Silent No Longer


Relative to a comment made by JJ, I felt compelled to compose this..


I’ve been told on a number of occasions that as readers, “I don’t have much more to add” or “You said it all, I couldn’t have said it better..” In a word, nonsense.


First might I add: how can you know that you “couldn’t have said it better”, you didn’t try. If you couldn’t have “said it better”, I can guarantee that you could have said it just as good. NEVER sell yourselves short, you are conservatives and we conservatives base our politics upon our CONVICTIONS, not the prevailing winds of socialism. Conservatives will NEVER need a teleprompter.


Next, it is time for the MAJORITY to remain silent no longer. TELL the world and get your practice in here. Hundreds of times, those who have left comments, those who think that I have “said it all” will add something that I hadn’t even thought of. YOU have made the article better. YOU have made this site better by contributing. You have positively contributed to the battle against the left.


Make no mistake about it, this is WAR from my perspective and it should be the same for every other conservative out there. The best way to “train” for the “word to word combat” with the left is to take EVERY opportunity to sharpen your skills.


The liberals declared war upon America nearly fifty years ago and it is an intentional war of attrition. As the introduction to NLTZ says, they want to dismantle America one pocket of dirt at a time, the “Andy Dufresne-ing” of the nation (The Shawshank Redemption). The liberals ONLY scream about “time tables” when it comes to conservatives, the more time the liberals take in THEIR war AGAINST America and its morals and values, the more docile and silent the “victims” become..


Need more proof? Let’s just take ONE area that the left has “perverted”, that of the “acceptance” of the homosexual “lifestyle”.. Note: it took YEARS before ANYONE would have had the nerve to call it a “lifestyle”.. Years back, the hue and cry was, “whatever we do in the privacy of our own homes is our business..” Another pocket of dirt.. Once that was “accepted”, the “lifestyle” “came out” of both the closet and the “bedroom” and then it was paraded right down Main Street in front of God and everybody. The “transvaluation” (Nietzsche) then went to making those who disagree with this “choice” out to be the perverted ones! The “privacy” ruse softened everyone up and then it was right to the “in your face”/ try to explain THIS to your kids that it is today.. The “silent” majority clammed up, became brow beaten over the nonsense of “inclusion” and “tolerance” and the house of cards has all but completely collapsed. Next, “don’t ask, don’t tell..”


What will it take before the “silent majority” speaks up? Doesn’t everyone involved understand not only what we have lost but also what we STILL have left to lose? More importantly, doesn’t everyone understand the VALUE of what it is that we have lost.. All that has been lost will not be regained overnight, but the arterial bleeding caused by caustic collectivism must be stopped, the tourniquet must be applied before we can rebuild.


It’s time to start saying “no”. Start saying it here..


14 responses to “Silent No Longer



    The current debate in Washington definetly shows what RINO;S
    do to our conservative positions. The MSM carries the water and fails
    to cover the facts. The public watches the alphabet cannels on Tv
    and believe all the BS Most of the public is happy watching Dancing With the Stars or some other rediculous program while Rome is burning.
    Why give this Democrat and his followers any more money to spend

  2. I don’t think the “silent majority” will be silent much longer Larry. They are being pushed to the limit and I am hearing from a lot of people that are ready to march in protest against what is being done to them and our country. The important thing is that the marches must be peaceful because our enemies are looking for reasons to incite riots and impose martial law.

  3. noleftturnz


    So glad to hear from you.

    Hope that all is well with you, or at least as well as it can be with the Brown Bolshevik in there..

    Thanks as always,


  4. noleftturnz


    As long as everyone REMEMBERS come November 2012..

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    One and DONE.

    Thanks as always,



    Larry Good to hear from you. How is the dog?
    Spent months of May ,June .and July having some
    more stents put in both my heart and kidney
    I am doing very well playing alot of golf
    Couple of added comments
    Look ay Snopes to see that the POTUS IN 2006 OPPOSED
    I have not watched TV since he got in office except for golf

  6. Sling Blade

    I couldn’t have said it better! Just kidding.
    I was told by one of the dumocrats God has seen fit to make me work with that, although we might not agree with the lifestyle of the homos, “we will just have to get used to it”. I told him that , on the contrary, I do not and will not ever accept the perversions of these people as just another “lifestyle choice”. I must say it felt really good to speak my mind without fear of the consequences. Enough is enough. They can try to make criminals of us for our beliefs if they wish- it will just make us stronger.

  7. The family here is a good bunch. I, too feel it is great to have a place to shoot my mouth off. I’m sure getting a lot of pointers when I drive by with my flag decal and the ‘Don’t Tread On Me” decal. I put them on the back window so they are easier to read. Just make sure you don’t obstruck your view.

    I am totally sick of this debate, whine and crying about the debt limit. Why can’t we find someone with enough balls to say NO!? Congress is not working for us if they are talking compromise. Did they compromise on TARP? Hell no! How about taking over the vehicle industry? Same schlock. How about Wall Street Bailouts and CEO rewwards? Cash for Clunkers? War with Libya? You get the idea. We are never consultated on any of these treasonous financial melt downs. All they want is to rob more of us.

