Do The White Thing


As the battle lines appear to be being drawn from the left side of the ledger relative to the “Shampaign ‘12”, the rest of us need to understand that the progressive paradigm has “changed”.. In 2008, the Marxist modus operandi was to “create” a Democratic dossier for the insignificant Illinois pseudo-Senator and to surround that phantasm with the “helium of Hope”. Now the left needs to RUN from the Democratic dossier of damage created ENTIRELY by Obama and his collectivist caliphate. There is no better way to accomplish this despicable goal from the liberal perspective than to resort to the tried and true Democratic deviousness of dealing the race card. You knew that this day was coming..

Please note that if the left was so proud of the “Aesopian Accomplishments” of Obama and his acolytes, slimy political palavering like the utilization of the race card wouldn’t even need to make their way into the Marxist’s marked deck.. This “historic” president who SHOULD be looking to his “landmark legislation” relative to the health scare, are acting as though the progressive parchment doesn’t even exist and the rest of us wish that that were the case.. From the bailouts to the Scamulous to the health scare to the “war” in Libya, the left has to do a serious amount of diversion.. With oil at well over $100 a barrel, a permanent DEMOCRATIC ten-percent unemployment and silly spending on a scale unheard of in history, the liberals have to do an enormous amount of deflecting..

Again, please keep in mind that if ANY of the Obama/liberal budget busting spending had had ANY positive effects upon the nation and the economy, Obama and the socialists would be sounding their horns of heresy and banging the Democratic drums. NONE of it has worked, unless the decimation of the nation and its economy was their goal.. With that as your totalitarian template, be advised that the return of the old tricks and traps will HAVE to be the liberal leitmotif..

This is the moment when the left starts wheeling out the kooks and the crazies who are the ones who MUST make the exaggerated and illogical claims directed at the opposition in public. Obama must “remove” himself from such mudslinging. His spokesweasels must occasionally make lighthearted statements allegedly disavowing the progressive propaganda Democratically delivered by these zanies. Those whose political careers are either over or firmly ensconced within the liberal intellectual terra infirma will be laying down the socialist surpressing fire.. Enter from stage left on cue, Jim Clyburn.

The left is keeping their MVP’s (Most Valuable Poltroons) in reserve as they are testing the waters at this early stage. If Clyburn’s comedy hits and sticks, then the left will release their vitriolic veterans, $harpton and Jack$on, when the moment is right..

On Wednesday, Clyburn told the McClatchy Washington Bureau that, “the fact of the matter is, the president’s problems are in large measure because of his skin color..” (“Racism to Blame for Obama’s problems, key Democrat says” McClatchy Newspapers 05/25/2011) Those eighteen words need to be properly dissected in order to reveal the truth hidden beneath them..

“The fact of the matter..” Liberals should NEVER begin a statement in this manner. The entire world knows that the left has a distinct and habitual allergy to anything remotely resembling the “facts” of ANY matter. The left manufactures their own “facts” from thin air which are intended to provide comfort for their true believers and to detour those who snicker at such sophistry.

“..the president’s problems are in large measure..” This particular snippet was parceled out for several reasons. First and foremost, the “president’s problems” belong solely (pun intended..) to HIM and to the LIBERALS who have carefully crafted the nation’s demise virtually unimpeded by the minority opposition. Secondly, “the president’s problems are in large measure..”. They certainly are in “LARGE measure” and that is another of the “facts” or “inconvenient truths” that the liberals are striving to cover up with their calliopes of cacophony..

Immediately preceding Clyburn’s incendiary insights, he began with, “people don’t like to deal with it but,”.. The truth of the matter is, the liberal racists and progressive puppets like Clyburn have NEVER wanted to “deal” with the “problem”. Their reinforcement and reiteration of the carcinogenic idea of their INTENTIONAL division of the races is what keeps them in power. They never wanted to “deal” with the inherent racism of the Democrats themselves which has carefully been morphed from the fire hoses and baseball bats of old to the ideology of failure and the addiction of “benefits” which the liberals of today use so effectively..

The liberal aversion to specifics always seems to manifest itself whenever they get around to trotting out and propping up their smelly scarecrows. “Clyburn noted that he himself got hate mail, racist phone calls and offensive faxes on a regular basis..” Please note the telling absence of any definitive PROOF other than Clyburn’s word on the matter. No “offending faxes” were presented, no “hate mail” produced..

