Your Shoe Is Untied..


Made you look, didn’t I.. This is called a “distraction”, something meant to turn your attention away from something undesirable, something that the “deflector” doesn’t want you to notice. Now that I have your attention, be prepared for not “kick the can down the road” but “kick in the can all the way down the road”..


I don’t make this kind of case for myself that often but I absolutely nailed the entirety of this “debate debacle” from the get-go. The collective (or would that be the “collectivist”..) sigh of relief is just another of the put up jobs performed so poorly by the Inside the Beltway Bolsheviks. This IS “kick the can down the road” and here is what we have in store for us “down the road” a “road” paved by the liberals and all three of their “shovel ready jobs”..


Early this morning, the daily mail uk on line said that this “do nothing, look busy” business is laced with “increased taxes set out to cover for the White Houses reluctance to cut public spending..” “Public spending” is the Bolshevik black hole known as “entitlements”. Whenever the liberals have been wailing and puling about this “debt ceiling” of theirs, they have ALWAYS attached “Medicare” and the “seniors” to their overtures. The left’s overwhelming concern is Medicaid and all of the other handouts to the enslaved.


Make no mistake about it, the left’s (the “left” includes BOTH the liberal tin horn politicians and the “impartial” media..) constant refrains of the Republicans being “at fault” for the OBAMA debt, the OBAMA deficits and the OBAMA depression paid off. The “polls” worked their magic and the Republicans backed down. This “can” was kicked well past the 2012 election, which was Obama’s ONLY goal coming into this “debate”. Obama has temporarily taken this albatross from his neck, which gives him more time when the ODDD’s again rear their ugly heads to AGAIN lay blame for HIS problems at the door of the docile Republicans.


Everyone: this has accomplished NOTHING. All of the liberal patented “fuzzy math” will account for all of these so-called “spending cuts”. According to the breakdown by the uk on line, “The caps would have a greater impact in later years..” This means that NOW, Obama can continue to redistribute revenues to the lowest of the low in return for their votes and in “later years” when someone else is trying to fix the mess that they will have legitimately “inherited from someone else”, their inability to do so will be painted by the left as “hateful to seniors”, etc, etc..


“Some $350 billion of the $917 billion total (cuts) will come from defense and other security programs..” If Obama keeps this up, how will he be able to start any more of his “shadow wars” with countries like Libya and that ridiculous wrinkled moron in sunglasses, Qaddafi? (By the by, Syria, where ACTUAL genocide is taking place, is completely off of both Obama’s and his Secretary of Statists radar screens..)


“Automatic spending cuts would kick in if Congress does not observe the caps in coming years..” There is that pesky “coming years” thing again.. Once the smoke clears, one can bet that these mandatory caps will be “coming” AFTER 2012..


Now we will have a “12 member congressional committee” that is going to allegedly be “bipartisan”, who will be tasked with “finding a further $1.5 trillion in budget savings”.. I can save them the effort: if you are physically capable of working, if you are totally functional and ambulatory, you will receive NOTHING taken from those who have chosen to participate in capitalism. Sell your kidney on Ebay. How much did I just save the middle class?


“That committee could find savings from an overhaul of the tax code and restructuring benefit programs..” This is where the previously mentioned “fascist fuzzy math” will take center stage. These are the liberals, the ones completely confounded by the concept of paying THEIR OWN taxes, these are the scholars that gave us “jobs saved or created”, so doing a little collectivist cooking of the books won’t present any kind of a challenge for them..


Even more information about the direction that all of this nonsense is going towards can be found in Obama’s “victory speech” from late last night. He said that “this agreement will reduce the deficit and avoid default, a default that would have a devastating effect on our economy..” Wait, this WILL NOT reduce YOUR deficit and it may very well NOT avoid YOUR default because the whole thing IS your de-FAULT.. By the way, the default is there strictly because of the “devastating effect” of socialism applied to what was once the most vibrant economy on the planet..


He whined about the “lowest level of annual domestic spending since Eisenhower, but at a level that still allows us to make job creating investments in things like education and research..” Obama has made over 14,000,000 people unemployed. Fourteen million and counting. Obama even laughed about the lack of his “shovel ready”/non-existent jobs funded by the taxpayers and overseen through his Scamulous. When any liberal starts talking about “education” its more akin to “indoctrination” within the sewer that is the liberally dominated and destroyed public schools. Talk more about “research” as you ignore and mothball NASA..


