A Cynical Clarity

As the superpowers of France and now Canada take care of Obama’s light work in Libya for him, we need to remember that we have just passed another of the “historic” dark (sorry..) days of the Obama oligarchy. It was one year ago that the Health Scare Scam was bestowed upon a Congress that had passively prostrated itself before the progressive pickpocket.. They paid for such Democratic docility and duplicity in November of 2009, we are paying for it now and it will soon put Obama into a place that he has successfully sent tens of millions of Americans, the unemployment line..

In the article entitled, “False Assumption Behind Delaying Obamacare Threaten Re-Election Bid” (Fox News dot com 03/25/2011) we read that there was a “political wisdom” when it came to “pushing off the least appealing elements” of the Obama Health Scare Scam. In two years time, Obama has proven that he is as allergic to “political wisdom” as he is to conservative sensibility..

“Obama and Congressional Democrats frontloaded the legislation with sweeteners..” Obama thought that the nation would react as the liberal base does to his bribes stolen from the pockets of others. This is the “political wisdom” that has flowed within the liberal veins for nearly sixty years, the idea that EVERYONE can be “bought off” with the monies lifted from others. This plan has only worked with the liberal base who have willingly allowed themselves to be manacled to the leftist concept of the federal government as an “adult day care center”.. Obama has needed a “frontloader” and a backhoe or two in order to relieve the middle class of countless trillions of dollars since January of 2009 so that he could “fund” all of his thousands of “number one priorities”..

“The thinking, widely seen as shrewd a year ago, was that opposition to the controversial law would soften once voters saw there was little to fear from the plan..” “Shrewd” is a “fair and balanced” way of saying “conniving” or “devious”.. The only thing that has “softened” relative to this theft are the heads of the liberal beneficiaries whose votes need to be constantly purchased by the progressives. “Little to fear”? When all of the Obama “End of Life” counselors who studied their craft at the Jack Kevorkian school of sympathy start making their government approved house calls, we will revisit this concept of “little to fear”..

“While the economy has gotten better, since it’s still shaky, the president hasn’t been able to lay claim to the progress..” Nonsense. Here is a man who “laid claim” to imaginary “jobs saved or created”. Here is a man who “laid claim” to extending the Bush tax cuts only AFTER the November “Democratic Drubbing” and those socialist sycophants surrounding him actually tried to call them the “Obama tax cuts”.. The only reason that he hasn’t “laid claim” to EVERYTHING is that he has been too busy either putting, dribbling or vacationing.. By the way, in case that you might have forgotten, he “inherited this mess”..

“Obama’s post-midterm jobs plan for “Winning the Future” with new spending on railroads and green energy programs..” Why doesn’t Obama “lay claim” to the “progress” that he made with his pre-midterm “Destroying the Future” lose all of the jobs plan? “Spending” on railroads, specifically “high speed” railroads (Example of liberal “spending: $461 million dollars to speed trains from Charlotte to Raleigh, 13 minutes faster.. WBTV 3 News 03/23/2011) and “green energy” is as useless as spending money on anti-psychotic medicines for Howard Dean or a trip to the Betty Ford clinic for Joe Biden..

The liberals and particularly Obama continue to “overestimate their ability to ‘drive the discussion’”.. The megalomaniacal Marxist simply started believing his own press about this imaginary symbiosis between himself and Ronald Reagan. This was “enabled” by the “impartial” media during the shampaign of 2008, members of which constantly had “chills” running up and down their legs when they were within close range of the perfumed progressive potentate.. They simply couldn’t contain themselves once they filled their leftist lungs with Obama’s fascist flatulence.. The swooning socialists of the liberal base provided the icing to the collectivist cake.. The reality is that the only “driving” that Obama has done is to intentionally “drive” the economy directly into the bridge embankment.. “R is for reverse, right?”