Besides, history has proven in more occasions than the left would like to admit to, that these “proofs” only helped to identify the person who made the claim as the culprit of the alleged “crime”.. This “regular basis” template again is the interpretation of someone with an axe to grind and someone who has at least ONE family member employed due to the Obama oligarchy. Clyburn’s daughter is a member of the FCC.. Clyburn at least knows which side of the bread contains the butter which has more to do with his alleged outrage than anything else, however I wouldn’t hold my breath in anticipation of his admitting to such an Epiphany..

“Despite Obama’s evident desire not to focus on his historic status, his race has intruded periodically on his candidacy and his presidency..” You have got to be kidding me.. Obama is all about “focusing on his historic status” and his kneepad wearing fans in the “impartial” media have all but Velcroed this moldy moniker to Obama’s name. His “race” HAS intruded and on almost each and every occasion that it has, it has done so at Obama’s prodding.. “They’re trying to make you scared of me..” “I don’t look like the other presidents..” If there is but one vote to be won, Obama like every liberal politician before him will use ANY leverage or fulcrum no matter how unseemly, in order to attain and retain power.

To bring Obama’s point home, the article referred to a 2008 address given by the sleight of hand/sleight of resume candidate in Philadelphia. Here Obama surrounded by a controversy that had he NOT been black, would have spelled the end of his idiotic shampaign. The “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright, who for twenty years held the rapt attention of the Obama family from their front row pew seat, was called out as to exactly what he was. One expected Obama to disown the imbecilic Wright but Obama said that “he could no more disown Wright than disown his white grandmother, who he noted had ‘once confessed her fear of black men who passed her on the street’”..

Imagine for a moment John McCain’s pastor preaching as Wright did and does.. That would have been the end of McCain on the spot as a candidate for even the neighborhood dogcatcher. The alleged “point” behind Obama’s lofty claim relative to his grandmother seems irrelevant when compared to the statement made by the “Reverend” Jack$on himself. In March of 1996, Jack$on was quoted in the US News as saying, “there is nothing more painful to me than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then to look around and see somebody white and feel relieved..” One can apparently make such statements when they are clothed in the protective cloaks of the proper pigmentation..

Never fear, Clyburn feels that Obama’s reelection chances are “..improving every day. I think the president has been a good president, a great commander in chief..” I “think” that Clyburn needs to lay off of the “Howard Dean Happy Pills” before it is too late..

Call it what you will, pin the tail on the honkey, do the white thing, it really matters not. The fifth columnists of the fourth estate have begun to do their stretching exercises so that they can again safely continue their habit of bending over blackwards once the Obama shampaign ball gets to really rolling.. With the orchestrated “help” from allies like Clyburn and with what appears to be the cooperation of the Republicans when it comes to forwarding candidates, (No Palin please..) the results might unfortunately end up the same which means the continuation of the dark days (again, pun intended..) for America..


26 responses to “Do The White Thing

  1. noleftturnz


    I’m sort of back but man am I tired..

    Here is the latest from the TOTD:

    I’d love to see some big numbers today, I could use the pick me up..

    Thanks as always for sticking with me. I hope that everyone hasn’t left the team..


  2. Larry, I can’t tell you how good it is to see you on my monitor again!! You have been missed, my friend, you know me well enough to take that to the bank. God speed a full recovery, take your time getting back in the saddle.

    While reading the article, I read “the return of old tricks and traps will HAVE to be the liberals leitmotif…”. I read “let-me-off-the-hook”. I was into the next paragraph before I realized that that was to many words. But in comparison they are about the same.

    To hear Liberals tell it, one of the top laws in the Democrat Rule Book is only whites are capable of being racist. I urge Rep.(?) James Clyburn to find a mirror as fast as he can, step before it, then beware of flying debris of rules and shards of glass.


    Great to see you post today. I


    Great to see your post today.


    I kept your last post open on my computer to be sure I did not
    miss any new ones
    I find it hard to believe the press on this guy
    We know they are one sided
    People must not forget gas prices unemployment numbers
    house starts lowest in 47 years which causes people out of work
    framers electricians plumbers real estate sales people appliance salesmen
    heavy equipment operators etc etc
    How is your dog???

