No Sense Of Precedent

Last night, the Teleprompter Totalitarian summoned all of the courage available to someone with a spine composed of yellow Jell-O.. He was “addressing the nation” about his war.. Or his “process” as Rodham called it.. Or was it his “action”.. We don’t know what to call it and he doesn’t either and he is supposedly “leading” it.. Or is he?

According to Bloomberg, “Obama offered a rationale for committing U.S. armed forces in the North African country based on humanitarian and national interests..” (“Obama Says Libya Massacre Would Have ‘Stained’ World Conscience” Bloomberg dot com 03/28/2011) Obama as always reflexively responded with puerile pettifoggerie when a MAN would have said, “this is war and if we really commit to it, it won’t take long”..

Obama thinks that he can slip this one by the liberal base of collectivist cowards by calling this a “humanitarian” effort. He thinks that he can snow the rest of America by claiming that “national interests” are at stake.. Where are the alcohol and marijuana stained chants of the liberals, “No blood for oil”? How about “Obama lied, Libyans died”?

Obama, in full deflection mode said that the U.S. and its allies (all of them unnamed of course..) had to take military action in Libya to avert a massacre of civilians that would have ‘stained the conscience of the world’”.. As long as the whole WORLD is involved, as long as their collective conscience is “stained”, well Obama feels the need to stand BEHIND Canada and France and now NATO in order to get the job done. If the world’s “conscience” were at all an actual concern for Obama as opposed to just a dodge, he would be in FRONT of this “action” with his pink helmet, his battery operated light saber and his GI Joe lunchbox.. Then again, based on Obama’s stellar two-year destruction of America, it’s better that Canada, France or NATO take control of all of this if succeeding is the actual goal..

“Some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries, the United States of America is different..” What about the “atrocities” in Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Syria and coming soon to a theatre near you, Saudi Arabia.. In between jump shots and chip shots it only took Obama nine days to even begin “discussing” whatever it is that he is doing in Libya.. Obama “transparency” at its finest..

“He (Obama) stuck with his insistence that Qaddafi must relinquish power..” Obama certainly makes a lot of demands for someone who has cast himself as the waterboy for Canada, France and NATO. How does Obama hope to accomplish this lofty goal? Question: Would Saddam Hussein have “relinquished power” had he not been permanently “neutralized”? Obama “declared that expanding the allied military action to overthrow the Libyan regime would be a ‘mistake’”.. No one alive knows the definition of the word “mistake” better than Obama, but just what will “change” if Qaddafi is still in charge?

“He said the U.S. role in Libya would be limited, without giving a timetable for the military campaign..” WHAT!! Wait just a minute, “timetables” are what the liberals demanded of everyone else, not to mention “exit plans” that have to be followed to their red letters.. “Limited” within the flexible liberal lexicon, could literally mean anything. Remember, the American involvement at the beginning of the Vietnam was initiated by Kennedy was as an “advisor”.. That certainly sounded “limited” at the time, didn’t it?

Falling back into the “kinder gentler war” that needs to be fought by the left, Obama “argued that the U.S. was compelled to respond to crises that ‘threaten our common humanity’”.. How can our “common humanity” be preserved when Obama is having bombs dropped within areas inhabited by humans, Libyan humans? Stumbling upon this liberal dichotomy, Obama followed with, “as long as the country can assemble an international coalition to share the burden..” He really means, “share the blame”..

Don’t get me wrong, ANY opportunity to explosively dismember any Mooselims in ANY of the terrorist teapots of the Middle East is fine by me. I just have a problem with the liberal “rules of engagement” that they constantly screamed about since 2003 that have now become so murky to them.. One has to look at the ONLY stance that Obama had taken prior to becoming the president, literally the only topic that he stood behind with any consistency: his opposition to the Iraq war and his belief that President Bush violated the Constitution. Even his Vice President shared those beliefs at the time.. What happened?

“Obama hasn’t explained the misson’s objectives or the full scope of the nation’s commitment..” The “Transparent Totalitarian” hasn’t been forthright even after nine days of American involvement? Both Clinton and Bush spoke to the nation immediately as their operations began and both consulted Congress. Please keep in mind that this is the same man who “didn’t know” about a gun smuggling operation going INTO Mexico just a short time ago..

In “Obama strongly defends US military action in Libya”, (Yahoo dot com 03/28/2011) we read that Obama “gave no details on its cost” and he “offered no estimate on when the conflict might end..” Have no fear though, Obama assured everyone that “the U.S. was out of the lead..” The article, after pointing out these glaring deficiencies when it comes to actually “informing” the public, then claimed that Obama “offered an expansive case for why he believed it was in the national interest of the United States and allies to act..” “No details”, “no estimates”, yet Obama “offered an expansive case”..

“Obama said the response had stopped Qaddafi’s advances and halted a slaughter that could have shaken the stability of an entire region..” I’m trying to remember the last time that anyone considered the Middle East to be “stable”.. One would have to go even farther back to find anyone in that cesspool that you would consider “stable”..

“To brush aside America’s responsibility as a leader would have been a betrayal of who we are..” “Leader”? NATO is now allegedly the “leader” but before that Obama allowed Canada and France to be the “leader” while he skulked in the shadows.. THAT is a “betrayal of who we are”.. No scratch that, that is a “betrayal” of who we WERE before the liberal virus infected the political body..

Democratic stRATegist Ted Devine said, “a focus on Libya dilutes the impact of presidential messages on the economy..” What “messages”? The ones where he fabricates “jobs saved or created”? The ones where he just throws abstract numbers about without a shred of proof talking about how the economy has “turned the corner”? Obama’s genuine “impact” on the economy has been a socialist tsunami, a totalitarian tornado.. If Obama can’t manage to “dilute” a “message”, he more than capably distracts and diverts attention AWAY from the message..

