The Big Lie And Lie And Lie..


What a surprise.. The Obama Shampaign for 2012, named, “Change? Checks, Folding Money, Money Orders.. I want everything of yours!” has started to unfurl its socialist sails towards the liberal trade winds. Whenever an election looms, the liberals do what they do best. They begin the “Crass Separation” gambit. This was disgustingly on display yesterday as Obama decided to blame the Republicans for HIS mess, or rather he blamed the Republicans for not simply going along with him as the liberal siphons did back in 2009..


Six times yesterday, Obama referred to “corporate jet owners”.. The inference is clear, however the mathematics behind the Obama outrage is about as clear as the printing on his “birth certificate”, wherever this parchment may happen to be at this time.. The left’s reliance on sophomoric symbolism means that they are playing to their audience through the “impartial” media which has habitually swallowed such progressive puerile piffle since the left began enslaving their voting base with their bases’ wholehearted endorsement..


Here are just a few facts surrounding the Marxist mythology of the left and its progressive paladin.. Whenever votes are at stake, the liberals ALWAYS forget about the things that they said AFTER the last election cycle. For example, Obama called himself, “a unifier, not a divider..” How is it possible to begin the reflexive “class warfare” of “millionaires and billionaires” versus “the less well off” while claiming with a straight face to be a “unifier, not a divider”?


The bottom line is that the left has NEVER wanted to “unify” ANYTHING. All of the Marxist myrmidons make their cash through “separating” everyone in the nation and then they work feverishly to keep everyone separated.. Examples A and B: $harpton and Jack$on.. Once you are placed within your collectivist cubby-holes, the left can then go about “separating” you from your cash so that they can “redistribute” it to those that need to be rewarded for their votes.. This is just another of the liberal “big lie and lie and lie” that so few seem to ever call them on..


Even within this alleged “millionaires and billionaires” gibberish, Obama, within the “fine print” of his own proposal, calls for the targeting of those couples making more than $250,000 and individuals making more than $200,000.. I know that this “administration” has had their troubles with math especially when it concerns THEIR tax returns, but $200,000 is MUCH LESS that even a million, let alone a billion.. Rest un-assured that if the left is this flaccid on the whole “$200,000” business and they are not called to task for it, they will certainly fall into the same mode that Clinton fell into when he wanted to “tax the rich”.. Those “rich” ended up earning a whopping $40,000 under the “two for the price of one” administration..


Obama couldn’t stop mentioning “corporate jet owners” as a frightening visage that in the end, are the people who donate scads of money to the Brown Bolshevik himself.. Ladies and gentleman, I am going to admit that I am a “corporate jet owner” and I have no shame about it.


As a taxpayer, I am a part owner of “Air Force One” the “corporate jet” that Obama flies around in when he is out golfing, vacationing or telling tall tales to those who easily soil themselves.. This “corporate jet” will NEVER allow me to board, yet his wife can fly off to places unknown on the taxpayers dime and we are all supposed to “understand”.. It’s hard to take the liberals seriously when they practice anything but what they preach..


Obama puled on and on, “Before we ask our seniors to pay more for health care, before we cut our children’s education, before we sacrifice our commitment to research and innovation, I think it’s only fair to ask an oil company or a corporate jet owner that has done so well to give up that tax break that no other business enjoys..” It’s just so painful.. Here goes..


The real REASON that EVERYONE, not just seniors, are “paying more for health care” is the Obama “Health Scare Scam”. I say we not only “cut” the PUBLIC SCHOOL “education” that Obama is referring to, we should immediately implement a voucher system that will allow the Obama/liberal “victims”, the lowest class, to escape this leftists/union dominated death sentence.. This “commitment to research and innovation” within the disjointed liberal lexicon is relative to such moonshine as “alternative fuels”, silly solar panels, fields full of useless windmills and the like.. If Obama is so keen on asking “oil companies” to give up tax breaks, why won’t the Obama government “give up” the exorbitant taxes that they apply and collect from every gallon of gasoline sold in America? Any time that a liberal wants to know if it would be “fair”, you know that the result will be anything but..


What Obama actually realizes is that in his need to acquire votes based upon envy, those that he allegedly seeks to “tax” employ a vast number of very smart fellows whose job it is to GET AROUND ALL of the alleged Obama/liberal barriers. Therefore, ANY and ALL “tax the rich” scams set forth by the left are nothing more than “tax the MIDDLE CLASS” as we don’t have the financial assets to employ these “smart fellows” and this explains the ever vacillating “bracket creep” of the “tax the rich” scam employed by the Bolshevik bracket creep himself..


Even Obama’s goofy “corporate jet loophole” involves only changing the amount of time that the jet can be depreciated. This might win Obama some votes from those who look to the liberal government for their sustenance from their knees, but in the end, it will not make even a small dent in the mountains of “historic” debt that Obama and the liberals have spent and spent and spent their way to..


