Selfish Reasons


It seems that another liberal, proud of his privates, has “exposed” the truth behind another element lurking deep within the liberal political illness. Anthony Weiner (L-NY) decided to Twitter his twanger to some “fan” of his in the state of Washington. For the record, I wish to state my belief that this “scandal” is no big deal. After all, the last “WeinerGate” liberal escaped virtually unharmed even after he upped the ante by repeatedly lying under oath so this is nothing by comparison.. However for the sake of “fairness”, lets look at how the liberals have acted when such “technological” perversions by others were revealed.


Back in 2006, by no small coincidence a mid term election year, a somewhat unknown Florida Representative named Mark Foley was alleged to have sent “inappropriate” texts to former Congressional pages. The liberals then applied their usual soft touch to things and every Republican either running for office or tying to retain office was suddenly granted a new middle name. Let’s just call our potential Republican mid term candidate, “Joe Smith”. ANY mention of his name during this time of blood in the water became “Joe MarkFoley Smith” when uttered by the devious Democrats.. Even the gay-friendly liberals found the fact that the pages were also male to be a topic worthy of “discussion”. Foley’s inferred “gayness” was derisively mentioned along side his station as a Republican from the jaundiced mouths of the alleged defenders of the “alternative lifestyle”..


Now it’s on to Larry Craig. Here we have another convenient Republican who claimed a “wide stance” while inside a Minneapolis airport restroom in 2007. Another situation involving alleged homosexual activity brought out the typical sensitivity from the allegedly homosexual-friendly fascists.. This was after the mid term, in 2007, but nevertheless the liberals “reacted” in a way that leads one to believe that it’s not your sexual preference that matters to the left, it is your politics. The liberals believe that their politics takes preference to all else, similar to how the Mooselims feel that their religion takes preference over their alleged “government”.. This is not the only “agreement” in philosophy between these two “groups”..


Now we fast forward to old “AW” from NY and now the liberal “outrage” manages an eye popping 180 degree turn or “spin”, if you like.. The evasive song and dance began right from the start. Weiner forgot what his weiner looked like.. Then while talking to the rootin’ tootin’ she man Maddow, he thought that it “might” be his weiner.. Enter the lunatic liberal wonks to fog the air with their demented diversions.. The unfortunately undermedicated Paul Begala said, “who cares” and “consider the source” when asked about liberal “WeinerGate II”. These statements from “Baloney Begala” were made over at the American TASS, CNN, the only channel with the courage to place this poltroon on the air.. All six of the networks viewers were subjected to this comedy routine..


This attitude of indifference is radically (what other kind of indifference would you expect from the fascists?) different from his attitude towards the Foley “scandal”. Again, while paying a visit to the Collectivist News Network, on October 2, 2006 Begala tried to appear tough for the cameras. “They covered this up. This is what happens when you’re in power too long.. I’m a dad. Anyone who sends a message like that to my kid will get a visit from the law firm of Smith and Wesson or a twelve gauge..” As of this writing, we have yet to see any of this faux fierceness from blabbering Begala about Weiner’s messages to a young girl.. Do not hold your breath in anticipation of such an event..


Now we will peer into the Begala’s attitude towards the “outrage” of Larry Craig while we simultaneously hear of his “feelings” for Mark Foley AND we see his patented liberal misogyny to boot. Here is the quote from Newsbusters from July 4, 2009.. “Sarah Palin makes Mark Foley, the congressman who sent filthy emails to pages look almost normal. She makes Larry Craig, caught hitting on a cop in a men’s room, look almost stable. Sarah Palin has made herself the bull goose loony of the GOP..” Another example of the “sensitivity” of the progressive psychotics..


It is possible that the “victim’s” gender has something to do with the lack of a liberal “outrage”. The alleged “victims” of Foley and Craig were other men. Weiner’s “victim” is a woman. The left has proven their convenient silence when women are the “victims” of other liberals unwanted advances. Not only was Begala singing a different tune back then but the overall and flannel shirt wearing group known as NOW was humming along with Begala when Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick came forward with their allegations against (Free My) Willie Clinton..


