Left Out

Please read the following quotes made yesterday by the Secretary of Statists..

“Associates have been reaching out to their contacts worldwide to see how they can ‘get out of this’”.. “We’ve heard about people close to him reaching out to people that they know around the world-Africa, the Middle East, Europe, North America and beyond-saying what can we do? How do we get out of this? What happens next?”

“I’m not aware that he personally has reached out, but I do know that people allegedly on his behalf have been reaching out..”

“Some of it is theatre. Some of it is, you know, shall we say game playing, to try to do one message to one group, another message to somebody else..”

A lot of that is just the way he behaves. It’s somewhat unpredictable. But some of it, we think, is exploring. You know, what are my options, where could I go. And we would encourage that..” (All quotes from news theage dot com dot au 03/22/2011)

The question is, based upon what we have seen and heard, exactly WHO is Rodham talking about, Qadaffi or Obama?

It seems that this “military action” is more closely resembling a game of “hot potato” with Obama and the other members of this “coalition”.. Again we have more from Rodham. “The United States will transfer the lead for the military operations to some other authority within days..” “Some other authority”, what does that mean? Obama himself promised “a swift transfer of command with NATO coordination..” (U.S. France Reach Compromise on Coalition Structure Fox News 03/22/2011) In this same article, a “State Department official” said that this will all be given to a “NATO-backed entity..” No one seems to be mentioning WHO this “transfer” will be handed to..

Obama seems to be looking for something else to place upon his ridiculous resume come 2012. He wants to be able to “take the credit” if things seem to go well. If things fall apart as they very well may do since NO ONE involved wants to actually take charge, Obama wants a cast of characters and banana republics to point his fascist finger at.. That is no way to “lead”. “Some other authority” seems to mean that Obama wants to be able to scrub his fingerprints from this “action” in the eyes of the world while boldly placing Distinguished Service medals upon his collectivist chest when his reelection shampaign starts revving up.. This sounds like Rodham’s “message to one group, another message to somebody else” and it seems to paint a crystal clear picture of Obama the Nobel Peace Prize winner..

Obama, between trips to the beach said, “when this transition takes place, it is not going to be our planes that are maintaining the no-fly zone. It is not going to be our ships that are necessarily enforcing the arms embargo. That’s precisely what the other nations are going to do..” (Fox News dot com 03/22/2011) Trying to please everyone when it comes to the business of war is a tragic mistake that we had to see coming from a person who had no business occupying higher office in the first place.

Even though Obama wants to hide in the impressive military shadow of France, he still sees this as an opportunity to do what he truly does best. “This is something that we can build into our budget..” After spending two years spending and spending, after producing deficits of a “historic” nature, after vacating the capitol BECAUSE of the budget mess that he has created and as he watches (vacations..) from the distance as those left behind try to keep the government running, he still feels that he can “build into” a budget that he has systematically dismantled and destroyed..

The “Democratic Dance of Deception” seems to be sweeping the world or at least the “coalition”.. The French Prime Minister said, “We are not at war”. (France24 dot com 03/22/2011) The Germans have pulled their forces out of NATO. (dailymail dot co dot uk 03/23/2011) The French want a “political steering committee” to oversee the no-fly zone.” (uk dot news dot yahoo dot com 03/23/2011) “A senior State Department official said ‘using that in a broader coalition that doesn’t have a big, fat NATO flag on it, for obvious reasons..” (Fox news dot com 03/22/2011) From the perspective of those actually involved in this “action”, it would be nice if SOMEONE was “steering”..

“The agreed upon arrangement will be ‘something of a hybrid’”. “France, which had been out in front of the crisis, had been making a play for political leadership of the mission and Turkey had objected to NATO taking control..” “The U.S. and France have effectively reached an agreement in their dispute over who will assume command of the U.N.-backed military campaign in Libya..” Wow.. Did Obama and Sarkosy play a game of “rock, paper, scissors”? A collectivist coin toss perhaps?

Back to Rodham again.. “NATO will definitely be involved because we do have a lot of NATO members who are committed to this process.” Well, now we know what the Obama liberals are calling this. It is a “process”.. How sterile. “Tag, you’re it”, isn’t that way this needs to be done. Obama may feel that this is a progressive paintball game and he may be feeling that as he lays in the sun in places like Brazil but EVERYONE else sees it differently..

Obama mentioned what has to be the “mission statement” that has been hardwired into every intrusive governmental “action” ever taken by the left, political, military or otherwise.. “The American people are going to feel satisfied that lives were saved and people were helped..” The quandary for Obama is that he isn’t making any friends and he is alienating the only friends that he had before he became involved in this “process”.

The right knew what was in store for America while the 2008 shampaign was being scripted and read from totalitarian teleprompters. The “independents” felt that heat of betrayal as the takeovers and scamuli were inflicted without restraint. The left, the lunatics so proud of Obama’s stance relative to the war in Iraq, the “please don’t draft me” cowards, now feel what everyone else in the country feels. It is the bitter aftertaste that comes from imbibing the socialist sacraments disseminated by our nation’s narcissist, the perilous and polished progressive..

