People At Risk

There are times when I just have to marvel at the liberals and their attempts to pule their way through their lives and INTO ours. Even with the reality of the world around them, the world that they have misshapen due to their “care and concern”, they consistently prove that too much is never enough..

Today we turn to an article entitled, “Shah: GOP budget would kill 70,000 children” (the cable dot com 03/31/2011) Certainly such a shocking headline would attract anyone’s attention and it certainly attracted mine for reasons different than the liberals might have intended..

“The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) told lawmakers that the GOP version of the budget bill would result in the deaths of at least 70,000 children who depend on American food and health assistance around the world..” Its good to see that the article upped the ante from the headline’s prediction of “70,000” to “at least” 70,000 deaths.. Using the liberal “jobs saved and created” math, that total should rise to “at least 100,000 deaths” in the next paragraph.. This is similar to the Obama deficit which went up another $100,000.00 since you started reading this article..

“We estimate, and I believe these are very conservative estimates, that H.R. 1 would lead to 70,000 kids dying..” This is the second paragraph of this article and the liberals have tried to drive this point home yet again.. This “estimate” is courtesy of one Rajiv Shah, who is the “administrator” of this USAID. Let me say that I believe that Shah is singing for his supper as I feel, and I feel that this is a “conservative estimate”, that 100% of his exorbitant salary is skimmed right off of the top of USAID’s budget..

“Of that 70,000 (there’s that number again in case anyone might have forgotten it..) 30,000 would come from malaria control programs that would have to be scaled back specifically..” Let’s take a peek at the liberal playbook for a reason as to why malaria control programs are even needed..

The liberals all but “banned” a substance known as DDT. This chemical almost completely eliminated the problem that WAS malaria. A case of malaria was as rare as a case of polio. Then the sensitive liberals stepped in and suddenly, malaria makes a comeback. Mind you, malaria almost exclusively effects the populations that they are now so concerned about.. Lets get back to the liberal mathematics of malarkey..

“The other 40,000 is broken out as 24,000 would die because of a lack of support for immunizations and other investments and 16,000 would be because of a lack of skilled attendants at birth..” “Other investments”? Just exactly how long has America provided the cash for “skilled attendants”? How has this unnamed area of the world managed to survive to this point without the “support” from America?

“H.R.1 would effectively cut 16 percent from the Obama administration’s original fiscal 2011 request for the international affairs account..” I feel compelled at this point to bring this moist cry for help into better focus.

In case Shah has been living in the area of the world that he was “testifying” about and unless there was a complete news blackout in that area, the “Obama administration” or the “collected collectivists”, is and are the reason for your problems and there a number of Obama reasons why..

The Obama administration has deficit spent during every month of their existence. That would be twenty-six consecutive months and counting. Countless bailouts, takeovers, a scamulous here, a scamulous there, a health scare bill and too many more to either mention or to try to account for. There is simply NOTHING left. Had Obama exercised a modicum of decorum during a “crisis” of the Democrat’s own making, there might be something left to give to OTHER countries. As it stands, Obama is STILL spending money DOMESTICALLY that hasn’t been either printed or borrowed.. It may be “all about the kids” but since Obama has run the well dry, we might have to prioritize relative to AMERICA first. In about an hour, there will be another “crisis” with the public schools, Medicaid or AFDC or any other of the underclass’ pet cash sucking projects dependent upon our “support” and immediate attention..

Why can’t Shah alter his mindset similar to Obama’s attitude towards the “war” in Libya? Maybe France or Canada should “take the lead” on this one as well. What about NATO? If YOU expect America to be the world’s leader, you had better be prepared for us to “lead” in EVERYTHING. We should not allow America to become the benevolent ATM machine for an America hating world. Under this group of liberals, what was once America doesn’t even want to “lead” a “process” in a country whose inhabitants can barely operate a camel, let alone a fighter jet..

“Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (L-IL) pointed out that H.R 1 is 50 percent below the president’s fiscal 2011 request and 67 percent below fiscal 2010 levels..” Allow me to “point out” to the “representative” that if his old man would cough up some of his ill-gotten riches from shaking down cowardly corporations, like the one who employed you before the itch for “public service” took you over, USAID might be in the black, so to speak..

“This would lead to a significant amount of reduction in feeding programs, medical programs and food and water programs for people who are incredibly vulnerable..” These are the exact same “problems” facing America’s poor, those who are “incredibly vulnerable”. If the liberals had spent anywhere near the time, money and effort trying to take Americans OUT of poverty as opposed to keeping them there, again there might be some funds available for those suffering outside of America..

How far should our “assistance” go? Suppose that our “assistance” is going to some third world despot who is keeping the donated American riches for himself? What if he is feeding his own family first and then selling the rest of the foods and medicines on the black market in order to pad his own bank accounts? What should we do if we discover such chicanery? Should we “invade” their country in order to overthrow this despot so that we can “save” the children of this region?

If YOUR answer is “no” to these questions, then MY answer is “no” to your “funding” request.. After all, we would be doing it for “the children” wouldn’t we? The liberal response to this scenario is the same response that they use in America. They just demand more money in the hopes that the problem will suddenly go away just by throwing more of what didn’t work before at the problem.. It doesn’t matter to the liberals, the money is someone else’s..

Liberal Nita Lowey (L-NY) said, “drastic cuts to USAID would risk a great deal in stability and security around the world which would spawn the kinds of threats that cost the country the lives of men and women in uniform and billions in treasure..” Here is the liberal “we can buy a friend” mentality at its worst. As an aside, “threats” mean nothing. What have the liberals done when “threats” have become “actions”? The “threats” will STOP when we acquire the testicles to place the “or else” back into the international equation.. By the way, you and your “leader” has cost the middle class TRILLIONS in “treasure”..