As well, these “defenders of women’s rights”, these champions of women oppressed everywhere have been silent for decades over the proven abuses of women in the Middle East. The only potential for “change” within the left and its socialist satellites AGAINST the well documented deviance of the Mooselims would be if the Mooselims suddenly came out for lower taxes, bringing back school prayer and they took a stand against abortion.. As long as the Mooselims and the liberals believe in targeting America, the rest of the liberals and their fascist friends will overlook any indiscretions, past or present, done by these political allies to those they allege in public to “protect” or “defend”..


Simultaneously, let’s peer into the “outrage” from the left over the actions of the “Hairspray Heretic”, John Edwards. Even from the outset when Edwards tried to hide in the restroom of the Beverly Hilton, the left has assumed the position and stood behind another of their philanderers. How appropriate that just this morning, Edwards was indicted on “four counts of illegal campaign contributions, one count of conspiracy and another count of false statements.” (WRAL dot com 06/03/2011)


In the interest of “fairness”, the liberal bleeding heart benchmark, what do these indictments have to do with the liberal aversion to “particular” or “certain” sex scandals? These charges against Edwards ALL revolve around the fact that while the collectivist cad was ignoring his suffering wife’s health, he was using campaign contributions to pay off the mother of his illegitimate child.


Just for fun, let’s take a peek at these charges against Edwards. Based upon the record of Democratic deviants before him, “illegal campaign contributions” are the fulcrum of the Democratic kitty, so no harm, no foul.. The “conspiracy” count should be washed away because the idiot liberals ALL believe in “conspiracies” and the count of “false statements” should disappear as well because if the liberals were ever forced to stop making “false statements”, there wouldn’t be anything left for them to say.. Ever true to the liberal nomenclature, Edwards’ lawyer/liar said out loud that “Edwards didn’t break any laws and that the government was chasing a misguided prosecution..” Next stop: redefining the definition of “is” again..


Any and all of these charges could be applied to any of the liberal liars, both past and present office holders included. Here is just one example: the Enviro-Blimp, Al Bore.. Gore makes his LIVING promoting the “conspiracy” of glabloney warming. When the ACTUAL conspiracy was reveled surrounding this Marxist mythology, the world yawned.. Gore’s nonsense is completely encapsulated within the context of “false statements” yet we do not see this presidential ASS-pirant cooling his heels in the hoosegow.. Who said that life was “fair”..


In the end, all of this “Weiner-wagging” is merely humorous as I want Weiner to retain office. Mind you, I am doing so for selfish reasons as I feel that Anthony Weiner has the most apt sir name ever presented to a liberal politician and I don’t want it to fade into oblivion over the fact that he is just another Democratic deviant who has a problem controlling his zipper..


21 responses to “Selfish Reasons

  1. noleftturnz


    Here is the latest TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  2. G. Nichols

    We shouldn’t at all be surprised by these events. Power corrupts absolutely, even when it isn’t absolute power, and liberals share the same views of Aleister Crowley:’ do what you will, that is the whole of the law’. The fact that Mr. (I Wish I Were an Oscar Meyer) Weiner refuses to file charges with the FBI tells me volumes about what’s going on. There was no hacking attempt, and he is merely trying to conceal the truth from his wife that he is a cad, a liar, and a pervert.

    While the Repubs have had their share of deviants, the Democrats seem to attract an inordinate number of them. From Barney Frank to John Edwards, and everyone in between it seems. But then, they have to make themselves attractive to their degenerate base electorate of freaks, losers and criminals. This is why they try so hard to collapse our values system and corrupt our children. You know its bad when the ACLU sues the Boy Scouts for being too squeaky clean, and having the temerity to believe they have a right to choose whom should qualify as role models.

  3. Great post Larry. I’m still laughing about the twanger. To funny.


    Thanks! Larry: you’re right, he should stay in office just for his name…
    Your post, and The Patriot’s, have me heaving with laughter at your ‘play on words’….
    Hope you are well.

    Take care, ALL who tread here.

  5. I’m confused! Which is the smallest?
    A: Anthony’s Weiner
    B: Barnie’s Frank
    C: The brains of the people who keep re-electing these perverts

  6. My brother-in-law, an out-and-out liberal looney, sent me an email today, the last portion of which is shown below my comments. He, at least, acknowledges that Obama is “not all there” concerning the validity of the US Constitution, and transparency issues, but thinks that Obama’s Health Care program is “the greatest thing since sliced bread”, since it works so well (?) in his State. Ah, the deceived are deceived, because they do not KNOW that they ARE deceived! Hmm, I wonder if he thinks that Obama ranks right up there next to Obama’s idol in the Presidency?

