The Storm Before The Calm


Isn’t it kind of wonderful that Obama has become a sort of progressive piñata? Isn’t it more than predictable that he has morphed into the White House Whiner? The Marxist Maginot Line constructed around the elephantine ego of Obama has been breached by his own liberal lemmings and the “impartial” media, just temporarily though.. In the end, all will be well within these collectivist camps once it becomes time to cast the usual illegal ballots by the boxes that invariably are part of every liberal political “victory”..

All of the various liberal sub-cultures seem to be more than just a little grumpy with Obama who seems to be about as grumpy as his fellow fifth columnists. It’s nothing to get too excited about from the opposition’s point of view, it’s just another side show in the totalitarian three ring circus.

In the article entitled, “Obama’s Likability Gap” (WSJ 04/21/2011) we are informed that, according to Obama’s Commander in Chief, “her husband isn’t smoking anymore”.. He may not be smoking cigarettes any longer but based upon the “adjustment” of his public persona, I’d wager that after every encounter that doesn’t go his way (which has been just about every one recently..) he is still “smoking”..

Yes, the halcyon days that surrounded the “historic” shampaign of the “progressive promiser”, where every wish was to be “granted” to each and every liberal special interest group that Obama spoke down to via the totalitarian teleprompter, are gone.. According to the left, all of the world’s problems were the result of one lone Republican in the White House, the years of Democratic control of BOTH Houses had nothing to do with things.. Obama was spreading the fascist fertilizer of promise after promise followed quickly by “number one priority” after “number one priority”.. The days of Marxist make believe were actually over the minute the moving vans departed the East Lawn..

Then it became time to “produce” and “produce” he did.. The biggest problem for Obama was that he made promises to liberals who have lived upon the promises of liberals before him. The left all had their hands out, they expected to be “paid” for their votes and Obama “rewarded” them by “rewarding” the “rich” with his bailouts, his takeovers, his Health Scare Scam and of course, the Scamulous.. Obama “produced” double digit permanent progressive unemployment, “historic” deficits and spending beyond compare, just to name a few. The liberals STILL have their hands out, Obama hasn’t anything left to “give” except for more “promises”.. When he runs out of “promises”, it’s time to “blame Bush”..

Some of the liberals haven’t forgotten the “promises” surrounding such things as Iraq and Guantanamo Bay.. These same liberals are surprisingly mute about Obama’s stealth war in Libya which is moving at the cost of about a billion dollars a week.. When “government” makes “promises” to those addicted to “government” and they don’t follow through, things get ugly. How could things end up anything other than “ugly” when you are dealing with the feminists (why do they hate men so much when they go so far out of their way to make themselves look like men?) and the rest of the harridans of heresy from the left?

Yes, Obama has gone from the “engaging, patient, optimistic, self-identified conciliator” to the “testy, petulant, impatient, arrogant, increasingly a divider..” This is the logical process when one transforms from the imaginary “promises” given by a “historic” candidate to the unfortunate reality that invariably follows the flailing of a 143 day wonder..

Obama carped to a Dallas reporter last Monday, “let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview, alright?” He clamed that the Republicans are “nickel and diming” him relative to his ridiculous budgets and he even said, “you think we’re stupid?” The height or the nadir, depending upon your personal political perspective, had to be the recent “fundraiser” held in, where else, San Francisco, which brought out the lowest of the liberal lunatics..

The “Yes We Cannibus” and the “Protect Marijuana Patients Rights” worms there were outdone by the “activists” who were paid for by one Naomi Pitcairn.. These “patriots” stood and sang a song to Obama from their own table at the event about the plight of Private Bradley Manning.. Before you believe that the liberals have suddenly become “patriotic” (remember, “we support the troops”), you have to understand that these liberals are protesting on behalf of someone who leaked classified military materials.. Are you surprised that the liberals of the John Kerry wing support those directly involved in treasonous activities?

As I have previously stated, there isn’t anything for the conservatives to become excited about relative to these cries and moans from the liberal urchins. You need only refer to the lyrics of the song sung to Obama in San Francisco as your proof. “We’ll vote for you in 2012, yes that’s true. Look at the Republicans, what else can we do..” That is the beauty of the sarcastic socialist political machinery that the lowest liberal vermin foolishly believes that they are a part of.. The liberal governmental addicts have no where else to go and the limousine liberals KNOW THIS.

Obama only needs to worry himself about the votes of the “independents”, the bottom feeders will be there as they always are.. He only needs to fool these “independents” the day the votes are cast in 2012.. The most telling portion of this article was “the Obama approval rate among independent voters stands at 35%..” THIS explains to the smelly socialists of the left their Dear Leader’s alleged “move to the center”. It is only either temporary or illusion. It only has to work in November of 2012.. Then it is back to the Bolshevik business as usual of destroying America..