“The central disadvantage at election time is that they can’t run on promises and must run on their records..” No one should consider selling this licentious liberal short when it comes to “running on promises”.. When you STILL blame everything that the left has managed to destroy and dismantle since 2006 on “what I inherited”, there is no limit to what the gullible and the imbecile will believe, especially since they all receive a “raise” once the liberals acquire power..

“Part of that arises from the fact that many voters still haven’t the foggiest idea what is in the massive, multi-trillion dollar law..” “Voters”? Many of the “legislators” who stupidly voted for this Bolshevik boondoggle “still haven’t the foggiest idea what is in the massive, multi-trillion dollar law.” The truly sad part of that statement is that these “legislators” don’t CARE to have the “foggiest idea”.. Mercifully, a number of them were placed into the Obama queue at their local unemployment office..

“The law is still two years away from full implementation..” When this third anniversary arrives, we had better be talking about this criminal collectivist conspiracy, as well as everyone who had a hand in its passage, in the PAST tense.. The middle class hammer truly drops in 2013, AFTER the election that Obama thought that he could again steal with the help of more of his friends like ACORN or the SEIU..

“The most possibly damaging miscalculation in delaying implementation of the law was the false belief that the hugeness of the accomplishment would be enough to keep the president’s political base mollified through 2012..” Wrong. The Obama “base” will not only be “mollified”, they will be stoned or hung over as they always are. The Obama “political base” has NO ONE else to turn to for his or her sustenance other than a smarmy socialist Democrat. The “miscalculation” was that the liberals thought that they could keep those that they managed to successfully DUPE in 2008 “mollified”..

“His assault on Libya was the last straw for some..” Gibberish. The liberal bottom feeders just need any excuse to gather and to throw rocks and bottles at the local police. Once the “reality” of having to become “responsible” if a conservative goes to the White House gets repeatedly pointed out to them by the left as the election nears, all bets are off and amazingly all will be forgiven..

“The widening trust gap makes it unlikely to believe Obama’s promise that universal health care is right around the corner..” Depends entirely as to whom is supposed to be doing this “believing”. The liberal urchins will “believe” anything that a fellow says as long as he also says that he will take more from the liberal bases betters and redistribute it to them..

“The Obama law lacks the clarity that allows voters to come around..” I disagree. I find the Obama “law” or anything ever uttered or acted upon by Obama to have a complete and cynical clarity that is surrounded by the Marxist mephitic fog of deception, deviousness and distraction at its core..


9 responses to “A Cynical Clarity

  1. Family,

    Here is the latest TOTD:


    Thanks as always,


  2. Oxymoron of the day – “Current leader of the free world “

  3. This is third time I’ve tried to make a comment, Larry, so I’m gonna make it short and sweet. Damned good points and very true!!!

  4. Family,

    Here is the latest from the TOTD:


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  5. beyond disgusted

    So on the money!
    Was watching Cavuto’s show on FOX News this morning. He interviewed Mark Levin via telephone. Mark said he would vote for a can of orange juice over the current occupant of the White House. So would I!

  6. In order to stop all this communistic dismantling of the best nation ever we have make Soetoro proves his citizenship. The Supreme Court can order this! He isnt even a citizen of the US, let alone a natural born citizen. He is a muslim invader and the idiotic socialists (liberals) dont care as they hate this country anyway. God, fellow patriots, we must remove and incarcerate the fraudulent usurper and then, ultimately execute his as the traitor he is.

  7. If we are going to impeach this fraud, we need to do it now so we don’t get stuck with providing him secret service and all the perks a president gets. Personally I don’t think he is entitled to any of this. He has too many roots out of the USA to believe he is legitiment. Once we are rid of the manchild it will take several years to recovery from all his dastardly deeds, and unfortunately, WE THE PEOPLE will need to make many sacrifices.

  8. When even Donald Trump is asking to see the birth certificate, you know there is probably something there……

    You are so right, on every point, Larry. We have so much work to do fixing this mess!

  9. Oxymoron of the day – ” Decisive Obama “

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