Little He Can Do

The Bumbling Brown Bolshevik is at it again.. Leave it to a liberal to put on another of their carefully staged events in a town called “Fairless Hills”.. I’m surprised that Obama didn’t demand that the name be “changed” to “Fairness” while he stumbled about.. After the Tea Party began flexing their muscles at the liberal’s Lilliputian Town Hall meetings a while back, the only lemmings allowed at any liberal “Potemkin Village Town Halls” from that point forward are those with union cards, EBT cards and their punch cards from the local methadone clinic.. Let’s just call it the “collectivist card check”.. Just for fun, if Rodham would have won, she would now be having “It Takes A Potemkin Village Town Hall Meetings”..


Suddenly the “hands on” heretic of 2009 has become the “wash my hands of all of it” weenie of 2011 when it comes to progressive politics. From reactionary to realist in such a short time, isn’t it amazing? Everything from the budget to now gas prices seems to have the Kenyan Kollectivist completely cowed..

According to “Obama: Expect little short-term relief on gas prices”, (Herald News dot com 04/07/2011) Obama seemed to have no trouble gassing up Air Farce One in order to give his socialist soliloquy to about as well scrubbed a group of fascist fawners as the left could possibly manage to lasso. Mind you, “well scrubbed” isn’t a descriptor used that often in relation to an assemblage of liberals.. I am of course speaking in reference to their “progressive provenance”, not their hygiene.. There is no faster way to arouse grunts of suspicion within a liberal crowd than to show up having clean hair and all of your marbles.. Here Obama was “pitching the promise of energy independence” which is as useless as him “pitching the promise” that he won’t raise your taxes “one thin dime”.. Obama’s “promises” are simply progressive pollution..

Obama claimed that it is “going to be a tough transition from America’s oil dependent economy..” Hmmm.. There are just so many directions that I can go with that last quote.. Shall I have a bash?

It certainly wasn’t a “tough transition” from capitalism to socialism once all of the collectivist confetti was cleared from the streets after the ingrate’s inauguration.. It certainly wasn’t a “tough transition” from common sense to the liberal lupercalia that took place as soon as he darkened the door of the White House.. It hasn’t been a “tough transition” from the socialist scorched Earth policies to the new shoulder shrugging because Obama now has a few Republicans to “blame” for HIS problems..

“I’m going to be honest with you..” I cannot believe that he didn’t spontaneously combust after he had the gall to make that statement in public, but he continued on.. “There’s not much we can do next week or two weeks from now” relative to the price of a barrel of oil. That being said, this is Obama’s cue to his travel agents to begin to plan another series of well earned vacations at the taxpayer’s expense..

Obama insists upon selling himself short when it comes to what he can “do next week or two weeks from now”.. Since the liberals NEVER bothered to READ ANY of Obama’s bloated bill’s during the “I won” fascist phase of his dictatorship, Obama proved unequivocally just how much DAMAGE he can “do next week or two weeks from now”.. I guess that the “promise” from old Porcelain Puss Pelosi about the Democrats magical powers relative to gas prices was another of those broken promises liberals are never called to task over..

Obama then launched into the typical laundry list of “cures” that the liberals love to trot out knowing that they have absolutely no intention of ever implementing.. “Reducing oil imports, tapping domestic energy sources and shifting the nation to renewable and less polluting energy sources of energy, such as wind..” Even if we attached a litany of progressive propellers to the impressive wind machine that is Obama himself, this would make nary a dent in the demand..

Obama wants to “reduce oil imports”.. Just last week, he “promised” Brazil that he wanted to be “a good customer” of their EXPORTED oil, so much so that he “promised” several hundred million American dollars to help with the process.. Is ANWR what Obama is musing about when he mentions “tapping domestic energy sources”? Do you believe him? When Obama pules over “renewable and less polluting sources of energy” he means the wonderful faux fuels, the “fools fuels” made from ridiculous recyclables that are even more costly than oil to produce and don’t have the power to light even your refrigerator.. What of all of the corn that is going into Ethanol production that could be feeding the world’s “poor”? This is the proof that the “poor” only matter to the liberals every four years to the day and not a moment sooner..

When someone had the audacity (of hope) to question Obama, like all snide liberals, he responded with, “If you’re complaining about the price of gas and you’re only getting 8 miles to the gallon you might want to think about a trade-in..” Well, Obama’s limousine is IMMUNE from the penalties that are liberally applied to the rest of us and our vehicles.. Is Obama considering a “trade in” for Air Farce One as he wings his way across the nation enforcing his “Contract ON America”.. Wouldn’t Obama fit rather nicely into a Piper Cub? By the way, the rest of us are “thinking about a trade in” come 2012, so call on one of your Illinois felon friends like Tony Rezko to start looking into a new mansion for your Bolshevik backside and as well you had better start stocking up on clear packing tape and bubble wrap and of course, recycled cardboard boxes..

