Book Smart

Well, well, well.. Some obscure “pastor” at a Florida church lit a book aflame and he has set off a firestorm.. Several thousands of miles away. Through the miracle of modern technology, this information was made available to the dystrophic denizens of one of the sixth century cesspools and the usual song and dance began.. As always, the untamed turbaned toads overseas weren’t the only ones capering and cavorting..

That is correct. Someone torched a Koran. Someone please alert Newsweek so they can try to make up for their false reports of flushed Korans from May of 2005.. In case you might have been wondering, the “usual suspects” responded in the same manner back in 2005 even though the story proved to be a “story”.. I suppose that “it was the thought that counts”..

The article entitled, “Afghanistan Koran Burning Protests Rage On For Third Day” (Fox News dot com 04/03/2011) we learn that “hundreds blocked off a highway, shouting for U.S. troops to leave and burned an effigy of president Obama..” “Hundreds”, wow.. This sounds like one of those “gatherings” that the race baiters here in America try to hastily assemble when they feel that there might be a “profit” that will result from their faux “outrage” and their window smashings.. Judging by the modernity of Afghanistan, it would only take two Mooselims to effectively block one of the dirt roads/”highways” traveled by the mules and the jackasses of Afghanistan.. By the way, the mules are at the front of the Mooselim carts, the jackasses ride in the carts.. The Mooselims burned an “effigy” of someone who for all intent and purposes is and “effigy” anyway so, no harm, no foul..

Allegedly, there was “more than a thousand people” who had their turbans in a twist as they protested “against the desecration of the Koran..” Afghan “provincial police chief” (the international equivalent of a Keystone Kop in sandals..) Sher Ahmad Maladini said “there was no violence”.. If there was “no violence” at one of the Mooselim rain dances then I am willing to claim that there was “no one there”.. You simply can’t have a good Mooselim gathering without a stoning or a beheading or three..

Draw a stupid cartoon or burn a book and everybody jumps up from their putrid prayer rugs and starts beating the bushes for infidels to kill.. Failing that, find a western news camera, (never hard to find if America is the target of your ire..) find a few of your friends that aren’t loaded up with C4 at that moment (wouldn’t want anyone to “go off” before they plan to..) and start jumping up and down and bellowing.. Riots over a book. Here in America, we have riots when basketball teams win “world championships” so we are familiar with unnecessary displays of self indulgent stupidity..

“The Taliban called on people to rise up, blaming government forces for any violence that did occur..” That is as imbecilic as Obama blaming HIS depression and HIS unemployment and HIS deficits on “the mess I inherited”.. Everyone knows that the runner up in the Nobel Peace prize voting in October of 2009 when Obama took home the loot was the Taliban..

“The Taliban said in a statement emailed to media outlets that the U.S and other countries have wrongly excused the burning of a Koran by the pastor of a Florida church on March 20 as freedom of speech..” The Taliban “emailing” media outlets? We know that the liberal media is in bed with the domestic Democratic terrorists but now the collectivist cat is out of the bag as far as their carpet crawling cuddle buddies in bathrobes, now we know that they are on the Taliban’s speed dial.. Watching a unibrow Talibani trying to “email” would probably be about as hilarious as watching an Amish fellow trying to operate a big screen television at Best Buy..

Here in America, what occurred in Florida WAS “free speech”, just as what occurred in October of 2005 when Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard got a little silly was “free speech”. The American left, long the proponents of “free speech” were cowardly silent over this nonsense and to boot, they were mute over the “religious” basis for the Mooselim protests and violence in BOTH cases.. Actually, they are too silent about ANY act of Mooselim terrorism, not unlike the mysterious and elusive “moderate Mooselims”.. I’m sorry, I keep forgetting that the ONLY religion in the collectivist’s crosshairs is Christianity..

