Freed From Tyranny

The Mooselims have certainly been paying attention to how their comrades of the western left use propaganda to soothe the simple and the senseless.. Using the Mooselim world’s New York Times, otherwise known as “Inspire’, a Mooselim on line publication, they are working towards perfecting the liberals dodges and deceptions which are aimed at the inattentive or the uninterested..

According to Yahoo News (Qaeda: Arab revolts herald “great leap forward” 03/30/2011) reports that the “example set by young Arabs seeking peaceful political change (there is that carcinogenic word AGAIN..) is a counterweight to al-Qaeda’s push for violent militancy and weakens its argument that democracy and Islam are incompatible..” Be advised that “Islam and democracy” ARE incompatible, especially the Sharia inspired oppressiveness endorsed by those who invariably end up in charge of these Mooselim countries.. Also keep in mind that when al Qaeda begins to “push”, the alleged “moderate Mooselims” of the world all seem to begin their hibernation..

This is exactly how the cowardly Mooselim radical “leaders and imams” operate. They take the gullible, the susceptible, they fill their heads with the fabulous fiction of seventy-two virgins, (I still say that these morons are getting a seventy-two year old virgin.. Imagine spending eternity with Janet Reno..) they then send them in to do the “heavy lifting” of being dismembered for the “cause” while these “leaders” stay safely out of harm’s way.. These “young Arabs seeking peaceful political change” will be given the heave ho if they are successful and mysteriously the sixth century Sharia savages will be calling the shots before the sun sets..

Al Qaeda “preacher” Anwar al-Awlaki said “the removal of anti-Islamist autocrats meant Islamist fighters and scholars were now freer to discuss and organize..” What they are “discussing” is how to take over and then place their own autocrats and despots into the positions of absolute authority.. The idea that Gaddafi is an “anti-Islamist autocrat” is nonsense. He is a Mooselim like almost every other and don’t forget he endorsed and approved of the Lockerbie attack..

“Our mujahideen brothers in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and the rest of the Muslim world will get a chance to breathe again after three decades of suffocation..” It’s interesting to hear someone who routinely “suffocates” EVERY Mooselim woman talking about these “fighters” now being able to breathe. Then again, they won’t be breathing long when the bearded baboon taps them for the next “kill the infidel” suicide attack.. How intriguing that the term “mujahideen” was used as it translates to “people doing jihad”.. So much for this “peaceful” charade..

“For the scholars and activists of Egypt to be able to speak freely again, it would represent a great leap forward for the mujahideen..” There’s that troubling terrorist word again right at the very end of this incendiary imbecile’s statement.. There are three other words of great interest to the observant within that last.. “Great leap forward”..

The “great leap forward” was the typically backwards endeavor entered into by the Communist Chinese starting in the late fifties. It was an economic and social campaign that ended in complete disaster as anywhere from 35 to 45 million Chinese citizens died because of this utopian lunacy. Our own communist himself understands that his application of socialism is the “great leap backwards” that the liberals always seem to drag with them where ever they go.. I am more than willing to wager that a Mooselim “great leap forward” will certainly end up being as “successful” as the Chinese or the Obama version..

“Awlaki, an American of Yemeni origin, who is believed to be hiding in southern Yemen..” “Americans” don’t hide in caves and until the liberals began their own “crusade”, other nations do not fight or “lead” American military actions.. Why would such a brave Mooselim need to hide in a cave? It didn’t help Saddam Hussein.. P.S., he is no American..

“He said it did not matter what sort of government succeeded Arab autocrats, as these were unlikely to be as repressive..” Again, the Mooselims have taken a page straight from the liberal playbook. Tell a lie, make it a whopper, say it with conviction, the lemmings will believe it.. Is the “government” of say Iran, a democratic paradise or is it more likely to be described as “repressive”? Since there is a COMPLETE symbiosis of Islam and the so-called “governments” of this recalcitrant region, would anyone describe Sharia law as anything but “repressive”? As just ONE example, would anyone in his or her right mind classify “apostasy” as anything but “repressive”?

