UnderLying Facts


When attempting to navigate the liberal labyrinth it is always necessary to have a conservative compass.. Please allow me to be the needle, so to speak.. The proper use of the compass always reveals the underLYING facts that always engulf the progressive propaganda of the compassionate collectivists..


As we read the Fox News article entitled, “Report Warns Easing Immigrants’ Path to Citizenship Will Further Harm Economy” (05/31/2011), we discover the subtle art of the liberal lie and how looking at these Marxist Medusas causes the inattentive to be gulled just long enough for the rest of the totalitarian termites to crawl into your foundation.. Once you awaken to discover their presence, the damage has already been done.


Right out of the chute, the nonsense accelerates to near mach five.. “Obama says reforming immigration policy will help the nation’s economy especially in the form of job creation..” What used to be passed off as the laughable inexperience of the un-worldly Obama is now giving way in the minds of the attentive to the reality that the left has more than just their economical deficits to make up for..


Lets begin by saying that according to Obama’s childish statement, the only thing holding back job creation is the lack of millions of addition immigrants, both legal and ILLEGAL. The facts are that Obama has, with the help of the liberals in the Congress, already made at least eight MILLION more people available for these mythological “jobs saved or created” that Obama seems to be talking about.. Since 1996 when the left took hold of BOTH Houses and since early 2009 when the progressive politburo managed to seat their fascist figurehead, they have in collusion managed to make at least eight million jobs disappear..


What actually CREATES the jobs, jobs that actually exist outside of the expansive terra infirma of the Obama mind is NOT the number of people available to fill these slots, it is the reality of getting the albatross of the liberal tax and deficit spend and spend and spend and spend government off of the backs and out of the pockets of the GENUINE job creators.. The job has to actually be AVAILABLE to be filled, it matters not how long the line to fill it is..


The liberals are always in need of educational helpers, fascist flash crads so to speak, so lets reduce the discussion to sort of an abstract socialist syllogism.. Let’s suppose that today, a lawn service has ten positions available. Let’s suppose that there are two hundred applicants for those positions today. Now let’s add a few million legal and ILLEGAL uneducated immigrants to this line of applicants tomorrow. There are still only TEN jobs to be filled regardless of how long the line is.. Jobs AREN’T created based upon the size of the pool of applicants, employers who can logically and profitably afford to fill positions then CREATE those jobs.


Let’s try to demolish this defective Democratic thinking: the Obama permanent unemployment hasn’t been the least bit effected by the fact that there are already at least 11 million ILLEGAL immigrants here allegedly looking for work. The Obama unemployment during the Obama Depression still stands at least ten percent across the country..


Under the Obama caliphate these “jobs” are nearly impossible to come by. The private sector, sufficiently punished by the Obama administration, barely managed to actually create 38,000 jobs in May. (Bloomberg dot com 06/01/2011) Again for the liberals, the line for these 38,000 jobs now contains at least 13 MILLION people. (Eight million Obama jobs destroyed and at least 11 million ILLEGAL immigrants already skulking within our borders..) It’s STILL only 38,000 jobs..




“Research by the US. Chamber of Commerce says there is no correlation between immigration and high unemployment..” If you decide to add a bit of specificity to the end of the last statement, for example, “..within the lowest skill levels..”, the statement collapses like a house of collectivist cards. The facts are that the “immigrants” the left wants AMNESTIED are overwhelmingly uneducated and therefore overwhelmingly unemployable. Those mildly employable immigrants would have to compete with the mildly employable already created by the nation’s public school system.. (More on that a little later..)


The immigration process used to demand that an equal number of educated or skilled immigrants be accepted along with those who needed to be educated. Now the left is championing the cause of anyone who wants to set up shop here, the more illiterate that they actually are, the better. Your ability to contribute to society isn’t as important to the left as your ability to siphon from society.. The more sponges that are present, the bigger the need for the liberals to exist in order to redistribute and control the “fairness” of it all.. However, there is another “ability” that interests the liberals. The “ability” to cast a vote.


Remember that back in 2008, the liberal helpers of ACORN managed to register both Mickey and Minnie Mouse as well as the Dallas Cowboys football team many times over. “Tombstone votes” by the tens of thousands were cast on behalf of Obama. Keep in mind that the chicanery that began in early 2009 has rudely awakened the “independents” that were sufficiently snowed to the realities of placing another liberal in charge of the purse strings.. The liberals have a glut of votes both alive and dead, real or imaginary to now make up for as 2012 approaches. What better way to do that than to demand that yet another group of complete illiterates join the group of complete illiterates that the liberals have already managed to create and manacle to their Bolshevik ball and chains since the onset of the Great Society..


