Winkin Blinkin and Nod

The Obama-Rama-Drama of the moment has subsided. At the last possible moment, the liberals blinked. Actually, in reading about the entire process, it sounds as though the liberals were blinking all the way through. Hang on, scratch that, Obama was winkin’, the liberals were blinkin’ and everyone else started to nod off..

The collectivist cliffhanger of a governmental shutdown was averted.. For now, that is.. The idea of the “government” being shut down had to frighten the liberal “government is god” galoots to the point of asphyxia and angina.. Like all liberal “solutions”, this one merely puts off until tomorrow what the liberals will then put off until another tomorrow..

In “Federal shutdown avoided, 2012 budget fight looms” (Yahoo News 04/09/2011) we are told that “In the end, all sides claimed victory..” Here we have the liberals and their “leader” who bounced out a budget beyond anything imaginable or attainable, they LOST $38.5 billion middle class dollars that the left had planned on wasting and they then “claimed victory..” For Obama to take credit (from a distance, of course..) for this “historic” budget compromise is the equivalent of Mrs. O’Leary’s cow taking credit for putting out the great Chicago Fire of 1871..

How can the liberals “claim victory”? These political poltroons couldn’t produce a budget even when they were literally unopposed in Congress. This budget came six months and eight days after it should have. The farther back in this budget “process” that you go, the more “For Sale” signs that you saw taped to the doors of the offices of the Democrats in Congress. As time wore on, the “Scott Brown phenomenon” enlightened the normally dense liberals to the upcoming “November to Remember”. The results of this Democratic drubbing afforded the liberals someone to blame EVERYTHING on.. According to the liberals, this “crisis” has only been in play for the last couple of weeks.. This “crisis” began in January of 2009 and it was enabled during the faux economy of Clinton and it was amplified by the spend/deficit Democratic derelicts in DC..

“Americans of different beliefs came together again” according to the Traveling Totalitarian.. The liberals would have never abided by the concept of a government shutdown. They make their livelihoods from redistributing the monies stolen from others, which they then launder through their own bank accounts and the “change” left over is loving disseminated to the collectivist chattel.. From the redistributors to those redistributed to, literally every liberal in America has the federal government paying them off and that is before we get to those people and countries OUTSIDE of America who have the liberals to thank for their alms..

This is just a crisis averted for the time being. The $38.5 billion scrapped is less than one week’s worth of Obama deficit spending. Obama has increased discretionary spending by an “historic” 86 percent, there is SO much more of the Obama economic IED’s that need to be dismantled.. “Turbo Tax” Geithner is already ringing the Pavlovian bell for the liberals as he began asking for MORE money just a few days ago. He is greasing the rails for the “raise the debt ceiling” wailing and moaning which will be the NEXT fight that needs to be fought in order to slow the spend and spend and spend and spend Obama marathon..

“The deal marked a three-way clash of wills..” “Three-way?” Obama, Reid and Boehner.. I thought that Reid and Obama were on the same team? “According to a senior administration official, Obama told Boehner that they were the two most consequential leaders..” I guess that Reid should have blown town just like Obama does and just like Pelosi did, speaking INconsequential “leaders”..

“This agreement between Democrats and Republicans on behalf of all Americans is a budget that invests in our future while making the largest spending cuts in our history..” How interesting that Obama is NOW getting around to “investing in our future” since he has literally from Day One been DESTROYING everyone’s “future”.. Since Obama wants to clap himself on the back over the “largest spending cuts in our history”, why doesn’t he congratulate HIMSELF for putting the obscene spending in place that needed to be “cut”? Why doesn’t he dole out the kudos for wasting an “historic” amount of revenue, so much so that the government actually NEEDED to be shut down..

“Of the 38.5 billion in spending cuts to Obama’s original 2011 budget proposal..” (“Congress Strikes a Budget Deal to Avert Shutdown, Cutting$38.5B” Fox News 04/09/2011) This reminds me of the rip off stores who always advertise a gigantic half-off sale only because they have marked everything on the sales floor UP by 300 percent.. Obama HAS to cut from his obscene budget and HE is the hero? No, it rhymes with “hero”..

