Rocket Science


(This article is dedicated to Colonel Woody Spring, Army Colonel, NASA astronaut and decorated war hero whom I had the pleasure of meeting earlier this year..)


The good news is that Atlantis came down safely this morning. The very bad news is that has now brought to a close the space shuttle program after thirty wonderful and productive years. The Kennedy “space” legacy has ended where so many of America’s conquests and accomplishments have ended, in the very capably destructive hands of Obama. The irony of all that surrounds this dark moment needs to be discussed at some length..


The shuttle program is the unfortunate end to the Kennedy space program. Kennedy, along with Daniel Patrick Moynihan, might have been the LAST of the liberals who actually believed in America’s greatness. Yet another “historic” benchmark for this rudderless administration.. Kennedy’s words about the frontier of “space” demanded excellence and achievement and the nation rallied around the whole concept. Every young boy wanted to be an astronaut. Under Obama and the liberals, these heroes will be relegated to the history books.. Unfortunately, liberals will be the ones writing these history books so the information encased within the pages will be anything but truthful..


How interesting it is to note that literally any time that Obama has been squealing before an assemblage of public school simpletons, he has been praising the laudable ideas of both “science” and “education”. On the surface, these are certainly both goals that the American educational system should be firmly focused upon. However glancing just beneath the surface as you should whenever you deal with the left, one finds a picture that due to liberal meddling into the American educational system has become dystrophic and dysfunctional..


For example, on April 27th, 2009, “Obama redoubles push to improve science education”. (ScienceNews dot org) On November 29, 2009, Obama kicked off his “Educate to Innovate” program which allegedly “highlights science education”.. (Boston dot com) And in what has to be my favorite of the hundreds of Obama nonsense “talks” about “science”, “Obama calls for historic commitment to science” (LiveScience dot com).. One has to wonder, with all of this emphasis upon “science” and Obama’s alleged desire to “save jobs”, why with his shameful inaction has he allowed thousands of “science” jobs to just disappear? Should the nation believe Obama’s words or his actions? It seems silly to ask, doesn’t it?


It is important to note that the “science” that Obama and the liberals are always squawking about is NOT the genuine “science” that has come from such honorable places NASA and the like, it is the politically driven drivel (and with the liberals, the personally ECONOMIC driven) “science” of “globaloney warming” or any of their so-called “green jobs initiatives” that produce about as many actual “jobs” as they do “scientific breakthroughs”.. (NONE..) The liberals enthusiastic embrace of the idiocy of “globaloney warming” is about as senseless as an astronomer being pushed aside so that the “science” of astrology can be endorsed..


Who is the “scientist” who has been at the forefront of the “globaloney warming”/climate change/whatever we want to call it today nonsense? Liberal ballonatic Al Gore.. That fact should actually end any further logical discussion of the matter.. To boot, the “scientists” that have been marinated in this Marxist moonshine have been repeatedly called out for their collective collusion over the FACT that they have altered, eliminated and ignored data that completely DISPROVED the “science” that they were forwarding. Still the left grovels before these frauds and charlatans and the American taxpayer bankrolls their pronouncements and their “experiments” which have much more to do with “political correctness” (and the personal investments of the liberal politicians themselves..) as opposed to actual “science”.. Yet the true scientists from NASA will have to become greeters at WalMart while the globaloney warming liars continue to be paid and treated like celebrities within the collectivist circles..


Obama constantly talks of the need for “science” to be taught in the public schools.. This is certainly an obvious need, one that actually doesn’t need to be stated publicly, but due to the generations of handiwork performed by the left and their minions of the NEA, the public schools are just another liberal cesspool where the ideas of actual “science” have been jettisoned on behalf of “fairness”.. These are the same liberal dominated and decimated public schools that believe that two plus two equals whatever the tyke wants because to “correct” their lack of mathematical exactitude would somehow lacerate their delicate sensibilities rendering them virtually unemployable..


The genuine “science” that has put men into space (and simultaneously brought them back home..) needs to be just a bit more “precise” than the liberal public school “education” of two plus two equals seven and this type of precision hasn’t been taught in America’s public schools for quite some time..


Actually, the ENTIRE liberal dominated “public school experience” renders them unemployable and that is EXACTLY what the liberals have wanted to accomplish. A truly educated person WILL ACHIEVE, which then renders the liberal government, which is based upon DESTROYING the desire of the individual to achieve, useless.. Those who “achieve” have no use for the liberal “handout mentality” and those who “achieve” MUST then be burdened by the liberal penalties known as taxes. These “burdens” are then magically transformed into “benefits” which are then redistributed to those who have allowed themselves to be placed into the liberal abattoir of the lowest class, forever known as the “liberal voting base”..