Is Obama a socialist? “I believe that we have to ask the wealthiest Americans and biggest corporations to pay their fair share..” When the liberals are the self appointed arbiters of “fairness” the result is ALWAYS anything but.. The “CRASS separation” that fuels the feral anger of the liberals towards their betters can not be papered over or explained away as their efforts towards “equality” or “parity”. This is the clue to the middle class that all of these “revenues” (They’ve been called “back-door taxes” relative to this agreement. Since this is Obama, wouldn’t they be “black-door taxes”?) will be coming from YOU, not any “wealthy” persons or corporations. This is just the socialist sonnet sung to soothe the savage liberal beasts..


“This compromise does make a serious down payment on the deficit reduction..” Really? Wall Street went on a roller coaster ride today, finishing on the down side as it has nearly every dark day since the Bolshevik beginning of the Obama pogrom. If what Obama said was anywhere near true, the Dow would have soared.. Again, the reason for all of this is YOUR deficit spending and spending and spending..


“Most importantly, it will allow us to avoid default and end the crisis that Washington imposed on the rest of America..” Stop right there.. The forked-tongued fascist is at it again.. “..end the crisis Washington imposed on the rest of America..” This will FAR from “end the OBAMA crisis”.. Here Obama does NOT take credit for his “historic” actions, actions that are responsible for this “mess”. No, he blames “Washington”.. Here he seeks to lump the Republicans in with him, Republicans who have had the House for less time than it takes Michael Moore to clear a smorgasbord.. Remember the liberal motto: “if I say it, it is so”..


Here is the icing on the collectivist cake. “It ensures that we will not face this same kind of crisis again in six months, or eight months, or twelve months..” THAT is ALL that concerned Obama, but this far from “ensures” that his DEBT, DEFICITS and DEPRESSION (could we add “Default”, making it the ODDDD?) won’t be a lively topic of conversation come November 2012.. Put it in a letter to Santa..


“We’re not done yet..” As long as there are middle class dollars to steal and spend, this is about the only truthful thing Obama has ever said..


18 responses to “Your Shoe Is Untied..


    debt limit increase now and cuts that will not happen
    gives the big O exactly what he wanted Better to NOT
    INCREASE BUT DECREASE debt limit and see all the forecasts

  2. I have so tired of the teeth gnashing and back stabbing on both party’s sides when I knew that Republicans were not going to keep their promise for which they were elected back in November. But then again, who should be surprised, their politicians, right? For an even further cause of “distraction”, I’ve read several articles today on both sides of the aisle blaming the Tea Party as the cause for this watered down Boehner 2 (or is it 20?) plan.

    The proverbial “budget can” will indeed be kicked “all the way down the road” past the pResident’s principle worries of election time, along with both of the American’s taxpayers shoes. Either that or the ever sneaky progressives procurred a pellet rifle which will put more holes in the plan rendering it monetarily leaky and useless.

    No matter how toughly worded the budget plan in order to placate the simpletons who walk among us, Congress has again, another distraction. “Emergency spending.”

  3. Thank goodness the UK press seems to be knowledgeable and therefore prints news, not regurgitate on cue. As far as I am concerned, we have reached nothing and lost much.

    My quarrel is with the time delay of anything happening. Why do we have to wait ten years to see any rewards? What makes this Congressional, Legislative and Judicial government Omnipotent and able to tell the future? If they can see ten years down the road, why hadn’t they prepared for what hit us in 2008? Why do they think they are so knowledgeable? If they could see so far in the future, why weren’t we prepared to neutralize the ‘Lybia Conflict’? I may be barking up a tree, but this CRISIS happened in less than two years so we ought to be able to reverse it in two years. It’s like jerking off a band aid – it really hurts for a very short time. Yet, try and take it off slowly and you howl with pain, as the band aid comes off slowly. We need to bite the bullet now and recall, repeal, unseat, fire or retire all these back door politicians, WITHOUT a platinum parachute – zilch. I think we should find someone with stones to impeach owe-bama. We thought we were electing the cream of intelligent leaders and all we got were do nothing wusses padding their own nest with with our money. Congressional remuneration should be whittled down to expenses only, regularly audited. We keep hearing about all the entitlement pay, but nobody seems to realize Congress is the biggest hog in that sty.

    “We’re not done yet” is just another way of saying they haven’t bankrupt the country yet – but soon!

    One and done! How about impeach now and get rid of the toothache for good?

  4. “At last, citizens”, triumphatlydeclared “Crybaby” Boehner and “Oblivious” Obama, “we have created a plan that will shave to the bone $900 billion over the next ten years in government spending.”

    “No, no, you mathemeticians out there who would say we have $1.6 trillion deficit after this years spending alone and such meager cuts will never solve the government’s spending habits. Just sit down and shut up like a good socialist.”