“Obama made it clear to his staff that he wanted them to stay out of the limelight and let the negotiation process work..” Obama’s “staff” couldn’t possibly nudge Obama from the “limelight”, even with a backhoe.. Besides, Obama believed in this decree to the point that he was off on another of his “vacations” in Williamsburg.. Not to be outdone, the California Raisin was off speaking (hiding out) at a Soros “event” entitled, “Change the World, Change the Media”.. Since the wrinkled relic is herself, “out of the limelight”, it was easier for her to pick up the Soros socialist marching orders and deliver them directly to the Soros/Obama administration effectively cutting FedEx out of the mix..

The “Forgotten Fascist”, Harry Reid said, “both sides made tough choices, but tough choices is what this job is all about..” Really.. Ask yourself this question, if the November election hadn’t gone the way that it did, just how “tough” would the choices have been for the “people who got us into this mess”? Do you think that the Congressional Democrats, if they still held their majorities, would have called Obama onto the carpet and told him to CUT $38.5 billion? No, they would have implored him to SPEND another $38.5 billion, regardless of whether it has even been printed or borrowed yet.. The idea of a liberal that cuts taxes or budgets without significant pressure from the opposition and the public that forces him to do so is as ridiculous as the idea of a liberal as a patriot or a capitalist..

“Democrats last year, facing stiff opposition from Republicans, put off a vote on a full-year budget as both parties geared up for the midterm elections. The standoff began in earnest several weeks ago..” The liberals were in full deflection mode and still they could not stave off the election results that were produced by the pornographic proportions of the Obama deficits, the Obama unemployment and the Obama Depression.. By the way, the midterm election was over four months ago and the liberals then went into the fascist four corner stall in order to blame the Republicans who hadn’t even been sworn in..

Probably the biggest liberal stumbling block, other than the “historic” work of the Obamzombies to date, was the Republican demand to eliminate federal funds for the abortions done at the un-aptly named “Planned Parenthood”.. Here is my suggestion for the rubber apron and saline solution crowd on the left.. You will receive no federal funding for your progressive pogrom and you should by law have to “change” your diversionary name to “Abortion Abattoir”.. “Change” is good, isn’t it?

In the end, this major victory will merely slow the Obama Express’ trip into the ravine by a solitary week of deficit spending. One report says that it is $38.5 billion, another say that it is $78.5 billion.. These numbers matter not to the “Borrowing Bolshevik” will soon be on vacation again as he will conveniently leave town to coincide with the struggle over raising the Obama debt ceiling begins. This may not seem like a major victory, but with the liberals and their feral addiction taxation and spending, we should be thankful for ANY reprieve that we get, even if it is only seven day’s worth..


10 responses to “Winkin Blinkin and Nod

  1. noleftturnz


    The latest from TOTD;

    Thanks as always,


  2. Only this congress and administration would claim a victory when the public got royally shafted. Now that boehner has shown his yellow belly, the liberals will walk all over conservatives because they know they won’t be called on it. Utterly disgusting!

  3. Family,

    A little light reading for your Sunday.. The latest from TOTD:

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  4. Larry, I agree 100% with your article, but I am not a “waterboy” for the guys with elephants on their shirt sleeves. As much as I admire George Bush for his leadership after the 9/11 attacks he had a majority in both houses. Granted not the obsecene one the libtards had but still he and the Republicans had the upper hand. And no one did anything to advance our cause by even starting a dialouge about tax reform, deficts, etc..imagine how much easier things would be now if they had but instead its just more of the “go along, get along” bunch of wimps. No wonder they never had a majority in the house until 1994. And then before you know it the Wicked Witch of the West became Speaker and we were all screwed. And now only because of the Tea Party is anything getting done and as usual the Republicans are always playing catch up. My favorite football coach taught us that the best defense is a better offense. The past and current republicans are always playing a soft prevent defense (example: Bob Dole & John McCain) I used to be really impressed with Karl Rove and Fox News. But not so much anymore. During the midterm elections Rove wanted to not rock the boat with the Tea Party candiates always saying how they could not win and Fox News has turned into infotainment, recently they became hysterical over the Japan Nuclear problem. Yes it is a problem, but check back in 20 years no one will have died because of that. And by Fox falling into the mass hysteria they have become pawns of the left or maybe they are just trying to get their fair share of the ratings, either way they have lost their way. Keep your eye on the prize.