The same imbecile that gives you the fiction of “jobs saved or created” has now eliminated the need for thousands of highly skilled, actual “scientists”. Obama has again increased his already “historic” permanent ten-percent unemployment and ended yet another era of American dominance. This is the same fellow who constantly talks of “creating jobs” and he has effectively eliminated this area of ACTUAL science as well.. Give Obama credit, he is certainly gifted when it comes to “multi tasking destruction”.. Soon Obama will expect these “scientists” to sing along with the liberal’s fields full of propellers or their roofs full of solar panels kind of pseudo “science” gibberish..


We have all heard the term, “this isn’t rocket science..” This term is usually used when sarcastically speaking of a very simple task PRECISELY because the idea of “rocket science” IS such a difficult task. This is even before we get around to mentioning the heroes who have risked their lives by climbing into these mechanical marvels in order to explore outer space. The idea of ending manned space exploration is certainly an “idea” that “isn’t rocket science” but that is precisely why those as short sighted as Obama and the rest of the Marxist members of the progressive pantheon all think that it is a great idea..


12 responses to “Rocket Science

  1. Great post, Larry. Dear Leader and his horde of orcs will not be happy until this nation is a fourth-rate power, and they doubtless won’t be happy then.

  2. beyond disgusted

    Slam dunk Larry! Obamanomics at work, destroying every fiber of American greatness as fast as he possibly can. It is indeed a sad day to witness the end of our space shuttle program.

  3. Was the fraud in the WH solely responsible for the end of the space program ? I thought the plan was on the books for several years. Also, who technically “owns ” the space station ? And, what will the Rusians do to it when we are not there ? Just a thought.

  4. What is not rocket science is obummer steering us straight to communism, socialist and dependency. The longer we wait to “bite the bullet”, the more poisonous it will be. We don’t need a plan for ten years down the road, we need it today. I’m getting very bad feelings regarding the debt limit talks. I don’t think the Reps have the balls to stand firm.

  5. Actually George Bush Jr. proposed the end of the shuttle programme several years ago, however, it was always with the understanding that there would be something in the wings to fill the gap the shuttles’ absence would create. As it stands, we have no man-rated vehicles to get our own people up to the space station we built. Sadder still to contemplate how 42 years ago this week, Mankind reached the pinnacle of his inspiration, and we put a man on the moon. Its no wonder there are so many whom believe today it was all a hoax, as it stands we can no longer put a man in orbit, let alone get one to the moon now.

    As a nation and as a people we have lost our collective will to do anything exceptional, and have sunk to the depths of mediocrity and inferiority. Our astronauts had better learn Russian, as they have been reduced to hitchhiking to work. The teams of women and men whom made it all possible are being dispersed, and that talent pool will never come back. The time is fast coming when America’s ambition will barely stretch beyond their next meal, as its people are reduced to being useless idleminded sheep.

  6. JJ,

    What is confusing has to be the public pronouncements of Obama, dozens upon dozens of them, allegedly supporting “science” and the idea of creating or saving jobs..

    Why wasn’t any of the Scamulous used to further the efforts of NASA?

    Obama saw the program END during his watch when he spent so much time bawling for “science” and “jobs”.

    NO ONE has WASTED so many middle class tax dollars, that have gone who knows where, which have done NOTHING to solve the problems created and exacerbated by the liberals.

    Funding NASA would have saved jobs and furthered science.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.


  7. “Abort launch” Obama is further pursueing his ideals of reducing America’s stature in the world. Losing our space station technology while the Russians and soon in the not to distant future, China, will comparably have America as Galileo sitting on the ground with a telescope.

  8. Could the Russians now turn the space station into a spy station ? Just imagine how many countries they can cover !

  9. Wow, JJ….. I wonder if O-dumbo even considered that? Do you think it was a part of the negotiations over that nuclear treaty a few months ago? Just a thought… and why is it we are asking these questions, and obviously they are not.

    Larry, great article as always, and a wonderful tribute to the last execptional American program that we have allowed to go by the wayside.

  10. T,

    The fraud in the WH is not capable of negotiating , ie. the debt ceiling nonsense. Liars have difficulty doing many things properly !!

  11. Continuous oxymoron – ” President Obama “

  12. Continuous self-contradiction – ” President Obama “

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