Patently Obvious


In the follow up to the Obama embarrassment of the day before, it seems that the obnoxious Othello believes that mere machines have created the disaster that rightly belongs to Obama and the liberal left.. This has to rank as one of the all-time best suspects/victims in the non-stop Obama blame-a-thon that the nation has gamely had to suffer through since early 2009..


In the last day or so, it would appear that the liberals believe that laughter is the best medicine for the actual “victims” of their destruction of the economy. Unfortunately, this “medicine” will ONLY be available to you through the Obama “Health Scare Scam” of socialized medicine, so it will not only be ineffective, like everything that Obama has forcibly “taken over”, it won’t work either.. By the way, it will also cost you at least a month’s worth of salary to obtain.. That is, if you are one of the six people left in America with jobs due to the socialist scorched earth politics of the liberals since 2006..


Shortly after “cutting up” the collected collectivists (otherwise known as the “Not Ready For Shovel Ready Players..”) that are a part of the “Council on Jobs and Competitiveness” (which has been as effective as the Obama “Council on Capitalism and Common Sense”..) Brace yourselves for this but Obama said that “machines” are responsible for the dreadful state of the statist’s economy..


“Businesses have learned to become much more efficient with a lot fewer workers..” This whole “business” business seems to have Obama stymied to say the least.. After reading that quote from Fox News, (“Revenge of the Machines?” 06/16/2011) it is easy to understand Obama’s bewilderment when it comes to properly placing the blame for all of his handiwork..


Firstly, businesses have had NO CHOICE but to “become much more efficient with a lot fewer workers” SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE of Obama and his “Great Leap Forward” programs.. The idea of “efficiency” as well has the Obama liberals all scratching their unwashed heads with confusion. “Efficiency” is the polar opposite of what ANY liberal government seeks to install/inflict and Obama’s Democratic disaster has proven to be no different than those that have preceded him. Obama has personally forwarded this “a lot fewer workers” idea which businesses have had to negotiate in order to survive at all..


Within a normal business, unencumbered with the manacles of Marxism, “efficiency” DOESN’T mean FEWER employees. Employees are constantly being trained and retrained as the business expands and when these expansions are “productive” (another word that completely confuses the left not unlike, “bar soap” or ” morals”..) MORE employees are needed in order to keep up with the additional demand. The liberal suffocation of capitalism explains their Marxist mystification with these concepts..


“You see it when you go to the bank and you use the ATM, you don’t go to a bank teller..” If Obama insists upon simplifying every thing that he discusses, lets simplify the Obama’s simplification even further..


According to Obama, the “ATM” at the bank causes you to force the bank to fire a teller. Never mind that the mechanical “teller” can be used at midnight and any other time after “banker’s hours”, eliminating the long lines that one would have to endure earlier in the day. Never mind that since Obama has “taken over”, the real reason that the bank is laying off tellers is because Obama has redistributed everyone’s money for them, making the bank’s existence moot.. Never mind that no one needs a bank when Obama has seen to it that no one is working..


So within Obama’s child-like equation, our “teller” has lost their job due to the appearance of the dreaded “ATM”.. Someone (several people in fact..) needs to manufacture this “machine”. Someone needs to deliver and install this “machine”. Someone (several people in fact..) need to repair and upgrade the “machine” periodically, someone (see above..) needs to make the computer programs that the technician tweaks.. These “upgrades” make the “machine” more efficient and more effective. (Both concepts are completely foreign to everyone within the Obama caliphate..) Utilizing the “Obama thought process”, (Is there such a thing?) we can now say that the “ATM” has CREATED more jobs than Obama has and it has done so WITHOUT bankrupting the United States in the process..


As “mechanized” as the nation has become, Obama still hasn’t been able to figure out how to actually “create” jobs, other than the jobs which have been “saved or created” within his fertile fascist mind.. Planted deep within the parched progressive soil of the liberal terra infirma, simply having a pool of thirty million job seekers will make jobs appear out of thin air.. In order to try to prove this disjointed theory, Obama has obligingly made those thirty million job seekers available and everyone is still waiting for these thirty million McJobs to appear as promised back when the Scamulous was merely percolating behind jaundiced eyes of the Obama administration.


Carrying this further, Obama now believes that machines take jobs. Therefore, less machines SHOULD equal the need for more jobs.. (Can you see the Obama “logic” unraveling at this point?) Using my equation from above, the “need” for more jobs is irrelevant since Obama has already destroyed nearly ten million jobs himself.. Less “machines” combined with the Obama “NO jobs for anyone except those within my liberal government” would effectively make another twenty million or so Americans unemployed to go along with the ten or so million that Obama has already victimized..


All of this comes during the alleged Obama “recovery summer”, remember that bit of fascist fluff? The greasy little harpy who is now the Democratic ChairMAN, Debbie WasserMAN said that the Democrats “own the economy”.. Yes you do and after putting America into receivership, I am glad that one of the harebrained heretics of the left is finally telling the truth in public.. After clumsily stepping onto this landmine, she said that they also “own the beginning of the turnaround..” We have yet to see this “turnaround”, “beginning” or otherwise, so I would suppose that within the creative craniums of the idiot left, there is no statute of limitations on when they can claim their “victory” regardless of its veracity..


Adding to the perpetual confusion of the liberal talking points, we again hear from the Marxist Medusa, Nancy “My income went up 62% last year, how’d you do?” Pelosi.. The flailing of the left has become the sad equivalent of Quixote forever tilting at windmills.. The Progressive Prune yesterday accused the Republicans of “economic inaction after nearly six months in power in the House..” Wow.. I thought that the left “owned” the economy? Which is it today? Do you “own” it or is the “Marxist Malaise” the fault of the “inaction” of someone else? It seems so silly to even ask, doesn’t it..