Try as he might to run away from reality, even in an article about “energy”, Obama gets another reminder of what he is trying vainly (how else would Obama do it?) to run away from.. “Back in Washington, negotiations continued on a budget deal to avert a government shut down Friday..” “Obama urged lawmakers to get it done..” Here Obama took a page out of the cowardly Wisconsin liberal’s book as he made this demand from a distance.. This is the SAME Obama that hasn’t been able (or hasn’t wanted) to produce a budget even when he had the majority in BOTH Houses last year.. Back then, liberals like Landrieu and Nelson were all cutting deals for their votes and their GREED at wanting to get more than the next liberal in line caused this “mess” that he is NOW going to blame on the Republicans..

Proving that Obama and the liberals have all read carefully the words from Mein Kampf, the “big, then the bigger lie” continues to be the liberal leitmotiv.. “The president said he wants to cut spending..” Next thing that Obama will be trying to tell us is that Michael Moore wants to lose weight, Howard Dean wants help with his Tourette’s or Joe Biden wants directions to the local AA meeting.. Alright, Obama wants to “cut spending”, but “not at the expense of cutting priorities like energy and education..” Conservative Cure #1: I don’t want to “cut spending” in relation to the liberal abattoir known as “public education”, I want to ELIMINATE it..

The “Promising Poltroon” said that “cleaner and domestic energy sources will help create jobs and boost U.S. competitiveness”.. I CANNOT stand it when the left latches onto such vile words as “competitiveness” when for generations they have INTENTIONALLY destroyed the finest public education system on the planet. It is IMPOSSIBLE to be “competitive” ANYWHERE when the vehicle that used to make us “competitive” has been gutted and pawned to the goons and simians of the NEA by the liberals..

Was it a moment of humility that caused Obama to say “there’s little he can do to lower gas prices over the short term”? As was proven handily by the “Bolshevik Blitzkrieg” that began in early 2009, there is an awful lot he can do in the “short term” once he puts his Marxist mind to it, and I do mean “awful”..

20 responses to “Little He Can Do

  1. noleftturnz


    Here is the latest TOTD:

    Click the link and give it a read..

    Thanks as always,


  2. Thanks Larry, Ya always make me smile.
    “If you’re complaining about the price of gas and you’re only getting 8 miles to the gallon you might want to think about a trade-in..” Well over half this country has been thinking about trading in Dear Leader for the last 2 years. Sooner if possible.
    “Wouldn’t Obama fit rather nicely into a Piper Cub?” Nah, to good for him. Send him up in an ultra light.

  3. It’s the same old, same old nonsense with this fraud in the WH. He has been in shampaign mode since Jan 21, 2009 . Apparently he firmly believes that if he lies often enough , people will believe him. And, the bigger the lie, the better !! I’d like to see an accounting of all the money that he has “wasted” , including his time as a ‘community organizer’, and Senator.

  4. Excellent article Larry, but before you put too much faith in the next election, please consider the following reasons that the illegal, muslim, communist is not worried about winning.

    1. BHO has never participated in an honest election. The many millions of fraud votes cast by ACORN and other union thugs can swing any election. That is why he is in the White House and Al Franken is in the senate. No Republican can come up with the billions of dollars in illegal campaign contributions that the muslin can.

    2. The secret government will make sure that his opponent is so disliked that most voters can’t vote for him/her (remember the 1996 & 2008 elections) or they will run a fake conservative candidate on a third party ticket (remember Ross Perot). The only reason McCain got more than 10% of the votes was Sarah Palin.

    3. With more than one million muslim terrorists now in the USA, he can turn them loose to start a total terror campaign that will give him the opening to declare martial law and finish destroying the constitution. Hope and pray for the best but beware of all the potential disasters currently being set in motion (currency crash, global califate, EMP) and start preparing for major negative changes to soon come about.

  5. Having read an article on the townhall meeting and the incident of Obama’s reply, I believe it was AP that reported the man who questioned the all-not-knowing One had eleven kids. Now the special gathering of a Democrat audience, the article didn’t refer to race, whether the kids were all his or not and whether or not the kids were on welfare or if he and his wife (if any) were on welfare. Eleven kids on child welfare can add up to a tidy sum for a month! Not only enabling the payment for high gas prices but the possible purchase of a limosuine enviable of that of the “Joker’s” himself.

    I think the brown clown is worried about being re-elected yet at the same time could give a sh-t less. He enjoys his present status yet he doesn’t represent us and he wasn’t brought to power by knowledge or his own deeds. He is a puppet for person or persons that ambitions are to see the end of the greatest Republic this world has ever known.
    While he may be amassing a large re-election fund, I believe it will do him no good, as the majority of the people that were duped into electiong him into office have finally discovered what a false phrophet he is. It has been thrown in the American public’s face, despite the suckling Mass Media’s ever down playing, that Obama’s so-called “promises” of “hope and change” were “transparent” lies. There is only so much you can accomplish with money. You may extend your wealth, you may share it, you will all always have “friends” but you can never buy true allegiance.
    I’m counting on the majority of the former (and now dis-illusioned) voters for Obama not to “Re-Neg” in 2012.

