Eyes Wide Shut


As the “debate” towards the raising of the Obama debt ceiling laughingly “rages” on, the “behind the scenes” numbers are beginning to reveal the unfortunate reality that those on the right will bend.. As always, this ISN’T about what Obama and the liberals say that it is.. Those who look to the liberals for sustenance, those with eyes wide shut are in the bag. The “independents” had better keep their eyes open, this “fight” is for your “affections” from Obama’s perverted point of view..


On the face of things, this entire scenario HAS to be a lose/lose situation for Obama. Two years of unencumbered access to the kitty, six years of liberal majorities in both Houses and his “historic” record since January of 2009 SHOULD spell an easy victory for both America and capitalism in November of 2012. Period, end of story. But the “polls” are telling a different tale and the “polls” drive the votes of politicians, not the will of their constituents.


Both sides are finding their farthest “extremes” wailing for their heroes to resume their particular provenance’s. Bolshevik Bernie Sanders says that “it would be a good idea if Obama faced some primary opposition..” Whatever.. What dopey Bernie doesn’t understand is the debt ceiling IS NOT what is at stake. Boehner has the Tea Party nipping at his heels and the idea of a “firm” stand on this gets wobblier by the day due to the information gleaned from these “polls” and the fact that the “impartial media” are headlining these “polls” at the top and bottom of every news hour..


The “polls” say that even two and a half years after George Bush left office, the REPUBLICANS, those who have only managed to regain the just the House a short time ago, even AFTER the Obama progressive Pandora’s Box has been flung open since January of 2009, the REPUBLICANS find themselves “responsible” for the OBAMA/DEMOCRATIC “mess” to the tune of “65%”.. Obama, THE person MOST responsible, clocks in with only 52% of the responsibility.. ALL that Obama cares about is HIS reelection. With the wild-eyed liberals howling at the moon, Obama does nothing and “appears” to be a centrist JUST in time for the election.


The “memory loss” of these persons polled is in need of some type of psychiatric therapy.. Hundreds of billions of tax dollars completely wasted with the Scamulous. Bolshevik bailouts by the bushel basket full. The Health Scare Scam. Takeovers of formerly capitalist enterprises, debt and deficits that can only be described as “historic” and a permanent ten per cent unemployment rate.. All of that said, according to the “polls”, the fault belongs to W. who hasn’t been in office in nearly 30 months and even when he was, the LIBERAL House and Senate were responsible for the spending that took place..


The “polls” relative to Obama are seemingly irrelevant. The Washington Post said that, “confidence in his ability to create jobs is sharply eroding among his base..” Hold on, his “base” doesn’t care in the least about jobs, they’ve been voluntarily unemployed for nearly fifty years as a “group”. They have been getting “paid” by the liberal government for the last five decades BECAUSE they don’t work..


Again, the reality surrounding this “debate” brings us back to OBAMA as the collectivist culprit. “The dissatisfaction is fueled by the fact that many Americans continue to see little relief from the pain of a recession that technically ended two years ago..” “Technically”? Wait.. Didn’t something “historic” take place at about that time? HOW can those “polled” believe that OBAMA isn’t the primary progressive poisoner?


Again, according to the Washington Post, “Still, Obama receives higher marks from crucial independents than Republicans when it comes to jobs..” AGAIN, as these “polls” make their way to Boehner’s office, the idea of taking an ideological stand AGAINST all of the taxes, revenues or whatever penalties the liberals want to inflict while “raising the debt ceiling”, becomes dimmer by the minute. It is specifically because of the fact that these “independents” ARE “dimmer” than the rest of us and because the “polls” have spoken, well, strange things may happen..


As well, according to Fox News, “Reid Calls GOP Debt Bill ‘Dead On Arrival’”.. How appropriate that the socialist skeleton Harry Reid who is the walking dead himself, would use this descriptor.. Obama and Reid are calling for “compromises” which in no other way, shape or form is known as TAXES.


The “administration” later issued a “statement of administration policy” “saying the president’s advisers would recommend that he veto this bill..” There you have it, it won’t be OBAMA vetoing the bill, it will be his “advisers”.. Even idiot Jay Carney got into the act saying that Reid’s bill (Bolshevik bacon, progressive pork..) “it gives folks a fair shake”.. You will note that when the liberals give you a “fair shake”, you are held upside-down by your ankles and they are beneath you collecting and sequestering everything that falls out of your pockets.. He ended with, “compromise is the only option..” In other words, see it Obama’a way, we’ve read the polls..


We are talking about the blind leading the blind and the “polls” show the Republicans at fault.. Ben Bernanke said that he was “clueless” on what they laughingly called the economies “soft patch”.. An Obama “soft patch” is otherwise known as “quicksand..” These are the same group proudly led by Turbo Timmy Geithner who said, “we write 80 million checks a month..” (Real Clear Politics) yet according to the “polls”, Obama is clean and this is the Republicans fault..