    “I will try to avoid voting for Obama again because he is so secretive, and wants to continue warrantless searches and seizures; etc., but his Health Care plan is excellent (we have implemented it in California ahead of time, and it works very well, and except for the broken promise of transparency and upholding the Constitution (where he fails miserably), he has been a very good to even great President; liberal or not.”

  7. (Good one, Joe!) Yes, I think Weiner Roast should stay in office if only to provide an ongoing target for our hilarity & spoof! Besides, coming from his semi-communist district in NYC, they’d only elect another demonkrap to replace him – and, from what I gather or heard, the GOP wouldn’t be able to beat him or a replacement Dem candidate.

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but in his first confused and lyin’ presser, his face was SO taut that the muscles in the left side of his face kept moving in jerky motions – he obviously was under a HUGE strain and was trying to contain his anger, fear & lies. What a total scuzz ball!

    As I posted elsewhere, maybe his being married to a muzzie has engendered dreams of shar’a (his type LOVES the muzzies better than his fellow Jews!) – i.e., entitled to 4 wives with a few “temporary” ones thrown in whenever the urge strikes… His wife should probably stone him to death, but I guess it’s only the coward muzzie “men” that have that privilege. Nevertheless, it would be true justice – and his wife would certainly be entitled to her “honor killing!” In fact, everyone would cheer her on and there wouldn’t be a jury in America that would convict her!

  8. Twanger??? Love it!
    Ya know, if we wasn’t such a wanker, it wouldn’t be nearly so funny!
    Great job as always Larry, right on the money!

  9. “if the liberals were ever forced to stop making “false statements”, there wouldn’t be anything left for them to say.. ” Oh how I wish this could happen Larry. I’m so tired of the lying liberals and their lemmings.

  10. Joe, you forgot “D” all of the above.

  11. Sling Blade

    Every day, in every way, liberals keep getting more and more laughably pathetic.

  12. Sling Blade

    Maybe his undies were too tight.

  13. Joe and William hit the mark! And Larry is firing on all cylinders. And LadyWolf, I’m right there beside you – actually getting ready to hurl or some of the boneheaded bores.

    And Triviaman, he REALLY is dyed in the wool if he thinks like that. Great? As if! He isn’t even great at golf.

  14. Anthony’s in Twouble with Twitter over his Twanger.
    The turds always seem to find their way to the surface in that cesspool by the Potomac.

  15. noleftturnz


    Here is the latest from the TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  16. Maybe it’s time for ‘Little Anthony’ Wiener to have a ‘hard-to-heart’ talk with Slick Willie Clinton in order to learn how to become a better liar. Perhaps Weiney should be kept in office to provide comedic relief and to demonstrate the stupidity of the Libs. Have any of the late night comics done a number on Weiney , or did they back-off, thus showing their own lib bias ?

    I feel sorry for your sister, having to live with a flaming lib .

    With regard to his wife and daughters, would the fraud in the WH really be in favor of Sharia Law ?

  17. noleftturnz


    The latest from TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  18. Since little Weiney did not file a report , the FBI will not pursue the matter, which of course means that , once again , a Liberal politicain gets a reprieve !!

    Wonder what would happen if any of the recipients of that photo would file a complaint.

  19. Looks like Weiney’s NY constituents want him to remain in office. However, Pelosi and Reid have a different opinion. Wonder who will prevail – stay tuned.

  20. Now, it seems Weiney was conversing witha teenager in Delaware. Wonder what his wife has to say about that ! And, do his NY constituents still want him to remain in office ?

    Why do politicians like Weiney and the fraud in the WH, when caught doing something that is ‘wrong’ brush it off, and minimize the problem, by saying ” I made a mistake ” ?

    Clearly, doing things that are intrinsically ‘wrong’ , is more than just ” making a mistake ” !! When will these cowards own-up to their wrongdoings ??

  21. Oh and did you hear that one of the left-stream media talking head says that Christians and those who are offebded by this type of behavior are “backward and ignorant” ? I think he’s got that one backward….

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