Sometimes the sanity of alleged “reporters” or “journalists” needs to be verified through independent sources. The article tells us of how Obama beat the “experienced Hillary Clinton”, or that “independent voters like his proposals to tax the rich and keep every entitlement intact” or that Obama “wrote a masterpiece” in 2008.. “This new person seemed to be precisely what a disgusted electorate wanted. Candidate Obama embedded that image in the American psyche..” No, the “impartial” media “embedded” this illusory image within the parched intellectual soil of the easily malleable and the press continued to water these socialist seeds to the point of revulsion..

Not only have various liberal political former friendlies been booting the Brown Bolshevik around, several of the smelly special interest groups have chimed in as well. The Obama caliphate is clamoring to appear “centrist” so Democratic zanies have been crawling out from under every imaginable rock while crowing about “spending” and “deficits” as they blame Obama, even though each of them are just as responsible for the “mess we inherited” as Obama.. Peaceniks, enviro-kooks, leftist loonies of every stripe all have a bone to pick with their bony “leader”..

All of this is as predictable as Michael Moore being the first fatty in line when the smorgasbord opens. Obama only has to appease the liberals with another round of the left’s patented carrot and stick routine, he has to FOOL the independents and this will be much harder to accomplish with the same smoke and mirrors of 2008. This is the time that the Republicans should be coalescing with the Tea Party to promote a palatable political option, say one that is about 180 degrees away from the Obama oligarchy, not the liberal lite option of McCain in 2008 that would have ended up about twenty-five degrees away from the liberal’s “change”..

As the election draws nearer, the “impartial” media will all be in fine fifth columnist form, the Democratic dunces and dupes will all be wearing their “change” shirts from 2008 (still unwashed..) and Obama will revert to the “they’re trying to scare you about me” that frightened so many with it’s “you’re a racist” undertone. This is just the storm before the calm..


30 responses to “The Storm Before The Calm

  1. Rich, JR and photojoe,

    I am so sorry that I couldn’t save your comments.

    One of the BAD things about WordPress is that “changes” to a piece cause the comments to disappear. They have no answer for me as to why.

    I had to add what I felt was an important and relevant point, so here we are.

    My apologies,


  2. The truth of the matter is, this ‘storm’ will still be raging when elections are held in 2012. By that time the limousine liberals will have placed any blame squarely on conservatives. The only way to reach the calm is to actively tear down obummer – not knock down, but totally annihilate this administration and all the paybacks made for votes. When the governmental addicts successfully complete de-tox we may be able to not only calm the calamitous death spiral our nation is stuck in, but we may be able to tame it and not pass on this horrendous legacy to future generations. And the next gerations need to teach the failings of this time period so they are not repeated and stupid is no longer in vogue. But that will require a change in our teachers, and that is another can of worms!


    How can people still believe in this administration. ONLY THE
    PARASITES benefit and they are close to turning into a majority of
    our population
    What will they do when we run out of money START STEALING
    The MSM will push his reelection as already in the bag to convince the
    KOOL AID crowd to back him
    We need to energise the complacent non voters to get there act together
    so we are the majority to win in NOVEMBER
    spread LARRY’S word

  4. Larry, hard to believe, but you’ve outdone yourself…again! I must have laughed out loud (and wholeheartedly, too, for that matter) at least seven times while reading your excellently well-defined post! Was it due to your “conservative” brain cells? I tend to think so! “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

  5. I received an email recently with an enclosed web page link that says it all:

    Sign numbers 4, 5, 13, 17, 20 and 23 are rather sobering!

  6. The $billion plan for the ones re-election is scary to me. The big lib cities (blue) have lots of votes for sale. Look at the map from 2008. I fear that map (red) will not change enough to clean out the WH.
    My neighbors don’t collarate BHO with the current cost rising of gas and food. blind, jeez they are blind!
    Buy gold and lead, been sayin’ that for months…….

  7. Richard,

    Love it, “stupid is not in vogue”..

    It’s in vogue in spades these days..

    Thanks as always,


  8. JR,

    Let’s take that hill soldier..


    Thanks as always,


  9. triviaman,

    I greatly appreciate your kind words as well as your contributions to this site.

    I couldn’t do it without the help of the commentators and their sharp eyes, none sharper than yours.

    Thanks as always,


  10. Dick,

    The “true believers” cannot be swayed. That goes for both sides.

    The independents need to be publically and repeatedly embarrassed about what they unleashed upon this once great nation.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Obama: ONE and DONE.

