Who Is Paying Attention?

The lessons learned from allowing the liberals to regain the throne of power are always “hard” lessons but the stupefying thing is that these lessons never “change” and these lessons never seem to be learned..

In 2008, the liberals skulked back into power utilizing their usual bag of Bolshevik tricks. I want to take ONE of their “squawking points” in order to expose their hypocrisy.

The liberals, using their devious powers of Democratic deception and deflection, continually crowed about not “rewarding those who got us into this mess”. This libelous label was attached to the Republicans and the “evil Wall Street bankers” for example.

The liberals caused this “mess” as they have controlled BOTH Houses since 2006, regardless of who has occupied the White House. As the public insanely voted them back into a “Supermajority” in 2009, they “rewarded those who got us into this mess” and we certainly got it with both barrels..

Once back in collectivist control, the liberals said that the “evil Wall Street investment bankers” caused this “mess”, thereby clearing the way for another of their “takeovers”.. The liberals then “rewarded” those who ACTUALLY got us into this “mess” to the tune of countless billions of YOUR tax dollars, the worms at both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These two government entities were empowered and enabled by both the liberal Clinton administration and by Barney Frank. By the way, both entities are STILL siphoning off YOUR ill-gotten loot and they are still bawling for more.. Any wagers as to whether they will get it? Any wager as to HOW MUCH MORE they will get?

Let’s move to the most recent example of the left and their irrational “Chicken Little” liberalism. The administrator of USAID just a few days ago testified that the Republican’s proposed budget cuts would “lead to the deaths of at least 70,000 kids”.. This was his subtle way of frightening the assembled Congressweasels into “rewarding those who got us into this mess”..

The liberals INSIST upon giving American “treasure”, as liberal legislator Nita Lowey called it, to the same people who got their country into their “mess”. The liberals “feel” that if bushel baskets of American “treasure” make their way into the hands of these “leaders” that they will suddenly have an Epiphany that will cause them to do the right thing and use the loot to “solve the problem”.

These “leaders” don’t do anything of the sort, they invariably reroute the riches to their own bank accounts and when the benevolent booty is of a material nature, they hold it and they sell it to other “nations” via the black market. These “profits” then make their way into the previously mentioned bank accounts. These leaders” retain power through fear and intimidation and they tell their population that they are “addressing the problem”.. Yet the liberals continue to “reward those who got us into this mess” in the childish “hope” that they will “change”.. NOTHING will “change” until these potentates are out of power as the liberals would rather “redistribute” as opposed to inflicting a genuine and beneficial “change” for these “victims”.. As well, NOTHING will “change” domestically until the liberals are dethroned..

By the way, doesn’t that sound like the domestic Democratic liberal “plan of attack” upon America?

If people don’t start paying attention to the lies of the liberal left, they will again be “paying” altogether too much of what should be keeping for themselves to those who will forever continue to “reward” “those who got us into this mess”..

Never give in, never give up and never again..


15 responses to “Who Is Paying Attention?

  1. noleftturnz


    This is actually today’s TOTD but I liked it so much that I thought that I would toss it up over here..

    Thanks as always,



    Our big fight now is to help Wisconsin keep control of the people they elected
    who have made some important changes in handling union agreements.

  3. I am forever amazed and frustrated with the views expressed in the Public Opinion letters of the local newspaper. Even taking into account that liberals are intellectually limp and most derive their education from special needs schooling. I am used to the author’s fuzzy math but not their civics. Still they do not grasp that budgets do not come from the White House, they come from Congress, a Congress that these lamebrain liberals were in control of for the last two years of Bush’s administration.
    Maybe if we used small words that they could understand?…

  4. Sling Blade

    This article is exactly right. Liberals get back in power precisely because people don’t pay attention, and then they start their same crap all over again-socialized healthcare being the perfect example. We defeated Hillarycare in 1994, and as soon as they could, the democrats forced it on us again. They have one playbook, and if they don’t get what they want this time, be sure they will try again next time, and to hell with the consequences for our nation.
    When will the voters in this country ever learn?

  5. Sling Blade

    And Joe makes a good point. When did we change the Constitution to where it says the president submits a budget? I thought that was the responsibility of the Congress.

  6. Once again I post on foreign aid; I think something needs to be done here, we’re talking trillions of taxpayer’s dollars each year!
    Of the 185 countries of the world, the U.S. gives foriegn aid to 180 of them. The reason for this is that foreign aid is all dumped into one bag and voted upon by Congress rather than “by need” of any singular country. 180 countries, folks, and as you may guess we haven’t got that many friends/allies in this world. We give aid to such countries as PAKISTAN, VENEZUELA and get this, we’re giving foreign aid to CHINA!!!

  7. It doesn’t help that the education system has been manipulated to breed generations of unthinking minions for the Progressives to lead by the nose. No longer is objective thinking taught in the public schools, not even in the ‘hard’ science (chemistry, physics, et al) classes. Mine was likely the last generation to learn how to think as opposed to what to think.