  5. On July 26th, I posted that the debt ceiling nonsense was a total sham – and the politicians have backed-up that claim. These hacks told us how ‘hard’ they worked all week-end , however they don’t appear to be the slightest bit tired, nor dissheveled – on the contrary, every hair is in place, the clothing is impeccable, in fact they appear to have just left the set of a photo shoot !! Boehner claimed to be working on this since January. But as usual, they wait until the 11th hour,and then put on a show for the gullible amongst us. Most importantly, they got it “done” on time for the big birthday bash for the fraud in the WH – and in time for their recess ! What a bunch of ‘phonies’. Once again, the words of Nasty Nancy ring true – “Washington ,DC is a cesspool ”
    Seems as though the mid-term election was a huge waste of time.

  6. Family,

    I’ve been holding this one since about 8AM CST.. I could hold it no longer.

    Stick with me..

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    OWEbama: One and Done..

    Thanks as always,


  7. JJ, I think they did work very hard. How else would they come up with such a piece of SH__ to screw all of us non-elites. There are numerous ways to start to cut today, and then work on bigger cuts tomorrow not next year. Lets just start with PBS, ACORN, Planned Parenthood, and then on to Dept. of Ed, Dept, of transportation, Dept of Energy, Dept of AG., ETC. WOW balanced budget in 5 years, and on to pay off debt. Larry, why do my comments appear in double when I spell chect comments?

  8. beyond disgusted

    This debt ceiling “deal” has accomplished something, namely, higher taxes will be coming for all of us who actually pay taxes. The supposed “cuts” are a total joke, & the joke is on us. Obama & fellow demorats are already droning on & on & on about the wealthiest among us needing to pay their fair share; for what seems like the millionth time. Class warfare & divisivness seem to always work for them, as the dumbest among us are so easily fooled.

  9. Joe,

    Great observation as always.

    It should have dawned upon me too that the Tea Party can get the blame from BOTH Parties.

    At least that is ONE thing that both of them can agree on..

    Thanks as always,


  10. Richard,

    A smart post as always..

    I have always said that there should be LESS lawyers in DC and MORE accountants..

    That might help, wouldn’t it?

    Thanks as always,


  11. JJ,

    I’ve said before that DC is just show business for ugly people..

    That’s why a hair is never out of place, even the plastic hairs of “Stoli” Joe..

    Spot on about the mid term. Great way to end your comment.

    Thanks as always,


  12. Graywolf,

    Thus the power of “change”..

    WordPress made some wonderful “changes” and they all stink.

    WAY too many comments now end up as “Spam” and I have to fish them out.

    That is while I fish out and flush the liberal comments that are nothing more than profane.

    Sorry, I’ll keep up on things.


  13. beyond disgusted,

    “ the dumbest among us are so easily fooled..”

    Those are the ones who STILL wear their OWEbama t-shirts to Wal Mart and to the Methadone clinic..

    You just can’t fix stupid..

    Thanks as always,


  14. I know how they can save $94 billion per year without harming the USA at all. Just cut that much from the State Department annual budget. Why should the American taxpayers have to pay to re-model and upgrade Mosques all over the world?

  15. photojoe,
    We could elinminate 37% of the Federal Gov’t. , and not only would we not miss them, but the rest of the Gov’t. would probably function better! Not to mention how much better our lives would become.
    A smaller government is a better government.
    And, imagine how much that would lower the deficit !

  16. The blame for the passage of this bill lies at the feet of the spineless RINOs, led by Mr. Spineless himself, J. Boehner. The RINO party is a sad joke on the taxpayers. All of those traitors need to be recalled and replaced, with Mr. Spineless at the head of the list. However, it will probably take decades, since we have all of the illegal aliens, welfare recipients and other third worlders’ voting for the chief of handouts.

  17. This last bill was the most planned out American lie I’ve seen this month, so far, and we all know there is more to come. Lets backtrack a bit. As soon as McConnell came out with that ridulous plan of his, you remember, the one about just giving the idiot Obama the ability to just raise the debt ceiling? Well one would know at that point this was a set-up for us for the real deal they had worked out but had to throw in the other deals first to make it look good. Come on, who didn’t know it was a dog and pony show? I didn’t expect anything different than what has happened. I’m not shocked at all. Discussed yes but shocked, no. My wonder is, what was going on behind the scenes and how else will we be screwed? We are not safe until the election and we get rid of that fool in our house. Of course we may vote in another idiot but hopefully not as bad as this one.

  18. As Nasty Nancy has said ” WASHINGTON, DC is a cesspool “

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