Just a short time ago, the definition of the word “obligation” basically meant that we were obligated to become decent and productive members of society. Our “reward” so to speak, for being “productive”, was that we were entitled to the “rewards” of our “productivity”.


Enter the liberals and their devious desire to “change” not only the meaning of once thoroughly understood words but the entire American landscape as well.


The liberals decided on their own that the “obligation” within American society was to “guarantee” some obscure “standard of living” regardless of the sloth of the recipient and they went about “changing” things. Other strange liberal “guarantees” sprang up in the most unusual of places. The liberals, as amazingly insightful as they are, managed to “uncover” a number of these guarantees within the Constitution where they had laid dormant for generations.. (For example, suddenly the world under the tutelage of the left, was discovering the “right” to kill an unborn child within the “right of privacy” and unfortunately, that was just the beginning..)


The liberal handout mentality, with its double-edged sword of enslavement and emasculation, took such things as welfare and magically transformed them into “entitlements”. The “obligation” thus shifted from the individual to the government. When this totalitarian transformation was complete, the liberals HAD to be there in order to guarantee the proper redistribution of “fairness”..


Under the liberal politburos, this “fairness” was only applicable to the denizens of the lowest sub-cultural orders. These siphons were callously advised by the liberals that they were the “victims” of some mystical societal oppression when in truth, they were intentionally being “oppressed” by the liberal leviathan.. The Democrats who used to “oppress” these “victims” through fire hoses and baseball bats sarcastically created this more “user friendly” type of “oppression”..


In fact, the “victims” were those who were being fleeced by the liberal establishment of the rightful rewards of their own accomplishments (which were based upon their own sense of “obligation” previously mentioned..) so that the liberals could then BUY the votes of the bottom feeders as long as these dullards agreed to remain manacled to the liberal mantra of failure..


If the liberal “base” did NOT have the ability to vote, the liberals wouldn’t care in the least for them and their alleged plight because the ONLY matter of importance to the left is the acquisition and retention of political power through any and all means necessary.. As proven since the application of the disingenuously named “Great Society”, when there are so many compliant and docile lemmings available, this acquisition and retention of power is not at all difficult.


The left will permanently underwrite you as long as you agree to disregard any internal rumblings of ambition or accomplishment.. (The “New Deal” tried, in its own socialist way and in its largest part, to get people working, “producing”. The “Great Society” was socialism created solely to reward those who were intent upon being a burden to those around them in perpetuity, period.) All that was expected of those sufficiently oppressed was their “consideration in the voting booth come election time..”


The liberals then took the “obligation” under their bizarre Bolshevik administrations away from the individual citizen and made it the “obligation” of the government. By making it a part of the government, they were making it an unavoidable burden to the productive so that the liberals could then “compassionately” (Remember the “liberal definitional inversion” theory. Liberal “compassion” ends up being anything but..) reward their chattel through their numerous and ever-expanding redistribution rackets.. By creating the “demand” of generations of addicted, obedient and manageable indentured servants, the liberals were creating a “need” for their own existence..


It should thus become our “obligation” now to place the liberal ethos upon the endangered species list..


12 responses to “Obligation

  1. noleftturnz


    This is actually the TOTD but I hope that no one would mind if I put it over here as well.

    Just think that it needed saying to as many people as possible,

    Thanks as always,


  2. Years ago the American people had a work ethic. Thanks to the liberals, many people now have an entitlement ethic. I’m tired and tired of seeing people sitting on their lazy butts. If they are getting public assistance and are able to work, they should be put to work on public projects that benefit the areas in which they live. Let those who can work earn any assistance they get.

  3. Yes, the liberal mob is trying to rewrite the dictionary. Sad to realize the success of this machination because they have been working in the education system to dumb down the nation. Another word they have changed the mealing is oportunity.

    Never give in, Never give up and Never again!
    God bless America!

  4. Spot on again,Larry.

    My son says that the blacks will not give up their black pres and the liberals will not give up a president that does every bidding for them. He thinks Obama is a shoo in again. He says as long as people have unemployment that goes on for such a long time they grow to enjoy that freedom of no work and have adjusted to living on a lower income and alot of free time for watching TV. They too will vote for the man who gave them this.
    This makes me sick to think of it, but probably a lot of this is true. My son travels alot in his job and sees a whide range of ideas across the USA. There maybe some truth to this thought. My family certainly hopes not. There is joy and hope when you work and take cae of yourself.
    Thanks for your writings again.

  5. Say it long, say it loud and say it often everywhere, Larry.
    While most of us amongst the “to the right” or conservative ranks understand that there is incohesion in liberal thinking, few can point it out it out so graphically as you. Liberals, if they allowed a opinion other than their own, could not debate your thesis. Instead, they would want you silenced.

    LadyWolf, Great idea! But may I add that all those before given jobs or receiving welfare be given an urinalysis test for drugs. Test positive and no job and/or no checks!

  6. Ladywolf and Joe, I agree with both of you , but would add alcohol testing and be subjected to the E-verify program. The walefare programs have been in existance so long it is going to be almost imposssible to get rid of, but we must give it the best possible try. This may post 2x. I’ll try to eleminate one copy.

  7. beyond disgusted

    So spot on Larry! The so called Great Society institutionalized poverty, on purpose. One of the biggest problems with liberalism is that it appeals to the worst aspects of human nature. It is really sad how many willingly become enslaved to the nanny state, and are more than happy to live off the labors of their fellow citizens with no guilt whatsoever.

  8. Joe and Greywolf:

    They should all definitely be tested for drugs and alcohol. If they are working on public projects, they would have to be able to perform the jobs they are given properly without putting anyone at risk. E-verify is a good idea because tax dollars should not be used to support criminals who enter our country illegally.

  9. All good ideas , but how many will be implemented ? Ask the Gov. of AZ !!
    Speaking of AZ, Sheriff Joe Aripio has the right idea for his prisoners – it’s called “work detail”. However, the Libs demonize him , because he forces the prisoners to actually WORK !! Maybe Sheriff Joe should be in DC .

    Was just wondering – when did ‘buying votes’ become legal ?

  10. I know two people (AKA: leeches) who recently quit their jobs . One quit a county job (ironically working for the welfare dept) at age 30 with 3 children so she could go to school and have the government (we the people) pay her tuition and living expenses.
    The other one quit her job at a local Indian Casino to have her second out-of-wedlock child and has decided to be a stay-at-home mother and collect welfare.

    These are Obama’s people, the lazy, irresponsible and worthless amongst us.

  11. We finally passed a law here in SC that requires a picture ID in order to vote and you should hear the whinning…… geez! you’d think we took away their birthday! Tried to pass the drug test for welfare and unemployment but idn’t get there this time. Maybe next year.

  12. T,

    Is that photo ID provided by the state, ( with documentation such as a birth certificate, or other acceptable verification), if not, then what type of ID is acceptable , since many are easily forged ? In any case, it is a step in the right direction !

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