    I have an idea – everybody keeps talking about how the IRS is broke and SocSec and Medicaid. Why don’t we try an experiment for one year? Let’s suspend the current tax gobbledygook for one full year and incorporate a direct 5 or 10 per cent tax on everybody, businesses and UNIONS too. (Especially Unions)! And during this time we cannot borrow (print) any new money. If at the end of the year we have a surplus, it automatically goes into some of the departments Congress has robbed – SocSec, Medicare, etc. There should be a point to take stock of how things are going after six months and if it shows we are sinking faster, we reinstate the current tax code. If it works, we continue the program with some fine tuning and get our country back on track and united!

  8. noleftturnz


    I told you to put the running shoes on..

    Thanks as always,

    Never give in, never give up and never again..

    Obama: One and Done..


  9. I think the Silent Majority is starting to reach the point where they might finally have something to say. Many people are angry. One older gentleman I know compares Obama to Benito Mussolini, and indeed he does resemble him, in spirit, politics and competence; though his wife looks more like a cross between a Klingon and Imelda Marcos. Its not enough to oppose these clowns in 2012, we have to be the architects of our own victory. We let the MSM annoit our leader in 2008, that’s how we got Lord of the TARP, John McCain as our candidate. If we let this happen again we will get stuck with Obama and his Gang of Thugs again. If we learn anything from 2008 it must be never let those whom don’t have your best interests at heart make your choices for you.

    We need to oppose them on all things, make sure our reps know our position, and vote em out when they fail to obey. Moreover we need to understand corruption is at the heart of politics, and we must demand the heads of any whom serve themselves at our expense, and we need to ensure they are not above the laws we must follow. Afterall why should Anthony Weiner be allowed to simply resign, when you or I would be paying fines and if we ran a gay brothel, we’d be spending time in jail, as opposed to Barney Fwank, whom only got a censure. Perhaps we need the NCAA to help draft legislation, as they will come down on violators like the wrath of God.

    For the record I am NOT advocating violence to resolve this country’s ills, though I’ve seen others on other blogs suggest things up to and including armed rebellion. I pray we never get to that point. Hopefully I do not count as one of those silent ones, though as I get few responses to my missives I wonder if what I say is even read.

  10. I’ve still been reading all your articles, Larry. I often feel like I don’t have much to offer and really appreciate this particular article. I was pretty quietly conservative (in the closet even) in my liberal-leaning town, but since the election season of 2008 I have been silent no longer. I am a conservative out of the closet…and I’ll admit that I really like my conservative lifestyle! I’m preaching it all over my facebook page, discussing it with patients if it seems appropriate (where I never would have in the past regardless if they had brought something up), and parading it right down Main Street with my Tea Party friends. I do explain it to my kids and am impressed that they aren’t afraid to speak up and call things like they are.

    We are in a war for our country and I think people are waking up…my only hope is that it’s not too late. 2012 will be our last chance to save our wonderful nation. Four more years means an increased risk of losing a conservative Supreme Court Justice and Obama-lama-ding-dong will get to replace with an uber liberal…then we can kiss our country good bye because the Constitution will finally be the living document that the liberals have wanted it to be for the last 50 plus years. At that point there will be no going back. We must do everything and everything in our individual and collective power to make sure he is a one term president.

    Thank you for all you do Larry and the NoLeftTurnz family…I feel “right” at home on this site!

  11. We really need more patriots like this clip. Kate Smith could really belt it out! p;at_xt=4d31fedeb2805d94,0

  12. beyond disgusted

    While it is true that we conservatives should not be silent, a hard truth to contend with is that 51% of the public either no longer pays any federal income tax, or gets something back from the federal government (those of us who pay taxes). We are outnumbered. Those not paying could care less, they have been bought off. Want to guess who they will vote for?

    The progressive seige against our country has been going on since Woodrow Wilson was elected in 1912. They have been really successful.

  13. Larry,

    Which facebook page is the one that you have put up…there are more than one and I want to follow the one that is actually coming from you.

  14. Docta G,

    First off, its pretty humbling to someone like me when someone as learned as a Doctor reads my material..

    As far as Facebook goes, I admit that I do not understand its inner-workings. Its outer-workings are a mystery as well.

    A friend actually set up one of the pages (The one with the larger number of “friends”) he used to place the articles and links up as I published them over at NLTZ, but he has gotten too busy to help with this.

    I tried to set up the other page and I didn’t get any farther than the set up.

    The whole “self promotion” thing is annoying to me. The NLTZ “Family” has not grown to the point where it really should be considering what is going on in the swamp of government.

    Several conservative sites have all but banned the idea of people like me “self promoting”, so those of us on the outside are destined to remain there. “Promotion” now seems to involve paying for advertising space on these sites. The last thing in the world that I would want for NLTZ is to be another of the very annoying “pop up” ads that everyone ignores anyway. Besides, I can’t financially afford it.

    I would love to get your “insiders” take on how the Obama Health Scare is directly effecting both you and your practice. I imagine that it can’t be a pretty picture..

    Thanks as always,


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