Even before the Obama Othello act, “administration officials” said that, “no sense of precedent guided the decision to intervene in Libya..” (The Hill dot com 03/28/2011) Finally, someone tells the truth relative to Obama. Based upon the ridiculous results of this administration in two years time, let alone their “actions” of late in Libya, “no sense” has had everything to do with the unfortunate results that we will be saddled with for generations to come.. Maybe none of this would have happened if we would have had a “sensible president”..


20 responses to “No Sense Of Precedent

  1. Family,

    Here is the latest from the TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  2. More and more der leader looks like a puppet with someones hand up his butt moving his mouth. I think for years to come, historians will argue back and forth trying to disect the manboy’s time in office in a effort to understand the idjit and his goals. After a few years they will come to realize there is one goal and one only: The distruction of our United States. All he is doing now is providing fodder to be used against him during his re-election shampaign. I certainly hope the party leaders start with a strong case against him then rev it up and up and up. Me thinks there is going to be a most ferocious political coming up to Noverber 2012.


    Troops on the ground is rumored in several places.Specisl Forces
    Wait until we hear of fatalities.Another mess by BO
    Larry, Your words continue to bring laughter to a very serious disaster

    Also received the dogs pictures. Strong looking animals.
    My brother in law handled a police dog in Boston. I was fortunate
    to get a reject shepard named ERIC VON WOLFHOUSEN and
    had him for years
    Keep up the pressure and I’ll use your pin for exposing your
    web site to more people
    VICTORY IN 2012

  4. Question : When is a ‘war’ not a ‘war’ ?

    Answer : When the fraud in the WH takes military action against another

  5. I was left thouroghly confused by the evasiveness of the invasion. The euphoric, tongue wagging euphamisms King Bama, or his telepromtor, thought up to keep from taking any responsibility for military action… or wait, is there any military action?
    I would find it hilarious should Bama sneak out of his predicament giving charge the ousting of Qaddafi to France and Canada whereby they would beat that tyrant like a rented mule within a month.

  6. Larry, the “official” term for what Obama was “obtusifying” about concerning the “war” in Libya has been announced as “kinetic military action.” Sounds cleaner in tone, doesn’t it? (No muss, no fuss.)

    By the way, I did not see/hear the Potentate’s pontification, so I can’t give the number of “uh’s” he vocalized–but someone said today that he said the word “I” at least 25 times. Why, Lucifer only said the word “I” five times in his boastfulness in Isaiah 14! What arrogance!!

  7. Obama has hitched his wagon to the “rebels” which we are learning are a bunch of US hating middle eastern thugs, it will be interesting to hear him spin his way out of that when the truth comes out. Yet when Iran needed our help in 2009 this empty suit was no where to be found. Could it be that any country that threatens to wipe Isarel off the face of the earth is a friend of President Hussein?


    Like the Duke of Plaza Toro, he leads his regiment from behind.

  9. I hope you run for some office at some point Larry, we need more people that can articulate what is happening and do it forcefully and honestly.

  10. trivia man,

    I can always count on you.

    I forgot about “kinetic military action”.

    Thanks as always,


  11. William,

    First, welcome to the NLTZ “family”.

    Spot on. Search the archives here at NLTZ during 2009 to read about my thoughts relative to Obama and his ignoring of an Iran on the brink.

    Thank you for your comment and keep ’em coming!


  12. JJ,

    GREAT question, as good as your oxymoron of the day..

    Thanks as always,


  13. JR,

    Bless you my friend,.

    Basko came home today, I now have his remains and he will be with me forever.

    Thanks as always,


  14. Carl-Edward,

    Perfect. THAT is why I love the comments here. Better than any other site. Period.

    Thanks as always,


  15. Richard,

    Straight to the point and sharp as an arrow.

    Love your comments.

    Thanks for your kind words,


  16. Joe,

    If you were left thoroughly confused, Obama saw it as “mission accomplished”..

    Thanks my friend,


  17. whosebone,

    How do you think that it would take before another derainged leftist took a shot at me?

    Then again, it already happens on an all too frequent basis, so maybe I should..

    Reminds me of Nicholson’s line “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH..”

    I already have my tag line, “Never give in, never give up and never again”..

    Big for a bumper sticker, isn’t it?

    Thanks as always,


  18. It doesn’t matter if you call it a “police action” as in Korea, or a “kinetic military action,” this is still another war. My feeling is that the false prophet, phoney baloney in OUR White House doesn’t want our troops back in this country when the you know what hits the fan. That way they won’t get in the way when the NWO weasels start their leftist protests and demands here.

    God Bless America and keep her safe!!!

  19. Why is anyone surprised that the limp wrist-ed liar can’t take a stand on anything – except the taxpayers back? He has no leadership abilities. He just knows how to swagger well. He’s following someone, no question. He can’t even make a speech to fifth graders without a tele-prompter. That’s because they know there are only 50 states, and he’s been to 57 of them. World leader? What a joke. I am still asking myself how did this impostor get elected, until I remember the people who elected him. Really, are there no media left who care about this country? Are there no honest people in news. You know they see the lies, discrepancies and inconsistencies. Why don’t they expose him. Are there no intelligent people left who see what is happening? As much as they loved Bill, they still reported on his junk. But Obeyme keeps on getting a pass. I don’t get it.

    Save humanity? This is the same man who wants to leave full term babies in garbage cans till they die. Humanitarian, indeed.
    Can’t wait to see how all this humanitarianism plays out when we boomers need health care. …and we have to go to the equivalent of postal workers to decide whether we get it or not.

  20. Obama gives teleprompters a bad name again

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