  5. William,

    As a new “family” member, you don’t remember my take on W. The man is a moderate at best on most issues but on some very key issues he is a conservative.

    I have always looked at Dole and Mc Cain as “Republican Lite”.

    The archives are LOADED with everyone at NLTZ’s take on the Republicans.

    I went to CPAC last year and I attended a number of meetings and the CPAC speakers/lecturers were very cold to the Tea Party. I said that that was a mistake and I came to find out that there were a number of Tea Party folks there icognito..

    I cornered a few of these speakers, usually the lesser known ones, the “stars”, the Coulter’s, the Beck’s were kept at arms length from everyone of us mortals.

    I went trying to get a national to at least LOOK at my writing. It was more than frustrating to say the least. The overall tone taken at CPAC towards the Tea Party was a huge mistake then and now.

    I couldn’t get anyone to listen to me about anything.. My writing or the Tea Party..

    Thanks as always,


  6. So, just how perilious will the “crisis” become, when Turbo Tax Timmy claims that the ‘debt ceiling’ MUST be raised? Will he and his liberal loons ever admit that THEY are responsible for the massive deficit?
    I wonder if their personal financial situations reflect the same type of massive incompetance as what they espouse for our national budget.

    Would term limits and a balanced budget amendment help solve these problems ?

  7. The Tea Party is the last best hope for restoring sanity to our national discourse on all aspects of it. The Tea Party stood strong while the RINOs caved and cut their Faustian bargain with the Democrats. They alone learned the lesson of never negotiate with liberals. It is galling however that the Progressives chose to classify our troops and their families as non-essential personnel whom would have been left to muddle along with no money while they dickered around. Michele Bachmann has said she’s going to ensure this never happens again. The fact the Progressives were prepared to hold our men and women in uniform hostage to their schemes speaks volumes about the sort of people they truly are. These people are beyond reprehensible, and have actually forced me to reevaluate my opinions of them, and I thought it couldn’t get any lower.

    Come 2012, we need to flush not only the Dems from office, including the Occupant-in-Chief, but the entire Jay Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party as well. We need to insist that candidates are conservatives, moderates need not apply. Only through conservative values and our belief that there is a higher power greater than man can this republic be saved.

  8. I keep a ready supply of eye drops and a gas mask for the smoke screen that wafts from Washington. The fact that the liberals had ample time to prepare and pass a budget before November, and after during the “dead”, er, lame duck session proves that even they can’t understand their fuzzy math.
    Obama taking credit for the cut and yet in front of a drooling crowd about grossed me out! Rhyming with “hero”? Yeh, but so does his dog, Bo. I let the comparison stand.
    It was interesting in how the liberals “veiwed their recognition to cut spending” as they were able to limit “damage to favored programs like Head Start while “beating back” some of what they saw as flawed, ideaologically driven policy provisions pushe by House conservativcs, including restrictions on money for familly planning (murdering babies) and environmental regulations. (keeping us in the dark)


    Not unlike yourself I have no favor for what the Republican Parties standards have become or have been for quite some time. If pressed, I would vote for the person who I thought would get the job done in the best interests of his constituents. A tough choice anymore. Of the three, I do like the Tea Party principle’s that they promote as the nation’s navigational compass. They resemble the Republican’s before they became afraid of losing votes. But as always I stand back observing how these freshmen Tea Partyer’s will do after their first year. It is a question of morals and ethics. Will they become politically/washintonized? I pray not for the well being of our country and that many more are elected.

  9. Larry, Even though I have not read your past blogs and new to your site I can tell by the few that I have that you are the real deal. I hope that your voice does find a national forum. I live in metro Atlanta and listened to Herman Cain’s talk show alot what is your opinion of him?

  10. William,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Herman tells it like it is. He is a very good man.

    Been to Atlanta once and had a great time.

    Thanks as always,


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