A Stark Choice


Ladies and gentlemen, you are going to be tested, you are going to quickly be pushed to the point of breaking. The Obama Marxist “Misinformation Shampaign 2012” has just begun and they are trying the same worn out progressive projection that managed to barely secure them higher office in 2008. This is either a lack of creativity on the liberals part or the fact that they truly understand the low level of intelligence retained by the “liberal base”.. They have no game plan for the “independents” so any moment now it will be time to revisit the hackneyed “they’ll try to scare you about me”/ “you’re a racist if you don’t vote for me” of 2008..

Yes the Obama Shampaign of 2012 will be a mishmash of misdirection, misinformation and Marxism.. Today’s report from Yahoo News drives this point home. (Republicans will make US ‘Third World’ nation: Obama 04/15/2011) The title alone elicits snickers from those not addicted to the liberal heroin of handouts.. Again, you will see MANY more articles entitled in such a manner assembled by the “impartial” media for one very important reason..

The “problems” that have been CREATED by Obama and the liberals are of such gargantuan proportions that the socialists will have to create even bigger and more spectacular LIES to avert the nation’s attention away from the TRUTH of the Obama Depression.. The liberal mind, burdened with socialist synapses that flare only when spooked by imaginary ghosts and goblins, can only be jump started by something as lengthy and in-depth as a bumper sticker or a headline..

The socialist sledgehammer of subtlety has already been wielded by the Bolshevik berserkers of late. Just recently, we were informed by another liberal on the governmental teat that the Republicans would “kill at least 70,000 children”.. (Isn’t that an ironic argument coming from those who have enthusiastically euthanized over 40,000,000 babies through their “compassionate” abortion?) If that wasn’t scary enough for the incontinent liberals, Harry Reid tried to alarm the easily soiled with the charming thought that the Republicans wanted to “kill women”.. Now Obama says that Republicans want “to turn the United States into a ‘Third World’ country..” Interesting..

First let me reiterate that Obama HIMSELF has tried like the Democratic dickens to turn America into a “Third World” country with his deficits, his unemployment and his out of control spending. The Scamulous didn’t save America, the Bolshevik bailouts didn’t save America, the unconstitutional takeovers didn’t save America, ergo OBAMA, with BOTH HOUSES in his progressive pocket, DIDN’T save America. Now he wants a “second chance” and what he REALLY wants is a “second chance” at YOUR LIFE’S SAVINGS.. In order to get this “second chance”, he needs to transform what HE destroyed into the responsibility of those that the liberals locked out of budgetary meetings..

The fifth columnists of the fourth estate picked right up where they left off in late 2008, “Obama unveiled his $4-trillion deficit reduction drive that aims to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans in order to preserve key social services..” Obama INTENTIONALLY creates his multiple trillion dollar deficit and now since America has had it with his socialist strychnine economics, he wants to start a “deficit reduction drive”.. I hope that he is better at that then he was with “creating jobs” or “investing in the future” since 2009.. I’m sorry, those too were some of the problems that Obama “inherited” from the six Republicans in BOTH Houses..

In order to rouse the burnout Bolsheviks of the lowest liberal strata, we have to focus on “taxing the rich”. When the liberals get through with determining who is “rich” based upon their flaccid standards, your toothless cousin with his bus pass and his double wide will be “rich” by Obama standards.. Don’t forget that that determination of just how “rich” everyone is will be made AFTER the votes are all counted..

What are these “key social services” and why aren’t they named if they are such a “top priority” (any second now this list which topped three hundred “top priorities” in 2008 will reappear..) to Obama? Could it be that Obama’s “priorities” “change” based upon which liberal special interest group that he is groveling before as the collection plate makes its way around the room? Could it also be that Obama’s REAL “top priorities” aren’t anywhere near the “top priorities” of those he has targeted for the last two years, thus they are all left to the imaginations of those addressed?

With the liberals, just the “change” of two or three words will illicit the actual truth.. Example, “Under their vision, we can’t invest in roads and bridges and broadband and high-speed rail..” Just “change” the first three words to “Thanks to Obama’s focused fascism,” and the truth reveals itself. Obama had two YEARS to “invest in roads and bridges and broadband and high-speed rail” yet he chose to “invest” in the Scamulous, the takeover of Government Motors, the bailouts of the “rich” banks and the Health Scare Scam.. When he was running in 2008, the former list WAS what he said he would “invest” in.. What a miracle, he “invested” in the latter AFTER the votes were tabulated.. Now he wants a “second chance”..