Obama even took time to discuss in a cursory manner, his “Libya Adventure”, or whatever he is calling this “action” today.. “Gaddafi, who prior to Bin Laden, was responsible for more American deaths than just about anybody on the planet, was threatening to massacre his own people..” First, NO approval from Congress. Second, the Secretary of Statists, Pantsuit Patty, visited one of Gadaffi’s sons (Mutassim Gaddafi) in 2009 and said, “I’m very much looking forward to building on this relationship”.. ( I voted for the war before I voted against it..) By the way, we still hear virtually nothing but crickets from the ridiculous reactionaries of the left in relation to this “war”.. Place this calculated virtual silence against the hilarious histrionics of “Psychotic Cindy” Sheehan and the rest.. (I will say that Lyndon Johnson is responsible for more deaths than Gaddaffi with his “Great Society” of siphons and leeches that has blighted the nation’s inner cities..)


The liberal nonsense almost reaches the breaking point when they start tossing in Social Security. Even as a “shutdown” looms somewhere over the horizon of heresy, even when the left, as another simpleton scare tactic, brings it up in the hopes of seeing everyone shiver, Social Security has permanent appropriation and would be unaffected by any “shutdown”.. Besides, Social Security holds $2.7 TRILLION in Treasury securities, the only way that it would likely bust would be if Obama bankrupts the entire nation which seems to be his goal.. This is just another Bolshevik bombast that has no basis in fact which like “soap” and “work”, are four letter words within the venal vocabulary of the left..


Every once and awhile, the truth manages to escape the liberal lips in a manner that hadn’t appeared to the collectivist clown.. “What I’ve done-and this is unprecedented by the way, no administration has done this before..” TRUE! Permanent double digit unemployment, spending at and alarming and economy-busting rate, the permanent destruction of at least ten million jobs and a socialist series of illegal “takeovers”.. Obama continued, “Don’t just look at current regulations or don’t just look at future regulations, regulations that we are proposing. Let’s go backwards..” Mission Accomplished..


21 responses to “The Big Lie And Lie And Lie..

  1. You’d think that the left would look at the damage this Prez has done, and he’s not done yet btw, and come to the stark conclusion that socialism doesn’t work. Even Pat Caddel sort of admitted on Fox News today that unless things change the Dem’s will take another beating this coming election. They’re not going to change!!!

  2. It would be a nice thought, except libs don’t learn anything from their mistakes. If anything they express their collective rage at how we’re too stupid to see how brilliant they are and continue to ram their collectivist crap down our throats. Class warfare is all Obama knows and all he will preach. Of course, what he fails to understand is that, as they have in New York, the rich will leave for greener pastures if pressed. If we soak the rich, they will leave, taking their money with them.

    If anything, I think it will take riots in the streets, ala Greece for the people in this country to finally smarten up about the sort of no-talent ass-clowns they so stupidly placed in charge. Once this occurs the regular man will be able to watch in horror as the Entitlement Generation blindly attacks the fabrc of our society because their handouts were threatened. We’ve seen it in Wisconsin, and in Ohio, and trust me this is only the beginning. The Scary Times are coming.

  3. Hey Larry, excellent as usual….BHO just used his “corporate jet” recently to waste more taxpayer money, to attend political “fundraisers” in NYC. So for the umpteenth time he shuts down NYC airspace (the busiest in the US), snarls traffic repeatedly, uses the heliport in Manhattan, requires 1000’s of man hours of police activity for security,street closings, crowd control etc., for his own personal political ends. Does this guy ever look into a mirror? I doubt it. Maybe he should talk to his “corporate jet owner” friend Oprah and get her to pony up some of this cash. But while Oprah goes around talking about CEO greed, she’s busy trying to figure out ways to hide her billions from paying taxes. Of course for her that’s OK. These liberals are the worst hypocrites ever. That most Americans just passively accept it is what’s most disturbing….

  4. The Dems are not stupid they know that their policies do not work, and they know exactly what they are doing to this country. And they do not care there goal is simply to stay in power no more / no less and they will tell any lie needed to acheive this. It is only because of alternative outles for differing views (No Left Turnz) that the people are starting to finally wake up. My Mom has voted Democract her entire life. But when you talk to her issue by issue she always takes the Conserative view, but once in the booth it’s always straight “D’s”. Because she still beleives that Republicans are trying to kill the whales, and make the air dirty, etc… Why do the Jews still vote for the Dems, and especially this one who is obviously anti-Semitic. The real fight is for the youth my Moms generation is hopeless. We need to win the hearts and minds of todays teen’s. I know we all “hate” the Libs’s but give them credit for one thing they come out swinging and they attack non stop. The RNC and the leaders in Congress with an “R” by their name, not so much.

