On The Edge


You have to look back at the miserable Marxist Dhimmi Carter and all of the damage that he did and you have to wonder how that didn’t spell the end for the country.


Domestically, he was a fool. Even more dangerous were his abysmal failures in foreign policy. Interest rates were at 20% and unemployment was at a record high and the Middle Eastern bandits were holding the world hostage over crude oil.. The “Carter malaise” was working its magic. In retrospect, the dual problems of the Iranian hostage/Islamofascist takeover combined with the Russian invasion of Afghanistan could have easily exploded.. Literally.


Russia had always wanted what they termed a “warm water port” and some thought at the time was that Russia intended to march through Afghanistan in order to invade (in order to “stabilize”, can’t you just hear the Russians..) Iran for a number of reasons.


Iran, back then, was a strong U.S. ally due to the efforts of the Shah. Iran afforded us a perfect location for several outposts for spying on the pervasive and persistent Soviet subterfuge.. Carter and his administration ENABLED what has become the WORLD’S scourge, Islamofascism, to take hold by turning its back upon a former ally. Carter allowed the “run-up” to what eventually happened in Iran to take place by freezing out the Shah or being totally disinterested on what was taking place in Iran over a long period of time. The Kohmeini business did not happen over night.


Carter had weaken the American military to such a pathetic degree that had Russia moved through Afghanistan and into Iran, there would have literally been NOTHING that America could have done about it.. Carter and his “policy of appeasement” would have sat on the sidelines and the Russians knew it..


The overwhelming thought at this point is, “Wouldn’t it have been better had Russia actually marched into Iran and forcibly overthrown the “Islamic revolution”? Had they done so, there wouldn’t have been what we were left with there today, right? True, it wouldn’t have been the same, however it might not have been better..


So, Russia marches into Iran and quells the “revolution”. Remember, at this point in history, Russia was superior to America in almost every area militarily and in those few areas where they weren’t, Carter was working to give ANY American superiority away (SALT.) That which President Reagan knew was that the cash strapped Russia could not keep up with the “arms race” and SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) which put the communists “onto the dust heap of history”.. Imagine Russia with the addition wealth taken from the Iranian oil fields and that was over a year before President Reagan took office..


Now we have Obama and all of the “Welcome Back Carter” liberalism that worked so well in the late seventies. “Historic” unemployment, out of control liberal spending and borrowing (for literally nothing of substance I might add..) and a “malaise” that would make Carter jealous.


Thank the Lord that there is no one in the world who is the equivalent of what Russia was back then in place now. (China??) Thanks to the liberals, we are again on the edge as we look to find our next Reagan.. Fast.

10 responses to “On The Edge

  1. noleftturnz

    Figured that I would put this over here since no one looked at it over at the TOTD..

  2. There is a remarkable trait between Carter and Obama. Carter, once trying to farm peanuts, now building homes for humanity. Obama, once a community organizer now trying to farm America away for peanuuts.

  3. Larry,

    Do you think that the ‘next Reagan’ is out there ?

    Great analogy — I like it !

  4. noleftturnz


    Do you think that anyone out there places principle above politics?

    There is your answer.

    Thanks as always,


  5. The next Reagan……I see promise in Palin, Rubio, or West.
    The problem with Palin is we are too afraid to make her our nominee, and I do understand why people feel that way,
    Rubios problem might be that he is not a natural born citizen, which the left will make a big deal about even after ignoring that obamas birth certificate has now been proven beyond any doubt to be a fraud.
    The immediate concern of course is to make sure obama is a one term POTUS.
    At this point I’m ready to stand behind a Bachmann/Cain ticket.
    God help us all if we fail to remove this illegal and corrupt usurper.

  6. We should not be afraid to take Governor Palin as our nominee. The recent release of the Good Governor’s official E-mails have put the lie to the “Palin is an airhead” meme, much to the chagrin of her enemies (and not coincidentally, our enemies, too) in the media. In five so-called “battleground” states, Governor Palin is running well within the margin of error head-to-head against Obonzo. And given the fact that PPP routinely oversamples Democreeps, it would be no surprise to find that the Good Governor is actually LEADING in those states. The only certain way Governor Palin doesn’t win the election is if she doesn’t run.

  7. As a long time resident of Georgia I would like to say on behalf of myself and the rest of the state that we are truly sorry about the whole Jimmy Carter fiasco.

  8. I understand your sentiments Jim but we both know they will pull out all the stops to mock and villify her and stop at nothing, and I mean nothing, to stop her.
    Having said that if shes the nominee Ill be there.
    Of course our other problem is splitting the vote in an election that is for all the marbles as far as the future direction of this country, and for that matter, the world.

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