The Taliban said that “Afghans ‘cannot accept this un-Islamic act..’” Why aren’t they as “outraged” when their fellow “believers” use their religion as the basis for their terrorist acts, aren’t those “anti-Islamic acts” too? Are they trying to tell us that the burning of a book is more egregious than the burning of two buildings in lower Manhattan back in 2001? That is exactly what they are trying to tell us and those who have the ability to respond to such sophistry are too busy rolling over and playing dead..

“We condemn, in particular, the action of the individual in the United States who recently burned the Holy Koran. We also offer condolences to the families of all of those injured and killed in violence which occurred in the wake of the burning of the Holy Koran.. We further hope the Afghan people understand the actions of a small number of individuals who have been extremely disrespectful to the Holy Koran are not representative of any of the countries of the international community who are in Afghanistan to help the people of Afghanistan..”

These quotes are allegedly from a statement from General Petraeus and NATO Senior Civilian Representative Ambassador Mark Sedwill. I suppose that the General has to be concerned about his troops on the front lines in Afghanistan, but still this language from a General is disheartening. As Bastogne was surrounded during the Battle of the Bulge, General Anthony McAuliffe was asked to surrender by the German command and he replied, “Nuts”.. Today’s politically correct response comes without a demand for surrender from the enemy but it might just as well have..

Then we regrettably turn to our president who said that this isolated burning “is an act of extreme intolerance and bigotry..” Here Obama is apologizing to the MOST “intolerant” simians on the planet. Accessing the extremely liberally biased Wikipedia, their bloated definition of “bigotry”, “refers to persons hostile to those of differing religion or spirituality..” This sounds like the liberals and their “bigotry” towards Christianity and as well, this CERTAINLY sounds like the Mooselims and their “feelings” towards Christians and Jews, regardless if any Floridians have had a campfires and book cookouts..

Obama tried to save one of his faces by adding that this typical response from the terrorists “does not justify attacking and killing innocent people”. He called it “outrageous and an affront to human decency and dignity..” The idea of anyone trying to lecture the Mooselims about “decency and dignity” is about as futile as lecturing Obama about capitalism and transparency..

The Taliban, again in deference to their Democratic socialist sidekicks, claimed “those killed during the protests were unarmed demonstrators..” That is as idiotic as claiming that “I didn’t inhale” or “I did not have sex with that woman” or “I will not raise taxes on the middle class one thin dime” or “I inherited this mess”.. Using the terrorist/liberal lexicon, “unarmed” means that ticking turbans do not count..

“Afghan authorities suspect insurgents infiltrated the mob..” It would seem that the “Afghan authorities” have as much difficulty as either Obama or Janet Napolitano seems to have in calling terrorists “terrorists..” These “Afghan authorities” sound awfully sharp, they should be part of the Obama administration and I will bet that they would be able to do their own taxes better than the domestic Obama underlings..

What these “protests” are actually meant to do is gauge the response that comes from the West. If these goofy galoots had been flattened with several rounds of well placed automatic weapons fire the first time that they ever tried this “approach”, there would be none of this malarkey going on today. After their first dimwitted dalliance, they were met with obsequious kowtowing and endless apologies which they correctly interpreted as weakness.. Just like when they send their “imams” into the airports and into airplanes where they INTENTIONALLY act “suspicious”, they are merely “testing the waters” to try to measure the reaction from their next group of victims.. It’s nice to see that we have become so docile, so compliant..

One has to imagine that the terrorists aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.. When it comes to their silly sideshows when some obscure pastor burns their book and the domesticated response from the rest of the West to their cacophonous choreography, I am now of the belief that they are book smart..


10 responses to “Book Smart

  1. Where is this outrage when our flag is walked on, burned or hung below another nations flag? An astute posting, Larry.

  2. They blow up Christian Churches, slaughter women and children in the name of Islam, and then they have the unmitigated gall to criticise and kill some more because one person here burned a book… They burn our flag daily, they kill their own people indiscriminately and we have to sit here and be nice? I don’t think so, Sparky! These are definitely not the sharpest tools in the shed and the only book smarts they have are from that stupid book that is only worth using to start a camp fire .