Obama thinks that ANYONES plan to “shrink the government”, in this case, the Republican’s, is “not impelled by the numbers..” Are you kidding.. Two years of Obama double digit unemployment, deficits beyond logical comprehension and the feral desire to steal more of the middle classes earnings.. I’ll admit that there wasn’t a single “number” in that last sentence but there certainly were “numbers” behind the reality of all of the Obama Democratic damages mentioned.. I’ll also admit that compiling numbers relative to the Obama heresy is moot as they bigger before the ink is even dry.. EVERY argument AGAINST Obama is “impelled by the numbers”, they are just numbers that Obama and his liberal groomers want to IGNORE.

Obama called it a “choice to give a trillion dollars in tax breaks to the rich rather than ask those who’ve been ‘blessed’ to give a little more..” Obama made the “choice” to give a “trillion dollars” to the “rich” bankers with his bailouts, he gave about that much to “the people who got us into this mess”, the “rich” people over at Fannie and Freddie and what has that gotten us? Another Obama request to do it all again in 2013.. The socialist snake has to ask everyone to “give a little more” so that he and his lemmings can redistribute it to those that routinely reward them with their votes..

Obama is talking about “vision” again because anyone who has been focusing their “vision” on the recent PAST needs to be redirected immediately.. “Obama said his vision is of an ambitious, compassionate, and caring America ‘where we’re living within our means but we’re still investing in our future..” Obama can try to spin everyone into looking forward but the reality of Obama’s disastrous past are too onerous to ignore.. In 2008, he could fill the air with silly socialist syllogisms because he had NO past. (Here in America, that is. His past in Kenya, well that’s a different matter altogether..) Now he has to try to run from the PAST that he is personally responsible for.. The liberals always demand that everyone else “live within their means” meanwhile, its off for another round of golf or a trip to Europe to do some more shopping..

The immense gall of the liberals is almost astounding. They say things that can be turned on them without even the slightest effort.. “If we apply some practical common sense, that’s what this budget battle is going to be about and that’s what the 2012 campaign is going to be about..” EXACTLY.. I cannot add anything more to an Obama comment that if followed to the letter, should precipitate a landslide not seen since Mondale..

Obama has chosen an appropriate site for his campaign headquarters. Chicago. Keeping the tradition of the political cesspool that is Illinois would make the attraction for Obama seem natural. After all, Obama and Rahm got involved in the whole bidding war for Obama’s barely used Illinois Senate seat along with the Chia Pet Governor of the nation’s most corrupt state.. Why Chicago? “It was so the campaign would be ‘rooted in your hopes and rooted in your dreams’”.. How funny that someone whose entire political agenda involves destroying “your dreams” chose that phrase.. All of this nonsense talk about “roots” reminds me of the image of Obama as a governmental Garden Weasel who has done nothing more in two years time than to tear the “roots” out from under the middle class..

Obama shill David Plouffe said that “Money won’t be enough to win, you’ve got to get these people to get involved and to vote..” What will be important for Obama will be the need to find another ACORN that can find these imaginary Democratic voters and to get them to vote at least four times again as is the liberal political tradition..

Ever the collectivist clown, Obama said that this is “a ‘stark choice’ between investing in the future or watching the country fall apart..” Obama has been “investing” since January of 2009 and all that it has gotten us is even deeper into the Democratic red.. (And what other color would the liberals take a shine to..) Finally, we have had no “choice”, stark or otherwise, when it comes to “watching the country fall apart” as that has been the liberal goal, impressively intensified under Obama’s tutelage, that they have been working towards for nearly fifty years..


13 responses to “A Stark Choice

  1. Family,

    The latest TOTD is realted to this post and it may be what a number of you might be thinking right about now.. Click the link and tell me what you think..


    Thanks as always,


  2. I’m not so sure he can ‘fool’ em twice Larry!!! Least I hope not…no idea who our side is going to put up against this guy but seems to me the way things are…unemployment, gas prices going up, up, & up, and the economy the way it’s going….just about anyone can beat this guy’s butt!!! I also think a recession is going to start showing up toward the end of this year …

  3. Misinformation will be the watchword of our next election. Big O has managed to “scare” more voters than an SEIU mob. And zero won’t let charges of racism to stay silent. In deed, he himself uses it any time he is cornered.