    And your No. 3 point about “finishing destroying the Constitution”. NEVER!! Not while I have a breath. I will be the first Amercian terrorist you see!! I love this country and what it stands for to much to let it be taken away from me and my fellow Americans.

  6. Larry, That “promise” of the First Liar to Brazil of “several hundred dollars” for oil exploration conflict with an e-mail I received today and claiming to be researched by CBS Steve Kroft. (I can’t find a site proving or disproving it.) This so-called promise is for 12 billion dollars rather than several hundred million in aiding a Brazilian oil company, Pet rob ras, in off shore exploration and drilling. Further, this not so odd largesse of our tax dollars came after George Soros, Obama’s political financal backer, had invested in the company.

  7. I will be right beside you, Joe in defending the Constitution of this great Republic. Our freedoms may come at a price, but will be paid without question. Our freedoms allow us to communicate through great people, like Larry. Thanks, Larry for all you do in keeping us informed!


    Back up here for JOE and Richard

  9. I love this country enough to have served it almost 31 years in the Marine Corps, Navy, & Air Force and will gladly bear arms again if needed. If the brown puppet becomes too much of an embarrasement, Soros will simply move Hillary into his spot. Unfortunately, most American voters are not aware of anything but the ball scores plus they have very short attention spans and memories. The bum should be impeached and imprisoned immediately but there is a severe shortage of patriots in D.C. If there was any real justice, BHO, his entire cabinet & wife, Pelosi, Reid, both Clintons, and Al Gore would have to share a cell in Gitmo for the rest of their lives

  10. Orgainizer: A person who orgainizes or forms a group, a person who enlists and leads fellow members of a group or company to achieve results that serve the common good of the orgainization. This empty suit that we have as President could not lead a group of Boy Scouts to the nearest Baskin Robbins. When the Libtards had control of the House, Senate, and the White House they still could not pass a budget. They knew if they passed that monstrosity of a budget in Oct. before the election things would have been even worse for them. Now ( and as always) they are trying to blame someone else. I’m sure I can speak for alot of us when I say:
    Shut It Down, Shut It Down, Shut It Down.

    ps: Larry I’m impressed with the Russian and early Roman references

  11. noleftturnz


    I really feel that Obama cannot “buy” his way out of what he has done for the past two years.

    All of the commercials in the world cannot dissuade his “victims”, cannot dissuade his “independents” from the last cycle.

    He still has two more years to mangle things, no matter what he does in that time he cannot reverse what he has destroyed.

    One and done.

    Thank as always,


  12. noleftturnz


    YOUR response to our photojoe was better than mine..

    Maybe I should just shut up and let the commenters have their say.

    I’ve called this the “Soros administration” for quite a while and thanks for digging a little deeper into the liberals “Washington Insider Trading” that has taken place with Obama and Soros relative to the Brazil bribes..

    Thanks as always,


  13. noleftturnz


    Much as I greatly appreciate your very kind words, I haven’t made it anywhere near the status of “great”.

    How about “OK”, I could live with that..

    Thanks as always,


  14. noleftturnz


    Thanks as always for everything.

    I got your note, it certainly meant the world to me..

    Keep an eye on your mailbox, I’ve got something coming back your way..

    Thanks as always and hi to the Mrs. from NLTZ,


  15. noleftturnz


    Your last comment was spot on and it touched upon the PRIME point that caused me to start NLTZ: APATHY. (The intro to NLTZ focuses on this.) Followed closely by everyone’s short attention span.. America has ADD and the liberals will never consider dispensing the medicine.

    The libs not only rely upon everyone’s apathy, they utilize distraction and deflection as well.

    They will do ANYTHING to get to the first Wednesday in November..


    Thanks as always,


  16. noleftturnz


    Thanks for your kind words and for your comments.

    As a new “family” member, I am sure that you have noticed that we have a small but dedicated group of commenters who always add both information and spice to the topic at hand.

    I appreciate your additions to our site.


  17. noleftturnz


    Just before I turn in, the latest from the TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  18. Larry,
    Don’t ever “shut up” in responding to our comments. We’re all family, you know that, I just said what I am always feeling I just happened to find the right words for once.

  19. Joe,
    Agreed, and if a ‘family’ can’t have an honest discussion, and with real opinions, is it really a ‘family’ ?

  20. JJ,
    You’ve got it right. Heck even Larry and I get have different opinions once in a while… but I’m safe, Daimon isn’t around!!!

    I hope you didn’t think I held my instincts of patriotism for our country above you or, for that matter, anyone else here.
    I thank you, sir, for your service to our country, to my and our liberties and freedoms. May God eternally bless you for what you have done and from what I read, will continue carrying on to do.

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