coming from..” There is just SO much wrong with that..

First, the liberals will “spend” tens of trillions and then they will “claim” without proof that they are “saving” a billion by doing so.. Asking the liberals to “specify” where their “savings” are coming from is fruitless, unless you are asking Barney Frank.. These are the same “what’s your exit plan, what is your timetable” liberals that wept and moaned while George Bush tried to fight the international War on Terror, let alone the DOMESTIC War on the War on Terror that has been declared by the liberals.. The left was ALL ABOUT “specifics” then but what has happened now? The liberals still believe in their “I say it therefore it is true and I don’t need any damned proof so don’t bother asking”. It is a perverted version of Descarte’s Law. Under the liberals it has become, “I stink, therefore I am..”

Obama tries to blow smoke into the eyes of the CBO with the alleged savings of an additional “$328 billion that would come from unspecified ‘bipartisan financing’ to pay for transportation infrastructure projects such as high speed rail lines..” To quote the greatest American President, “Well, there you go again..” It’s sometimes too much to bear, isn’t it?

Just what exactly is “bipartisan financing”? Since the Obama liberals were weaned on the Obama “I won” philosophy back in 2009 when they were locking the few Republicans in Washington out of the meeting rooms, when was this political Epiphany that brought the word “bipartisan” back into the lascivious liberal lexicon? Since this phantasm is called “bipartisan”, when Obama throws his next “my way or no way” totalitarian tantrum, isn’t this just the excuse to claim that others obstructed the liberals plans to save what the liberals have systematically destroyed when this “bipartisanship” can’t be achieved?

“High speed rail”? Shall we take a look at the “low speed rail” that the government, or should I say, the taxpayers, ALREADY owns? Just how profitable and efficient is Amtrack? How about yet ANOTHER current example of the Obama “infrastructure spending” relative to the “low speed rail”..

The Amtrack station named after Biden himself, the one that is under construction in Wilmington Delaware is already $5.7 million dollars OVER budget and they aren’t anywhere near done with it.. Twenty million “Scamulous” dollars went to this liberal lunacy courtesy of the imbecile in charge of the “Scamulous”, Biden himself.. This liberal “infrastructure” is at over $40 million middle class tax payer dollars and counting.. The bad news is that when the liberals are the ones doing the “counting”, you are liable to get any number of fictitious dollar amounts.. Remember, these are the same liberals that came up with the imaginary mathematics of “saved or created jobs”..

“High speed rail”? This will be Amtrack by any other name. It will be another of the endless governmental entities that are abject failures which are then placed upon the liberal life support which is taken from the wallets of the middle class in perpetuity.. Take any another entity or “takeover” by the government. As the government begins to purposely infect it, it slowly but surely becomes a ponderous progressive burden that is constantly in need of the government’s (the taxpayers) funds or “revenues” to resurrect. Take the Post Office.. Perpetually in the red yet two very similar private institutions UPS and FED EX, are going strong.. Try the public schools. With this as your template, what do you think will be the result of the “takeover” of “health care” by the Obama liberals?

While Obama was hiding out in Brazil, he brilliantly left Biden behind (Biden behind.. Biden the behind.. Biden the Ass.. I get it..) to stumble over to Philadelphia for another “fundraiser”. There the belching Bolshevik compared Republicans “to people who excuse rapists by blaming the victims”. (“At campaign event, Biden mentions rape in criticizing Republicans” The Hill dot com 03/19/2011)

Between surreptitious hits from his hip flask, Biden also said, “We’ve gotten by that. The right wing of this party-whose philosophy threw us into this God-awful mess we’re in, gave us this tremendous debt we’ve inherited..” Case study: Democratic Dipsomaniac Denial.. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the poster boy for the “a mind is a terrible thing to baste” campaign.. Whoever placed the attractive Zoysia plugs in his Marxist melon obviously screwed them in way too tightly.. This is the second person in charge of this nation and he routinely makes Howard Dean look rational while simultaneously making Dennis Kucininch look normal as he makes Al Franken look intelligent.. That is no small feat.

Obama and the liberals are not only allergic to personal hygiene, as well they seem to have an inherent avoidance of numerical honesty in relation to various shell games. A billion more here, a trillion more there, it matters not to the elitist limousine liberals. They will create another “crisis” and the answer from the left is always MORE of YOUR money, not MORE spending discipline on THEIR part. They constantly badger YOU about “learning to get by with less” money while they consistently gripe about needing MORE of YOUR money to “get the job done”..

It seems quite obvious that Washington needs vastly fewer liberal lawyers and vastly more thorough conservative accountants. Ask yourself why there is such a hypersensitivity to the idea of accountants in liberal Washington. One needs to only take a cursory glance at the word itself. “Accountant” sounds too much like “accountable” to the left, thus their aversion..