The left will regale you with their compassion exclaiming, “if they are illiterate, at least their children will have the benefit of being educated within the public school system..” This is the second layer of the onion as the “public school system” has been under the Marxist microscope for generations and the liberals along with their minions of the NEA have intentionally destroyed the effectiveness of the public schools. They have turned them into mere indoctrination stations or for those “students” inclined to the sloth that is perpetually underwritten by the left, it is the quickest and most effective vehicle for transporting their chattel to its final and according to the liberals and their philosophy, their permanent destination, the lowest class..


When millions more people who will occupy societies lowest levels magically appear, the need for all of the liberal handouts increases accordingly. Those carefully attuned to the “liberal lottery” concept of perpetual handouts aren’t going to be concerned with the fantasy of the “jobs Americans won’t do” either. The left hasn’t yet explained how making the pool of applicants for the few low wage jobs available is going to be beneficial to anyone other than the liberal redistributionists themselves.


Dan Griswold, a wonk at the CATO Institute said, “legalizing immigrants allows them to invest more into the marketplace-which grows jobs..” Again, remember the liberal nomenclature. Define a few very key words within that last.. “Them” and “jobs”.


Just exactly who is represented by this “them”? Again, 13 million applicants, 38,000 jobs.. If the left believes that these 38,000 new employees will be doing this “investing”, this is the liberal equivalent of a “trickle up economy”. Besides, if these 38,000 jobs are filled by those immigrants, it is quite likely that the largest percentages of the monies derived from these few positions will be wired to the families back home..


Now let’s squeeze the sentence together to find the underLYING liberal motive. “..legalizing immigrants grows jobs..” The ONLY jobs that will grow can be found within the ever-expansive liberal government. The arbiters of “fairness”, the money changers, the redistributors, the absolute necessity for even more of them, is enhanced with the entry of each illegal crossing, each uneducated immigrant or each amnesty..


Griswold also added, “we’re not going to be any closer to fixing the problem”.. The liberals have NEVER concerned themselves with the concept of “fixing a problem”. Their overriding concern is to exacerbate the “problem” so that more liberals need to be unearthed in order to “fix the problem”.. The number of liberals required to “solve” the problem grows exponentially as the problem grows..


It is time for the Bolshevik blinders of compassion to be removed and forever jettisoned so that the underLYING facts beneath the socialist surface can be revealed.. Doing so will “solve” a LARGE number of “problems”, “problems” created and enhanced by the liberals, with almost lightening speed..


14 responses to “UnderLying Facts

  1. noleftturnz


    Here is the latest from the TOTD:


    Thanks as always,


  2. It all boils down to the libtards never needing facts. They simply pull statistical data from the sky and expect everyone to genuflect.

  3. Since the government always lies, you can safely bet that the real number of illegals currently awaiting the next amnesty is a lot closer to thirty million than thirteen million. Amnesty will place the liberals firmly in charge forever or until the total destruction of the Constitution & the USA, which will likely happen soon. They want to replace our constitution with the old Soviet constitution effectively removing most of our rights. Remember that when Hitler took over, he eliminated all of the elderly, sick, retarded, gypsies, and criminals before he went after the Jews. That is exactly what Obama and his other muslims are preparing to do here. Have no doubt that he will use generational warfare to “balance” his budget. The only way to get a honest election next year is to require photo ID to vote. Otherwise, all of the dead and imaginary “voters” will again vote for BHO. We cannot afford another four years of his treason.

  4. Another winner, Larry. There is no doubt in my mind that there is real work in progress to find the right crisis to cause the need to suspend the 2012 elections and declare Obummer President until the crisis is past (life time).We have to be the most active from now till the election or the Acorns, SEIU, and other libmonster groups will again steal the election if it is held. We will know how it is going by how much press is pushing ‘Oh my GOD we are in trouble” as cover up for the take over.

  5. photojoe:

    I agree with you. We are watching the rise of a Fourth Reich in the US. And, as one of the “elderly” who is surely being marked for extermination, I don’t plan to go quietly to my death in a FEMA camp.

    “A fearful people are easier to rule than a courageous one.” Rise up America, Rise up!!!

  6. Obama is looking to fulfill aka “sneak” an amnesty around Congress when they are out of session by issuance of Executive Order. IT CAN BE DONE. Most citizens of our country are not aware of this and, as a result, let their voices be heard. It is a real and emminent threat that this Marxist SOB “leader” of our country is planning. A plan that he hopes will be the demise of capitalism and most of all, America.

    SEIU marched in the streets of Los Angles on May 6, 2011 arm in arm with Communists. Naturally no one saw or read of this in any liberally controlled medias. The pictures of the event were taken by an independent photographer who posted them on the web. One of the pictures I noted was of a SEIU member holding a sign that read, “From Lybia To America Workers Unite In Communism!”

    I gotta know; A: Would this person even be able to locate Lybia on a world globe. B: Does this person understand the resulting influence of Communism ideology.

    I know it’s rude of me to answer my own inguiries but in a word, NOT!! For they are simple-minded liberals given a sign by their masters then told to go march.

