A new word has slipped into the slimy liberal lexicon of late.. It is important to take note of such phenomenon as the “meanings” of the words utilized by the liberals are as deviously deceptive as the liberals are themselves.. Welcome to the liberal’s newest nattering: “ownership”..


Liberal Howard Berman (L-CA) said that those disagreeing or “rebuking” (In other words, those who insist upon using the Constitution as the basis for governmental activities..) the Obama “fill in the blank” that is taking place in Libya, is not “taking any ownership of the policy of intervention”.. Isn’t it most interesting that another of the liberal/Obama “words” has disappeared in relation to this whole “fill in the blink” thing in Libya: “transparency”.. As well, please note the almost complete silence of the “no war” leftists even though Obama DIDN’T have Congresses approval for what it is that he is trying to do, as opposed to Bush who DID..


In relation to the Obama fantasy of “Recovery Summer”, Howard Dean’s replacement as the progressive psychotic in charge of the asylum, the greasy Debbie WasserMAN said that the Democrats have “ownership” of the economy and just for fun, she said that they have “ownership” of the “recovery” even though there is nothing even remotely resembling a “recovery” in sight..


I have created a new liberal analogy or a “collectivist corollary” relative to this.. “The left’s ‘ownership’ in relation to anything that THEY have permanently destroyed will be inversely related to the time remaining in the election cycle..” As the election draws near, their collectivist crowing over their “ownership” of the “fill in the blank” in Libya, the “economy” and the “recovery” as just a few examples, will be replaced with their bleating over the “acrimonious” activities of the opposition, whether these “activities” existed or not.. “Ownership” may be replaced in the spirit of historical humor (or liberal intellectual laziness) with “the mess that we inherited”..


With the tone of “truth in advertising” ringing in my ears, the liberal’s so called “ownership” since 2006 has put the nation into “receivership”..


12 responses to “Ownership

  1. noleftturnz


    Until readership over at the TOTD site picks up, postings there will be placed here as well.

    Sorry if that seems redundant.

    Thanks as always,


  2. A good thought you have. The libs are slippery as usual. Keep up TOTD, very pithy.

  3. Hi, Larry. Just wanted to wish you a HAPPY FATHER’s Day from one of your family. Hope you enjoy friends and family around you.

  4. It certainly will be interesting just how much “ownership” the liberals will be willing to admit to on judgment day. God certainly won’t accept their excuses that it was all because of “the mess that we inherited”.. , and the “slimy liberal lexicon” isn’t likely to help them a bit.

  5. Ownership, an interesting word. It denotes responsibility and self-assurance in the real world. In the political world of liberal laxatives of the mouth it is nothing more than spin.

  6. MAObama the Warmonger…. who would’a thought??

    There are a few other words that come to mind when talking about “liberals”…

    just to name a few,…


  7. Hey Stitch ,

    Good to hear from you – hope all is well.

    Mooshelle is taking the kids and other family members along with an entourage for a vacation in Africa. She is doing her part, along with the fraud in the WH, to waste our tax dollars by excessive travel and abuse of Air Force One.

    Isn’t this a wonderfull country, where there is so much “free money” to waste, waste, and waste some more ? ! ?

  8. I hope mooshell stays in Africa, she would fit right in in her own environment. We don’t need another moocher here.

  9. Hey JJ… doing ok… Been a busy year with night classes and all…
    After 31 years, Ize only gots tree mo to go…

    MOOOShell – the name fits…
    Ever seen her stomp across a stage???


  10. Ownership…. sounds like an oxymoron to me….. but tha'”s the way they change the meaning isn’t it?

  11. T,

    They are using more “code” words now, than ever before, – since they realize that there are so many stupid people out there who really won’t understand what is going on. Sadly, the scam is working !! In addition, how many poor folks fell for the absurd comment from the’ geniass ‘ in the WH, when he said that the high unemployment is due to “machines” taking the jobs ? Of course, his teleprompter is not a “machine” !!!


    I’m all for it – I “hope” that there will be a “change” in the White House before 2012 .
    No, I don’t expect it to happen, unlike the fools who did expect it by voting for the fraud in the WH. Those fools believed that ” hope” was a strategy. Sadly, many of those same fools will fall for the lies and deception once again, come election time !!

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