  6. Larry, glad to see you back! you were missed, my friend!

    I read this article in my SC news in-box this morning and nearly gagged. And you are so right.. he was interviewed about something else, and then when the topic was done and he was asked about how he thought the Presidential race was shaping up……. SLPAT! there it was for all the world to see…. what a putz!
    He is the one who started the racist drivel, with no reason whatsoever. That newspaer is pretty lamestream, too, so they wouldn’t dream of asking him a hard question… just let him babble on…… and we can’t get rid of that 70 year old geezer. the GOP in SC will not support anyone who tries to run against him.

    I hope all is well, get some rest, we’re glad to see you’re back!

  7. Great great article as always Larry….God Speed on your return to not only your health but your ‘right on’ articles as well. Luv U Man!!!

  8. Larry Glad to see your post and a great one to boot. You still have game even when you’re tired. Thanks to you and all who have served this Memorial Day.

  9. Great to have you back..Rest up, recharge your battery, and prepare for what is to come.We have a lot of work to do for the 2012 birth or death of this country.

  10. Glad you’re back, Larry. The main point that is universally missed is the fact that Obama has never particapated in a honest election. He was put in office by vote fraud in the 2008 election and he is not really worried because he knows all he needs to get is about 25% of the real votes and he wins. There will again be many thousands of ACORN scum filling out absentee ballots in every state eight hours a day for months to produce millions of illegal Obama votes. If you could have taken away the fraud, McCain would be in the White House today. They play the race card because they know it works for the blacks and the white liberals that they need to get his 25%. Mickey Mouse and the Dallas Cowboys football team voted in almost every precient in the country in 2008. The only chance of an honest election in 2012 is for every state to require a valid, photo ID to vote and you know the Democrats will never let that happen. In 2008, Obama took in over $1 Billion in illegal campaign contributions from Muslims overseas and he will get even more for this shampaign. There is no way for the Republicans to raise that kind of money. Romney is the Republican frontrunner and he is really just an Obama light RINO pretending to be conservative. You might as well give the Republican nomination to Jesse Jackson. Michelle B. and Herman Cain are the only two conservatives running. The ex-Speaker Newt works for the same CFR dirtbags that controlled Clinton and both Bushes. The only hope we have is for the House to impeach BHO immediately!

  11. Larry, so glad to see ya back. You have been missed. I have learned so
    much from your articles and the responses from the family. Thank you all.Hope you well be feeling much better soon.
    Take care n go well

  12. I was so happy to see your article in my box today. So proud you are back and the article is top of the line.
    I don’t believe that you lost anyone. A true friend doesn’t desert us when we are sick or have surgery. WE understand and pray for you to get well again.
    Welcome home!

  13. Dave from Anaheim

    Happy to see you back and writing. Don’t push yourself or you can end up with a longer time to recover.
    The biggest problem I have with the usurper in chief is his taking credit for the only decent thing to happen during his reign of terror. Leon Panetta had to do an end run around this Muslim terrorist to take out Osama bin Laden (did you notice how they changed his name to Usama to prevent confusion). If it were up to Dopey, his hero would still be living it up in Pakistan. All you hear from the moron vice president and the corrupt media is what an incredible act of courage it took for whistle-head to give the order to take out his brother. On another note, as leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S., is it any surprise he is making the palestinian demand that Israel give all of its land to the sand-ni##ers.

  14. Right as rayne

    Larry, I haven’t seen that much from you in my email…now I know wish is for a speedy recovery!
    Great Article as always!
    The forged BC is gAining traction…stay tuned….

  15. Larry:

    I’m so glad you are back and hope you are recovering. You were definitely missed.
    As always you are right to the point. The ”facts” according to the liberals are usually nothing more than fantasies from their disturbed minds. When they don’t like the ways things are going they stir up their witches brew with a heavy dose of racism against others in a attempt to deflect their own.

  16. beyond disgusted

    What a delight to see your article in my inbox today. So happy you are back. Spot on post, you haven’t skipped a beat. Take care & don’t overdue.

  17. Glad you are back!! Whatever you are recovering from, I hope it ‘goes away quickly’ As to your being tired… it hasn’t crimped your style one iota!
    Thanks Larry.

