Monthly Archives: May 2011

Do The White Thing


As the battle lines appear to be being drawn from the left side of the ledger relative to the “Shampaign ‘12”, the rest of us need to understand that the progressive paradigm has “changed”.. In 2008, the Marxist modus operandi was to “create” a Democratic dossier for the insignificant Illinois pseudo-Senator and to surround that phantasm with the “helium of Hope”. Now the left needs to RUN from the Democratic dossier of damage created ENTIRELY by Obama and his collectivist caliphate. There is no better way to accomplish this despicable goal from the liberal perspective than to resort to the tried and true Democratic deviousness of dealing the race card. You knew that this day was coming..

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So Sorry

Dear Family,

So sorry for the silence of late as I was on a mission.

Now I need surgery relative.

Will be back as soon as possible.

Hang with me..