The alleged “inaction” from the Republicans is NOTHING compared to the “historic” ACTION of the LEFT in the SIX YEARS that they have had complete control of EVERY element of spending and spending and spending and spending. Since 2006, the left has purposefully and intentionally driven the economy into the embankment.. In hindsight, even just a bit more “inaction” on the part of the pathetic progressives over the last SIX YEARS and things might not be as bad as they are today.. Completing the socialist circle of Democratic denial, Pelosi said, “Democrats are focused on creating jobs, strengthening the middle class..” That is as idiotic as Pelosi claiming that Democrats are “focused on hygiene and intellectual honesty..”


The next performer in the three-ring collectivist circus was Jay Carney the media spokesweasel of the administration. Yesterday he claimed that “the president is taking enormously seriously the hardships Americans are enduring..” He should take it “seriously”, he and the collectivist caliphate have “ownership” of every element of America’s suffering.. “It’s patently obvious that the president is focused on the economy..” Maybe if he would be a little LESS “focused” on the economy, it might have a chance to actually “recover” from the Bolshevik body blows that he has administered..


15 responses to “Patently Obvious

  1. I do believe the greatest quote of our era will be Pelosi’s, “We must pass this bill to see what’s in it.” Though the actual sentence itself lacks any common sense or responsibility, so to did any Representatives who followed that dictate and voted to pass it.

    It is only to fitting for liberals to blame machines for their troubles, machines are unable to defend themselves by way of a factual debate much like liberals themselves. However I don’t recall the situation being as serious as Obama would have his fellow socialist believe. We are far from the machines coming into self-realization as I’ve seen in the Arnold Zwarzneger movie “Terminator.” Should the minions think the machines are coming to take their big screen TVs they may vote for an elephant instead of an ass!

  2. jayne farrell

    Beautifully articulated. Thanks.

  3. What is really pathetic, is that so many accept these assinine statements made by the fraud in the WH. Then. Jay Carney, the so-called WH press sec. ,will re-iterate the assinine comments, resulting in even more sad souls accepting the garbage. ( Is Jay Carney a real JOURNALIST , or just a real SHILL for the fraud in the WH ? )

    Carney is becoming a better actor, in that he can spew the garbage, and do it with a straight face.

    With so much crap coming out of the WH , the sanitary sewerage system in DC must be reaching maximum capacity, or breaking point !!

  4. What I have found hard to believe is that people actually think this man CARES about our country and its citizens. He doesn’t. All he cares about is being in control, and taking the nation apart brick by brick, then replacing it with his own brand of government. He is really not as smart as his followers would have us believe, and he is a puppet for someone or something higher up. Just watch and see.

  5. If Obama’s idiotic hypothysis of “blame it on the machines” were actually true I could agree with him on one point. Reduce the number of labor saving machines that which includes Tele-prompters. The ever so important MACHINES, to which Obama owes so much would be gone and we would be the better for it as so would Obama.

    I never set much at an office chair in my career but I’m pretty sure that a shovel ready job and a chair just don’t mix. My hands on experience was with shovel ready jobs and I’ve never seen a chair in sight! It causes me to wonder how the Great Potentate didn’t see this so-called “rise-of-the-machines” when two years ago his “Stiff-u-lus” cost taxpayers Billions of dollars. Ironically, most of that money went to oiling Washington’s machine.

  6. Larry, once again you hit it out of the ball park. Anita, you reminded me of a book I read some years back about the life of Chairman Mao. The similarities between him and Obama are stunning. After reading the book it was not hard to come to the conclusion that Mao was not too smart and really out of touch. An arrogant narcissist with too much power. It is easy to see the parallels.

  7. The socialists are sure good at shoveling stuff but they don’t know a thing about shovel ready jobs.

  8. Way to go, Joe. The Pelouzy quote should be put where it can remind us on a daily basis what the shrew did to stampede the elephants. I certainly blasted my congress critters.

    Not only have businesses learned to do more with less, so have we all. And I wager we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

  9. The hypocrisy of Obama’s statement blows the roof off any of his out-of-touch blatherings before in his two and one half year career as “someone tell me what to do.” While blaming machines as the cause for poor unemployment he steadily pushes for amnesty of 20 million illiegal aleins, 12 million of whom hold American jobs at this moment.

    Then again, hypocrisy, ignorance + broken promises make up the liberal voting mass.

  10. Any member of Congress who votes for a bill “to see what is in it ” should not be in Congress !

  11. A far more intelligent Democrat beat out Obama in blaming machines as the “bump” in employing citizens. But I do believe this great man had it more squarely pegged!

    Thomas Jefferson said, “I think we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living off the industriuos.”

    Although we can look back at Jefferson’s wisdom we have done little if anything to change what he saw. The fault still is ours and will continue to be until “We The People” change it!!!

  12. let’s see, the MAObama adminstration BLOWS $1.5 MILLION stimulus money to teach robots to FOLD CLOTHES, and yet blames his “Scorched Earth” job(less) program on ATMs !!!


  13. Whenever I hear a liberal/Democrat/Progressive whining about ANYTHING, I like to interrupt them and ask, “So, if I’m hearing you right, what you’re saying is, “waahh waaahh waahh sniff waah sniff waaah”..”…


  14. Good one Stitch. Glad to see you back.

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