For those “independents” so obviously confused by the workings of a liberal caliphate, please put this into perspective.. Ask yourself this question, “why did it take Obama so long before he began ‘focusing’ on the economy”?


Obama had a working majority in BOTH Houses. For a while, he even had a supermajority. The economy didn’t matter because at that moment, it was time to institute the liberal/socialist playbook because the collectivist clock was ticking.. The “priorities” of runaway socialism, uber-fascism, the opportunity to inflict devious destructive liberalism unimpeded took precedence over everything else. Remember their sense of “urgency”, so much so that they never even read the Obama bills that were paraded before them? Remember Nancy “the Progressive Prune” Pelosi saying that they had the pass a bill before they could know what was in it?? What could have possibly gone wrong with that program? Absolutely everything..


The midterm election shut this “window of senseless spending opportunity” upon the fascist fingers of the administration but the damage had already been done. Soon thereafter the wrangling over the OBAMA debt, the OBAMA deficits and the OBAMA depression became the rage so that the Republican House could be childishly made the “stumbling block”.. The same Republican House that wasn’t even seated when all of this sophomoric socialism was ham-fistedly applied to the economy.. If Obama hadn’t wasted trillions, would we even have a debt-ceiling problem now?


In these faux “ceiling” negotiations, I say “childish” because only the children of the left would believe such socialist sophistry. These intellectual infants are so short sighted that they have conveniently forgotten the heretic halcyon days of locking the Republicans out of meetings and the Marxist megalomania of “I won”..


So the “polls” are talking and that does not bode well for the loyal opposition which means that it does not bode well for the middle class tax payers of this once great nation..


22 responses to “Eyes Wide Shut

  1. Alex Jones is correct, neither right nor left are pertinent labels, neither are to be trusted. The global banker elite, with their buddies in various orgs like Illuminati, Freemasons, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, Lucis Trust, etc consider themselves as elite and above us serfs, and they have bought many useful idiots to act as a fifth column to subvert the West including the US so as to increase their hegemony, wealth, power, and control til the whole world is their oyster so to speak. They are following the precepts outlined by both Mayer Rothschild in 1791, and his son Nate, in 1812 or so: “give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who is on the throne or elected to head the country”

  2. A most excellent, factual and thought provoking article. All the way through I kept a steady YES going. It is almost depressing reading it laid out with all the facts. I am not going quietly into that night. I am an American – Hear Me Roar!

    God bless America and those who protect her and continue the good fight for right.

  3. A very good analysis of the situation our country faces. Thank you, Larry for you thoughts on paper.

  4. This whole ‘debt ceiling’ nonsense is a total sham.
    The August 2nd deadline is a number pulled out of the air by Turbo Tax Timmy ( real deadkine is in Sept. ), so that the regime can celebrate at the b’day bash in Chicago on Aug. 3rd for the fraud in the WH.
    The bond rating agencies want a spending cut of 4 trillion dollars, but no plan has more than 3 trillion in spending cuts.
    The proposed cuts are on a ‘base line ‘ basis, which is constantly rising, therefore the cuts are not large enough to be meaningful.

    This is all about creating a ‘crisis’ , in order to spend (waste) more of our hard- earned tax dollars.

  5. Possible oxymoron – ” Treasury Secretary Guinthner “

  6. I rarely forced myself yet after the other night’s speech by the Boy King economist I will no longer. I will instead rely on my local newspaper that as of now reports the news as it is with no partialiaty.

    In the effort to kick his putrid brown can of debt up the road Obama both criticized Republican members of Congress and quoted Ronald Reagan. I see it as not so much the amount the socialist tyrant wanna be wants but the length in time he wants to kick his smelly can down the road. Kicking it past 2012 election year would make him look pretty in his mirror and in the eyes of his admiring morons.

  7. Joe,
    Your non-partial newspaper – hope it lasts a long time !
    The narcissist in the WH has more mirrors than the funhouse at the amusement park, and they are probably the type that make him appear to look better than he is. Wonder how many Psychiatrists would like to have him on their couch – imagine how many disorders they’ll identify !

  8. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Americans under 40 have had it good for so long that none of them have seen hard times. Now with govt bennies being handed out left and right and with unemployment extended out to 2 years, the time they have before things really start to hurt has been delayed. Atlas is starting to shrug, ie Ronnie Bryant in Alabama. Now when the unemployment bennies run out for good and there really aren’t any jobs (or job creators) left, we’ll see how the citizenry handles the new reality.

  9. Reality is what the Liberal professor says it is. They have been taught for 12 years “DO NOT THINK”, we will tell you what you need to know. Obummer has now screwed the military. Read military blogs on how retirement will change with the government keeping their money safe just like the SS funds we all paid in for years. The Aug 2 deadline is just an attempt to create a crisis to be exploited. Think “fast and Furious” as the failed attempt to start the process of taking our guns away.