After swallowing the “big lie” concept, Awlaki unleashes the “Mother Of All Lies”. “The outcome doesn’t have to be an Islamic government for us to consider what is occurring to be a step in the right direction..” Remember that their handbook says that ANYTHING GOES when it comes to eliminating the infidel. This “kinder, gentler” Mooselim song and dance isn’t going to be bought by anyone..

“In Libya, we do not see it possible for the world to produce another lunatic of the same caliber as Gaddafi”.. How would Awlaki classify Bin Laden? Just another “community organizer”? How about Amadinajhad? Gaddafi is Gandhi compared to the “lunatics” that have been fertilized and incubated within the turd world “countries” of the Middle East.

“Awlaki said the revolts had broken “the barriers of fear” among Muslims..” I would say that these “barriers of fear” are the same ones that have caused the millions of “moderate” Mooselims to stay silent as opposed to turning their terrorist contemporaries in BEFORE they spontaneously combust.. These “barriers of fear” have probably contributed to the fact that we have NEVER seen a march or a gathering AGAINST Mooselim terrorism..

Here is an interesting note about this on line propaganda, “Inspire”. “The publication is produced by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), an arm of al Qaeda responsible for the group’s most spectacular attempted attacks in recent years..” Mind you, this should have read, “terrorist attacks”, but this must have slipped through accidentally.. We all know that al Qaeda would say that “it would not matter what sort of government succeeded Arab autocrats”..

This wonderful “publication” also had an interview with another of those “lunatics of the same caliber as Gaddafi”, one Qasim al-Raymi. “He called on Muslims living in the West to kill groups of ‘Jews and Christians’”.. According to this well-balanced Mooslim, “such attacks ‘would stop the striking, killing, occupation, humiliation and disgrace of our holy places.’” Just another normal practitioner of the religion of peace..

This “AQAP” group most recently tried to bomb cargo airliners in October of 2010 and they had hoped to “destroy a U.S. bound passenger plane in December 2009..”

“War”, in any of its derivations, is not for the indecisive. If there is a void left, the “decisive” will slither in and fill it. From what we have taken from just one article relative to this action in Libya, the hard line Islamofascist Mooselims are ready to step in and take over once the mealy-mouthed milquetoast western liberals decide that they have had enough of NATO’s “leadership”. The Islamofascists are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of a group of western liberal politicians who themselves pulled the wool over the eyes of the electorate here in America..

As an aside, it has been revealed that Obama authorized “secret” help for the Libyan “rebels”. In case Obama has forgotten, there is an arms embargo in place against Iran.. Would anyone like to bring up Iran-Contra? Will there be the same outcries from the left over Obama-Libya?

This is all starting to sound to me like a “perfect (sand) storm”..


16 responses to “Freed From Tyranny

  1. Family,

    The latest TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  2. The sad thing about the Moderate Mooselims is they cower in fear and ingnore what is happening – – very much like many citizens in the USA. We have an organized protest in Wisconsin but not an organized freedom crowd to shout these bullies down. We really need more conservatives to voice their approval of the freedoms they have won IF the courts butt out! Unions have very deep pockets and are willing the buy court time to do it their way.

    Thanks, Larry. “Turd” World will give me a chuckle and a smile for the rest of the week every time I think about it.

  3. After watching all the rage and protests taking place with the Mooselinis I can’t help but think those countries are a liberal utopia. All those grubby men racing around shouting and carrying their rockets and guns just having a little fun, you know. Reminds me of Haight-Asbury with the hippies, sans guns. No one seems to have a job or work. Capitalism is a far distant hazy thought. And why are we helping these people again? We have never been able to change the minds of the libs, same difference.

  4. Are the moderate or secualr Muslims silent because they fear the reprisal or because they secretly approve of what the zealots do? One has to wonder, when one considers the celebrations in the streets after 9-11, and the fact they were passing out treats to celebrae the massacre of a Jewish family in the West Bank not long ago. Personally I tend to be of the view that they buy into the whole line of crap these Imams spew from their minarets, and the way Sharia is infiltrating our own country. How can liberal women, standard bearers of women’s rights, abortion, and equality, back the same people whom would have them dress in burquas and stoned to death for their discretions? Under Sharia Law, our Secretary of State wouldn’t be allowed out in public without her husband, and she would have been stoned to death for her multiple affairs.