    As such the same old Progressive tricks work because the audience is about as well educated as Pavlov’e dogs. The under thirty crowd whom voted for Obama are basically a lost cause, they know nothing and they’re proud of it. What we’re seeing is the formation of a socially conscious, under-educated, under-employed Protoletariat underclass, dependent upon their government masters to tell them what to do and what to think, smug in their ignorance, whom are honestly unable to understand why those whom pay their own way in the world are upset at the prospect of handing over our hard-earned gains to those less deserving than ourselves. At times I wonder if the explosion of autism and Ausbergers is part of a plan to help create a new generation of non-functional Democrat voters whom have no ability to hold down a real job beyond ‘ding, fries are done’, whom would be incapable of forming any sort of resistance to the much smarter political elite.

    The reason why the children are being used is because there’s an old aphorism in politics: nothing gets attention like damsels in distress and dead babies. Of course, the Progressives are counting seventy-thousand theorhetical children, rather than the thirty million real dead babies they themselves will answer to at the throne of God.

  8. Since more young people or not so young people work for the Government and not in any private industry or manufacturing, don’t you all think we’ve gone over the precipice to never return. There comes a tipping point where you which a country cannot return from and I personally think this is it. Its a gimme culture I’m talking of.

  9. The state department budget is $95 Billion so there is $94 Billion we could cut without harming the country at all. There are more flag rank officers now on active duty than there were at the height of WW2 and most of them are doing the work of a clerk so why not retire 95% of them and simply hire some lower paid clerks? If they were really sincere about the federal budget, they could easily cut over 40% and cease the borrowing. I’m retired and I would gladly take a 20% cut in my social security if it would actually be used to balance the budget and not blown on new spending programs. Right now the only hope we have to survive as a nation is for the military to lock Barry and his boys up at Gitmo forever.

  10. The libs never cease to amaze me. The same old playbook, the conservatives want to starve the children and grannies. Remember the welfare reform with Clinton? I don’t recall any such a thing happening. The libs all cried how horrible to have the recipients work a few hours for their “free” money.
    How about cutting the tax payer contributions to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The government funnels money to those institutions and the big shots there give themselves millions in pay and bonus’. Now that’s a cut we can afford. Chris Dodd said we can’t expect home buyers to put 15% down to purchase a home because then people who can’t afford to buy one would be cut out! HUH?

  11. G. Nichols; I recognize the seriousness of clinical autism and I am in no way making fun of it. But the similatarities you bring up between it and the liberals are true. They have trouble verbalizing their many thoughts without confusing everyone (“We have to pass this bill to see what’s in it.”) or control themselves when their upset. See rationale and fact vs. the Left Media and governmental doomsday scare tactics.

  12. The policos in our government will not do what they should for us because they dont work for us. All of the country’s problems can begin to be solved as soon as one of those ass picking wannabes in the governments asks Barry that fatal question: Who are you? Prove it! He is a citizen of England, first. Secondly, he became a citizen of Kenya at their independence from Great Briton, and finally he is muslim citizen of Indonesia as required for him to go to school there when his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro changed his name to Barry Soetoro and registered him as a citizen. Never, in his life has he ever been a US citizen. “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” Where’s the college records? Why did he and his wife lose their licenses to practice law?Not only is he an Islamist Terrorist, trying to destroy our society,he is a common criminal from birth. God, will someone who has the balls, start the process to defend our constitution. Its truthful conclusion with demonstrate that this is all true. Who are you really?!?!?

  13. G. Nichols – you have, in a nutshell, discerned the most egregious problem of the education system in our country. Our youth are being taught what to think, not how to think. In this way they are led merrily into Hell. It’s like entering a gunfight with a broom handle and the atrophied minds are unable to process an original thought, let alone act on it.

  14. Obama is purposely ovewhelming the U.S. economy to create systematic failure, economic crisis and social chaos thereby destroying capatalism and our country from within.
    I don’t think anyone here would ever give Obama credits as one of the outstanding minds of our times, but I do think he is a good student in that he has studied a plan by two professors at Columbia University, Cloward and Piven. A Machavillian game plan to socialize America by overwhelming the government spending and entitlement demands. Successfully this would turn the United States into a socialist/Marxist state with a permanent majority that needs government for survival and can always be counted on to vote for bigger government.

    All you need do is look at the last four years and in particular the last two years, we all can see what has been attempted and transpired. A progressive liberal government dedicated to destroying capitalism and installing themselves as socialist rulers by overwhelming the system. Add it up and you’ve got the perfect Marxist scheme, all devised by the
    Pee-resident Hussien Obama.


    Check out todays RUSH LIMBAUGH site to see the major increase in government employees vs business.
    How can we give 80% PENSIONS TO STATE WORKERS for the rest of their
    life when they recover all of their contributions with in three years
    They retire at say age 55 and starting at age 59 get paid in full by our tax money for the rest of their life possible 30 plus years Also free health insurance System must be changed

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