“Shah argued that foreign assistance is crucial to the long term economic recovery..” “It helps develop markets for American goods..” THIS is Obamanomics 101.. “Foreign assistance” costs US everything, it costs the recipients NOTHING. According to Shah, the “market” is there as long as we stock the shelves and allow the “customers” to walk out of the store without paying..

“USAID’s work also strengthens America’s economic security..” This PROVES that the liberals know absolutely NOTHING about either economics or security.. “By establishing links to consumers at the bottom of the pyramid, we sell more goods in the economies of the future..” We aren’t SELLING anything, we are GIVING IT AWAY!! These “economies of the future”, since they are unnamed, are quite possibly the same “economies” that have been at the “bottom of the pyramid” for centuries so the six bucks that we can afford to send them thanks to the Obama tourniquet isn’t going to help anyway..

“The IDA account supports 1.6 million people in Darfur, so halving the account would place 800,000 people at risk..” I knew that if we discussed this long enough the liberals would get above that “70,000” number.. Maybe if Obama hadn’t put the AMERICAN “people at risk”, we might have more than some of the Obama “change” to toss to them..


14 responses to “People At Risk

  1. Bullseye again! The liberals cannot look in their own back yard for problems to solve, they go to foreign countries and try to “buy a friend” with other peoples money. Well, I am sick and tired of the “liberal mathamatics of lunacy” that passes for thought. It is clear as the nose on your face that the liberals cannot think. All they can do is regurgitate nonsense and stupid figures. I think HR.1 should be 100% lower than previous years. Think the liberals can figure that one out? A pox on them all.


    Read an article yesterday that we give $60 BILLION IN AID to foreign
    countries most of which hate our guts . ARE WE NUTS

  3. Larry, You are rapidly becoming one of my favorite bloggers. I mean how can you not love a smartass conserative? Hence my love for Ann Coulter, I wish I could marry her. I was turned on to you by a dear friend who lives in Portland, OR. He and his wife are two of less then a 100 conseratives in that wacko state. But it is Beautiful, anyway one last question, this is your second posting today when do you sleep? Keep up the good work and enjoy your weekend.

  4. noleftturnz


    We all know that those who want to “buy” their friends have a very low self esteem.

    In the case of the left, they have a very low IQ as well..

    Thanks as always,


  5. noleftturnz


    This “aid”, this backscratching needs to end.

    As goes America, so goes the world whether the liberals like it or not.

    It’s time to “right” the ship..

    Thanks as always,


  6. noleftturnz


    As the late great Warren Zevon said, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”.

    I greatly appreciate your very kind words.

    You have a great weekend as well, I’ll try not to bother everyone..

    Thanks as always,


  7. beyond disgusted

    Right on the money! I wish just once an elected conservative would say “If you care so much about (whatever the ridiculous leftists cause is), then please feel free to donate to it with your own money and leave the rest of us alone!

  8. Oxymoron of the day – ” Liberal Investment”

  9. Oxymoron of the day – ” Liberal Investment” -Great one!

  10. Hypocrites. The Democrat’s saving the live’s of children devotion. Their ever funding of grisly ending them through abortion.

  11. The banning of DDT has caused upwards of fifty million deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa, according to an article I read somewhere. This exceeds the total battle deaths of the First World War. While I have nothing against the idea of helping out those in need in other countries, we need to address our own issues at home first. We have families here whom are starving and don’t know where they will call home tonight.

    We as a people are a generous lot, we give of our time, our money, because we know it to be the right thing to do, the Christian thing to do. Progressives feel they must mandate charity because they do not believe in God, and have only themselves as ‘moral authority’, and have an understanding that humanity is inherently mean and greedy (because they themselves are).

    The charity we do send, as we so tragically learned with Haiti and other such places, always seems to wind up in the hands of those whom either caused the problem or the warlords whom take our largesse and keep it for themselves. Over the years we have pumped more money into Haiti than we did to rebuild all of Europe after World War Two. The capital is still mostly in ruins (they haven’t even bothered to clear away the mess), the bodies still haven’t all been buried from the earthquake (over a year ago), and we’re about to see a possible unholy union of Aristide and Baby Doc Duvalier (both of whom make Gaddaffi look like a Boy Scout) retaking the country, so they can start their genocidal rampages all over again. Given the welcome these dictators have recieved, one must wonder if they simply are getting what they deserve, as they are bringing this upon themselves yet again. One also has to admit Haiti was a much better place when the French ran the show.

    I think we should allow these countries to solve their own problems, and not intervene under any circumstances unless invited to do so, and only provide what aid they ask for. We would save ourselves considerable money and save countless lives of our servicemen and those brave souls whom volunteer to do good. In the long run we will have a world of more strong nations, as they have learned to figure out their own issues instead of expecting us to bail them out. Haiti and Somalia will continue to be failed states unless or until its citizens get off their asses and earn the right to be considered to be anything else. This I think is the key to international stability.

  12. Charity begins at home. I can’t stop the idiots running our country from sending aid to other countries, but I won’t be sending a dime of the money they so graciously (not) allow me to keep outside of this country. My donations go to local charities that I know and trust. The bulk of money that goes to most “charities” usually ends up being spent, mostly, on “administration costs.”

  13. Oh, NOW they’re worried about people dying in Darfur. These charlatans are the most transparent, pathetic slimeballs on the face of the Earth, bar none. No wonder Dear Leader has his lips planted firmly on the U.N.’s ass.
    Great post, as always, Larry.

  14. The problem with foreign aid is in Congress it’s dumped in one bag and voted on by Congress, not by individual countries in need as it should be. Given the 135 countries in the world we give aid to 130 of them. That includes CUBA, VENEZUALA and get this folks, CHINA!!

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