“On Friday, 64 Senators-32 in each party-signed a letter to Obama calling on him to take the lead in coming up with a comprehensive deficit reduction plan..” Isn’t that hilarious, aren’t they just precious? First, as of late, no one ever knows where Obama is, so where the Hell would you address this letter to? Brazil? Spain? Some golf course? Secondly, if the government run Post Office is delivering this letter to Obama, he might get it around the time of the Inauguration of the next Republican President in January of 2013.. Thirdly, Obama will come up with a “deficit reduction plan” when Michael Moore comes up with a “weight reduction plan”..

“Take the lead”? Who are they trying to kid? France and England “take the lead” in at least trying to answer what his happening in Libya.. Senators want him to “take the lead” in Washington? Based upon his amazing two year performance of “taking the lead” with his uncontrolled deficit spending, ten percent unemployment, takeovers, bailouts, and other socialist scams, I’d prefer that he take another vacation..


14 responses to “Take The Lead

  1. Always correct Larry. Another good one and right on mark. Keep it up.

  2. Larry,
    One of your best columns ever. And you’re right-things would go a lot smoother if Dear Leader would take a permanent vacation.
    I can see 2012 from my house.

  3. If your articles were CDs, you would have several gold records and possibly platinum. Your mind is razor sharp and Iget excited when I see a new article or thought of the day. Keep ‘um coming as we contine to feast on you banquet of words.

    I’m surprised zippy is going to stay as long as he first planned, seeing as he didn’t get a friendly welcome. I guess Brazil doesn’t like puppet or ventriloquist acts. Can’t blame them, for I grit my teeth until I can get the channel changed. High Speed Rail is a black hole even before it is built. I look on-lineto see about taking a train back east and I was very shocked when I saw hom much the tickets are, not to mention having to eat meals and such until you reach your destination. Have you heard the prophecy which states ” at the of the world, the railroad tracks woud be rusted and weeds so heavy they would cover the tracks”? It is going to take a mighty effort to pull obambam’s fist out of our pockets.

    Never Give Up, Never give in, and Never Ever again. God bless America.

  4. Oxymoron of the day – ” Progressive Democrats”

  5. Family,

    Here is the latest TOTD and it is a hot one:


    Thanks as always,


  6. Mary and Sling,

    I appreciate your kind words.

    Thanks as always,


  7. Richard,

    I get excited when great commenters like you leave your insightful thoughts behind.

    Amtrack/high speed will of course be exorbitantly expensive, it is an arm of the liberal government.

    Those “riding” will be “railroaded” as you said with prices that make the fascist frisking at the airport seem worth the trouble.

    When everyone else discovers how expensive it is, no one rides and the government needs to “prop up” the program with more tax dollars.

    You are getting “railroaded” whether you ride or not..

    Thanks as always,


  8. I am truely surprised the French are third in line. Considering the dozen or so (un-named) middle-east countries that have “joined forces” against Libya, I would have thought France would have been behind them attending to the country’s most notable and prolific attributes in war. That of cleaning and pressing stockpiles of white flags.

    I have a problem with the U.N. Security Council authorizing hostilities towards Libya. Don’t get me wrong, they can bomb those tent wearing camel humpers flat for all I care. But I do have a question of how the UNSC can indeed use our military to do it. They have no power whatsoever to order our military into conflicts, that is decided by Congress and only Congress. OUR Congress as a nation of laws.

  9. Richard,
    You hit the nail on the head.
    “I guess Brazil doesn’t like puppet or ventriloquist acts”
    Right on,obama is just a puppet.
    I think it`s important to find out who the puppet
    masters are.
    Who`s pulling the strings?
    obama is just fronting for his masters.
    obama is not capable of much else.
    He is just the towel boy for the higher ups.
    His greatest accomplishment was voting present 123 times,after that it was reading someones else’s
    words off a teleprompter.
    He is just a decoy to take the flack while
    the money people destroy our once great country.

  10. I especially liked your accountant comparison… funny, isn’t it, that every accountant that I know is a conservative? I think it has something to do with following the rules, beein good at simple math, you know, 2 + 2 = 4, and nothing else… None of the liberals I know are even engineers, just the HR and Organizational Development folks… go figure…

  11. Family,

    For those not exhausted, the latest TOTD: A scorcher..


    Never give in, never give up and never again.


  12. Perhaps we could call this pie in the sky high speed RR – Baracktrack , AKA the railroad to nowhere !

  13. Larry, another great article. I can totally understand why the Europeans are first in line in the fight going on. When you see the muslim brotherhood making its move to take over and control N Africa, the Middle East, etc, the next move will be Europe. After years of open borders and a growing population of muslims they have come to realize they are next. When you have muslims not assimilating and getting stronger and demanding, it is wake up time. The writing is on the caliphate wall.

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