Here is just one quote from one the members of the inflamed and betrayed left on this kind of “process”.. “The reason I made the comment is a warning. The president has no Constitutional authority. I would move to impeach him. I will lead an effort to impeach him..” Wait a minute, this firebrand fascist is none other than “Stoli” Joe Biden and he made the comments to Christabelle Matthews in 2007.. Has Biden’s perspective changed since his buddy is now “in charge”? Maybe this “process” will end up being one of the things Obama gives to Biden to “fix” like the Scamulous and the budget “process”..

Have no fear, the rudderless reactionary is on his way home as “the White House said Tuesday that Obama would be cutting his visit to Latin America short by a few hours to return earlier to the U.S. on Wednesday..” Based upon his marvelous two year track record of Democratic demolition, Obama can do significant damage in that “few hours” time..

Obama wanted to be “in” when it came to this “military action”, this “attitude readjustment”, this “process” or whatever those who have placed military lives and personnel directly in harms way want to call it. (The fact that no one involved has any idea what to call whatever it is that they are doing is another sign that more than just a little is wrong here..) Allowing others to “take the lead” so that the inevitable “blow back” will be absorbed by others is cowardice. Being “in” and being a “leader” are two altogether different things. Since the fellow travelers are forever looking at the work of the military as nothing more than “war games”, I don’t want them “in”, I would prefer that the liberals be “left out”..


11 responses to “Left Out

  1. Cheryl/Texas

    LOVE that “2008 shampaign” ! Hope that term makes it into the history books. I think even his original supporters are beginning to figure exactly how much of a “shampaign” it really was…..

  2. The 3Ds (Democratic Dane of Deception) are seeking a new rhythm. Some are tired of denfending the indefensible. Besides, they are trying to limit their exposure going into their respective campaign. They are individually thinking only of themselves.

  3. “he lays in the sun in places like Brazil but EVERYONE else sees it differently.”
    I don`t think obama lays in the sun,and especially not Michelle.

  4. Margaret in CT

    A great analysis, Larry. This game of “who’s on first” would be comical if it weren’t the Middle East that constitutes the playing field. Oliver North said on a local New York radio program this a.m. that the air war is dangerous and untargeted. We’re flinging Tomahawk missles about (at about $1.4 million a pop), and no one knows where the enemy is. Some, like Rodham, don’t know who they are. I believe that “someone” could lead the effort against Qaddafi better than the community organizer that the U.S. has sent to do the job. NATO is now the darling of the left? The great military coalition? Was it that long ago that the French and others wanted NATO bases off their soil? What wonders we behold!

    The only thing our leader seems committed to these days is completing his travel agenda at our expense before the 2012 elections. He’s coming home before viewing the Mayan ruins. Our hero! I suppose we’ll have to send him back to complete his itinerary as soon as “someone” takes over.

  5. Is this a cluster foxtrot or what? We are engaged in a civil war not of our making, aiding one side simply because we don’t like the leadership of the other. We have no game plan, no conditions of victory, and no exit strategy. Worse, we’re not even sure of the identity and aims of the rebels. The United States is conducting 95% of all the airstrikes, with the British and French picking up the last five percent. The Arab League is a no-show, as I knew would happen. The Arabs are perfectly willing to let the West expend blood and treasure to bail out their sandy asses, just so long as they aren’t required to pick up any of the tab.

    We should cut out losses now, before even one American serviceman dies in this mess, and leave the savages to squabble amongst themselves. The so-called coalition is disintegrating faster than a soap bubble on a griddle, and we need get out before we’re stuck cleaning up this mess too.

  6. Unfortunately, no matter which side is the winner in Libya, inevitably, they will be our enemies.

  7. This whole thing is p#ssing me off! Bummer said that the military moves were “authorized” by the U.N Security Council and the Arab League. HELLOOO!!! We’re a nation of laws, and in so being, ANY authorization for ANY military actions must be approved BY Congress, NOT some outside decreprite entity like the United Nations telling us what to do!

    One nation shall never be, no matter how well intended, rich or strong, the benevolent keepers of all the world.

  8. I further editorilize upon my last post that this scurulous self-seeking, servile flatter and fawning parasite excuse for a leader of our nation said on Dec. 20, 2007, ” The President does not have the power to under the Constitution to unilatilally authorize a military attack that does not not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”

    What? He’s the friggin’ Emporer (or is that “En-poorer”) now so it’s all right? To hell with the Constitution now, boy, afterall, “you won.”

  9. Hypocrites!!!
    What a bunch of nit wits!

  10. From Cheryl:
    I think even his original supporters are beginning to figure exactly how much of a “shampaign” it really was…..
    From me:
    Yes, recently even Ralph Nader, as left as they come, has called for Obama to be impeached.

  11. After Eric Holder decided to defend the teacher regarding the 19 day’s absence to go on a pilgrimage, one might ask – “how many Mooselims are in the WH ” ?

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