  10. The two statements made by Obama on the failure to meet Social Security, veterns and other monthly checks for this coming month are as baseless as his presidential campaign promises. This “leader” is using nothing more than scare tactics upon the American people to push his agenda of more spending.

    Social Security is a self-reliant trust fund having no direct influence on the federal budget save for interest earned owed to it by the government which is minimal. The trustees of Social Security withdraw bonds in order to cash them into the Treasury thereby the checks are issued.

    I’ve heard that the actual “close down” date is August 10th, not the 3rd and I was almost beginning to relish the thought of the mindless minions of Obama’s followers going into hysterics the checks would not be there. Yet, they appeared, how can this be? ‘His greatness would never LIE to us, it must be a miracle from the Oracle O.’

  11. Larry: Excellent analysis of the problems we face. He who thinks he is king is certainly moving along with the fascist plan to destroy this country. When the liberal leeches who are helping to suck our country dry find their ox getting gored, all hell will break loose, according to the fascist grand plan. ‘It does not bode well for the middle class tax payers of this once great nation” because whatever the liberals don’t shake out of our pockets will become fair game for the leeches with their overblown sense of entitlement.

    My parents and grandparents lived through the depression and I grew up with a good understanding of how bad things were and what it took for them to survive. The new depression that is coming will make the old one look like a walk in the park. Americans were more self-reliant in the past and took care of themselves. Anyone who depends on the government to save them is in for a very unpleasant surprise.

    Richard: I’m with you. I’m not going down without a fight either.

  12. “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America debt limit is a sign of failed leadership. It is a sign the U.S. Government cannot pay its own bills. It’s a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial asstistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices on to the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.” ~~ Barack Obama ~~ March 2006

    Funny how insincerity will come around to bite you in the ass, eh BO?

  13. Joe,
    Would love to see that quote in every newspaper in the USA . It is not going to happen, but, I would l love to see the excuses from the LSM, if it were published. Can you imagine what Mr. Clare Shipman would offer to excuse his ‘boss’ ??

  14. JJ,

    Newspapers? A few, possibly. MSocialistM? Never! To heck with “Goodshipman” Lollipop, I’d love to see the boy king confronted with it himself. Can you imagine the number of ‘uhs, ers, I mean, I inherited and let me make this perfectly clears’ in one answer? I’m giving odds 60-1 there’d be more than the 57 States!! Any takers?

  15. Dear Family,

    PLEASE lets get the “reads” up over at the TOTD site..

    Help me to help America during these crucial times. If I could do it alone, I would..

    Tell the world, if not send them here and I will.


    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Obama: One and Done.

    Thanks as always,


  16. Joe,
    What the fraud in the WH “says” is one thing – what is really important is watching what he ” does “.
    In the end, ‘liars’ are usually ‘losers’ , and this fraud is a “bigtime” loser !

  17. “With respect to future debt; would it not be wise for that nation to declare in that constitution they are forming that neither the legislature, nor the nation itself can validly contract more debt, than they pay within their own age.”
    ~~ Thomas Jefferson ~~

    More than two hundred years ahead of these bright boys in Washington today with a “balanced budget amendment.”

  18. noleftturnz

    Come on gang, stick with me..

    Things might be picking up, put your running shoes on.

    Another fresh TOTD:


    Thanks as always,

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Obama: One and DONE


  19. Larry,
    As you know, you have many loyal readers, and a good number of visititors. And since you do a very good job on covering certain topics, many of us feel that we don’t have much more to add. From a personal perspective, and to display my lack of intelligence, I’ll post something just to let everyone know that I’m still ‘kicking’. AS an example, consider the following :

    Inappropriate oxymoron – ” Intelligent JJ “

  20. JJ,

    Please allow me to prove your last comment wrong..


    There is your proof.

    It’s up on BOTH sites..

    Thanks as always,


  21. Larry,
    I understand your response. I suppose I should have said that ” I felt that I didn’t have much more to add at the time”, instead of saying ” we”.
    Agreed, the Silent Majority cannot be silent any longer – the stakes are too high.
    Glad to have sparked a good article ! Hope it bears fruit.

  22. Hello all,

    I’ve been thinking about this budget issue and wondering why the Congress has been so unwillling to even proprose, let alone pass a budget. And I am taking into account last fall when O still had his super majority.

    Does anyone remember the bank ‘stress test’ reports that had to be turned in to O’s people before they were forced to take the bailout money? I keep hearing (print and radio) that if the debt ceiling is not raised then interest rates will go up, the world will end blah, blah, blah… Does anyone out there have enough of an Economics education to know if these issues could be related?

    I don’t remember when the last time our ‘fearless leaders’ had such a tough time passing a budget. I seem to remember we always got one even if we didn’t like it. I am wondering if the ‘administration’ is trying to break the bank. Literally! I mean, c’mon, over 800 days without passing a budget? When was the last time that happened?

    I await any updates on this question with bated breath.


    Ninth Servant
    My money is not theirs. My life is not theirs. Nor do I work for them.

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