  5. Great bumper stickers…..
    “Turd World Adventures”
    “Get out da Turd World”
    “No Turd World Oil”
    “Blockade the Turd World”

  6. I’m thinking that they recruit their bombers from the suicide hot-line, after talking them into the glory of 72 virgins they’ll get their “piece”(s), alright, but it won’t be Janet Reno instead it’ll be 72 guys just like them! Ow Allah!!!

    I submit that the imbcelic resident (I omit the “P” on purpose) in the White House would rather deny U.S. military action than to admit U.S. victory. The man is ashamed of our nation… It is not his.

  7. After the Janet Reno reference I had to stop and regroup. It was like being blindsided by Clay Matthews, I couldn’t go on. I needed to look at my wife’s Victoria Secert catalog to cleanse my pallette before I could resume reading. But just wondering if the mealy-mouthed milquetoast western liberals are going to save Syria and the rest of the Middle East that is on Fire after they save Libya? The only Turd around here lives on Pennslyvania Ave.

  8. noleftturnz


    It took one lousy judge to undo what was done.


    Checks and balances my ass..

    Thanks as always,


  9. noleftturnz


    Great point about the “mind changing”.

    That are of the world has a “mind set” and it will never change.

    You cn’t fix stupid.

    Thanks as always,


  10. noleftturnz


    “Infiltrating our own country..”

    Remember a column written on September 11, 2008? It was entitled “They Are Here”. If you get a second, check the archives for September 2008 and give it a read again..

    You might find a very insightful comment placed there from… You.

    Saying that reminds me to thank you for being both a loyal reader and an execeptional commenter for so long. It was kind of wild to look back at all of those commenters that have probably gone by the way side..

    Thanks again for all of your contributions,


  11. noleftturnz


    Who wouldn’t want to cap themselves if they woke up every day in that cesspool?

    Most of them would probably do it for seventy two cents..

    Thank as always,


  12. G. Nichols, There are no liberal women or men “standard bearers” for any cause, real or perceived. The liberal’s mandate is no more than window front dressing advertisment for the gullible and weak minded in order to divide our country. The most outstanding example of this is in the Democrat Party’s “defenders of the poor” in deriding the rich, calling for redistibution of wealth, quietly concealing that the Demo elite in Washington are the richest congressmen. Liberals call 9/11 victims “Hitlerians” while calling their muderers “oppressed.”

    Liberals deride moral clarity because they cannot survive it’s scrutiny. Never look for an explaination from a liberal, they are incapable of rationale, only anger will replace it.

  13. noleftturnz


    As one of the newest “family” members, I hope that the image can be erased through perodic perusals of the reference material that you mentioned..

    Sorry for the “shock therapy”..

    Thanks as always,


  14. noleftturnz


    Here is the latest from NLTZ:

    Thanks as always,


  15. I checked out that old column, and was surprised to see what I had written then. I still hold to this truth.

    I must also beg to differ with the respondent to my post here, respectfully. There are those whom truly believe in what the liberals preach, regardless of whether it passes the smell test or not. In many ways liberalism is a cult. While the leaders certainly know they’re preaching a line of manure, there are those whom are true believers. These are the much ballyhooed ‘kool-aid drinkers’. I have been steadily eroding my poor deluded sister’s belief in such nonsense, but it is hard work as she is as passionate in her views as I am in mine. It is only recently she’s finally acknowledged Ronald Reagan as being the best president in our lifetime, and she’s considering becoming a libertarian. Still, she has yet to renounce her ties to the Democratic Party, or her membership in the ACLU, or that Obama is cretin niether worty of her respect nor her goodwill.

    Liberalism at its purest is good, old-fashioned humanism, which speaks to the better aspects of our soul. It has been morphed into Progressivism which encourages only our worst impulses and desires. Like the Statue of Zeus, the gleaming marble and gold facade hides the rotting wood and mice infested core within.

  16. “Gaddafi is Gandhi compared to the “lunatics” that have been fertilized and incubated within the turd world “countries” of the Middle East.”

    That’s why al (Gore) Qaeda wants Gaddafi out, they think he’s gone Gandhi.

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