    Thanks as always,


  11. Larry,
    You are absolutely correct. Dear Leader knows he can always count on the pathetic bootlickers of the liberal lapdog media to cover for him as needed. High gas prices? What are you talking about? Inflation? Never heard of it. Corruption, cronyism, SEDITION? Bush did that.
    I am almost 55 years old, and I have NEVER seen a more disgusting display of partisanship by the media than is on display these days, and that’s saying something. Thank God for the Internet and talk radio, where we can go and hear the truth.
    I’ve followed you for three years, Larry, and you have never disappointed me.

  12. Hey Guys and Gals, Everything you say is true and no one wants Obama out as bad as me. But on this Easter weekend when our Lord and Savior has risen from the grave I would like to add this as food for thought. The Devil prowls around looking for his next victim and for some it is booze, others it is sex, some it is sports or work. Don’t let this crap with Obama take your eye off of the ball. That’s what the Devil wants. We are so consumed by Obama and his stooges that we are not paying attention to what is happening at home. Do what you can to help vote the SOB out but as you know for most of us in 50 years or less it won’t matter. Teach your family the Truth, and everything else will be all right. Larry, God Bless and keep fighting the good fight. Happy Easter.

  13. “There is really no way out of this trap and this conundrum at this point.” Those are the words of billionaire and prolific bond investor Bill Gross as he DUMPED all of the U.S. government debt held in his popular fund.

    A fund that manages 237 BILLION DOLLARS!!

    Gross sees a serious fiscal crisis threatening all American wealth, and he’s worried that the Fed is overlooking the gravity of the situation: “Bernanke tends to think (inflation) doesn’t matter…we do!”

  14. Congratulations and thanks for your insight and comment. I hope you have many many readers.

  15. Family,

    The latest from TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  16. Dictators keep their people poor and stupid.

    We have many stupid people here.

    What could possibly go wrong??

  17. For more info. on suits filed against the fraud in the WH, check out the United States Justice Foundation site – www.

  18. Regarding the demise of Osama Bin Laden :
    1- it was a secret mission, the press should stop trying to explain how it was done
    2 – no need to show the pix – might excite the radicals
    3 – the fraud in the WH wants to take all of the credit, but we know who really deserves that credit
    4 – the MSM is prolonging the whole situation , in an attempt to make THE fraud in the WH look good and improve his approval ratings
    5 – maybe it is time to leak a message for GaDaffy – ” YOU’RE NEXT ” !!

  19. Oxymoron of the day – ” WarHawk Obama “

  20. To Larry: Car 54 where are you? We have not heard from you in a while, are you ok? We love and miss you, hurry back ’cause I’m jonesing for a new article.

  21. Does anybody know why no new articles from Larry???

  22. William,
    In the past, when he has taken a vacation, they were unannounced. Stay tuned !!

  23. While Larry is away, here are 2 questions :

    1 Will Huckabee run for POTUS?
    2 ” Trump ” ” ” ?

    And, perhaps any thoughts as to why they will or will not run.

  24. That depends on who you listen to, on both counts.
    I personally hope neither of them runs. We don’t need a wishy washy feel-good guy, and we don’t need a pompous ass. We need a down to earth real, tough-as-nails, even- tempered, straightforward, plain speaking, leader….. haven’t seen that one yet!

  25. I have to agree, T. We have not yet seen a leader. Hope we can find one the first part of 2012. Right now I think the runners are just spending money and aren’t attuned to the real issues we care about. A wise leader would let the winds sift the chaff.

  26. J.J. , Thanks a vacation makes sense. To answer your question I am Herman Cain fan. I live in Atlanta and have had the pleasure to listen to his radio talk show and he is a true conserative. I know his chances are very long but he does resonate with a lot people. Plus, he will take the race card off the table. Run, Herman Run.

  27. William,

    Wasn’t the fraud in the WH supposed to take the ‘race card’ off the table ? And, how has that been going?

  28. JJ
    Well, we know about Huckabee, and Trump. Who will be next to declare their candidacy? Any thoughts on Paul Ryan ?

  29. It looks like Newt stepped into a pile and is most likely toast, I am not a huge fan of Mitt and I know this may not make sense to most of you but how can a man as accomplished as Romney get involved in a false religion? However the bottom line is I will vote for whoever is running against that hack that we have now.

  30. Rgarding the meeting between BHO and BB – who the hell does this fraud in the WH think he is, by telling Israel where their borders should be ?
    Israel is the only stable country in the Middle East, and now this fraud wants to destroy their security!! BB is 100 times the statesman that BHO is, or ever will be.
    Maybe BB should run for POTUS, after all, apparently be natural born is no longer a requirement !!!

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