  18. joydbrower

    Want to join in the chorus of “Welcome back’s!” and “Keep on keeping on’s!!” Recovery after surgery is always slow, as it takes a lot of a person, but recover you will – even your energy will retun! Bet there are lots of us who could bore you to tears relating how WE went “under the knife,” but lived to tell the tale!

    This ain’t your time, Larry – you’ve got to keep us on our fighting toes through the coming momentus election! There are no insults too vile that can’t, in all fairness & honesty, be hurled at the pondscum known as Regressives; we are limited only by the Rruth – and our vivid/wicked imaginations! Onward & upward! Or, as more gun owners are fond of saying, “Lock & Load!!”

  19. Patricia FL

    I couldn’t tell you were tired! Great post. I appreciate you.

  20. Welcome back – you have obviously been missed, and as evidenced by this article, you’re back up to speed !
    Inspite of his dismal record, the fraud in the WH has a good chance to be re-elected, for the same reasons he was ‘selected’ in 2008 — we have too many stupid, gullible voters ( who, when promised freebies will vote for anything and anyone ), voter fraud, unbending support of the LSM, racism, character assassination, lies, lies, etc. , etc. And, do not forget that the re-election “shampaign” is headquartered in Chicago. ( AKA : political corruption personified ).

    In addition, the GOP is not unified in purpose, there are too many ‘wimps’ who do not know the meaning of “attack mode”, and there are also too many RINOS. What has the RNC done ( besides getting rid of Steele ) to improve it’s chances to beat the liar in chief ??

    United we stand, divided we fall.

  21. I add my voice to the choir of “Welcome Back, Larry”. We are all in harmony again with your return to the political battle lines, and you have not lost any of your bullseye writing style.

  22. noleftturnz


    The latest from the TOTD:

    Thanks as always for all of your kind thoughts and wishes and everyone have a safe holiday weekend,


  23. Larry, welcome back! This article is proof you can’t keep a good man down. One thing we can always count on is the democrat icks will stick with the same old same old. No new plays in their bag of tricks. When will the voters see through the chicanery?

  24. noleftturnz


    Just one more holiday TOTD for everyone:

    Thanks as always,


  25. “Pin the tail on the honkey” LOL Larry, that’s just fantastic! The sad fact is that there is a terrible double standard in this country when it comes to discussions of race and racial issues. White folks only role is to accept all the blame for any problems minorities have, and reach into their pockets and “fix” it. Until objective truth is applied to this issue, there will be no solutions forthcoming. Trillions of dollars and millions of man hours have been thrown at the problem for over 40+years and it has increased and not decreased. Its also interesting that when the left hurls all sorts of vicious, nasty, and disparaging insults at conservatives, nothing is ever said by media or others. However let 1 conservative insult anyone and the media and left will scream HATE and RACIST at the top of their lungs, followed by months of soul searching about “what is wrong with America”. It never ceases to amaze me how the West in general and America in-particular is so busy trying to commit national suicide, and how ignorant ordinary citizens are to what is taking place. Unfortunately reality cannot be bargained with, and if we don’t turn things around it will come crashing to a halt on its own with disastrous consequences.

  26. Glad to see one of your missives in my in-box today. You have been greatly missed, and its good to see your back in your usual vociferous and verbous form.

    The Campaign of 2012, as I see it, will be a referendum on Obama and all his policies. You can bet the farm safely that his minions will do everything in their power to ensure reelection. Unfortunately, most of the electorate has bought into the narrative offered by the lamestream media because for the most part their too dumb to think for themselves. The only way for us to get through to those whom watch the news on the National Barack Channel is for the truth to be laid bare in such a fashion that even they have to acknowledge the truth. Failing this, the economy has to collapse. Most the brain-numbed electorate will need to pee on the electric fence for themselves to understand the danger we are in, and by then it will be far too late.
    It would be nice to impeach BHO, but that is pie-in-the -sky thinking at this point. The House doesn’t have the stones to issue the articles, and the Senate won’t do it. They wouldn’t get rid of Clinton when they could have, they certainly won’t get rid of Obama now. All we can do is ride the Republicans to block every piece of legislation they can to mitigate the damage done by the Kenyan Klown of Krime and rogue’s gallery of thugs and bounders.

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