  7. joydbrower

    Whenever I hear the regressive LSM even WHISPER something about the economy “turning around,” I have a simultaneous instinct to throw up and then punch one of them (that ugly AFL-CIO goon comes to mind) in the nose! And this afternoon, on Hannity, I just heard Juan Williams – in his most disgusting Demonkrap talking points – try (but fail) to debate Stuart Varney on the economy. It was a real shouting match, but Varney was so obviously on point and poor idiot Juan sounded about as foolish, ignorant and stubborn as I’ve ever heard him (and, IMO, he’s on Fox WAY too much already!). He doesn’t have a clue, of course, about economics, but he sure as hell has those libturd talking points down cold. Lies don’t even begin to describe what craperoo that came flowing out of his pie hole!! Even the fake “Conservative,” David Brooks, had to admit on Laura’s show (also this afternoon) that his once bronze idol, Ozero, has handled the economy badly and, in fact, has failed to do anything positive in that area (although he still views this Fraud-in-Chief as an intelligent and thinking person – HURL time!!). But the one point he and Laura could certainly agree upon was that the Dems – and their traitorous “leader” – have done sweet FA about a budget or anything to curb wasteful and now totally unfunded Gov’t spending!

    And yet the sheeple still graze and sleep undisturbed by the economic chaos about to sweep all of us into the abyss…

  8. Larry, You hit all the “Liberal” nails right on the head. Unfortunately there are a number of those who are not liberals who are also behind this…the CATO Institute for example, and the Chamber of Commerce, which supposedly represents business interests; are 2 just mentioned in your article alone. As we all know the real unemployment numbers are far above whats actually reported, since after 1 year of being on the rolls, you are dropped off, as the government only counts “new applications”. So those unemployed for more than 1 year are not counted as “unemployed”, and of course the liberals #1 interest group, the “permanent underclass” is not counted as “unemployed” either. Just those who lost real jobs that are no longer counted would swell the unemployment numbers to 15%. Why we would need an additional 11 million “workers” is beyond me. The best thing to happen to illegal immigration has been the economic downturn, as the lack of jobs has sent many packing back across the border. Since the government makes no distinction between legal and illegal, and has completely abrogated its duty to protect our borders, this is the only thing slowing the tide. That businesses would be for this plan is senseless, as their pool of sub minimum wage workers not needing Social Security,Unemployment Insurance,OJI Insurance, and health care coverage would dry up and they would have to hire Americans to do the job they supposedly “won’t do”. The impact that these millions of amnestied law breakers would have on schools, health care, housing and assorted social services would be catastrophic. In most of the border states of AZ,CA,NM, for example,public schools,public hospitals etc. are already bankrupt, due to overuse (and non payment) by illegals. How much worse if they were to become “citizens”. Sadly the ruling class has totally lost touch with the people, and are busy trying do destroy our nation on the altars of cultural relativism, political correctness, and altruism. And we will all have to pay the bill.

  9. noleftturnz


    The latest from the TOTD site:


    Thanks as always,


  10. Let’s face it, Obummer and his administration doesn’t want full employment until his single employer (a-la, single payer med. insurance) becomes a reality at slave labor wages.
    Till then he can use every stupid trick in the book and blame it’s failure on the opposition.
    One day his adoring lemmings will find that they will actually have to show up for work every day to collect their pennies. Communism is famous for having full employment.

  11. Larry, after reading this article I was just thinking wouldn’t it be great if all the illegals the media and libs want in our country take their jobs away. There would be whining and crying. How would they like it then? Actually, they might do a better job.

  12. The fraud in the WH has quadrupled the deficit, and now he wants all of us to pull together to remedy the problems that he himself created. Apparentlly, he will continue to claim thet he ‘inherited’ this mess, and will never admit that he is wrong ! And, sadly, there are too many stupid people who will continue to adore this destroyer of our country. And to top it off, there are too many GOP wimps that will not do anything to stop the destruction.

  13. Hey Larry, I came across this article which seems appropriate in light of your piece. It talks of a ‘reverse brain drain” back to India. It seems that many Indian (legal) immigrants, after being educated in US universities, are choosing to return to India rather than stay and work here. The many reasons cited included “more opportunities” , as well as a lack of corporate sponsorships needed for INS purposes to keep them and their talents here in the US. It just goes to show you how stupid our government is. Here you have legal immigrants receiving higher educations in the US, and you make it hard for them to stay and work, yet the same government wants to amnesty 10-12 million unskilled, barely educated manual laborers as citizens. WTF! It’s just unbelievable just how ass backwards our leaders are. I’ll leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions.

    The Young Entrepreneurs Heading Back to Indian Homeland,

  14. Oops! my mistake! No link. Here it is.

    whats even more pathetic is that they’re “taking the American Dream with them to India”. Since our government is doing everything it can to kill it where it was born….sad.

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