  5. noleftturnz


    You forgot, “Signed Mark Halpern..” Then you forgot to apologize to all three of MSNBC’s “viewers” as well.. Don’t for get that he fell over himself too many times saying how sorry he was to Obama..

    The First Amendment ALSO applies to those who disagree with the left and its progressive potentates..

    How soon they forget the soft touch the left had for W..

    Thanks as always,


  6. noleftturnz


    As far as the liberals go, they are either intentionally dangerous or they are genuinely idiotic. Neither option is the least bit palatable.. They either KNOW that what they are doing is destructive or they DON’T KNOW that what they are doing is destructive and they refuse to look objectively at the overwhelming proof.. Six to five and pick ’em..

    The “old” image of the staid Republicans combined with the fantasy of the old JFK DEmocrats are images that die hard within certain voters. Things have “changed” yet these rock-ribbed voters close their eyes to the realities around them.

    The complete illusion of the liberals being for the “little guy” is probably the most enduring. It is based within the LEAST amount of truth but it still continues nontheless..

    It is far more easy to believe a lie than to try to look for the truth..

    Thanks as always,


  7. tsnamm – Of course he looks in the mirror. You can tell by the lip imprints on the mirror! Great article, Larry!

  8. @ TSNAMM,
    Make that 43 fundraisers since Jan. 1st of this year. And when he’s not in his private jet he’s playing golf… 72 rounds at last count. And let’s not forget his many vacations getting away from the stress of it all.

  9. beyond disgusted

    Everything Obama has done is intentional. This is the sorriest excuse for a President I’ve ever seen, and it is stunning to me that he could actually be re-elected. Are we a nation of dopes? Sadly, way too many people are.

  10. Please make this vid go viral as this is the best I’ve ever seen…goes ‘beyond disgusted’ and u’ll luv it peeps!!!

  11. renoman,
    Great video!

  12. The fraud in the Wh also went to Phila. to do two fund raisers, one at the home of a wealthy CEO, ironically one of those rich corporate jet types from whom he wants to steal more of their earnings. Where is his protocol czar?

    This regime treats us like mushrooms, by keeping us in the dark, and feeding us manure !

  13. beyond disgusted


    I’ve sent it on – superb video!

  14. You guys are awesome….forwarding that video…thanks so much!!! No idea who our guy will be yet, lot’s getting in the race, but we just need to make the right choice and beat this loser!!! Remember guys when I forget who wanted to collect more taxes on boat and yacht owners and it nearly devastated that business and now ‘the one’ wants to do the same to the private jet business. Unbelievable!!!

  15. Of course we shouldn’t be surprised…this is the President who tried to blame unemployment on “ATM’s” and automation. The Wall Street Journal refuted his nonsense with a great article showing how automation actually increases productivity. and creates higher paying jobs. However his ignorance of economics is stunning. We have to presume that if Obama knew how to revive the economy, he would, and he seems genuinely stumped as to why his stimulus is not working. But it should come as no shock considering he was raised at the knee of communists, and went to academia,where capitalism,business and moneymaking are considered filthy, dirty practices by the tenured academic socialists. Frankly his belief in all the old fashioned Democratic liberal ideals is what got him nominated by the Democrats; the idea big government programs and spending can fix all the problems, and that the reason it hasn’t is because we haven’t had enough of it. Ironically the Socialist utopias that idealists like Obama worship (i.e. Scandinavia, and EU Europe in general), are actually moving away from this idea, as it is economically unsustainable (e.g. Greece), while BHO pushes more of the failed ideology on the US. The end result will be decades of stagflation and civil unrest, if “real” change isn’t brought forth quickly.

  16. Old vodka Joe got in the act too. He took “our”corporate jet to, wait for this, Las Vegas!. The audacity! Just to speechify to a union and run down republicans. Can’twe petition congress to make a rule that sitting dictators, er, presidents,vice or others have to pay for the use of the people’s jets for shampaigning?

  17. Thanks again, Larry. Great Stuff!!

    I, too, think that the use of “our corporate jet” should be a “Nyeit” for any personal fund-raising/election stuff… is ANYBODY OUT THERE in voter-land watching any of this outrageous cr-p going on while the majority of the populace is tightening their belts under the present conditions??

  18. You’all probably have visited this site, but if not:

    Stay well!

  19. Speaking of corporate jets, wasn’t the tax break on them written by Pelosi, Reid and BHO ? Doesn’t her husband have a personal jet?!? How convenient, yet typical for that group.

    Apparently they want us to believe that the GOP is responsible for the tax break, and it must be eliminated . Eventually, liars do get caught .

  20. noleftturnz


    Thank you for being “example A” on why I want everyone to comment.. Every comment is important.

    You have reminded me of a point that would have been devistating within my article..

    PELOSI herself demanded a 727 for her personal use when she was the Speaker of the Louse.

    Hypocritical? Nahhhhhhhhh..

    Thanks as always,


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