  3. Agreed.
    In addition, anyone with an IQ above room temp. understands that the Koran , by definition , is not a ‘holy book’ . And, if for some unexplainable reason, I were in possession of said book, I would burn it immediately.

    On a side note, Col. GaDaffy has allegedly decided to leave Libya, and come to the US, and run for President. Apparently he too does not have a legitimate birth certificate, and therefore feels that he is qualified to run, especially since he has had more experience running a country, than the current fraud in the WH !!!

  4. teaches us everything we need to know about this pathetic religion. Here in the uk we have touring bands of muslims looking to be offended so they can call in the law. Recent case was when an english female convert ( women converts are the equivalent of turkeys voting for christmas) sued a business and caused it to shut down because one of the owners said muhammed was just another middle east warlord and she called in the cops who immediately arrested, charged and took the guy to face criminal court proceedings for offending her ! … sadly it looks like the free worlds last meaningful hope (the US) will be next !

  5. Afghan protestors angered by the burning of a Koran by an obscure U.S. pastor killed up to 20 U.N. staff and beheaded two foreigners. (Rueters – April 2)

    From the various news reports I can’t help get the feeling that we are somehow supposed to be the one’s that feel guilty for the heineous killings of these innocent people. I assume since we don’t believe what the brown skinned bag wearers want us to believe we are naturally the bad ones.
    Never mind the fact that they behead their own people and stone women to death for the horrendous crime of baring an ankle. Or, you know, being the victim of rape…

  6. This would be a valid way to aid our boys overseas. Use a burning Koran to flush out like radicals over there, so they’re easier targets. All joking aside, we need to watch out. Stories are coming out that Al-Queda may have acquired SAMs while trolling around Libya. If they have them you can bet they’ll try their luck and ruin some poor souls’ vacation plans. The world is getting darker and scarier all the time, and the barbarians are skulking around the gates.

    I seem to recall when the Pope suggested Islam might not be such a peaceful faith, Muslims reacted by killing several hundred people, including several nuns, and burned down a number of Christian churches. I think the time has come for us to depend upon our own energy supplies and cut ties with these savages, for our own good. Failing that, how bout: ‘lower crude or no more food’?

  7. “Man, once surrendering his reasoning, has no remaining guard against the absurdities of the most monstrous, and like a ship without a rudder, is the sport for every wind. With such persons, gullibility, which they call faith, takes the helm from the mind of reason and the mind becomes a wreck.”
    ~~ Thomas Jefferson ~~

    The man’s wisdom still will forever keep me in awe. Speaking from the beyond the grave he describes not only ‘terrorists’ but Islam as well as we know it today.

    And another thing, why in the hell does it seem mandatory for Muzlimbs to describe their’s as a “peaceful” religion. Aren’t all religions respectful of human life and therefore peaceful? Oh, I forgot again, it’s only peaceful when you believe what they believe.

    Mooselimb = religious socialism

  8. I won’t be around to see it, but I wonder if the liberals have ever given a thought to what will happen to them if they say no to any of the mooselim demands if the towelheads, God Forbid, take over the world. Heads will roll no doubt.

    Thanks for the Thomas Jefferson quote Joe. He has always been one of my favorite “Founding Fathers.”

  9. On a side note, the fraud in the WH expects to have a billion dollars in his shampaign war chest. How much of it will come from labor unions, from off-shore, from the media, from Soros and his cronies, from nefarious organizations, and finally – from the average citizen ??
    Then, where will this excessive amount of money be “spent” ? Will people be paid to vote, will staffers receive special bonuses, will Chicago receive “anonymous” donations, will the Obama private residence receive “hidden” upgrades, etc., etc.
    No, I don’t expect to receive an honest answer ! Just a thought !

  10. noleftturnz


    As the fire again goes out prematurely benaeth another article from NLTZ, here is the latest from TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


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