  4. This is the Libtards business model. Lie, Cheat, Bailouts, handouts, etc.. just keep the gravy train rolling and keep making it bigger and bigger. Then someday there will be more takers then makers. I’m not sure but I think it was Nikita Khrushchev who told Nixon that, and I paraphrase “We won’t have to fire a shot you (America) will be taken down from the inside out”.
    Larry you help me and many others keep our sanity. Thanks for being there on our behalf.

  5. Regarding Obama’s high speed rail dream :
    1 who will pay for it, who will build it, and who will own it?
    2 to make it safe, there can’t be any typical RR crossings, overpasses would be needed, thereby adding higher costs
    3 presently, mass transit is subsidized, and if it weren’t, and commuters had to pay the “real” cost of a ticket – how many would still use it?
    4 the same question applies to the high speed dream
    5 and with the Obama tax increases, who could afford to ride it?

  6. The sad thing is I think he can fool em twice. Most Americans, especially those under thirty are brainwashed into believing the Progressive mantra from kindergarten on. The Blacks will back him because to otherwise would be make oneself an ‘Uncle Tom’, and because most of them are on welfare and don’t want to bite the gov’t hand that feeds them. Hispanics know a vote for Obama is a ticket to unearned citizenship. The time is coming where the Republicans need to come up with somebody whom can stand up to Obama and the leftstream media, and time is running out.

    However, we’re losing sight of the real prize: control of the Senate and the Congress. If we can put real conservatives in charge, and have a good shot of doing it, it would be a far better strategy to put up some straw man as Presidential candidate, run a gut-rate cheap-ass campaign and save the money for the important races in the Senate and Congress. There are Democrat senators whom are vulnerable, and there are RINOs whom need unseating. If Obama wants to pour a billion dollars into another stay at the White House, that’s just fine; absent a primary contender, he’ll win anyway. However, if conservatives control the House and Senate, they can tell him to stay up and shut up, and use a real threat of impeachment to remind him whom runs the country then.

  7. Khrushchev said ” We will Barry you”. Little did we know!

  8. I happened to catch a tape of Larry Stearn Show when they’d went out and interveiwed 08′ Obama supporters asking them questions on what they thought about different issues. The issues they questioned them about were supposedly Obama’s but were really McCain’s, even asking them if they thought Obama’s selection of Sarah Palin as Vice-President was O.K.!! None of them had a problem with the issues, agreed with anything that had Obama’s name connected to it, hey, a white woman from Alaska (not that they knew that) was cool too! It is out of desparation that I say that people like this, through their own cognizance, surely now have come to realize that through their own laziness to be informed, their apathy for their country and any caring towards anyone other than them themselves. doubt it. The “promises” have been made and have not come yet there will always be those who contribute nothing and expect everything and the numbers are growing.

    Therein lies a problem, Obama not only a promiser of “the great provider” he is “the great divider” of classes to the government teat.

    I will not be enslaved by Obama’s condenscesions or his lack of respect for my liberties, principles and values. I am a free man, of my own thought and am detemined to pass through life as such.

  9. Cheryl/Texas

    I am so very tired of this liberal agenda, media supported, class-envy mentality. It’s impossible to ever outnumber the massive numbers of people either living off of the entitlements or employed by the federal government to push the paperwork to move the money around to provide the entitlements. All of those people will vote for whomever will protect their little “kingdom”. The small-scale riots in Wisconsin, when a meager attempt to reform only one of the thousands of problems in this country, are a glimpse into the future mob-mentality we are headed toward if conservatives somehow manage to get any reforms passed in Congress. We don’t have an income problem – we have a spending problem. Quit stealing from us!

  10. Cheryl,
    Agreed. Also, the regime does not have, by definition, – a budget. Instead, they have a ‘wasteful spending scheme’. Apparently they want to continue overspending, thus creating a real crisis, which will result in massive tax increases. At which time, all hell breaks loose, unfortunately!!

  11. The regime should be absolutely ecstatic, because for the first time since the great depression, more Americans get money FROM the Gov’t. , than they give to the Gov’t. This is exactly what the libs want – more dependence from the regime !! Which , of course, they hope will result in more votes for the regime. The lib plan is working !!

  12. I received an email recently with an enclosed web page link that says it all:


    Sign numbers 4, 5, 13, 17, 20 and 23 are rather sobering!

  13. I received an email with an enclosed web page link that says it all:


    Sign numbers 4, 5, 13, 17, 20 and 23 are rather sobering!

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